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Summary: Is it a Silencer or is Piper just paranoid
Date: 3.3.2016
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Well, who ever's bright idea this was to go fishing (Quin's) , Quinton's cursing them now. They may have gotten 15 fish, but the poet is yet again soaked. It's warm enough that he's not shivering at least, but the sun is starting to set, meaning they're going to be loosing that heat source rather quickly. "Remind me to not suggest fishing next time…" The two have already gotten the boat back into the dock and Quin's shrugging on his backpack before he has to carry the fish back.

Piper still isn't laughing about his inability to get into a boat without dunking himself, even though it has gotten to the point where it is funny. It seems to work though, dunking equals fish. The fact that she managed to catch some this time has her in a better mood than when they started, not that it was bad or anything. "Okay." she says biting back a smile at his drenched condition. At least it isn't her that is soaked this time. She shrugs into her own backpack "Did good." they will have a nice fish dinner at least.

Yes, well, Quin being the one that is soaked makes for uncomfortable now. Piper being soaked makes for uncomfortable now and later. The blonde makes an agreeing noise as he picks up the bucket with fish. "Fish is a good break from other meals…" 15 fish are heavy though and he frowns, this is going to be a long walk back. "Kids all doing good?" His shoes squish slightly as he steps.

"Can help." Piper points to one of the buckets with fish in it. She is more than willing to carry some of it. Quinton doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting. There is a nod of agreement before she answers about the children. "Yes." she furrows her brow a bit "Caro anxious…baby animals soon." and since she is Jade's apprentice she will be helping with those "Troy, running." which means a lot of chasing for the woman "Quinn sleep-ing well…roll-ing." which means crawling is next. "Kayla seems bet-ter." at least the encounters she has had with his sister have been good, no drama or anything.

Quinton does if he wants any muscles. "I got it for now…" He smiles, soft and honest at the report of the kids. He's not gotten to spend as much time with them since leaving Camp Hope. "Good…Maybe I'll try to spend some time wight hem tomorrow…if my head's ok." he's well aware it might not be. Mention of his sister makes his smile drop. He doesn't frown exactly, but definitely isn't smiling, "She's…I don't know." He kinda sounds frustrated. "She's mad because I didn't let her run off in some weird show of penance. And she keeps twisting my words, looking for fights." Especially on bad brain days. It's probably not, but it feels intentional.

"Like that." Piper and the children would "Miss you." she'll have to a peek into storage to see if she can find the board games that were brought from the other camp. Give them all something to do. Listening to the situation she gives a similar expression and shakes her head "No sense." makes no sense? Or Kayla has no sense? Either way she is getting a different Kayla than he is, "Was joking and teasing today." that's got to be good, right?

<FS3> Quinton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Quinton sighs, that figures. "Maybe she's still…mad at me." He really doesn't know anymore. The buckets swing softly as he steps, shoes still squishing. Off to the right a flock of birds, most likely turkeys takes off in a panic. Quin sees them and shakes his head softly, "Something got a good dinner." A predator, he means.

What Quin didn't see is one tumble from the sky, which is usually not a skill that normal, non-human predators have.

She shrugs, she has no experience in the sibling department so only knows what she has seen as an outsider looking in on that kind of relationship dynamic "Get bet-ter." he has both hands full so, Piper gives a reassuring touch to his arm. The panicked flight of the fowl pulls her attention in that direction, her eyes narrowing as she stares into the distance, "Hide." it's said quietly and with no emotion what so ever and she begins looking for a spot to do that at.

It's was the touch to his arm that distracts him, he looks back before the birds get very far. "Hope so, I-" He doesn't question, but isn't exactly sure where they can go… There best bet is the boat launch or just lay on the ground…or try to make it to a different set of trees? "Trees, ground, or boats?"

Piper was eying the bushes that the rescued the sheep from but that is all full of briars and thorns, safe but so ouchy. "Boats." laying in the bottom of one of the boats would keep them of sight, unless the person comes an investigates. Grabbing the handle of a bucket she will help him with one. Those have to be kept out of sight too, but easier to hide those than themselves. She glances back to see if they have been spotted yet, hoping the stranger is to busy dealing with his kill then the surroundings.

Quinton nods and moves as quickly as he can towards the boats. Even with Piper helping , it takes them a time to get there. "Was anyone …hunting today?" From their group, that is.

