(2016-02-24) Sit Rep
Sit Rep
Summary: The Doctor and Piper discuss the situation
Date: 2.24.2016
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How the hell did they move these people and keep them alive? That's the question of the day. There are some grevious wounds of the gun shot variety. The only person with any medical skills with the group is one of the Army guys, and his skill is just on paramedic level. He's been going on the keep 'em stable until we are safe and lots of praying. Not all of the wounded are in dire condition, just three of the five, though none of them are mobile. For now one of the homes that the Arkansas refugee group has been taken over to house the wounded. The living room stripped and beds set up.

Bob has been quite adamant about keeping the Camp Hope and the Arkansas group separate for now, but is 'allowing', (as if he could actually stop it) those with medical/first aid skills and knowledge to see to the wounded. They have to take a guard of course. And guess what, Piper fits both those descriptions. Plus she is noisy and wants to check these new people out, so she is going whether anyone likes it or not.

Elijah was usually a soft spoken non-confrontational individual. However, when it came to his patients..he has always managed to find a voice. He wasn't rude with Bob…more adamant. Still, the doctor mentally debated if he owed the man an apology later. For now, he saw to the patients. Letting Piper or whoever else had come tend to the less severely injured, he himself took to the task of treating the more extreme cases. As needed he'd pull Piper for assistance, glancing over to her at one point as he takes off another pair of gloves and disposes of them.

"Thank you…I think we have most of the serious injuries taken care of. Now it's just a matter of keeping everybody comfortable." He does a quick glance around the room, moving to sanitize his hands before reaching for a notebook he had brought. Opening to a section of pages, he starts to write updates on the group. "I'll make a note of any extra supplies we need from the Infirmary as well. Anything you can think of off the top of your head?" he looks back to the woman.

Bedside manner, Piper has that in spades, first aid skills…well those are limited, but she takes direction well. She's only had to do that whole calming at a touch thing once, works wonders on these wounded too. Stupid infected wounds and the fevers that go with them. At least he is sleeping peacefully now, sedatives yay, and not trying to go hunt down the kid that shot him.

Her words aren't coming that easy today, but she is managing through monosyllables and writing. Setting the cup of willow tea aside she looks from the patient she is checking the bandages of to the doctor, hmmming thoughtfully which is followed by a nod "Every-thing." well duh. She then seriously answers by holding up a rolled up bandage. Need more of those.

The response manages to get a chuckle from the doctor, Eli looking over at Piper with a smirk. "In an idea world…" When she holds up the bandages, he nods "Alright. Bandages…" he jots it down in the notebook, then looking around and seeming to make note of a few other items before jotting them down as well. "I can go get the supplies or you can if you'd like. Would give you a chance to perhaps grab a bite to eat and check on Quinn?" Of course he still tried to make sure momma and baby were taken care of when he could. "I appreciate all of your help…and I know they do too" he motions to the group of new patients.

Looking through his notebook again he comments as he reads, "Bob should get a report too…just to ease his mind." The man worried. A lot. For as stubborn as he was himself, the former Sheriff sure didn't take too kindly to being on the receiving end!
The bandage is fine for the moment so Piper gets up from the edge of the patient's bed, taking a moment to stretch her back. There is a shake of her head at the comment. When has it ever been an ideal world? Though comparatively pre-arrival would have been.

A shrug is given, and she looks around at the wounded "Food." but she gestures around at those under there care to include the other Arkansas refugees as well. They are in need of food more than she is, three days on the road running isn't conducive to decent meals.

There is a bit of an amused snort at the mention of Bob "Never." though it could be unclear exactly what she means by the word. Never get a report? Never ease his mind? Never….

"Yeah…we should see what we can bring back for them." Elijah notices something in the notebook, quickly erasing a previous entry to make an edit. Her last comment has him loft a brow "Hrm?" The doctor looks to her before seeming to catch what it was in response to, chuckling again. "Ah…yeah. I understand his need for caution, but…he is a bit intense. Granted he has been in situations I haven't to make him so…" he shrugs, "I trust his judgment the majority of the time. We've only had an occasionally disagreement and…this unfortunately happened to be one of them."

