(2016-03-07) Two More New Faces
Two More New Faces
Summary: Amy and Elan run into Quinton and Piper
Date: 3.7.2016
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Well as far as scavenging has gone it has been a decent day. The pair’s favorite things were found even, a sweater for Quinton and a jar of peanut butter for Piper, not to mention a number of other necessary items. This time the woman came prepared, she brought her wagon, which she is stacking with the last of the empty jars that were found for her. "It's a start but I will need more." of the jars. Her plan is to have someone build an open back shelving system, which she can stack the jars in for a makeshift greenhouse sorta thing. The idea was gleaned from a how-to gardening book she found.

Quinton's not not talkative today, but he's got the new sweater in his hands and his fingers traces the pattern. He nods, almost absently to Piper's words. "That's good." Finally he sighs, more to himself and sets the sweater on top of the wagon. "Today was good." The haul, that is. He smiles, only kinda forced, at Piper. Busy brain is busy.

Piper looks at him, nodding her agreement, "Thanks for finding the jars." she's about to shrug her pack on but pauses a moment he seems to be ruminating on something "Should I expect steam soon." she makes billowing motions with her hands next to her ears.

Quinton blinks, confused at her joke a moment. he never seems to realize when he starts brooding. "…no?…I mean, we can…sit, yeah." He looks at her and his normal soft smile starts to appear, "I'm just thinking about…reasons." His hand reaches up to run his fingers through his hair and he snatches up the sweater again before reaching for her hand with his free one. "My head needs to shut up."

"Heads have a bad habit of getting in the way." the pack is shrugged over one shoulder "Overthinking things too." she studies him a moment, both his more normal smile and her hand in his relaxing tension she wasn't even aware was there, "What kind of reasons…or are you not there yet?" she gives him an out in case he isn't ready to discuss it.

It's afternoon, the weather is warm and misting, but nothing uncomfortable. Quinton and Piper are walking hand in hand down the street, the man pulling a small wagon filled with scavenged stuffs. Most notably glass canning jars and a sweater on top. While they are talking, Quin's pale green eyes keep scanning the area, either for danger or more things to pick up. The blonde has a pistol strapped to him, although the gun is not currently out. He doesn't look to be much of a fighter. But maybe he's better at marksmanship? Hard not to have some kind of defensive abilities this far into the apocalypse. He chuckles softly, "Yeah, they do…." He nods up to the every present ship hovering in the sky, "Reasons. There has to be reasons. If we….figured that out…we'd have leverage."

Elan makes his way slowly towards town from the reservoir to the southeast, his rifle in his hands, but at rest. He could tell from a distance that something about this town was indicative of habitation…signs of activity that he hasn't seen in a long time. Just subtle things, like an absence of solar panels where they once seem to have been mounted on rooftops give him a feeling that there are still people here…people who are making use of what they can, the same as he has been doing throughout his journey, with the exception that they've begun scavenging materials too large to travel with easily. No, he concludes that there must be a permanent settlement nearby. An eye to his previous encounters along the way drive him to be cautious, both of encountering strangers who may panic, and becoming immediately visible from a position in a window or attic gable where a sniper might be posted. He moves slowly, his eyes constantly scanning windows and rooftops as they come into his field of view.

Amy is riding up Texas Street, route 54. From the south. She's not 100% sure which way she's going, or why she's going north. But the group she was with when the plague hit was going north, so that's what she's doing now. She's riding a decidedly non-athletic bike, bright red, very European. Her dress is not really suitable for athletic biking, so that's probably a good thing. Seeing a town ahead, she slows down a bit, watching carefully, not wanting to ride into trouble or anything like that. She's seen some scary things!

Piper knows a lot of what the aliens are doing but the why…that part she doesn't know, and strangely no one has asked her, which is just as well "Wish I knew." the exotic beauty replies as her eyes lift to the mothership when it is nodded to. She's a good nine inches shorter than the man she walks with and her frame petite, but she easily keeps up with him, though that /could/ be because he matches her stride instead of vice versa. Of course she is armed, a pistol on her hip, and nunchuks tucked into her belt. People coming? She's oblivious, it must the all that long, kinky hair…and there is a lot of it, that covers her ears, even though it is pulled back into a loose ponytail. "Capturing one of the Others for questioning though would be very dangerous." plus it could be hard to find one.

