(2016-02-26) Relationships at the End of the World
Relationships at the End of the World
Summary: Elijah asks Piper for advice (Before Foraging at the Creek
Date: 2.26.2016
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Elijah was back with the wounded, tending to their injuries and checking progress. Which…there was no progress, but hey at least nobody was getting worse either! Sitting at a table, the doctor is busy writing some notes in his notebook. He really needed to try and find more. Surely that shouldn't be too hard right? Maybe another trip to the Rite Aid was in order!

Piper is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get. Though biting her to find out would be a very bad idea. Today is better than yesterday. A great scavenge haul and a good night's rest makes for a more pleasant and optimistic former Silencer

She comes into the other makeshift infirmary, baby Quinn happily burbling in his snuggie on her chest and a laundry basket with foil covered plates from which pleasant aromas emit as well as several jars of a purple liquid "Hungry?" she asks as she looks around.

There is an eager sound of confirmation from the patients. At least the ones who were awake. Some were still recovering more and therefore sleeping more. Elijah looks up at the sound of somebody entering, offering a smile to Piper as he stands up. "Here. Let me get those for you." He moves to take the laundry basket if she'd let him…figuring balancing the baby and everything might be difficult. "Thank you. I was just thinking about taking a lunch break." How did she know!? Silencer magic!

Apparently Elijah has never been a mother before. Doing everything one handed is par for the course, but that doesn't stop Piper from taking the assistance. "Thanks." she lets him take it while she removes a plate and one of the jars from the basket "Found pasta and kool-aid." so that's what's for lunch, it even has parmesan (the Kraft shaker shelf stable kind) and garlic on it. A lot different from the usual meat and canned veg stew they usually have.

Food and drink is handed out to the patients first and she will then set both on the table for the doctor "Figured." she replies, it is that time of day an all. "Okay?" she asks, gesturing to the patients.

Well…yes. There were obvious reasons as to why Elijah had never and could never be a mother. The doctor nods as he hears what is on the menu, "Sounds great. I'm sure everybody will appreciate it." Watching her distribute the food, he nods as he is handed his plate and drink. "Thank you again." Sitting down he uncovers the dish, looking to her again "Nobody is really recovering, but…they aren't getting any worse either. So…yes. Things are okay for the time being." He takes a bite of food…followed by another. Who knew pasta could be so satisfying!

There is no plate for her. Piper probably ate before she came over with everyone else's food. That would be the smart thing to do and she is no dummy. Shucking off her backpack she sets it in the chair and pulls out a teething ring and hands it to the infant. He isn't quite teething yet, but he's starting to get to that age where everything goes in his mouth. Better the teething ring than her hair.

Taking a seat she rubs baby Quinn's back as he gums his toy "Meet Monica?" she asks, pointing to him

Elijah continues to eat his food, enjoying the break from being on his feet and also the chance to eat. He idly watches Quinn as the baby attacks the ring with gummy vengeance. Then, Piper's question. "Hrm?" he looks up, fork sticking out of his mouth mid-bite which he quickly finishes and swallows to respond. "I…um yes. I met her. Well I had seen her before so I knew of her already, but I met her formally the other night. Why?"

Piper's head cants as he stammers out the initial answer to her question. She's good at reading people, and she doesn't think there would be stammering unless something happened, but that's not what she was asking the question for. A finger is circled around her face "Treatable?" and that's when Quinn tosses the teething ring away. There is a sigh from the woman, it seems someone is starting to learn the game mommy fetch.
"Oh…yes" Elijah nods, but then quickly sets his food aside and stands when Quinn throws the ring. "Let me." It's the least he could do for her bringing them all food! Moving forward, he'd retrieve the toy quick enough and hand it back to her. "Here." Standing back up he'd move back to the chair, speaking to her as he did so. "I suggested the use of oils or lotions. To help reduce the scarring and help with the healing process. We could also possibly make something here with plants…but to some degree at least it should be treatable." He sits back down in his chair, taking his food up once more and taking another bite.

Quinn may be her first biological child, but Piper has been mothering for a few months shy of a year now…she's broken in. In typical mother fashion she takes the teether back, wipes it on her pants and hands it back to the baby. "Thanks." she nods as she listens to his observations about Monica's complexion issue. "Found co-co-nut oil." she states "Can make…" she mimes rubbing her hands…like rubbing lotion. She probably has something in her herb bible. "aloe and mari-gold." the marigolds she would have to grow herself, but they are hardy and take to pots quite well, so easy stuff.

Elijah grins, "I figured you'd be the person to ask about those…excellent. If it's alright with you I would like to give her the coconut oil. Or some of it at least, if you need it." He sets his now finished plate to the side, leaning back in his chair and just relaxing for the moment. "I was going to try and go to the Rite Aid as well. I need more notebooks anyways and I figured I might be able to find something to help her there too." He falls quiet a moment, seeming to be internally debating something.

