(2016-02-24) To Build a Bathhouse Pt1
To Build a Bathhouse Pt1
Summary: Monica's found a house with a septic system. She goes looking for tubing. She finds it at the hardware store.
Date: 2016.02.24
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Location: Hardware Store
This quant little mom and pop hardware store seems to have been a popular place if the worn stairs and worn wooden floor are any indication. Shelves and displays fill the store and near the front is a counter with a single cash register. On the back wall hang bins still full of nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other misc hardware.

The place seems to have had a selective pick through. Though there are quite a few tools and what not still hanging on shelves collecting dust.-

Monica wanders into the hardware store in search of a bunch of things. In the old days… she reflects on that. In the old days, when technology worked and civilization worked and there were enough people to make the whole business not only function but necessary… in the old days, she'd have been able to walk into the hardware store and buy, for a reasonable price, all the 3/4 inch black poly piping she needs for this project. Now, maybe not. Still, it's the obvious place to try.

<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Good Success.

Monica smiles. That was easy. Right on the shelf where you'd expect it in a rural Texas hardware store, dusty, but unused, she finds a thousand feet feet of the stuff, enough to do a bunch of lawns. She straps it up carefully with twine and bits of wire and rolls it out of the store, back toward the complex. How she's going to get it up the stairs? That's a really good question.

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