(2016-03-08) Breakfast Gathering
Breakfast Gathering
Summary: Lots of talk at breakfast
Date: 3.8.2016
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Morning and breakfast time finds the Clubhouse its usual hub of activity as people come in grab a coffee, tea or a cold breakfast (consisting of hard boiled eggs, applesauce and/or granola/trailmix) and head out to whatever tasks they are planning on doing today. Among them are the young woman from yesterday, today though she has an infant secured to her front with a bandeau of olive fabric. There is enough resemblance to immediately peg him as her child…the hair and similar dark complexion, gives it away. There are also six other 8 and unders sitting at the bar gabbing away as the have their own breakfast, though one is less at the bar and more in a highchair near the bar. Piper seems to be getting another pot of coffee going over the small fire in the fireplace. The fire isn't really needed for heat, just the keep the coffee and tea warm for anyone who wants it.

Amy is having a nice time so far. After having her Twinkie she got her goody bag, and an apartment. She then cleaned up and got her best sleep in some time. So she gets up today, wanders around, and has her attention brought to this clubhouse. And so she enters it, looking around. Seeing food, she wanders over, looking around, gathering what's going on. Piper gets a wave, and the baby she stops to crouch and wave and smile at.

By the time Amy greets her Piper has two mugs in hand, one of coffee the other of tea, so she gives the girl a nod of her head, grinning in amusement as the baby is greeted as well. The two mugs are offered out as the baby eyes the new unfamiliar face a moment and then squees happily, waving arms and kicking legs.

"You're the new lady. I bet you are glad to have found this place." a young voice says from beside the pair. It seems the oldest child, a girl looking about 8ish, has joined them "Here Piper." the young girl offers Piper a small whiteboard and dry erase marker "We're going to go to Miss. Kayla." she gestures to the kids who are cleaning up there breakfast mess, except the one in the high chair of course.

Amy snags herself some applesauce and granola, because hey, biking is hard work. And some light tea. Then she finds a place to settle down near Piper, giggling and waving at the baby again, then smiling and nodding to the 8 year old. "Hi thank you, I'm Amy." She then sits back to start eating, considering Piper a bit.

Setting the coffee down, the white board is taken and written and then turned to show Amy. There is an arrow to herself, and a name, Piper…not the Sarah as she was introduced yesterday. And a second arrow pointing to the baby labeled Quinn. The girl of course can speak for herself "I'm Caro." she giggles at the writing on the whiteboard and takes a moment to tickle the baby "Piper isn't much of a talker…not until she gets to know you better." she mock whispers to Amy with a sidelong glance to the woman in question "Nice to meet ya. Gotta get to Miss. Kayla. She insists that we all learn stuff." eyeroll to match the one Piper gives at Caro's attempt and whispering. The young girl then hurries off, calling the other kids to get going and they head out. Piper uses a hand to wipe the board off and writes again "Settling in well?" she turns the board so the writing can be read.

Amy snickers at Caro. "You totally should learn things. I mean, … fixing stuff is hard, and a lot of stuff is broken." Waving to the departing kid, she turns to address Piper. Eating her food while reading the board. "Oh totally great thanks. I mean… I've been through little towns that were like, empty. Very scary. It's nice there are people in this one. It's easier to sleep when you know there are other people there, I think."

You invite Sophia to meet you for RP.

It's morning, and the usual cold breakfast is set out on the bar, for people to grab as the come and go about thier morning business, or if they don't want food, warm pots of coffee and tea are by the small fire.

Piper nods in understanding to Amy, she holds her whiteboard in her hand, trying to keep it from the grabby hands of baby Quinn that hangs facing forward from her front. More writing is done on the board, "It's rough, out there by yourself. Most here were at one time." she shows the board to Amy and then sets it and the marker down on the coffee table to go deal with the toddler in the highchair, banging his spoon and asking to get down, both verbally and non-verbally. He's clearly no relation to her, not even the same race even.

