(2016-03-01) Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet
Summary: The two groups come together to make some decisions and mingle
Date: 3.1.2016
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The Dive Bar

Despite the name on the window and on the flashing arrow sign in the parking lot this bar isn't as divey as it is rustic and honky tonk like.

Toward the back is the requisite wooden bar with a dusty, cloudy mirror on the wall behind it. Cushioned stools sit in front of it, a couple knocked over into the floor. There are numerous empty beer and whiskey bottles strewn about amoung tables and chairs as if someone decided to throw one last party and didn't clean up after themselves. Dust covers everything.

A stage sits to the side, a few dusty instruments on it as if waiting for someone to pick them up and begin to play. Near it an old Wurlitzer jukebox with an out-of-order sign hanging from it, but there are still old 45 records contained within, all country from the 50's and 60's.

The plan is for the Stratford group and the Arkansas group to meet and discuss the pros and cons of the Arkansas group staying. The clubhouse at the Complex is too small to hold everyone from both groups, so the Dive Bar is being used for such a purpose. People from both groups are starting to wander in and find a sit and talk amoungst themselves.

Sophia is limiting the drinks to wine and water. Not that she's not wanting everyone to have a good time, but if they all get sloshed, very little will get accomplished. She's been busy, either at the bar here, or out scavenging. Currently she's behind the bar, pouring glasses of wine for folks who want them. A beat up looking book is opened behind the bar, like she had been reading it before people started to come in.

Also, if they actually drink the liquor, they will be out of liquor…and then Bob will get angry. You won't like sober Bob when he's angry.

Bob is one of the first to trickle in, but he keeps to himself at the bartop, waiting for others to arrive and find seats for themselves. He has a glass of water on the bar near him, but also has a large flask set on the bar. He takes a swig from it and sets it back down while he continues to wait.

It isn't long before everyone that is going to be there is there, which includes well just about everyone from both camps including Randall the other groups leader. When he comes in he looks around taking in the place and then heads over to the bar where Bob is "Evening." he greets the other leader "I'll just have a water for now miss." he tells Sophia.

Sophia nods, pouring water from a pitcher, "No problem, senior." She seems in a good mood, smiling and making small talk with everyone. She must have been a hell of a bartender when those type of things mattered. The filled glass is placed down in front of Randall and she'll and ask Bob, "Roberto? Would you like more before the meeting starts?"

A nod is offered to Randall, "Evenin'." He offers and then he finishes the water he has in his glass before setting it down and nodding to Sophia, "Thanks darlin, fill 'er up." The water. He's got the whiskey covered.

He looks to Randall once more and then to the others gathered here, "Yer crew managin' alright there, Randall?" Obviously given the circumstances. And then a moment later he clears his throat and nods once more, "Probably should get started here…Don't wanna keep the folks waitin'."

Kayla has made it into the back of the Dive bar, and taken a seat for herself out of the way where she can listen and watch without interrupting.

"Thanks." Randall says to Sophia taking the glass for a long drink from it. "We are. I grateful for you letting us stay here and borrow your Doctor. He knows his stuff. Our wounded people are starting to recover nicely." he nods at the suggestion of getting started "Your town, you should lead the thing." he then takes his glass of water to a table and sits down.

It seems that a lot of the conversation quieted right down as the two leaders spoke to each other, and a few eyes were watching them as well to see how they were going to get along.

Sophia gives the man a warm smile as he steps away before filling up Bob's glass. "Buena suerte." Bob's gonna need it! She stays behind the bar, to keep an eye on everything…and everyone.

A slow nod is offered by Bob and he takes another sip from his newly filled glass of water. He offers a somewhat weak smile to Sophia and then turns to the group. This is his least favorite part of being in charge.

He clears his throat once and steps away from the bartop. "Thanks fer comin' everyone. It's good to see ya'll gathered here." He takes a breath and then lets it out. "I know trust ain't an easy thing, especially in these times. We all gotta look out for ourselves more 'n ever before. Guess if we only did that though, ain't a one of us gonna survive. So makin' allies, workin' together…trustin other folks. We gotta do those things if we're gonna make it as a species." He pauses, looking to Randall then back to the group, "I wanna thank Elijah fer lookin' after these fine folks. And I wanna thank everyone else fer bein civil."

Elijah had been running late, just arriving to the meeting a few short moments ago. However, he found a seat easily enough and quickly sat to be out of the way but still close to the group. While Bob and Randall speak with each other, he'd simply offer greeting to those around…until his name was mentioned.

Looking back towards the two men, the doctor just offers a nod "My pleasure. I'm glad they are recovering and we were all able to help." After, Elijah would be the first to admit, it was a group effort! An additional smile and nod is given to Randall as if to assure the man.

Kayla doesn't move, and doesn’t pipe up. She remains quietly in her seat, listening. Good Wells!

Like any audience that is actually listening to the speaker there are nods and murmurs of agreement as people from both groups look around at others to see if either everyone is agreeing or if there are any that disagrees. Randall gives his own nod when he is looked at "Yes, thanks Doctor Reid." he seconds the comment from Bob.

Sophia makes eye contact with the late doctor and makes a drinking motion, obviously asking if he'd like something to drink. People have glasses of wine and water, nothing hard tonight it seems.

Bob clears his throat again and turns back to the people gathered here, "So, now we got a few decisions to make." He pauses a moment and then continues, "Appears to me that we got two groups here, each with some ability to defend itself. We could band up, or these nice folks could keep movin along on their way south. Not sure how much there is south of here, but I'm guessin' it can't be much worse than it is to the north."

Bob offers a shrug, moves over to his water glass and takes a sip, then looks to Randall and then his group, "While back me and mine decided it was high time we stood our ground and fought. Not sure how ya'll feel on that subject, but we're here now, so let's fine out."

