(2016-02-24) Civil War Stuff
Civil War Stuff
Summary: Well that's not all lots of other stuff to
Date: 2.24.2016
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234 1st St.
Of the houses in the town this one is a bit of an anomaly. Not there aren't any victorian style houses in town, there just aren't that many and all are located in this little neighborhood.

There is a small foyer dominated by stairs leading to the second floor. To the right is an archway leading to the living area, to the left an office area.

The living area is an eclectic mix of newish and antique furniture and leads into a dining room, through another archway and going left through another archway is the kitchen.

Upstairs are three bedrooms, the master decked out in victiorian splendor, the other two more modern, one a nursery, decked out in an jungle motiff the other for another small child with a dinosaur theme.

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Things that can be grabbed here: Infant Activity Mat, highchair, bouncy chair, stuffed animals, toy dinosaurs, transformers, other misc infant and children's toys.

A small collection of antique books in a curio cabinet.

A small collection of Civil War era melee weapons, knives, swords and bayonet and a few other Civil War collectables.

After a relatively sleepless night helping getting the Arkansas refugees settled and most of the morning and early afternoon playing nurse to the wounded they had, Piper is finally getting a much needed break. And what is she doing with it, sitting on some porch steps starting at the sandwich in her hand. A sandwich, with real bread even. Someone figured out how to bake some out of the bread mixes she brought back, so she is going to enjoy it while she can…or stare at it…whichever.

Quinton did a lot of running and helping set the new people up as well. He's revising his role as peace keeper, and it somehow is helping the poet focus. He's been talking in full sentences and mostly getting everyone's names right, despite the lack of sleep. Quin steps outside as well, hand on the small of his back and he stretches before rubbing his face to cover his yawn. Piper is noticed and he starts walking over towards her. "Doing ok?"

It takes a moment or two for words to sink into her tired brain and Piper looks up from her zoned out state. "Just tired." she must be that's a peanut butter sandwich and she hasn't even taken a bite from it yet. A smile is given as she studies his face "You?"

Quinton smirks tiredly and moves to sit down next to her. "I'm good. Tired, but glad to be helping, ya know?" Pale eyes look over her food and he'll tap a finger lightly against the bread. "Don't waste that. You're lucky to have gotten it." Quin missed the window to get his own it seems.

When he sits she leans against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Yeah, feels good." despite being exhausted she's pretty lucid herself…or maybe it's because she is so tired. "To tired. Want half?" she pulls the sandwich mostly in half and offers a section over "Was going to.." she gestures to the house "locked. Broke hairpin…"

Quinton raises an eyebrow taking the half a sandwich, "You sure? it's your favourite…" His free hand wraps around her shoulder and squeezes gently. "I can help…maybe there's a window to something?" A bite of the sandwich is taken and he smiles as he chews.

Piper nods as she closes her eyes briefly and just relaxes against his warmth. It goes without saying anyone else suggesting that she share her PB sandwich would get a fierce looking at and maybe written to in that tone of voice, but Quinton's okay. "Yeah." she looks up and him and then to the house. She's too short to reach any of the windows on the victorian home.

Quinton chuckles softly, giving her another squeeze before he lets go and stands with a soft groan. He'll multi task and eat while he checks out the windows. There's one in the back that's open.

Piper watches him as she finally takes a bite of her own half sandwich. Oh bread how I missed thee! Getting up herself she climbs the rest of the way up the steps to wait at the door as per the usual method of attacking houses.

And after about a minute, the door knob rattles and there's Quin, taking another bite and motioning for Piper to enter. "Seems nice. Wanna sit in the kitchen and finish?" It's almost like a real lunch!

"Sure." there is a grin at the suggestion. After being on her feet most of the day Piper is good with sitting down for a few more minutes. As they move through the living room she looks around taking in the pictures of the former family that lived here, a youngish couple with a toddler and newborn. "Could find good stuff." and there is something she sees right away, a bouncy infant chair sitting near the sofa.

Quinton eyes the room as they walk past and nods slowly, "Very much, yes." His eyes linger on a pile of antique books as they pass, "Let's eat first…then we can go through the house." And get those books!

Piper is to busy noticing baby stuff, to notice Quinton notice book stuff. But none of the stuff is going anywhere so she continues toward the kitchen to sit at the table, "Like this house." maybe not as much as the snowglobe house but it runs a close second. "Lot different…from old one." old one probably being the one she was raised in.

Quinton moves a little slower, but follows. "Yeah…it's definitely different than most of the ones we find." He'll hurry up then and pulls out her chair for her. "Think this groups going to stay?" He's got hopes, but doesn't want to lay it on new people.