Quinton and Piper are an odd couple, from the height difference to the age gap to the fact Piper couple have been a model. He sighs, nodding. "Dangerous might be our only option." The man's scanning the area, but doesn't notice anyone just yet. Piper's hair may muffle all sound waves that come near it. "We need to….figure out the Army Brats, I think….there's a connection."

Elan spots the girl to his west, riding from the south in the same direction that he's heading, first. Red bicycle, sun dress, no rifle. He makes a barely audible 'hmm' sound to himself…one of the few habits that remind him he's still capable of making noise. She doesn't appear to be an immediate threat…instead, possibly someone who is moving into harm's way. He doesn't shoulder his rifle, but positions it to keep the barrel up, his finger now near the trigger, pointed not at the girl, but instead, the direction where she's headed…it slowly raises higher in his grip. His pace quickens, and his eyes return to the rooftops, doorways and windows ahead. It takes him a moment to compose words…it's been awhile since he's spoken to anyone. Finally, he calls out, in a tone almost pleading, "Hey, be careful, there could be a sniper!" So much for the stealth approach. His eyebrows draw down, desperately analyzing the road ahead, perhaps expecting in the back of his mind to see a small army of rifle barrels extending out of darkened windows and cracked doorways. A man and a woman…pulling a wagon down the street. Ohh-kay. His rifle goes back into a resting position. Well, that's one way to say hello.

Amy stops completely when she's shouted at in such an emotional way. She looks around, not sure where the shouting is coming from. Then eventually the pair walking is what she would see, so she gets back on her bike and starts riding toward them. Waving toward them, trying to get their attention.

Tapping the back of her neck she glances up at Quinton "Something with the implant…" whatever else Piper means to says dies as the shout rings out about snipers. Sure she knows there aren't any around but the male voice isn't one she recognizes, and while there are new people in town they wouldn't be shouting about that. Her free hand goes to her pistol as she begins to scan the area, seeing the girl on the bike bearing down on them first.

Quinton starts nodding, agreeing with Piper. The yell though, has him doing the same exact thing as Piper, pulling his pistol and turning so his back to against Piper's. He quickly scans the area, his eyes falling on Amy as she approaches. "Stop there!" The gun isn't raised at her, but it's in the general direction. "Who else is with you?" There was a male voice as well. While Quin doesn't sound unfriendly, there is caution in his voice. He'd rather not take another bullet to the gut.

Elan watches what is going on quietly for a moment. He shouted out, nothing exploded and a hail of bullets didn't cross the sky. The two people aren't aiming at the girl. He decides quickly that this is a good thing. He takes his left hand off of the trigger to his rifle and raises it in the air, palm flatly forward in greeting as he moves out onto the street, into plain sight. He doesn't advance, but keeps the house to his right near enough to make a quick dive for cover, if necessary. He calls out once more, "Good afternoon!" His eyes dance between the man's pistol and in varied directions at the windows and doorways lining the street. The two with the wagon look like they're perhaps familiar with the town, but he isn't certain. At least they're not being outwardly aggressive. He stands there, ready to jump if he has to, but his distance at the edge of the road gives him some small measure of comfort.

Amy stops when guns come out and all that. Nasty stuff. But nobody seems actively threatening. She gets off her bike again. She's also about to speak, but when she is, Elan starts in. She looks to wherever he seems to be calling out from. She then points to him and calls "I have no idea who that is. I'm just like… lost and alone."

Well this is new, but Piper takes the offensive position in stride, letting Quin deal with the girl while she searches the area for the man. And there he is, coming out from between houses. There is much internal kicking going on for not noticing him sooner. The pistol in her hand moves in his direction, but it is tilted to the ground. Don't let her harmless appearance fool you, she holds the thing like she does know how to use it. The woman doesn’t speak and her previously happy expression has gone flat and all business.

Quinton's frowning as well, but there's confusion now. He glances towards Elan, but then looks back to the girl. Piper will be better at reading the man than he. "How long have you…been alone?" There's a hitch to his voice, like he briefly has to struggle to get the words out. "Where are you traveling to?"