Elijah catches Sophia's motion, nodding and mouthing 'water'. He then turns his attention back to Bob and Randall, waiting to see what the other man says.

There is more nodding. So far Bob hasn't said anything that no one disagrees with. Though there are many looks between Randall and Bob. Could make one wonder if there were side bets on how this was going to end or if one of the men was going to get angry or something. There is some murmering about banding up, though it is doubtful at the moment anyone is going to be against that…or say it out loud if they are.

"We've had to defend ourselves a few times from those army brats that are playing soldiers and we once had one of those assassins playing sniper at us, but we took care of him too. Wasn't easy. They fight like a combination of rapid wolverine and Bruce Lee." scary combo that is "We've been wanting to figure out a way to end this once and for all, but that takes numbers and numbers are low at the moment. But I'll stand behind anyone that has ideas for that and how to take out the enemy."

Kayla tilts her head to the side as she listens. Nothing too earth shattering has been offered yet, and nothing too shocking has been brought forward.

Sophia nods to Bob's words, showing support, even if the man can't see it. Eli gets a tall glass of water. She'll pour a glass of wine down the doctor's throat later, man must need it! Stepping out from the bar she makes her way over to deliver the water. After Eli gets his drink she starts to make her way back, but she then nods at Randall's words, "Numbers are only going to grow if groups band together. Or at leafs keep in contact." Her opinion, anyway. "Every human is important now."

"Agreed." Bob states, looking to Sophia and nodding, "We've taken on the drones, kamo kids and silencers. Bandits and raiders too. We've lost plenty in that fight." A glance to the other groups leader, "I'm sure you have too."

Bob then turns back to those gathered, "Right now we've been shorin' up defenses, but we gotta take the fight to them. To do that, we need information. And a way to identify the silencers before they start tryin' to kill us." A glances to Elijah, "The doc's made some advances there, but we need more. Might be it's time for us to plan a raid of our own, see what intel we can gather."

Elijah looks between those who are speaking, nodding in agreement and then glancing to Bob with his final statement. He stays silent for the moment still, waiting to see what others think or how Randall and his group respond.

Randall nods "We've lost quite a few and now a days even one person lost is to many." he seems to agree with Sophia's sentiment that everyone is important.

A way to identify Silencer. They have realized that the Silencers are part of the invasion, and they are powerful, but to be able to tell one from a mundane human, well that would be handy. Of course all eyes go to Elijah…well all the Arkansas groups eyes, the Camp Hope people know this already.

Up until that point Piper has been sitting at the table with the Well siblings, watching and listening as she sips her water. The mention that they have a way to tell who is a Silencer and who isn't though has her stiffening in her chair, and white knuckling her glass which seems to be extremely interesting to her all of a sudden. Oh water, how fascinating.

Kayla reaches a hand over to try and take Piper's, if she'll let her, and she remains quiet.

Sophia makes it back behind the counter again before pulling out a slightly crushed package of cigarettes she's managed to trade for. She nods again as she lights one up, clearly agreeing with needing to be able to identify them. She'll add, since it seems to only be Bob and Randall talking, "Drones have parts that help, batteries and such, but….we need more intel than that."

"Identifyin' silencers fer now is pretty limited." Bob comments, "Takes too long, and we've only been able to do it after they're dead. Still, it's a start. One we're gonna need to build on." The sound of the cigarette being lit and the smell of smoke has Bob glancing over his shoulder to Sophia, brow quirked. Huh.

And then he looks back to those gathered, "So, that's enough from me fer now. Let's hear from you." Apparently meaning the group. Or Randall in theory.

Elijah shifts a bit uncomfortably at the sudden attention…heeeeeeey, everybody. At least it distracted from any nervousness from Lady Silenc-I mean Piper. However, as Bob indicates those on the other group to speak he takes a drink of his water…glad he didn't have to add anything at least for the time being.

"We've shot a few drones down, but we never went to far as to dissecting them." Randall comments when drones are brought up. The limitations of detecting Silencers is a little disappointing, that shows on faces, but's a starting point at least. Randall takes another drink of water and gets to his feet, "I guess I'll start by saying thanks for giving us a place to stay while our wounded get treated as well as the help with hunting and food." there are nods from his group as they agree with him "I'm not looking to take over. This is your place, you put in the hard work to make it safe." this is said specifically to Bob "Half a dozen of my people are from the Corp of Engineers, and the rest had family in the Corp, so we have a lot of skilled laborers with good ideas of how to help shore your defenses, and maybe get you some power and running water going. Can't make promises, but we are willing to work and be functioning part of your group if you will have us.

Kayla gets a bit of a surprised look from Piper but she doesn't pull the hand away, but instead gives it a squeeze, a non-verbal thanks if you will. With the topic moving away from silencers and without her being outted, even by accident she relaxes a bit and goes back to listening and watching the meeting.

Sophia perks up at the mention of Engineers. That's a good sign. A slow drag on her cigarette before she asks, "So…do we want to say you're staying hand helping fortify…for now? We can revisit the topic once your people are healed?"

Engineers would be good indeed. A much needed addition to the group. A glance to Sophia is given and Bob considers that, nodding to her, "That's a good idea. While yer folks are restin', healin and bein seen too, you can help us fortify. And we can help build defenses up around yer buildin too." He looks to the others, considering his words and then offers a faint smile, "We got a long way to go folks, but I think we're off to a good start."

He moves back to the bar top and grabs his water, taking a sip. "We can talk more about power, water and defenses in smaller groups. Randall, you and I can work on that some." And then after another sip he says, "Now, let's have some drinks and socialize. Ain't no reason to spend all this time talkin' shop."

And then Bob grabs his flask, unscrews the cap and takes a swig. No need to be formal anymore.

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