(2016-02-29) Deskunked
Summary: Mon helps Quinton and Piper get un-stinky. Happens after "Skunked", obviously.
Date: IC Date
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Location: Patio

Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.-

So right. Mon's been busy. She's heated water, collected peroxide and baking soda (and dish soap) from various people, and hauled one of the big troughs up to the patio. She puts on her oldest, rattiest clothes, the ones she came here in that never really got clean, because she fully expects that while the mixture is not /that/ strong, its components are strong enough to ruin clothes unmixed. But as a matter of faith, she mixes the peroxide, warm water, baking soda, and dish soap in the tank with her arm just the same, then rinses it off. "Okay, we're ready here," she says. "Who wants to go first?"

There are just some things that you can't quite get noise blind too. The smell of skunk seems like it would be one of them. And Piper isn't liking it. She has changed clothes into a tanktop and a pair of short shorts, the latter of which was probably taken from storage. As she frees her hair from its braids she watches as Monica sets the stage for the detoxifying of skunk smell. This is quite embarrassing for her so forget her being able to make eyecontact, much less verbalize much.

Quinton's not as bad as poor Piper, so he motions for the woman to go first. He's shed most of the clothing he can and still be modest and not freezing. He went to his apartment, probably much to Kayla's displeasure to get towels and supplies and dry clothing. Even after the aired out truck ride, he still smells strongly of skunk. He's having a touch verbal day, so it's probably more hand motions (and annoyed ones at that) than any real explanation as to what happened.

There are some things that are so easily recognizable, a person doesn't have to ask what caused it - skunk is one of those things. Kayla stops in her tracks as she comes out onto the patio, her nose wrinkling in distaste. Who pissed off Pepe?

Monica shakes her head. City kids. "Guys, guys. Relax. You've been sprayed by a skunk. It's just not that big a deal. It's no worse than standing too close to a mare when she decides to pee." She looks. "I guess neither of you's ever washed up outside before either. Anyway, someone, go ahead and get in. This tank's leaking away the heat in a big hurry." She adds, "Anyone not helping wash a stinky person needs to turn around and give these people their dignity.

She doesn't have to ask if Quinton is sure, Piper knows well enough that he is. With the last of her hair free, she gives her head a shake, maybe in answer to what Monica says, and her hair sproings to life around her head. So much hair! She actually has, but no in front of anyone over the age of 8. Putting a hand to the side of the trough she gingerly steps in. At least the water is warmer than the air so she doesn't have to slowly get used to she just sits right down and sinks herself underwater to get a thorough soaking head to foot.

Kayla blinks, and stares at Monica. "Did you -really- just try and send me away?" she asks, tone deceptively quiet as she looks at the other woman and makes to step forward rather than leaving. Her gaze does flicker towards Piper and Quinton, but returns quickly to Monica.

So much hair. Quin watches her briefly before turning away to give Piper a little space. The impending argument gets the man's attention quickly enough and he raises his hands, in a calming motion, "…Patty….helping.." Which one is Patty is hard to tell, he's having a really hard time today, the skunk stink not helping. "…good…"

Monica kneels down to help Piper with all that hair if the quiet woman will let her. She glances back to Kayla. "Sorry, I'm new here. If it's Camp Hope tradition to watch people bathe, nobody told me about it. I was just asking you to turn your back or help wash, that's all." She looks at Quinton, then Kayla, and points to herself. "Monica." With that she turns back to Piper. "I'm going to touch your hair, ok?" Somehow she just knows to ask Piper before touching.

Piper has resurfaced in time to see Quinton act as peacekeeper and her brows furrow in confusion, especially when he can't even get his sister's name right…at least it seems to her that is who he was referring to, but she could be wrong. Asking is good, since she is starting to shrink away from the woman..well as much as she can in the bath. A glance is given to the Well's siblings and then back to Monica and she nods slightly.

"Why don't I help Piper, and you can help my -brother-," Kayla suggests with a wry, somewhat dry smirk. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a couple of clothspins as well, and promptly puts one over her own nose before extending them to the others, should they want one.

Quinton's nose wrinkles at6 the clothes pin and the man very maturely sticks out his tongue at his sibling. He motions Kayla towards the tub, "Help." Two people might be able to tame the beast that is Piper's hair. And Kayla's known to the her, it may keep Pip calmer. He'd offer to help, but that could be weird. Instead he'll sigh softly, his back still turned and will scan the area while he waits his turn.

