(2016-02-25) The Windmill Hunt - Bathhouse Pt 2
The Windmill Hunt - Bathhouse pt2
Summary: Mon and Nora go scavenging. Gossip is exchanged. They find lots of useful junk, but no windmills.
Date: 2016.02.25
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Monica has to chuckle a little at her cart, parked under a carport like a proper car. With some effort, she's removed the truck camper from it leaving an open cart about the size of a pickup truck bed. Comealong + carport roof supports for the win. She puts her toolbox and her oxy-gasoline cutting torch in the cart and leads Chester around to hitch up to it. "I know, Chester, I know. I promised to ride you, not use you as a draft horse." The big horse snuffles as she pets his nose. She's hitching Chester to the cart when Nora makes her appearance.

The late teenage girl/young woman hasn't been back all that long and Nora has spent her few days back in recovery mode. Traipsing all over Texas on a bike takes a lot out of you. She is young though and in good health so recover is fast. Having been tooling around town on her bike she spots the woman and her Frankencart. She doesn't recognize Monica and being the outgoing girl she is introductions are in order "Howzit?" she greets, her accent remarkably west coast "You're new!" three cheers for captain obvious.

Monica looks over at Nora and pulls her bandana down from over her face to smile. "Hi. Yeah, I'm Monica. I got here just this week. It's going pretty well. I'm eating regularly and sleeping indoors, you know?" She grins. "What's your name?"

Don't stare. Don't stare. Don't stare!…the instructions run through Nora's brain when the banadana is pulled down. She stares. Stupid eyes, follow directions. The words finally register and her eyes finally move to the Frankencart and then back to Monica, no more staring "I don't mind sleeping outdoors. I do it so often it's sleeping indoors that is the weirdo thing." her tone is matter of fact "I'm Nora. I'm in and out a lot.

Monica nods. "Nice to meet you." She decides to ignore the staring, since mentioning it always makes people /more/ uncomfortable. Mon's getting used to how people react to her face. It's almost invariably better than she reacted when she first saw it. It's good to be around people. "I was just about to head out and look for a windmill to steal. Wanna throw your bike in back and ride with me? Another pair of hands would be a godsend. I'm still getting my strength back."

Nora doesn't even have to give the question much thought "Sure. Count me in." she hops off her bike, lifting it quite easily with one hand and moves to put it in the back "Strength is pretty much all I am." she chuckles when the says it, though to be fair she is quite toned "Where we heading?"

Monica climbs up into the cart and takes the reins. She offers a hand up for Nora. "Couple of ranches outside town I want to check out. We need to be sure there's no livestock or anything depending on the well underneath the windmill." She points generally southward. "Out that way, past the reservoir. I passed a couple places on my way here." Once Nora's aboard, Mon releases the parking brake (!) that has encouraged Chester to behave. Mon also throws a toggle switch. "Let's see. Alternator field windings off, brake off… that should do it." Yes, the cart was built out of car parts, mostly.

It's an easy climb onto the cart and she watches in confusion at the words and toggle switching that is going on. She understood the word brake and that's about it. "Yeah, I know where you mean. Chief got shoot at one of those places a while back. Raiders have been cleared out though. Should be safe."

Monica blinks. "Okay, fill me in on that." She snaps the reins to get Chester's attention. "Gee." The big horse pivots the cart easily. It's lightly loaded without the camper and all the crap that was in it. She clucks her tongue a couple times, and Chester takes up a comfortable walking speed. A brisk walk to a run for a human. "Nobody told me about raiders. Are these the freak children with the thing implanted in their necks we're talking about?"

"The camo kids?" Nora assumes that's who Monica is talking about "Nah. Just your run of the mill criminals that would rather prey on others than work with a group like us." she looks around as the head out "Two are locked up in jail. A Silencer took out the rest." there is a bit of a shrug "It happened quite a bit ago. Not an issue at the moment, and Chief is all healed up now." though who Chief is remains to be seen.

Monica nods. "The chief is the sheriff guy? Bob, I think? He was sure directing traffic when the refugees showed up the other day. With a riot gun." She nods. "Okay. I've dealt with raiders then." She shivers a little bit and one hand twitches involuntarily toward her pistol holster. "So where all have you been biking around? Seen anything interesting?"

Nora furrows her brow "No, Chief is…" she snaps her fingers trying to remember his name "Quinton…Bob is Sheriff." everyone has nicknames, it's the only way she can keep them all straight. She is awful with names. "Everywhere. Lincoln.." okay one person doesn't have a nickname, "and I went down to the camp where English comes from." that would be Caitlin, the only one with a British (English) accent. "Then we went down to see what is left of Houston." the teen frowns "It wasn't pretty. That's where Lincoln is from."