Amy sits not far from Piper and Quinn. She finishes her apple sauce with a contented sigh. It went quick. She then sits back to sip on her tea, smiling and nodding. "Oh god it's scary," she snickers, shaking her head. "When it's so quiet, is like.. the worst. So quiet all the time. I'm lucky I didn't start talking to myself all the time."

The door swings open and a sleepy Sophia steps through. She usually isn't far from the bar, but today she needed coffee. Well….she needs to restock her coffee. The tiny woman absently waves to people, not really taking in who's there. "Good morning." is mumbled at everyone. She has a small bag with her which she sets down and pulls out a travel mug near the coffee pot.

Using a damp cloth the toddler is cleaned up and taken from the high chair to be set on the floor. He's all go and immediately starts looking for the cats that are in hiding from all the people that were about.

Piper gives a wave and partial grin to Sophia as she walks through toward the coffee and then moves to grab her white board and sit on the coffee table "It's answering yourself that is more of a problem." she writes on the board after wiping it off with her hand. "That's Sophia." she taps the name and points to the woman getting her coffee.

Amy giggles at Piper. "Yeah, if you have a conversation with yourself and you start learning things you didn't know… yeah. I'm sure most people who are still alive have some sort of Axis 2 thing going on, and some of it could bring on some temporary hallucinations of some sort. God how do I still remember reading about that." The new arrival gets a wave, with a raise of her tea. "Hello Sophia, I'm Amy."

The smell of the coffee as she pours it seems to wake Sophia up some and she yawns. Her name being said out loud has her turn, but only after the cup is filled and she has a sip. "Welcome Amy. How long have you been here?" Sometimes Soph doesn't meet everyone right away. She gets a warm sm lie before Soph looks over to Piper, "Your hair looks nice, Piper."

Confused Piper is confused. She doesn’t know what Amy is talking about…well hallucinations she understands, but how it leaped from talking to yourself to that, she isn't sure. A series of ??? is written across the board and it is held above her head like it was a thought bubble in a cartoon. She has a sense of humour still at least. It's been long enough since the incident resulting in her lighter, that she has to take a moment to realize what Soph is talking about, it dawns quickly and she nods, making the sign for thanks as she puts the whiteboard down, still trying to keep it from the graspy hands of the infant strapped to her chest, so instead he settles for her braid which he begins to wave happily like a banner.

It's morning, and the usual cold breakfast is set out on the bar, for people to grab as the come and go about thier morning business, or if they don't want food, warm pots of coffee and tea are by the small fire. The three women, Amy on the sofa, Piper on the coffee table and Soph by the fire seem to be chatting amicably. A toddler (male) wanders around, looking for something, from his calls of "Kitty." it is probably the cats that reside in the clubhouse.

While the women talk another person will show up in the room, wandering to find some coffee, if there is any, before doing anything else. After a sip he does actually pay attention to those present. "Oh, hey." Offering a brief hug to Sophia, as she's closest. If she let him that is. Then moving to offer the same to Piper. Once finished he sips his coffee again as he looks to Amy, perhaps not having met her yet. "Hi, I'm Virgil." He offers with a outreached hand and a smirk on his lips.

Amy snickers, sipping her tea as she sits with Piper and talks. "Sorry, I was a clinical psychology student before everything fell apart. Axis II disorders are like, personality disorders and stuff. They're ways that you… well, break mentally. If you're talking to yourself, and you think you're getting answers, you're having hallucinations." She sighs. "I'm sure there's something broken with me though. With everyone at this point. Except the kids. They're a lot more flexible than everyone else." Virgil then she looks up to smile at. Pausing a moment. "Oh hi. I'm Amy, I'm new." Her free hand goes to his for a soft little shake.

The tall silhouette of a man darkens the doorframe as it opens, rainwater beading down the broad brim of a sombrero and rolling down the back of a long coat. Elan stands there a moment, letting the water drain just outside the doorway before stepping in. In his hands, he carries a rigid, shiny orange double-locking plastic briefcase, about the size of a catalogue case. He walks quietly across the floor, watching where he steps like a cat on the edge of a rooftop. Placing the orange case gently on the counter with a soft tap, he looks down the length of the bar and eyes the coffee pot.

