(2016-03-04) Cheesemaking 101
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Summary: Cheesemaking 101
Date: 3.4.2016
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The weather is cool, but that's not stopping the barkeep from experimenting today! She's bundles up in front of the bar where she's dragged one of the portable grills. Seems she's claimed it, and no one is willing to argue with her on that. She has a pot on the fire, which she is stirring and checking on almost constantly. There's a small table that has ingredients and kitchen tools on it as well. The woman is humming softly to herself, see mingling happy with whatever she is doing.

Having done her scavenging circuit for the day and taken most of it back to the complex, Piper is heading to the bar to pass a few things that she knows the bartender would be interested in having, a bottle of vodka and a couple boxes of votive candles are in her hands. Of course she didn't expect to see the woman either outside or cooking something on a grill. It's a curious sight. "What?" she asks as she approaches, nodding to the contents of the pot along with the ingredients she has set out.

Sophia's dark eyes go up and she grins. It's almost infectious. "I have found book on makingcheese." She seems very proud of this. "I am starting with some simple things, but if I can figure this out, we will have it year round…And be able to trade with it!" She keeps stirring, the smells isn't the most pleasant so far, almost…vinegar?

Piper isn't emotionally cold, so the smile is returned, though it is mingled with a bit of confusion. Knowing nothing about cheesemaking she is perplexed how that will be pulled off. "Beer. Cheese. Saved!" she jokes, knowing that the other woman found a book on beer making too "For you." she holds up the items in her hands, but since Soph is busy will set them on the corner of the nearby table. "Smells weird." her nose wrinkles slightly, but at least it isn't skunk.

Sophia laughs loudly. "Si. One stomach at a time!" He rhea stilts and then she grins, nodding, "Gracias. Those will help. I am running low on candles." And always running low on booze! "It is the vin eager. It is to curd the milk. It was not taste of it." She hopes.

"Boost morale." just the thought of having fresh cheese just improved Piper's mood that's for sure "Using less soon." candles that is. Days are getting longer an all "Huh." she says at the info on the vinegar "Good use," pause "for it." because they have a lot and nothing to use it for until fresh veggies come in "Kind?" she draws closer to watch and look into the pot on the grill. "How soon?"

Sophia likes that. She doesn't hunt or scavenge, she boost morale. Usually with booze, but cheese works too! Her dark hair bobs as she nods, "Si…that is good too." For morale. "I will take all the vin eager that you can find." She keeps stirring, "It is a Queso Blanco Cheese. I will add some herbs into it, and peppers…" She nods to the small container of mixed spices on the table. That smells much better than the vinegar.

Sophia adds, "It should be ready tonight. It's a very fast cheese. 5 hours."

Piper chuckles at the redundancy of the name and assumes that Sophia did that on purpose "White cheese." she nods, if it gets them more cheese, than Sophia shall have all the vinegars, though eventually some will be needed for pickling. Maybe they need to learn how to make that too. "Get masa, have tacos…or tamales." she loves her Mexican food.

Sophia then chuckles, "It's a Latin American cheese." She sighs, the thought makes her happy too, "Si. We need to work on all of that. If this group stays, we are going to have hard time feeding everyone. We will need more cows." Hopefully the cows will help with that!

"Family there." or was there, they are probably all dead now, she'll never know "Have gardens." or rather they are in progress "Scavenge…" she gestures to indicated distance. They will have to start going out further to find non-perishable stuff "Chick-ens too." one of these days soon they will have enough to start eating the chickens and not just some of the eggs they produce "Next step?" she gestures to the pot of cooking and curdling milk.

Sophia glances down, the cheese clumping into curds, "In a few minutes I will strain the curds, using the cloth and colander." She looks down at what she's stirring, then we add the spices, and then press it. I do not have an actual cheese mood, but I found something that will work." She hopes.

Piper listens to the steps, nodding her understanding. She also notes the use of the we in there, but isn't sure if that means both of them or just the royal we. "Need help?" she offers in case Soph needs another pair of hands to help with the rest of the process.

Sophia chuckles, "Only if you'd like to learn. I know that not everyone is interested in such things." Sop will be just as happy if Piper keeps bringing her booze!

"Maybe." Piper isn't sure she would have time for such a consuming process with all the other stuff she does "More should." should what? Be interested? Learn more stuff? Who knows other than the woman that said it. Moving over to where the spices are she gives them a study "How many?"

Sophia doesn't question, just nods like she understands the other. Maybe it from dealing with drunk people so much? "How many what? How much cheese? I’m not exactly sure….Or if you mean the spices, all of it,. I already measured." She lifts her spoon up to study the curdles. "Si…I think it's ready to strain now…"

Piper nods, one of those was the right answer to her question, it really doesn't matter which. Peering at the processing cheese she grins at how it looks "Kinda cottage cheesish." she comments at the appearance "Is this, secret?" she motions to the cheese. Sure she is making it outside, but it's not like a whole lot of foot traffic is coming through this time of day.

Sophia nods, her nose wrinkling slightly, "Like Wisconsin Cheese Curds too." The woman pauses and thinks, "No? I mean…i did not tell anyone, but I am doing it out in the open…" She didn't think it was surprise worthy, "Why…should I?" She pulls the pot off the grill and Sets up the bigger pot, with the colander and cloth to train the whey into.

She's thinking about it as she watches the process unfold before her, then finally shakes her head "No." Piper says, "had more, yes." which just the amount this batch is making it probably wouldn't be surprise worthy. She quiets down then, letting Sophia focus on what she is doing, but will help where she can, even if it is handing her things.

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