The gentlemanly behaviour is unexpected, it shouldn't be, but it is, though she goes with it and sits, shrugging off her pack and setting it down so she can sit more comfortably. Piper thinks on the question a few moments "Not sure." she pulls a piece from her sandwich, but just holds it as she continues "Bob stubborn. Ran-dall stubborn." a lot of that going around. "Couple weeks at least." by then maybe they can be convinced staying is in everyone's best interest. "Wounded can't be moved."

Quinton sighs, "Yeah…but stubbornness is good. It's a trait of survival now." He nods, finishing off his half of the sandwich. "I think the more people we have….the more we can build up, show they haven't beaten us…" He then shrugs, maybe it's dumb.

Well there is too much of a good thing sometimes, but Piper lets it go. She's not half as stubborn as others. "More humans, more hu-ma-nity?" it's a thought she had earlier today even, but it's taken a bit to get it into words. "More people is good." she doesn't think its dumb. As she takes the last bite of hers she glances around the kitchen again.

Quinton agrees, more people is good. "I know Bob is afraid it will make us a bigger target, but we're not going to be able to fight with just us. We need as many people as possible. We need…" He stumbles not wanting to use the word army… "a legion.." That sounds better…and more epic! His now empty hands rest on his lap as he eyes the kitchen, "And a plan."

Her dark eyes move back to Quinton when he agrees "Legion.." she repeats the word like she is testing it for flavor. "Like that." it's poetic and brings up images of centurions, at least for her. ""More people, more living instead of surviving." and that's the goal right, to live "A few plans." always have a backup or two, just in case.

Quinton's always had a romantic spot for romans…who knows why. He smirks softly, casually rubbing his belly as his gazes moves around the room, "Definitely more living." He's not opposed to more than one plan, but they need to get the one first!

"And when…" it's not /if/ Piper must be in a optimistic mood at the moment "we win," she gets up from the table trailing fingers across the dusty table, to take a circle of the kitchen "what'll," there is that pause for words "first living done?" cabinets are opened and poked through, casual glances sent back to Quinton as she does so. A few containers of kool-aid and a couple boxes of hot chocolate are set out. There will be some happy, sugar buzzed children later today.

Quinton's head tilts and he blinks. He's been so focused on the winning, he's not thought about what to do afterwards. "I don't know." That's honest. "I think Kayla's….messed up enough, I don't know if I'll be able to do much of anything." She still freaks out when he leaves the apartment. There's a touch of sad, although it's hard to say at what part of that.

Piper hmmms thoughtfully at his answer, "Kayla is…" she starts to say as she returns to put her findings in her backpack. This is a different kind of pause an indecisive one, "Was planning to move…" she sits back down next to Quinton at the table, "into her own a-part-ment…before." before the shooting occurred obviously. Yeah, she promised not to tell, but that's kind of moot now. "Kayla is still shocked.." in shock she means, "but stubborn, she'll fix herself." because they certainly can't do it, that's all on her. If Piper can rebound from all the trauma she's been through Kayla certainly can…at least that how she sees it.

Quinton blinks, that's clearly news to him. "Huh," says the poet. That's something he's going to have to mull over. his hand stops rubbing his belly and runs through his shaggy hair, "No…she needs us. No one is ok on their own." A sigh escapes him and he'll push off his chair, he should start looking too.

Of course Piper knows why Kayla was planning that, well sorta, but she doesn't share that part. "I didn't mean a-ban-don her." she states. "We can't fix her, just hold her hand while she fixes herself." she explains further, meaning be there for and be supportive, but not coddling and babying her. Not that she is accusing of that either. There is a slight frown as she realizes that Kayla isn't living up to her end of the bargain, but no blame is placed for that. Watching him get up she does as well, brushing a hand against his arm briefly, a flash of reassurance, connection…something she hasn't done since before she outted herself, and even now it is there and gone, lasting only as long as the contact does, perhaps even less "You up? Me down?" she asks.

She's his baby sister, he can't help that over protectiveness. Quin doesn't answer, he's not been let in on the reason why so he assumes. She's been poking at him since they moved here about it. That he doesn't want her around or some such nonsense.

The man pauses at the touch, that's not happened in a long time. He'd started to think maybe he had imagined it in a more delusional state of mind. Pale eyes seek her dark ones as his heart quickens. It's not an angry reaction, but definitely a confused one. "I…can check upstairs." If there's dead bodies, they'll be up.