Monica nods. "I can't imagine how the big cities got with lights out. A simple power outage in some places and you got riots. And then until you add the plague." Monica shakes her head. "I saw how Rawlins got. I went around the big cities after that. There's plenty of scavenge to be had on the road." Time passes and countryside goes by. "Quinton." Mon says, finally. "Okay. Haven't met him. I've only met a few people, really. Dr. Elijah, Terry, Piper, and Caitlin thus far. Plus Piper's kids, of course. She's an odd one."

"I was at the Denver airport when the lights went out. Layover going back to Cali from Australia. Home is under the Pacific ocean now. Guess my family were lucky they didn't have to deal with the plague." nope they didn't make it past the first second wave. "Chief is the tall scrawny blond with all the face fuzz. Doc, Buffy…" lol she calls Terry, Buffy "Hair." Piper has so much of that "and English. She's a lot better than she used to be. She used to panic if anyone came within arms reach of her and she wouldn't say a thing to anyone. She's still twitchy but she talks. I think her and Chief have something going on…they are together a lot."

Monica drives the horse on in silence. "I'm sorry about… your whole country, I guess, but especially your family. That's hard to live with. Really hard." She pulls up near the first ranch on the road. "Let's check this one."

Nora gives a nod "Well scientists always said California was going to fall into the ocean one day…they just never mentioned it was going to the fault of aliens." she gives a glance to the east, where the big alien spaceship is a hovering large dot in the sky at the moment. "Fine by me." before the Frankencart is even fully stopped she is jumping out of it, scanning the house and its various buildings.

Monica sets the brake and hops down. She gives Chester an affection pat on the muzzle, pulls up her bandanna, and unbuttons her coat, letting it fall open over her holster. She stands and listens carefully.

You say, "By the way. Have you had plague already?"

Nora doesn't move more that a few steps, she waits for Monica to park and disembark first "Never got it." she says idly, then goes to take the bike out of the cart so there will be more room for stuff in the back. "I was exposed plenty. Guess my years of doing all that sporting and eating healthy paid off." she gives the other woman a wink.

Monica nods warily. "Yeah… it's a good theory at least. If we find anyone who looks… plaguey, let me deal with them. Or we just get away from them and call it a day. I've had it. Hopefully I'm immune." She doesn't sound very confident. She draws her bandana down a moment. "Hello! Anyone home?" Better to make introductions while there's cover and getaway horses close by if needed. Getting nothing, she marches up the steps to the front door of the homestead and knocks. The door creaks open. "Someone's been here."

"I haven't seen anyone that looks plaguey since…I think it was April…" Nora isn't sure what the exact month was "Well last spring at least." she has more confidence in her immune system. She gets a chuckle out of the called out greeting "Of course someone has been here. Since Chief got shot, patrols come out the the farms every few days are so to make sure no more bandits are hanging about." though it totally could have been someone else or an animal.

Monica nudges the door open, and it's clear she expects to be shot at. "Oh." she says. "This, I did not know." Monica sighs. "If we had enough paper and a printing press, I'd say someone needs to print a Welcome to Camp Hope pamphlet." She ponders a moment. "I wonder if you could make movable type with aluminum?" She blinks a few times and gets back to what she's doing, which is checking the house for occupants. It's not a big homestead, and it doesn't take long. "Okay… you know more about this than I do. Is there a special thing we're supposed to do before we loot a place?"

"They had a phamplet at the old place in Nebraska, with a map…but it was a boy scout phamplet that they gave to the scout campers so they didn't get lost." Nora is full of information, even if she isn't a permanent fixture there "You may be able to find a manual typewriter somewhere. Maybe the library?" she shrugs "There is paper, you just have to know where to find it. I know a few of the people horde it. As she talks the follows Monica around the house, looking at the various decor and furnishings. Biting her lip she nods "Yeah, we have to go outside and pray to the scavenging gods while we dance starkers around the house." she is trying to say it with a straight face, but isn't successful at it

Monica eyes Nora, and chuckles. "Okay, okay. Given that my body looks pretty much like my face, I doubt any scavenging gods would be pleased. Let's head out back. Maybe see if we can rustle up some welding tanks or rods, too. I'm gonna need both before I'm done. I'm building a bathhouse. Those old duplexes across from the complex have septic systems. All we have to do is feed them and we have working waste treatment there. The windmill is to pump the water."