"Yes?" there are usually people out hunting every day, and with the new people having someone she doesn't recognize isn't surprising. But she saw what they did…which makes her worry. "Not us." meaning one of their group. After helping him hide the buckets she gets into the boat they recently vacated. At least it isn't in the water so there won't be any dunkings, but it is a canoe, so good thing she is past her don't touch me issues with the poet.


Quinton turns, helping her in and watching over his shoulder in the direction that the hunter is. "Okay….should…should we hide, or go see who it is?" As in, new people are good, right? He's nervous though, something about the situation doesn't feel right, and Piper's hiding amplifies that. So after she's situated, Quin starts to climb in too.

Her expression, full of worry and fear, pretty much says not good, in this instant. There is a gesture to hurry up as Piper pokes her own head up to see what the status of the stranger is and is thankful they haven't been noticed. For whatever reason…which makes her worry more, since he could have really and making it seem like he hasn't, "Not right." she whispers as her gesture changes to indicating the person in the distance.

Quinton trusts Pipers instincts and eyesight more than his own, so he lays down as flat as he can and snakes his gun out of the holster. He watches her and then frowns a little harder, "Your hair…" Unless she has it braided, it's going to be visible if she's peeking over the edge.

Even as Quin says this, a figure steps out from the cluster of trees. It's male, dressed in jeans and a flannel with a dead turkey slung over he's shoulder. He's older, although his age is hard to pin at this distance, and his beard is peppered with silver. He seems in good physical conduction, moving smoothing with no limps or hitches. He scans the area, eyes lingering on something near where the two are hiding.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=Stealth Vs Silencer=Alertness

< Piper: Good Success Silencer: Success

< Net Result: Piper wins - Marginal Victory

Leave it to her hair to give them away! The reminder has her soothing it down quickly as she ducks back down, just in time too, her wild mane of hair isn't spotted, but it gave her an opportunity to get a good look at him. His GQ looks combined with what she saw earlier and that Silencer intuition is enough for her to ID him for what he is. Hiding her face against Quin's wet shoulder, "Silencer." she whispers as if it wouldn't be hard enough to hear with her voice being muffled by her face hiding.

Quinton reaches for one of Piper's hands with his free one. He doesn't respond, what can he say? Instead he turns his face to look down at her, silently hoping that the last impression she has of him isn't a wet shirt. His other hand holds the gun flat against his chest and he waits, finally looking back up at the open sky. Praying he doesn't see a figure loom over them.

Her grip on his hand is a tight one, but not to the point of discomfort. If she is going to be shot, she would rather not see it coming. Strange though how her reaction to each Silencer they have run into has been different, she almost shot Qera on the spot, he doesn't know about Jules yet..and this one has her hiding. Guess it is situational…and she doesn't have quite the death wish she did. Yay to having people to live for. Her face remains burrowed in his shoulder, is she even breathing? Which is a yes, just slow and shallow. "Gone?" she whispers after a few minutes pass and they are still alive.

Quinton's breath matches her own. He wants to see it coming, so he can shoot the SOB if needed. But no shadow figure appears and no gun shots ring out. His thumb rubs against her hand when he whispers, "I'll look." He'd rather his head get shot off than her's. He hesitates briefly before pressing a soft kiss to her forehead and then shifts to peek over the edge of the canoe.

Piper nods, her hand squeezing his in further acknowledgement. "Careful." she knows he isn't going to be doing anything risky, but what she was going to say to start didn't come out so that's what she was left with. She's tempted to look herself, but instead satisfies that by moving her face from his wet shoulder to look at him.

Quinton moves slow and steady, gun ready if need be. He's going to end up with a cramp if he stays hunch in this position too long. But thankfully, he's not seeing anyone. At first he scans the area that bird was at and the area he would ahem come from and then makes a slow sweep. Seems the mystery Silencer took his turkey and went home….where ever that is. "Clear…I think." Quin sits ups a little straight, to give her room, and relieve some of the tension on his back.

Well the 'I think' is worrying but not enough to stop Piper from pushing herself into a sitting position to take a look around herself. Not seeing him either she has to wonder if maybe she was wrong about the unknown man. Either way she relaxes against Quinton a moment as the tension in her body dissipates "That…" she shakes her head not being able to come up with a suitable adjective. "Go back? Or wait?" to make sure he is really gone and not just out of sight for the moment.

Quinton agrees with the unspoken word, nodding. It was. When she leans again him he'll give her a one armed hug, eyes still roaming, "Well….if we're not hiding, we should be moving." No reason to be a sitting duck. "We'll take the long way home…" And go straight to Bob.


4 Large Sunfish
5 Small Catfish
3 Large Bass
3 BlackBass

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