A soft smile full of the feels is given when eyes meet. She's not hiding anything today. "Okay." Piper is fine with that, for the same reason he is willing to go, corpses. Moving past him she will continue her search in the living room, going through the entertainment center, curios and end tables. Seeing the antique books, she points them out to Quinton so he doesn't forget them, before finding a pack of guitar strings in a drawer, which means there is probably a guitar around here somewhere…

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Search: Success.

Quinton smiles back, it's still too confusing to talk about head on, so he just accepts the soft smile from her with one of his own. The books have him pauses again before he just says, "Bring them all." he doesn't care, he wants them. Taking the stairs he goes upwards, finding a small, mostly depleted pantry. But there's noodles, which are always good. Cheese and cans of fruit. And a bottle of wine. As he packs that, he glances in the direction of down stairs, one day he'll be able to take her on a picnic with a bottle of wine….hopefully. The upstairs seems clean, people must have moved out before getting too sick.

Piper begins to stack things they will take on the table, with the books being the start of that collection. Fingers brush against the spine, most of the names unfamiliar to her, but Tennyson she recognizes, she seems to recall he was a poet, so that is certainly a good find. The book is carefully thumbed through and a few poems are read before. So easily distracted, it's a wonder she ever finds anything on these scavenging trips. After a few moments with the book she returns to her searching, she takes a bit of interest in the weapons collection, and scoops up the shurikens to go with her nun chuks and then she finds the guitar in its case tucked away in a closet. Oh you poor thing. Hidden away where no one can play you.

And then Quin finds a room that could only be described as a civil war museum. He pauses at the room, scanning the shelves of antique weapons and clothes and books. There's a lot of how to books, which must be very useful. Like a cookbook and civil war reenactment how go's. The mother load. He chews his lower lip before calling out into the hallway, "Piper! Come here when you get a minute!"

At the call Piper is examining the guitar in its case. A sigh of releif coming to her when she finds that it was at least stored properly, with the strings sufficiently loose. She only takes long enough she shut the case and put it with the other stuff to take before she hurries up the stairs. The call didn't seem panicked or urgent so there is no sense of worry, just curiosity as she goes from room to room to find the poet "What's up?" she enters the room she finds him in.

Quinton motions to the room, "Look….stuff that can't be knocked out by EMPs." Or whatever it was that the aliens dropped. The poet's smile brightens as he steps into the room, "There's a book on soaps and cooking ….lots of war stuff…" Not that the war stuff will work on aliens, but still! Neato!

"Soaps…" Piper chuckles at that "Talking about that with Cait and Monica, earlier." what a coincidence. Crossing the room she joins him in front of the display cabinets to check out the array of weapons "Old stuff, but usable." she gingerly picks up one of the knives, brushing her thumb across the blade to check for sharpness, but thankfully it isn't or she knows how to do that without cutting herself. "After some sharpening.

Quinton's finger stitch as he thinks, "We’re not going to be able to carry all of this….but I think the books with the info are important, and then the food and then weapons." he glances to her to see if she areas, "We can come back too." For toy dinosaurs.

There is a lot here, and she is definitely want to take as much of the baby stuff as she can "Bring the wagon." Piper nods her agreement as the says it. Or two of them. A yawn is stifled, she is still looking tired, and for a while there had a second wind going, but that is starting to wane "Maybe after a nap."

Quinton looks over at her, studying her briefly, "Go take a nap, the bedroom was clean." No bodies, that is. Bed was even made! "I'll poke around and keep watch."

The suggestion seems to spark some internal debate in her. Nap her in peace and quiet, or back at her apartment where she will be bothered every five minutes by the wants and needs of children…it's not a tough call "Sure?" Piper asks anyways, always giving him an out, reaching for his hands to tug him closer.

Quinton doesn't fight the tug, smiling down at the shorter Piper. "I'll even tuck you in, if you'd like." Ah, long ago he was a heart breaker.

That elicits a laugh. It's been a long time since she has been on the receiving end of a good tuck in, and it is a tempting offer. Lacing her fingers with his she lifts onto her tiptoes "Fine." she says with an amused grin, before going in to steal a kiss.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Kettle
1 Kitchen Knives
1 Guitar Strings
1 Charm Bracelet
3 Containers Kool-Aid
3 T-shirts
1 Jars Coconut Oil
2 Boxes Hot Cocoa Mix
2 Shurikens
3 Bras
4 Pair of Socks
1 Half a bag of Charcoal
1 Bottles of White Wine
1 Pairs of Sunglasses
1 Book-Fiction-Braille
3 Bags of Pasta
1 Containers Grated Parm Cheese (Shelf Stable)
2 Pairs of Flip-Flops
1 Music Box
2 Children's Shirt
3 Boxes Taper Candles
3 Cans Fruitcocktail
1 Military M.R.Es

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