(2016-03-06) Geeks Bearing Gifts
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Summary: Mon drags the other generator to the bar. For morale
Date: 2016.03.06
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Location:The Dive Bar
Despite the name on the window and on the flashing arrow sign in the parking lot this bar isn't as divey as it is rustic and honky tonk like.

Toward the back is the requisite wooden bar with a dusty, cloudy mirror on the wall behind it. Cushioned stools sit in front of it, a couple knocked over into the floor. There are numerous empty beer and whiskey bottles strewn about amoung tables and chairs as if someone decided to throw one last party and didn't clean up after themselves. Dust covers everything.

A stage sits to the side, a few dusty instruments on it as if waiting for someone to pick them up and begin to play. Near it an old Wurlitzer jukebox with an out-of-order sign hanging from it, but there are still old 45 records contained within, all country from the 50's and 60's.

<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Good Success.

A Civil War reenactor takes a generator to a bar… it sounds like the setup for a shaggy dog story, but that's what Mon's up to. Of course, it's up to the camp leadership to decide where the generators really wind up, but to the extent that she has any say, and she did get them working, she gets to chose where they go based on her own moral compass. She has her reasons. So off to the bar she goes, carefully hauling the generator up the steps and in the front door. "Hi."

Sophia's one of those woman that when she looks at you, it feels like all of her attention is on you. It's part of what made her such great bartender. Currently she's behind the bar, even though the building besides herself is empty. She has a book open that she's pouring over and a plate of what looks like a white cubed cheese sitting next to it. She's chewing when she looks up, but that doesn't stop the warm smile from spread across her face as Monica walks in, "Hola!" She'll swallow and waves the woman, "Is that what I think it is?" She's seen Monica around but hasn't really gotten the chance to talk to her yet.

Monica eyes the cheese. "I was just about to ask the same thing. Is someone around here making cheese?" Her stomach rumbles. Various game meat is good, and she knows enough about wild plants to find some that are good to eat, and there's always pine needle tea to keep scurvy away, but. Um. Yeah. She looks at Sophia. "It's a generator, yeah. Nora and I found a couple, and I got them working.

Sophia laughs warmly, pushing the plate towards the woman, "Si…It is my first attempt, would you like to try?" Her dark eyes widen slightly with the possibilities, "Oh! Si! Come in, eat some cheese!" She starts to move to come around the bar to look at the generator. "That is wonderful news!"

Monica crawls onto a bar stool, and her mouth waters. She takes a bite and chews slowly, carefully, trying not to get it on her bad teeth. "So…" Yeah, her manners have deteriorated after so long living in the back country. She talks with her mouth full. She stops and just tastes and chews. She pauses to wipe her eyes. "I never thought… I'd see cheese again. God, I had such a craving for it…"

It's decent, not anything gourmet. Just a simple white , fresh cheese. Soph laughs again, leaving the plate in front of Monica as she moves towards the generator, her mind already planning things. "It was my first attempt, I will be able to make more, for us and for trade."

Monica nods and has a few more pieces. "If everyone else has gone as long without it as I did, it's like manna from heaven." It occurs to Mon that it's been a long time since she had any dairy, so reluctantly she stops after the fourth cube and gets up. "Sorry. I'm Monica. Nice to meet you."

Sophia stops, a hand placed on her hip and she looks back at the other woman with a grin, "Si…I will admit I've ate more than my fair share…" Thankfully she has another batch pressing now! "I will need to be careful, or I will use all of our milk!" They need more cows! "Hola, I am Sophia." She takes a few steps back and extends her hand in greeting. "It is nice to meet you. I am glad we are able to build this place into something better."

Monica nods, reaching out to shake Sophia's hand. Her hands are calloused, from months on the trail, hours working on equipment with hand tools, and a life time as a farmer/rancher. Her hands were never really soft. "Well… fortunately that's one of those problems that solves itself. With grazing and water… and a bull or two." She gestures to the generator. "It's good for about 4 kilowatts. The output meters are dead. They have tiny little coils I didn't want to try fixing, but the thing does work. You'll hear it bog down if you overload it, or the breaker will trip. So yeah, lights, maybe one cooler, possibly the jukebox if it works. No air conditioning though.

Sophia's hand is a different type of callous, she's definitely worked, something beyond slinging drinks, but what that could be isn't apparent. She laughs, seems she does that a lot, "Si. And we have those. It will just take some time." There's much head shaking, "Even just lights would be wonderful!" Candles are rough. "And music! We can have music!" Soph's hands clasp, she's just decided that jukebox works. She's optimistic like that!

Monica looks over at the jukebox. "Well… there's a pretty good chance the jukebox is dead, to be honest. Although as old as it is, it could be a vacuum tube machine. If so, that's a lot more repairable. My dad used to mess around with that stuff. I know…" she holds two fingers slightly apart, "this much about it. If it's just the motor, I can fix it." She looks at Sophia. "I gotta ask. What did you do before the Others came? For a living, I mean."