Nora looks Monica up and down "I don't know, there is no wrong way to have a body." she nods in agreement as she heads out with the older woman "Nice." she drawls "Working plumbing will be great for morale. Anything else I should be looking out for?

You say, "Pipe, mostly. If you find a big roll of tubing between 3/4 and about 4 inches in diameter, that'd be absolutely awesome." Mon thinks about what Nora says. "No wrong way to have a body? That's… an interesting idea." She's a little distracted by that thought as she goes looking for a windmill. A body'd think, given that they're usually at least ten feet off the ground they'd be easy to find…"

<Scavenge> Monica attempts to search here but fails to find anything.
<Scavenge> Nora searches and finds:
1 Tractor Seeder Attachment
2 80 Gallon Metal Troughs
1 Large Grill
5 Buckets

"It's a very feminist sentiment, but one I can get behind, that's for sure." Nora is definitely a millineal, open minded, the technology thing…well it's been over a year, probably over that "I'll check the barn." she heads over there and gives a few pull on one side of the double sliding door. It's rusty but after the third tug it screeches as it rolls open and in the goes "Monica could use some big ass metal troughs and buckets?" she calls out.

Monica looks toward the barn and thinks. "Troughs. Yeah, we can use those as urinals for the guys. Let's leave the buckets for now, and if we have the space we'll take them too." Mon is as millennial as Nora, obviously. She's only 6 years older, but she was apparently brought up in the land that time forgot, also known as rural Wyoming. "I like it. No wrong way to have a body." She peers around one of the other builds. "They've gotta have a windmill. Nobody puts in electric pumps for what the wind can do for free…

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Boxes of Matches
1 Basic Carpentry Manual
1 Blankets

Monica ducks into a building for a moment. She finds some small miscelany. "Well… sure, basic carpentry, that's useful. Blankets… we've got refugees… and matches, hell yes." She wraps the book and matches and the rest of the blankets in one of the blankets and slings them over her shoulder. "Got some blankets. How're you doing?
<Scavenge> Nora searches and finds:
1 Large Ice Chest
1 Hacksaw
1 Gas Powered Generator
4 Scrub Brushes
1 Hedge Clippers

The teen pushes and pulls a few times at the troughs, but they are huge and metal and she'll need some help to move them. Nora comes back out rolling a generator of some sort behind her "Maybe not where you come from, but in some places they do. This is closer to town. It's probably on the grid. Maybe further out you'll find a windmill." she knows nothing of that kinda thing. "Is this what I think it is?" she gestures to the generator.

Monica goes over to look. "Looks like a generator. Huh. If we could get that running we could make the medical room a whole different world." She tries to budge it.

Monica is one of those wiry things that doesn't look that strong, and she's lost a lot of strength through starvation, but a few days of good food and she at least has the energy to try. The shifts for her. "Yeah…"

"Doc would have kittens if the infirmary had power." Nora says totally agreeing with the other woman about that "Wanna help me get it up into your Frankencart?" she says as she begins to roll it in that direction

Monica nods. "Definitely." She goes over to get the cart and bring it closer. "We've got… about a ton of cargo we can put in here. The cart weighs about five hundred pounds without the topper and Chester weighs a thousand, so he /can/ pull about three thousand. If we're not in a hurry.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
2 Pulley & Hooks
1 Can of Gasoline
1 Ratchet Sets

Nora looks impressed as Monica tells about the carrying capacity of her contraption "Nice. We can get quite a load in this." she begins to manhandle the generator into the cart "He have a few ATV trailers that we haul with horses, but nothing this big.

Monica nods. "I thought I was building a home for the rest of my life, you know?" She helps Nora wrestle the generator into the cart. "Oh look. A gas can. And a socket set. Fantastic." Mon grins. "You know for a failed run for a specific part, we're doing fabulously.

<Scavenge> Nora searches and finds:
1 Gas Powered Generator
116 Feet of Heavy Rope

<Scavenge> Nora searches and finds:
1 Hose valves
1 Large Grill

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
5 Packs of Seeds
1 Lawn Umbrella
1 Crowbars

"Something like that…" she doesn't know that specifically, but Nora probably had big plans too before the arrival "I'd say so." she gives a grin and once the generator is in the cart, goes to search a smaller storage shed "We have to build something new now, may be a home, may be something else." she laughs as she comes out with another generator along with some rope and hose valves "These do?" she gives the valves to Monica.

Monica nods. "Oh yeah. I'm going to need a bucket of those by the time we're done." Monica runs across some other junk. "Oo. An umbrella." She laughs and throws it in. "Sure, why not?"

Once they have everything loaded, Mon gets out to walk Chester back to town, and presumably Nora rides her bike.

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