Elan keeps an eye on the woman as the man converses with the girl who just rode in on the bicycle. He watches her pistol, keeping his left hand in the air in distant greeting, but ready to leap just the same, if she points it towards him…which she hasn't. Still, he'd rather not take a chance that she's in range. He thinks for a moment, before calling out to her directly, "I have medical supplies nearby. I'm willing to trade, or to offer you assistance, if you need it." Straight to the point.

Amy starts walking her bike to come closer. Easier to talk. Both hands on the bike's handles. The question startles her, and she takes a moment to consider it, but her answer to Quinton she tries to make clear. "A couple months. I was with some people when everything started. But then people started getting sick and that fell apart to. I don't know where I'm going. I'm just… lost."

Quinton's listening to both new comers, the frown settles on a more worried than nervous. He considers Amy and her lack of weapon before he looks back to Elan. "We're up for trade…what are you….needing?" Pale eyes come back to Amy, "We can help you out some, if you want."

Piper regards Elan, her dark eyes never leaving him even when Amy speaks up about being lost and alone. The gun is lowered and she nods in understanding. Her gun being holstered though is a signal to Quinton that for the moment she is deeming the man harmless and he isn't a Silencer or controlled person, otherwise she would have shot him already…though maybe only to disable and not to kill. She's gotten better about that sort of thing.

Elan slings his rifle over his shoulder and behind him almost in unison with Piper holstering her pistol, "I need to find alcohol and dried goods, either beans or rice…coffee would be nice. A couple of 'D'-size oxygen cylinders would be great. Jumbo-'D's would be better. I have antibiotics, ketamine, morphine, epinephrine if it's still good…ativan, benadryl, nitro, aspirin, and pretty much anything you might find on the back of an ambulance. The name's Elan. I didn't mean to startle you. Was worried that the lady was riding into trouble."

Amy steps closer still, slowly walking her bike. Watching Quinton, she takes a breath. "That'd be great thanks. Since everything… well since everyone died." She stops to breathe deeply again at that "I've just like, you know, been using the supplies we had. But that's starting to run out. And I don't have anywhere to go. Are there actually .. people in this town?"

The only thing surprising about the list Elan spouts is what he has in the drugs department. Those kind of supplies they are always low on. Though Piper knows saying such things is a bad way to get the worse part of a deal. His mention of the lady has her giving a sidelong glance at Amy then she shakes her head when she looks back at Elan. No trouble here.

Quinton nods, although he's not stopped frowning, "We can do…some of that." He knows they're low on antibiotics and pain meds. Quin takes his lead from Piper and hoisters his own gun. Piper gets a quick glance before he nods again, this time to Amy, "There's still people….we're just…spread out now…" Finally he gives a soft, reassuring smile. "Yes, there's people here."

Elan nods quietly to Piper, seeming to understand her mannerisms. He keeps his empty hands in front of him and slowly steps out into the middle of the street, walking forward, "Whatever you need that I have is at your disposal." Well, it's hard to be easier to barter with than that. He gestures slightly towards the northwest, looking at Piper, "I don't suppose you know if the hospital in Boise City is still standing? I had…trouble…getting near the one in Dumas. Or anywhere near Dumas."

Amy takes a deep breath, and sighs. She’s still walking her bike up to Quinton, and will stop when she's close. "Well hi, um, I'm Amy. Is there like… room for someone to live here then? If there's people… I'd rather not still be alone."

Well she's calm, well as calm as she is likely to be with two strangers around, certainly shut down on the talking. No surprise there. The question aimed at her from Elan has her shrugging. She has no idea about the hospital that far north. It's his mention of Dumas that draws from her a worried look, followed by a hand sign that could be indication for him to carry on about that. With Dumas being so close they need to know what trouble is there…it was clear when they were there a month ago…but a lot can change in a month. A hand reaches out to tap Quinton so he knows he should be paying attention should Elan elaborate. Another sidelong glance is given to Amy and a bit of sympathy strikes her so a reassuring smile is given. She's been in the other girl's shoes.

Quinton's head tilts at Elan's offer. That's possible the worst bartering he's ever heard. "We're…fair." they're not gonna snake him on anything. His shaggy hair flops as he shakes his head, he doesn't know about the hospital. Well, not anything current. "Hi. I'm Quinton, this is…Sara." He blinks, the frown coming back to his face as he looks at Piper. He knows that's not right, damn it! "We have room, yes." he looks at Piper's tap and then focuses on what Elan is going to say.