"Fine." she says "Make with it." she'll make whatever ointment she is thinking of with the coconut oil. This time she manages to catch the teething ring as Quinn starts to give it a toss, so she takes it and shakes it for him, the bright colors of it as it moves catching his attention. "Paper?" she asks thoughtfully "Office, first street." is the suggestion of where to go for that. Probably a better place than the picked through pharmacy. She watches him and his mental gears turning "What?"

"Hrm?" the doctor glances up from where he had been staring off distantly at the floor. "Oh…sorry. I was just…" Elijah seems uncomfortable, shifting in the chair for a moment and clearing his throat. "I was wanting your…opinion. On how to handle a situation? You are a female…and in truth the only one I'm particular close to…at least close enough to feel comfortable talking about a topic like this with." He rubs the back of his neck, "I was just wondering if it would be a good idea because the last thing I want to do is cause embarrassment or offend anybody…but" he clears his throat. "Monica…asked me out?" The proper doctor fidgets again on his chair a moment.

Well at least one of them is comfortable…not that Piper is uncomfortable really, she just no longer shows outward signs of discomfort and that's what matters. Still a 'well duh' look comes to her face when he points out her gender. The fact that he has seen all her bits and pieces surely gave that away about 4 months ago, give a few days.

Her face is perfectly stoic as she rubs Quinn's back with one hand and intercepts ring tosses with the other. It is with surprise that she receives the poorly veiled attempt at asking for advice. Dark eyes drop to look at the fuzzy head of the baby "Not sure…can help." she sits silent for a moment processing "Barely know her." hmmms she seems to feel as awkward about this as he does "Going out…en-tail?"

"I don't kn…I'm not sure? Honestly it happened very abruptly." Elijah reddens a bit. His pale complexion combine with his auburn hair do not help hide the embarrassment and in fact just make his numerous freckles more pronounced. "I was examining her mouth…her gums were bothering her. I told her I wouldn't be much help as I'm not a dentist, but I still tried. After I was done she suggested dating…eventually? Once all this alien business is resolved. So I thought it was said in jest at first." The doctor sighs, shrugging, "but then she started talking about how I was pleasant…and the kind of guy she'd date…and then I called her beautiful which probably escalated things."

Looking up quickly, Eli shakes his head "She just kept speaking about her appearance in a negative sense…because of the scarring and I wanted to assure her that wasn't the case…I was merely trying to be encouraging." A hand rubs the back of his neck yet again, "It isn't that I don't see her that way…it's just that…I don't know? I just met her and she's still adjusting to being here…so I did not want to lead her on but also didn't want to hurt her feelings."

Piper still isn't making any eye or face viewing contact, but she is clearly listening to his side of what happened. Her body language is clear in that area. "After…" she says after he get done with his piece, "not soon." if she is truly going to wait for after he has some time "Act normal…" easy for her to say "Worry over no-thing." that's her take on it. But again she is probably not the best person to ask, considering not only her past and her age, but also her own unlabeled relationship with a man nearly 10 years older than her. Dating/Relationships during an alien invasion are weird.

Elijah listens, looking over to Piper and nodding. "Right…" A breath of relief escapes him before he nods and repeats, "right…act normal." That was a tall order even under regular circumstances, but he can sure try! "Thank you…" Seeming to pick up on her awkward body language now he clears his throat "Sorry." Looking to his empty plate, he stands up and looks around, moving to gather any other empty plates of the patients. He'd bring them back and put them back in the basket unless Piper specified wanting them to go somewhere else. "I think I'm going to try going on a scavenging run later…would you like to join me? Or look for anything specific while I'm out?" he offers to her.

When he sighs she finally looks up and chuckles at his relieved expression "She's flirter." Piper informs him "Could be no-thing." she doesn't share how she knows this, maybe she saw her interacting with other people. Or it could be just more some Silencer magic going on or just the fact that she is a good people reader. Continuing to play with Quinn as they converse she has nothing to say about his gathering the dirty dishes but a "Thanks." the question has her looking over to him a smirk coming to her exotic features "Long as not date." she can't help but tease him a little…but maybe that's what dating has come to in this new world order, scavenging dates instead of dinner and a movie.

Elijah moves back to his chair, lofting a brow but then chuckling at her statement. "Don't worry…I don't consider scavenging a suitable atmosphere for romantic interaction." Shaking his head, he sits back down "It's odd…but it would almost make me feel better if she was just a flirt." The doctor smirks, looking back to Piper, "I'm too awkward with all of…that sort of stuff. It was a miracle it happened the first time. So let's just say I'm not holding my breath for a second occurrence."

Piper gives a bit of a knowing smile. If the was articulate enough she would respond with 'then you are doing it wrong', but she isn't so she doesn't. But maybe the expression is enough to convey that. But then it begs the question what are Quinton and her getting up to on their scavenging forays. Though honestly they aren't like that 99% of the time. Just scavenging. Really! "Wait…see." if she is just a flirt that will show and if she wants something more that will show too. Her head cants "First time?" she knows little of the doctor's pre-arrival life, but she doesn't expect an answer now. Getting to her feet she collects the basket with it's collection of dirty dishes. "Go out….later." she'll go scavenging with him sure. That's when she will expect him to spill. She heads out then to head back to the Complex.

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