Monica lathers up Piper's hair. "You're going to need to wash under the clothes. Skunk spray is an oil. The peroxide and baking soda will neutralize the stink, and the soap will break it up, but you still have to get it off your skin. Once we're done here, you can go do whatever you normally do to wash up. You don't want this stuff on your skin long term." Mon has her hands full with Piper's hair. How the other woman has kept her hair in reasonable shape when the tips of it date back to before the Others came… Mon has no idea at all. She looks back at Kayla. "Ohh." She nods. Her voice is lower, almost a whisper as she says, "Yeah. Gotta look out for brothers." She shakes her head slightly at the clothespin. "Ask her. It's her hair."

Despite her skittishness at being touched, Piper starts to relax after a few moments of having her hair washed by someone other than herself. There is a nod though whether it is to the extra set of hands washing her hair or cleaning herself is questionable. Either way she takes the washcloth and begins to scrub quickly. "Hur-ry." she says she doesn't want to soak up all the heat from the water. She doesn't think Quinton would appreciate a cold bath.

Monica smiles a little. Washing dogs and horses is work. Washing cats is just ugly. But when her little brother was a baby, she discovered washing other human beings is a different business entirely. Kind of like washing someone's feet. She tries to focus on that, and not… the rest of that story. She doesn't succeed. "Um… privy break…"

Kayla bends her elbows and begins to help with the washing. "Quinton'll deal with hat he gets…I know he's more interested in you getting properly looked after," she assures Monica with a smirk before she looks past her clothespinned nose to Quin

Three people, including herself, makes getting Piper deskunked a much quicker task and after a few more minues of getting all the soap mixture worked into her hair and allowed to sit a bit, she once more ducks under water to rinse as much out of her hair as she can. Finally she is standing up, her soaked clothes clinging to her and her hair nearly pulled straight by the water dripping from it, which she works on squeezing out with her hands as she steps out of the tub "Your. Turn." she says slowly as she begins to shiver in the cold.

Monica returns from the privy. Her eyes are red, but she doesn't comment on them. She gets a blanket, one of the ones she and Nora scavenged, and drapes it over Piper's shoulders so the poor girl doesn't freeze. "C'mon Quinton. Into the soup."

Quinton glances back, and then his eyes widen before he turns back around, "Okay." His shirt is tossed off and he slips down to his boxers before he turns back to climb into the tub. He shivers as soon as he hits the water which has started to lose it's heat. Quin has two large scars, one on his left shoulder, that's fairly gnarly. And the one on his stomach is new, and painful looking bullet wound.

"No pissing off another skunk after this," Kayla instucts her brother as she watches him settle into the seat. Her words sound somewhat nasal-y, thanks to the pin on her nose.

Piper visably stiffens when the blanket is wrapped around her, but not having the cold air accessible to her damp skin is good. A gesture is made to the club house and she makes another one that would be familiar to those accustomed to her hand signs as fire. She's going to go in an warm up and get dry by the fire and maybe make everyone some of the hot cocoa that she knows is stashed in the kitchen..she should she hid it there.

You say, "Don't forget to rinse off. You'll be pretty itchy by morning if you don't." She turns her attention to Quinton and looks him over. "Mister, I'm not a doctor, but it seems to me stopping bullets is bad for you." She tries to work up some lather in the cooling water. "You want me to do this, or your sister, or do you want to do it?""

"Not….try…" he'll sink low, letting the water cover most of his skinny body. Monica gets a snort, "too many….I got it." She doesn't need to rub on him, he'll do it to save her from that . "Thanks…" His hands already are reaching into his hair to get wet.

Kayla snorts softly as she looks at her brother and hears his insistence. "So long as you get it done before coming back home." she informs him dryly.

You say, "You can wash your clothes in this stuff too. Or just put some baking soda in the water when you wash them normally, assuming you're using a regular detergent." She looks at Kayla while Quinton washes. "Where'd you guys come here from?""

Quinton's nose wrinkles, "…trying." It's not like he wanted to get sprayed. He scrubs, shivering and tries to stay under as much water as he can. "Burn it." His clothes, that is. He lets Kayla explain the what what.

"North." Kayla answers without giving that much clarity. She kicks at the clothing ith her toes, sending it off to the side. She'll burn them later.

Monica rolls her eyes. "Sheesh. I'm just trying to make conversation. Okay, let's do this? Why would you burn perfectly good clothes that you can destink as easily as you do your body? I hate to break it to you, but the mall is closed for good, and there will come a time when you need clothes you haven't got. Why waste them?

"And I'm just saying we came from the north - I assumed you meant our group as a whole." Kayla turns and eyes Monica, eyes narrowing slightly. "And you -really- should lighten up on the condescention. I know it's hard to believe, but we've managed to last this long without having someone talk down to us." she suggests, tone sharp before she turns to her brother and exhales slowly. "I have some new towels upstairs - I'll grab them for you, Quin."