Elan shrugs slightly, "I took fire from the west side, over near the airport, and had to draw back…figured going into town after being spotted wasn't going to end well. I had my burroughs near a cistern with a thick patch of trees around it, just southeast of a gravel pit, off of South County Line road. I figured I'd lost them, when I got back there, until I started taking fire again…killed one of my burroughs, right around dusk. I'd also heard dogs…at least two, though I'm not sure if they were coming from the same direction as the fire I was taking. There might have just been the one of them. I managed to move west under cover of dark, cut back onto the 87 near an old ranch not too far from county road 49, and made for Dalhart…but figured they'd anticipate that's where I was heading if I was still being followed, given that I'd been consistently heading west. So I made sure to lay down a good, long set of tracks heading northwest out of Hartley, then doubled back on the pavement and cut up along the backroads off of the 807, keeping to the pavement when at all possible, in case they did have dogs. If they were still on after me, they most likely went to Dalhart. I wouldn't expect that they followed that far, but I wouldn't have expected them to follow as far as they did the first time, when I lost my burrough, either."

Amy takes a deep breath, and sighs. "That's… good. Thank you." Breathing again. She did ride a while. "I'm from California. I was going to school in Lubbock when um, everything happened. My roommate was in this club and like, they knew how to do stuff without technology." Shaking her head slowly, hands resqueeing her bike handlebars. "It was sort of working until you know, everyone got sick."

Nope that isn't her name, but Piper doesn't correct him or anything on it. That's something to worry about if they stick around for longer than a day or two. She chews on her lip as she listens to all that Elan had to go through the get away from being shot. A pointed look is given to Quinton and she makes a few gestures in her pigin sign language, that he could interpret as 'He should see Bob, soon." after they finish up trading. Amy isn't ignored a nod of understanding is given toward the younger girl.

Elan just said a whole lot. Quin takes it in, chewing on his lower lip as well. "Would you…talk to someone here about all that? Gary is….in charge." He'll take new guy to Bob. Another sympathetic nod to Amy, "Alone is scary. You don't have to…anymore." Well, be scared of being alone, that is.

Elan looks from Piper to Quinton, nodding slightly, "Sure…that's not a problem. I should probably find some place to the north of northeast of town to square away my burroughs last two burroughs. I can unload anything you might need, in the way of medical supplies. If there is someone looking for me and they decide to come up from the southwest, I wouldn't want them over-scrutinizing this place, on account of spotting my camp…presuming you haven't been taking pot shots at their drones, and they don't know you're here already, I'm guessing that you'd like to keep it that way."

Amy looks to one, then the other. She then gestures to Elan. "Since you guys have like business um. Is there someplace I can go to like rest, or maybe even clean up a bit?" She has been riding a lot. "Thank you."

Piper nods to Amy before she signs to Quinton that she will show Amy to the Complex while he handles Elan and getting his animals settled on the farm. A hand brushes across the poet's arm briefly and then she beckons the girl to follow her. Grabbing the handle of the wagon she begins to head north toward the center of town, glancing at Amy to make sure she is following. And on the way back, once they are out of sight of the men, Amy even gets offered a Twinkie from the box of them she found today.

Quinton doesn't want to say too much, that's Bob's job so he just nods. "We have a…doctor….he'll be able to tell you what we need more than us." He rubs the back of his neck and will offer, "If they're…tracking you, they'll find us." It just makes sense. But he understands. And now they know, which will help them prepare. He watches Piper as she leaves, clearly there's some kind of affection for her from the skinny man.

Amy pushes her bike to follow Piper. The Twinkie gets a giggle and a thank you. And she tears it open surprisingly fast. But she catches herself and eats it slowly, savoring every bite.

Elan nods to Quinton, "It's possible. I apologize for any trouble…I didn't know that there were people here until I saw those bare rooftops," he gestures towards the houses that look like they may have been mounted with solar panels, "…I was going to pull back and head on towards Kerrick or the grasslands until I was sure that I'd lost them. When the young lady rode in, though…I was worried that she might be about to run afoul of raiders. Or worse."

Oh, those roof tops vex Quin to no end, but he nods. "If they are looking for trouble….we don't roll over." The man watches the women walk away, "I understand. Wanting to protect others is a rare trait anymore. It's good." He'll then offer, "You don't have to…leave. We have room for more."

