(2016-02-26) Foraging at the Creek
Foraging by the Creek
Summary: Kayla, Quinton and Piper go look for necessary plants
Date: 2.26.2016
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It's mid-afternoon, sometime after lunch, and a fitful start and stop rain has been the norm since early morning. Piper has promises to keep though, like making an ointment for Monica to help calm down her scars. Which means she needs certain plants. East of town there is a creek which is where she has come in search of what she needs. She walks along the water’s edge, already having found a few things which she carries in a basket. It's easy to tell she is in good spirits today, she's humming a upbeat tune, occasionally singing while the baby hanging from her front stares it her in rapt attention.

Quinton's not having such good brain day, but that doesn't mean he wants to sit around pouting. So he basically strong armed his sister into going with Piper and him to go foraging. The poet never thought he'd miss fruits and veggies, but he does. He's the opposite of Piper, quiet and he keeps bringing his eyes up from the search to scan their surroundings.

Kayla has Page along with her, the lab frolicking through the edge of the stream - seems Piper isn't the only one in a good mood. Kayla, for her part, is quiet today but she is out, which is something. And not doing something that risks her neck excessively. Yay.

As she moves further from the bank of the creek Piper spends some of her time studying the siblings as the search for plants too. She was glad for the company, and she knows Kayla needs to get out, though she doesn't make that comment. "The wounded refugees are showing some improvement." okay that's optimistic, but they aren't worse at least. She didn't spend as much time as a nurse today, but she did take them lunch.

The dog is a nice touch, but a little bit distracting. Quin's got three people to protect out here! There could be lions! He points at the dog, who never listens to him anyway, "…bath" The poet then kneels down and starts to gather something, before raising his eyes, maybe feeling Piper's gaze on them. "Kay?" But then he just nods, hearing people are doing better is always good news.

"Bath?" Kayla looks to her brother, confused by the statement before she emits a sharp whistle to summon Page to her side. The canine scampers over and receives a pat behind her wet ears. She has a few items in her own bag, and keeps her attention on the ground as she moves

Piper looks up from the catnip she is gathering, it's not what she needs urgently but it has its uses besides getting cats high. She's a bit confused by the command as well, but she just grins. "Yeah." she answers "Oh, Kayla, have something, give it when we get back."

The pup's wet, maybe he means it needs a bath? Quin doesn't clarify, instead he keeps gathering. "…maybe…stay…" He's hoping, anyway. The more people, the better, in his mind. "…rebuild."

Kayla shrugs by way of response to Quinton's non response. Bending, she snags up a handful of a plant before stuffing it into her bag.

"Some want too." she's been around them, and has overheard a few things being spoken of, nothing concrete. Piper looks worriedly at Kayla a moment then back at Quinton her face full of question. Baby Quinn then starts to fuss, kicking legs and waving arms. "And someone needs changing." she hands her basket to the poet in passing "Lots of those." she points to a specific plant and then heads up the bank where she left her pack to go deal with baby issues.

Quinton's nose wrinkles in sympathy about Ppier's reason for leaving. He's super glad he doesn't have to deal with that very often. The basket is looked in and he nods before he keeps looking. Kayla gets a glance, "….Spring close….garden?"

"Maybe," Kayla agrees as she watches Page bound off and back into the water. the dog will definitely need a bath before they go home! She looks bback to her brother and stops. "Bob came by."

Quinton wants to, he thinks it would eb good for both their heads. And also, veggies! Kay's next words though are a surprise and he stops where he is, kneeling , and looks up at her, "….and?" It's a friendly prodding.

Kayla shrugs before she sighs heaivly and turns to look at Page. "He says he understands, and that he's shot several raiders in cold blood, while they were unconscious or after they had already surrendered…but he says what I did was worse, because he knew they were bad and they knew where his group was and they could have -maybe- done something."

Quinton blinks, head tilted in confusion. "That…." His head shakes, "No sense." Maybe he's not understanding her. Or Bob was drunk and not making any sense, there's always avery real possibility of that.

"He knew the guys he killed were bad, and I couldn't have known that they were the bandits that shot you." Kayla answers.

Still….Quin's frown doesn't quite buy into it and he shakes his head, "…Too few…we all….better…"His hand motions form his kneeling position towards town. "All of us."

Kayla shakes her head slowly - she doesn't seem to understand what her brother is trying to say. Darn bad brain days

Quinton takes deep breath, closing his eyes. The words are right there, but his tongue doesn't seem to want to co-operate. "…all…mistakes, be…better…" His jaw clenches with the effort and he runs his dirt covered fingers through his floppy hair.

Kayla shoots a look towards Quinton. He thinks shooting someone BEFORE they surrender is the same as shooting an unconscious man and someone who has surrendered? She just….stares before she gives another whistle. "Let's go home Page."

That's…not what he said. At all. The poet frowns, "Stop. You're…looking for….picking apart…" He shakes his head, she's picking apart everything he's saying and twisting it to fuel this anger. He can't keep fighting her on every word.

Kayla hadn't said anything - but her brother knows her well enough to read her thoughts. She does stop, though, and sighs. "I'm not…I just…" She stops, and shakes her head.

Quinton's frown stays on his face, it was a good day, despite his non verbalness. But now he's frowning and not moving from his crouched position. "What?" He's not sure what she's denying.

Kayla moves towards Quinton, Page trotting along with her, and crouches next to him. She hesitates a moment before reaching her hand out to try and take his.

Quinton doesn't pull away, Kayla's not taken initiative in physical touch in some time. The frown slips from anger and annoyance to something more concerned. "Stop…making worse…" it's bad enough, she shouldn't make this worse.

"It -is- worse, though," Kayla is nearly bumped over as Page comes over and nudges against Kay's outstretched arm, and she snorts softly in mild affection at the dog before she looks back to her brother.

Quinton makes a frustrated noise, "Bad…but you…." His hand goes up to steady her, "making…worse." The dog gets a brief glance, but his gaze goes back to his sister.

Kayla closes her eyes before she flops back onto her backside. "I'm -sorry-," she mutters

Well, at least that's more Kayla like. The frown finally fades to something more neutral. Quin sits down next to her, he's dirty, if his jeans soak up water from the grass, so be it.

Dirty is the new normal! Page joins the duo, and settles her head on Kayla's lap. Kay lightly pats the dogs head and squeezes her brothers hand.

A soft sigh and he squeezes it back. It's all it seems he can do for her anymore.

Kayla offers a smile, faint as it may be before she nods. "Let's go home."

Foraging Rolls

5 Cow’s Tongue Cactus fruit/pads/
1 Handful of Henbit leaves/stems
1 Handful of Catnip
1 Handful of Foxglove
1 Canna Lily Tubers
1 Ground Cherries
1 Handful of Marsh Mallow leaves/roots
1 Winecup tubers

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