Sophia has hope! She nods, "Si, I will have you fix it, and then we will have music." Like it's that easy. Her hands move back to her hips, fingers drumming against seam of her jeans. "I owned a bar." Partially true, anyway. She points to a baseball bat with the word 'Treasures' skilfully etched into it. "It is why I claimed this place. I want to give everyone a place to unwind again."

Monica nods. "Yeah… I always laughed when my social studies teachers said that brewing and cheesemaking were major signs of civilization, but… when you think about the chain of supplies that goes into them, and how mindblowing they are when you first have them… and the fact that you can preserve milk… it's a big deal." She shakes her head. "I'll look forward to the first time we have cold beer here. My brother and his wife used to brew their own. It's not that hard…

Sophia agrees, "I have started brewing as well, we will be fine." As long as a silencer doesn't come in and kill them all, anyway. Or Bandits. Or the Army Brats. More nodding of her head, "I have some other drinks, if you are interested. And I will be able to make some ice, so some can be cold." They need to take what they can as a victory. "We should have a celebration!"

You say, "Really? Do you have any warm beer?" Mon runs her hand through her hair, and blinks at the whiff of the coconut oil the good doctor has her rubbing on her skin. "Although if you can make a pina colada, I've been having a little craving for those too.""

Sadly, no. Soph shakes her head, "No…I have started brewing, but it is not ready yet. And any beer we have found has gone bad. She smirks, "I could possibly make something close. Coconut is harder to come by. If you get me ice and music, I will make one as close as i can."

Monica cracks her knuckles. "Let's see what we can do." She heads over to the jukebox and carefully pulls it away from the wall. "Good lord 'n butter this thing's heavy."

Sophia follows her, "Do you need help? Or would lights help?" Maybe they're putting the cart before the horse….

Monica looks up. "Oh… right. Lights." She chuckles. "Okay, let's figure out how to hook this into your breaker panel first. Um. We will need to put this outside, and it will need its gas tank refilled about every twelve hours.

Sophia chews her lower lip, not having any gas, actually. "Will it be better to conserve the gas we have?" Ice may not be such a top priority, she guesses. Even as she's questioning, she moves to help Monica move the generator. She may be small, but she can help lift things!

Monica gestures toward highway 54. "There's lots of gas out there. In cars, in gas station tanks… we should be good for a while, at least." Mon helps haul the thing back outside. "You're sure nobody will make off with this without asking if we just leave it out here, right?"

Sophia's hands go up, "If someone is stealing our generators, we have bigger problems than a missing generator." Like someone being in town that's snuck past the guards! "I suppose I can try to find a chain and lock though, if that will make you feel better?" She lets out a soft grunt as she pulls the heavy machine, butting most of her weight into the motion.

Monica lifts the front edge over the stoop of the door and lets the wheels do most of the work. Yeah, she needs to stop hauling these things indoors. IT's always a pain in the rear to get them back /out/. Fortunately she's out of generators. "I don't know, you know? I've been here a couple weeks and everyone's been super-nice. If you think it's safe… you know better than I do." She guides the machine around the corner to where the power lines come into the building.

Sophia laughs as she moves, "I do not know if it is safe. But it is safer than anywhere else I have been." She lets Monica lead. "They are good people here. Roberto is a good man. He is doing we best as he can." Is that a hint of affection in her voice? Hard to say.

You say, "Roberto." It's obvious Mon's Spanish came straight from high school Spanish class, just from the way she butchers that name. "This would be Bob? I haven't met him yet." She gets into her pocket for her Leatherman and undoes the cover on the power meter and peers inside. "Hmm.""

<FS3> Monica rolls Electrician: Good Success.

Sophia nods, "Si, Bob." The dark skinned woman steps back to give Monica the room she needs, "He has been leading us." Her arms fold as she watched Monica poke about. "He has a dog named Whiskey, I am sure you will run into them."

You say, "Okay, what we have here is single phase 220, pretty much what I was expecting. Your air conditioner will be across both circuits, but your regular wall outlets will be on one or the other. Would you go inside and get in the breaker panel and turn all the breakers off? I want to be able to get this thing going and make sure my wiring is right before we start hitting it with loads."

Sophia blinks, "How will I know if they are off?" She always had someone for that. Beyond that, she has no idea what Monica just said.

Monica takes a breath to say the lights will go out, then stops. "Um. Normally there's a label, and off is to one side or the other. I dunno. Let's go look."

Sophia chuckles softly, "This type of thing wasn't something I used to deal with. Give me a rowdy man any day, I'll keep him in his place, but this?" Her dark hair sways as she shakes her head. "Nada."

Monica heads back inside with Sophia. "I had two brothers and my dad, and me. They all did this stuff, and nobody thought I shouldn't either. I never… dated, I guess. Not for real." She opens the panel and starts tripping the breakers off. "One of those things I had time to regret while I was out on the road."

<ooc> and there we had to wrap. We agreed that (with the roll above) Mon was able to wire the generator into the bar's electrical system and turn enough breakers off to keep the generator from dying under the load.

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