Elan nods slowly, watching the other two leave as well, "If I can be of assistance, I'll do what I can. This is the first place I've come across where there was an established population doing anything other than shooting and cannibalizing travelers. This is the longest conversation I've had since…" his eyes squint as he thinks back, "…Alpine." He then looks to Quinton and adds, "I've been avoiding the cities, on my way north, and scavenging near smaller towns. I was down on the Big Bend, near Terlingua. There's no one left alive anywhere around there, as far as I could tell. I've met a few people heading for some sort of camps, either in El Paso or Laredo…sometimes fleeing one for the other. Unless one of those two escaped being burned, this might be the last remnant of human civilization anywhere in west Texas."

Quinton's jaw tightens, he's actually not heard of people cannibalising, but he guesses he shouldn't be surprised. "No…we're going to…fight back." Against who? Raiders? Aliens? He refuses to think that their little camp is it.

Elan looks up towards the sky, "Well, I'm all for that. Maybe you all know more about what we're up against than I do…we didn't have any radio or television reception before the blackout, so we were already down to word-of-mouth. What I've gotten so far is that they have at least one vessel that can travel at least two hundred and three thousand miles per hour, that they have a plethora of unmanned crafts which are either slower or have a shorter range, that they were able to deliver an electromagnetic pulse to whipe out global communications and transit upon their arrival, and that they were either able to engineer a pathogen to whipe us out or brought one with them to introduce to the avians. Beyond that, I haven't seen any demonstration of superiority. I'm not even entirely convinced that we're up against biological organisms…we might be fighting against a machine that's operating on a pre-programmed algorithm…which could explain why they've taken to using our own population and our own weapons to try and finish the job. Beyond the pathogen, I haven't seen any exotic weaponry at all…and the pathogen may have been something that was concocted on this end. Assuming that they're even the ones who introduced it, and that it wasn't someone's "War of the Worlds" brainchild weapon that broke out of a petri dish in some university lab, somewhere," he looks to Quentin again, "Have you heard of anyone actually laying eyes on them?"

Quinton winces, when it's put like that, they're in a ton of trouble. "They have drones. We've taken few down, using parts for batteries." He doesn't really understand all of that, just that it works. "They're…taken over part of the army….using kids." He reaches up and touches the back of his neck, impact trackers. Which are alien." His last question is complicated. "I…don't know. They have agents, but…I think they're controlled humans."

Elan nods slowly, "I got the impression that was the case…there's no shortage of crazies out there, but when they start to show up immediately after a drone rather than at random, it seems like there's some sort of communication going on, there. The main ship may be a drone, as well…our best weapon might be something similar to what they used in the first engagement…an electromagnetic pulse. Unfortunately, about the only thing we could use to air-burst a warhead near it while it's in orbit would be an intercontinental ballistic missile…and it's a lot faster than our missiles…" he looks to Quentin again, "…I'm sorry. It's the first time I've been able to reflect on these things aloud in awhile, I suppose that sort of conjecture isn't really helping, right now. Is there anything that I can do for you here that needs getting done, before sunset?"

There's nodding, he's thought of that too, but at some point, they have to be more than just a drone or computer, right? Quin sighs, motion for Elan to follow he, he starts walking in the direction that the women went. The man gets a small smirk, "It's okay. Come on….give you a place to get cleaned up…soem food. Meet everyone." Piper took the scavenged stuffs in the wagon, so Quin's free to walk at a more normal stride.

Elan nods and follows along beside Quinton, "Sounds like a plan," he looks again to the sky. However it's operating, he knows there has to be a way to damage it.


2 Packs of Laundry Soap
3 Bags of Sugar
2 Boxes Votive Candles
1 Cardigan Sweater
1 Box of Twinkies
1 First-Aid Kit - Medical Grade
2 Denim Jeans
1 Fiction Book - Spanish Language
2 Fuzzy Slippers
5 Cans of Soda (Flat)
1 Jars Peanut Butter
2 Boxes Taper Candles
3 Shirts
1 Hedge Clippers
2 Boxes Votive Candles
1 Colored Pencils
1 Fuzzy Slippers
2 Hand crank Can Openers
3 Children's Shoes
1 Kettle
1 Bottle of Vodka(top shelf)

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