Sophia's eyes widen, as they always do when she gets Virgil sneak hugged. "Hola Virgil. How has guard duty been?" She's not seen the former bandit lately, so she assumes he's been doing something like that. She makes sure not to spill her precious coffee during the hug. The tall man gets her attention and she'll glance to Piper, "How many new people have we picked up?" Amy may have her work cut out for her, if she remembers any of her studios, there's plenty of messed up people here!

No hugs for Piper please, not only would it squish baby Quinn but she still has that whole don't touch me thing going on with a majority of people. She does give a wave and setting the marker and board down signs a proper ASL Good Morning to Virgil. An ohhhing noise escapes the woman as Amy starts to explain, though at the first mention of broken people her eyes slip away, focusing on anything but the girl on the sofa. She is so broken, but not as bad as she used to be at least. The question from Soph has her pulling her gaze to the bartender and she holds up her two fingers to answer the question. And then the second newcomer is wandering in with his strange orange case which seems to draw the attention of one curious toddler, who starts to move toward the bright object.

There is a grin on Virgil's lips as Sophia's eyes widen. "Hola, Sophia." He replies. "It's been good, if busy." He offers about guard duty. Shurgging some though. Probably been a bit bored, and busy with his own stuff. As for Piper, he kinda figured, so he just offers a smile and a tip of his imaginary hat to her. As for Amy, if it wasn't too obvious he's less of a shaker and more of a hugger, pulling her in for a one armed hug. "Pleasure to meet you." He says, along with a wink. His eyes then moving to glance at Elan. About to go greet the man as well, but noticing the attention the other man seems to pay to the coffee pot. Letting the man deal with that first. Hence just ending up listening to the women and sipping his own coffee. However when Sophia asks about the other man, Virgil shrugs. "No clue, but might as well make them feel welcome." His attention shifting to Elan, "Come over here dude, join the party." A small grin though at the curious toddler.

Elan removes his hat politely, being careful not to drain any remaining water from it's brim onto the floor. He retrieves an enameled steel cup from a carabiner on his gun belt and is filling it with coffee as Virgil speaks to him. He nods, working his way in that direction as he holds the cup of coffee beneath his nose, breathing in the steam as his brow relaxes, "Pleased to meet you. Name's Elan." He takes a sip of the coffee, and his shoulders loosen to match his brow.

Amy is hugged, and she's fine with that. It surprises her, but sure, it's fine. "Well hi Virgil," she laughs, assuming she caught7 is name somewhere. "I'm Amy," she then offers yet again, this time to Elan. "Part of me would love to like, keep studying what I was studying you know? But all my books are back in Lubbock. And that's kind of a low priority anyway." Thiough it sounds like some people would like to make it a higher one!

Sophia snorts, "I am sure books can be scrounged, Amy. The Wells twins," Does she really think they're twins?!?!, "have been quite adept at finding needed things." Dark brown eyes squint slightly at Elan's brief case, "Hola Elan…what is that?" She's not shy, she'll just ask.

Piper's gaze moves around to all the people that are now in the room a hand absently going to free her braid from the infants hand as she listens to the conversation. Once more she is writing on her board "Might find books at the library." she offers the written words to Amy, since she is closest. There is a bit of a chuckle from her as she nods as Soph's advice. She then spies the toddler going after the case and she quickly gets up to hurry across the room and rescue the case from grabby toddler hands by scooping him up placing him on her hip.

Virgil nods to Amy, with a small smile. "I am sure someone has at least some kind of books." He says and shrugs. "I have no clue who you should ask about that though." Which the other women seems to be able to answer, at least where to start. Turning to Elan, "Nice to meet you. Name's Virgil." He says as he will try to offer a one armed hug, to pat the other's back once before pulling back. If allowed at all. Then just drinking his coffee.