A frown comes to Piper's face, she isn't happy with Bob right now, not only because of his handling of this situation, but well other things as well. "Much." very intense, to much at times. There is way to much stubbornness going around "Knock…" she taps her own head. She may do it if no one else does.

She finally goes to wash her own hands, wincing at the cooling water before shaking the water from her now cleaner hands. "How…" there is the usual word struggle "long?"

The doctor chuckles but gives a shake of his head. "Things will get better." They had to right? He had to believe that…or at least say it until he believed it.

Maybe it's the rushing around. Maybe it's the need for food or rest. Either way, it takes Elijah a moment to process what Piper means by her question. "How…long?" His gaze then goes to the patients around them "Oh…most of them should be able to leave in a few days. Just to make sure they're recovered. The more seriously injured…probably a couple of weeks. Again, just to make sure." Better safe than sorry!

Sometimes Piper believes that, sometimes she doesn't. At the moment, given her current state of mind and the situation, she doesn't quite today "When?" she says in a perfectly flat tone. It's not one of those fake it until you make it kind of days for her.

"Weeks?" she echoes in surprise as she looks over to the seriously wounded patients. "Bad." she gives a shake of her head "Bob…Ran-dall…" more head shaking, they aren't going to like that. Not one bit.

Elijah leaves the question alone. Past interactions in camp should have taught him it was just better to keep his mouth shut about matters like this. Furrowing a brow and looking back his notebook, the doctor just decides to write down a few things. With her mention of the two men he looks back up to her "I'll tell them." No they wouldn't be happy, but it is what it is.

"That he is…" Elijah says, offering a small smile. With the other materials mentioned, the doctor glances around. Rubbing the back of his neck he nods "I'll head back to camp then. If you could hang out here until I get back at least? I should be alright for the evening…now that everybody is stabilized, but that will give me time to grab food and supplies for everybody here. As well as talk with Bob and Randall…" Part of him was amused in thinking Bob might have met his match in the other man. Part of him was terrified!

"Sure." Piper nods, she certainly has no plans to sleep here, and she really shouldn't, not with her other responsibilities, namely the children. "Hold fort." there is a ghost of a smirk at her comment, but it's forced. Little sleep and this kinda of stressful work wearing on her. "Eat." she pretty much orders, knowing full well how self neglectful he can be when he has patients to care for.

He had gotten better! Or at least improved…especially since last time when she had forced him on a too-many-days vacation. "I will. Honest." It is said sincerely and the doctor looks around at his patients again. "At least we are finding more survivors. That's encouraging…and will help camp." At least it will if they end up not to have sinister motive. He looks back to her then. "How many kids did they have with them?" Elijah knew that would be her focus…just like patients were for him.

Or the survivors are finding them…one of the two. Either is a good thing. They need more people around. More humans equal more humanity and that's something she struggles with daily. Not that she tells anyone that or anything. "Yes." she agrees with a nod "Good."

In answer she holds up four fingers, "Three boys, one girl." at least that evens up things a bit for the genders of all the children in camp…if they stay at least. She frowns then "Need…warn…" she gestures, but hard to say who she is talking about.

"That'll be a nice addition to the group too…I'm sure you're happy to have more children as well" he offers her a smile. Elijah tries to decipher what she means by the next statement. "Warn?" Nope…he's not getting it. "Warn who?"

"Nooo." Piper drawls as she shakes her head "Seven e-nough." let someone else take responsibility for these new four. For all she knows they could have relatives in the group. That would be a good thing. It's not that she doesn't love kids, but she is in hurry to expand her flock again.

"Randall." she answers easily enough, "Ba-by bombs." the thought of them is enough to make her frown, but if they are going to be moving on and not staying they should at least know of the danger that could wander into their midst.

"Oh…right" a frown forms on the doctor's features. "I didn't even think of that. I suppose I can bring that up with him when I give the update on the wounded." Because that would be a happy topic…especially on top of everything else. Elijah looks to Piper, sighing and rubbing the back of his neck. "Now is as good a time as ever I suppose. I'll be back…hopefully you won't have to hold down the fort too long" he offers a small smile. "I'll be back as soon as possible…with food and supplies as well." With that he'd leave.

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