Quinton shoots a small glare at his sister, so he'll offer, "..New York…" and then he raises an eyebrow at Monica agreeing a little with his sister. These women. "Towels….thanks."

Monica sighs. "You want to see it as condescending that I'm telling you there's a rattlesnake there two steps ahead and you're gonna get bit? That's fine. I see it as my duty to try and help you stay alive a little longer. Clothes are valuable. They're going to get more valuable the longer this goes on, and they're a pain in the ass to make. That's my point. How long you've survived up to now doesn't matter if you're wasting the resources you'll need in the future." She looks at Quinton. "Thanks. I came from a little town in Wyoming you've probably never heard of." She sighs a little and kicks at the ground. "Across a huge cultural divide, too, I guess."

"State, not the city; my brother was kidding about burning the clothes. And given that it's my brother and I that do most of the scavenging for our group, we know just how hard it is to find things, and how valuable they are," Kayla answers dryly. "And as my mother used to say - it's not what you say, it's how you say it." She looks at her brother and flashes a grin. "Come on upstairs." That said she turns and starts inside.

Quinton's face smooths, this isn't going well, and he's sitting mostly naked in a tub of cold water. "No…snark…" Please. Kayla just gets a nod and he turns back to Monica, " We….do…need anything?" Scavenging king here.

Monica looks skyward and lets her hands flop at her sides. "NOW you tell me he's kidding. He's been talking about burning them since he got sprayed. Nevermind then. You pulled one over on me and got my dander up. Har har, very funny. My sense of humor must be screwed up right now, because I missed it completely. You'll have to forgive me. My brothers are dead." She tries to bite that last sentence back after it's out, but it's too late. She looks down and the sarcasm drops from her voice. "Sorry. Sorry. That was out of line. I'm sure you buried way too many friends and family too." She looks away and then Quinton's question finally untangles for her. She looks at him and wipes her eyes. "I could really use a water pumper windmill. I… can haul it in my cart or I guess we can use one of the trucks or something." She nods. "Thanks."

Kayla's steps hitch as Monica makes her statement, but she continues on into the building.

Quinton wasn't kidding, but whatever. They're gross, and he doesn't want them. He stills at the dead siblings and then sighs, turning away slightly and trying to scrub a little faster. "Sure…" Like a water pumb mill is super easy to find. He just wants the uncomfortable, while his brain isn't working to smooth out. "Sure."

Monica kicks the pail firmly enough to knock it over. "I want to build a bath house, so we don't have to wash in cold water or outdoors anymore," she explains. "The water pump will pump water from the reservoir into the water tower. The water tower will give me water pressure to move water halfway across town to the roof of one of those houses. I've got a butt-ton of 3/4 inch black poly to strap to the roof to let the sun heat the water, and that stock tank and another one like it, along with the bathrooms in that duplex for baths. Flush toilets downstairs. That's what I'm up to. I have a million things I want to do, and if I could get to a damn hardware store and just buy the parts, I could do them, but then we wouldn't need any of them." Monica adds, "and I miss my family so bad."

The poet chews on his lower lip as he scrubs, letting the woman get her frustrations out. He only understands about half of what she says. Her last admission has him stop. His blonde locks now clean and sticking to his head and neck. "..It's…ok…..sad…" He has son much more on the tip of his tongue, but it just won't come out. "…store…." He points top his chest, "know."

Quin's done washing, hopefully he got it all and will start to gather his legs underneath him in preparation to stand.

Monica looks over at Quinton and offers him a hand up. "Go rinse off. Otherwise you'll itch." She nods at what she thinks he said. "And thanks."

Quinton doesn't want to itch! He nods, shivering and steps over to the clean water to rinse off right away. He's thin, bordering on too thin. Could be from the fresh scar on his tummy, or maybe he's just naturally thin. His poor boxers are sticking to him as well, but he's not nearly as modest as Piper was. He was way more worried about the skunk smell and itching! His voice is chattering as he answers her, "No…p-problem…"

Monica gets the other blanket she found with Nora and drapes it over him. "Go. Get warm. Be with your sister. She loves you."

Quinton nose wrinkles in the way that all older brother's noses do when talking about their baby sister, "Pain." But he nods, pulling the blanket tighter around him, "Thanks." He doesn't move in the direction that Kayla went though, instead he heads towards where Piper and the fire are.

Monica laughs, despite herself. She watches Quinton go and sets to work draining the makeshift tub.

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