Elan glances between Piper's board and Amy, speaking over the brim of his coffee cup, "Pleased to meet you, Amy." He glances over at Sophia as she speaks, then back to Amy, "Lubbock's a long ways back…if it hasn't burned. If they don't have the books you need in the library here, there used to be a college in Goodwell…Panhandle state university. It might still be standing," he looks towards Virgil now, surprised by the gesture, but returning it with a pat on the back, "Nice to meet you Virgil," He speaks less directly, still facing Virgil, but sort of asking the crowd in general, "…I imagine that any deep-cycle batteries which were left here are already being put to good use in your photovoltaic systems. Don't suppose you know if anyone from around here has scouted out the 57 up towards Texhoma and Goodwell, lately?"

Sophia frowns slightly, sipping on her coffee as well. "What is the orange case, Elan?" Maybe he said, but she has no idea what a photovo-something or other is. She glances to Amy, "I run the bar. If you need anything, let me know." The brunette moves back towards the coffee, to refill.

Amy looks around to everyone, who chimes in or writes in with book ideas. "Well.. um, thanks. That's cool. I'll have to like, ask around then. IT's something to do. Now that I'm not… like constantly busy trying to find someplace to go I'll definitely need to fill the headspace with something." Sophia gets a smile. "Oooh a bar. Do you like… have a still and stuff?"

The toddler gets set in a chair and a toy dug from her pack is handed to him to keep him occupied for a few minutes. Piper then retrieves her whiteboard and marker so she can answer part of Elan's question "We've explored as far south as Dumas, but not farther west, east or north. Only been here since October." which means in five months they have established a bit of civilization and defenses in short order. The whiteboard is brought to Elan so he can read it.

Virgil grins about Sophia running the bar. "I should probably drop by again, soon. Been awhile since I had something good to drink." As for Elan's question, he shrugs. "No clue about all that." He offers, looking to see if anyone else has a clue. As for scouting, he just offers. "Not sure. But if no one has, I'd be happy to join you." He offers between sips of the coffee. Glancing to Amy. "Keeping busy is always good." Then letting her talk with Sophia about the bar. Nodding at what Piper offers. "Yup, and most of that has been fixing up this place." At least for him that's been the main thing.

Elan smiles faintly as he reads Piper's whiteboard, and nods slightly towards her, "Thank you, Sarah," he says, remembering the name that in an effort to be courteous and kind to the first person he met, upon arriving. He tilts his head slightly as he responds to Sophia, "Every antibiotic that I was able to pull out of every drug cabinet, refrigerator, nightstand, barn and clinic for six hundred miles south, all the way to the river," well, obviously he couldn't have checked everywhere, but it sounds like he gathered what he could, "…the sum total of curatives for bacteria left, that I've been able to find. Places that other people hit before I got there would be emptied of just about every painkiller, antidepressant and so on, but antibiotics apparently weren't as popular a party-favor, among those we seem to have inherited the Earth from," he adds with a sort of wry, grim tone, "they should be kept somewhere cool," his eyes shift to the doorway and the rain beyond, "…and dry," He then glances towards Virgil with a nod, "There's likely more material to work with there than what you've had to work with here…Texhoma and Goodwell are probably the next nearest resources," the whole of the lives, dreams, nightmares, livelihoods and legacies that made up the homes of twenty-five hundred people, summarized in much the same way that one might regard firewood.

Sophia smirks and nods, "I do." She seems rather proud of that. "I had to piece it together, but it is working now." She's been busy! Virgil just gets a nod, he should come visit her! The barkeeps mount puckers as she thinks, and then she offers, knowing how important those drugs are. "The bar's basement is fairly cool, if you don't find anywhere else." They've almost lost a few people sue to infection, she's rather not go through that again! "Have you both met Roberto yet?"

Amy giggles toward Sophia. "That's totally cool. The people I was with before they got sick. They had one too. It was all like made of brass and it looked really cool. They polished it and everything. But no I haven't met Roberto. The people I've met are the people in this room, and um, the person Piper was with when I arrived. The guy. I don't remember if I got his name."

