(2016-03-04) Electrical Achievement Unlocked
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Monica knocks on the good Doctor's door. She's pulled a clean looking generator, one of the two she and Nora found, up into the building. It smells vaguely of gasoline, but… how DO you make sure important tools that need to live outside don't wander off? Mon doesn't know the answer yet, so here she is.

Elijah had been busy in the office, tidying things up and organizing this or that. Grabbing a few items to add in his bag, he planned to run them to where the injured were still recovering. So as Monica knocked on the door he lofts a brow, opening it rather quickly given he was heading out anyways. "Monica" he says, offering a smile to the woman, "How can I help you?"

Monica steps to one side so the doc can see the generator. "Well, Nora and I found a couple of these. They're generators. I have this one working. Would that be useful to you?" She beams, expecting a positive answer. After all, defibrillators, big surgical lights, autoclaves, all that need electricity. Right? Surely the good doctor has all those things just waiting to plug them in. Right? Er…

When Monica steps back to reveal the generator, Elijah looks on a bit confused first…not fully processing what it is. Or that it's actually there. Once it hits him though he grins "Absolutely!" He looks from her to the generator, finally back to her and chuckles a bit "We could make use of electricity in the main room where patients stay. It would help." He thinks on that a moment, furrowing a brow "Though…I'm sure there are other areas of camp that could use it as well…I have made do with what I have this far…I can continue to if there is somebody else who could benefit from it."

Monica ponders that. "You don't have the gleam of ECGs and defibrillators in your eye the way I was expecting." Mon scratches her head a moment. "I mean not that you're not doing awesome work without power, I just figured… if there was a highest priority for electric power in the camp, it was right here.

Elijah nods "Sure…and I'll gladly take one. I'd love to have it. We can leave it here for now if you like? I'll just double check with Bob to make sure it's ok…" Given he was the leader and all that. Eli just felt more proper going through him to make sure. "Thank you, Monica…I mean it," he smiles to her "I really appreciate the thought and I know the patients will too."

Monica smiles. "Just so you know, it's a manual start. Fuel turns on here, prime it a couple times, choke it if it's cold, and pull the cord a few times. Also the meters on it are dead, but you can usually tell if you're loading one of these things too much because the power cuts out or sags, or the engine stalls.

"Right…" Eli nods, absorbing the information and making mental note of it. "If I find myself having any difficulties with it I'll come to you." Suddenly the doctor remembers, "Oh! I don't know if you've met Piper…or spoken with her recently, but she found some coconut oil. Like I was suggesting to you the other night. She said it would be fine if I took some of it…but I believe she's using it for something first." He smiles "But once she's done I'll get the remainder and give it to you. Or you can ask her. Up to you."

Monica nods. "I know Piper. I mean, not well… between all the kids and the fact that she doesn't have much to say… you know. But I know her. She seems nice. And that would be great. Thank you very much.

Elijah nods "You're more than welcome. I'm glad I was able to help though…Piper is the one who found it so really I suppose you should be thanking her" he laughs. "Either way. I'm glad. Are your gums feeling any better? Or have you been able to locate a toothbrush and toothpaste?"

Monica nods. "There was one in the hygene kit. I'm not through that toothpaste yet. It helps. Hopefully we'll get a dentist eventually, although I'll have to figure out a source of compressed air…

The doctor smiles at that "Good. I'm glad…let me know when you're running low and we can try to look for some more in one of the stores." When she mentions everything about a dentist and figuring all that out Elijah chuckles and nods to the generator "We'll take our victories as we can get them eh?"

Monica nods. "Always."

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