Piper looks all confused for a moment at the name, but then remembers that how she was introduced yesterday. Wipe, wipe, wipe. The palm of her hand black now from the dry erase marker. More writing and the holds it up. Two arrows one to herself labeled Piper, and the other to the baby labeled Quinn. Her name isn't Sara at all. Though honestly it isn't Piper either, but the only person that knows that isn't in the room. Once that message is conveyed she uses the white board to get another message across "That would be a long trip. Couple of days…more."

Elan clears the coffee and the rain from his throat, thinking that his memory is going, "Sorry Piper…it's nice to meet you," he nods, looking down the board, "Two days each way, at least, just in travel time, to deal with Goodwell, if we were carrying anything," he looks back up from the board to Piper, "Do you think that anyone would mind if I borrowed a camping trailer and some tires from the trailer park outside the wall, and…changed it around a little? Might help, if I put a week or so of work into one…" After all, what self-respecting post-apocalyptic scavenger wouldn't want an airstream donkey cart? He says towards Sophia, "Any place you want to keep them is fine with me. No, I don't think I've met anyone named Roberto, yet…"

Sophia snorts, amused, "Mine is not that pretty, but it works." Not everything about the woman is show! She thinks, glancing at Piper briefly before making an educated guess, "That would probably be Quinton." Not Quinn, which is the baby. Elan gets a shrug, "I would ask Roberto when you meet him. He is.." She waves a hand, "our leader?" She then laughs, "Well….he is in charge." Her head tilts, "We have a doctor, his name is Elijah. We will ask him where he wishes them."

Amy snaps. "Yes, Quinton, that's who it was. And Roberto is in charge here? Oh okay. And I wonder if the doctor has any books…"

Virgil nods about the trip. "True enough. Though I think it could be worth it, if we are well prepared." As for Roberto, he just nods. As for the man that is usually with Piper, he nods agreeingly at Sophia's suggestion. "Yup, and if either of you two newbies need anything made or fixed, just call on me. I suppose that currently I'm one of the carpenters and handymen of this place." He offers easily enough.

Piper gives a shrug, while she doesn't think no one would or should care if such a project was done, Bob could have others that take priority, so she gestures to what Sophia says about it, before nodding her confirmation as to who the mystery man is as Amy gives it as well. Tucking the board under her arm and the marker behind her ear she waves a bit to get Virgil's attention and signs at him. She's gotten quite adept in her ASL "Have a project for you." he did offer.

Elan nods to Sophia with a smile, "Hopefully I'll run into him, soon. Are you running a reflux still? Makes it easy to up your proof by blending with grain neutral spirits…" his mind descends back from distilling, "sorry, it's very nice to make your acquaintance, by the way," he then nods to Virgil, "Yes, I'm sure it would be…I've been meaning to come up with a more effective solution for moving more weight…started out with four burros, and lost two along the way. I guess it's about time I built a cart. Oh, likewise, if there's anything that I can do to help out with carpentry and maintenance around here, let me know…I didn't bring much in the way of tools with me, except for my hammer, sadly."

Sophia just chuckles, "I don't know the science behind it, I just know it works." She's very good at following instructions from books. That reminds her, as everyone else talks she starts to dig one handed into her bag before she pulls out a medium sized tupperware container. "Piper, this is for you and the children." There seems to be something white-ish and solid pieces inside the tub.

Amy loooks over to Virgil. "Actually, now that you say that.. I may need some help with my apartment. The window's a bit you know um, messed up? It doesn't quite close right, you know?" She smiles. "No rush though I mean like, it's not terrible but it should get fixed sometime." The talk of burros and scavenging mostly just goes right by her.

Virgil nods to Piper. "Want to take it now or later?" He signs in return to her, before letting his attention shift back to the others. "I believe we have some tools about." He offers to Elan. Grinning at Sophia. "Indeed, just make some good stuff, no matter the science." He says and grins. Glancing to Amy then. "Sounds good, happy to help you out. Shouldn't take long to fix it." He assures her. "I can drop by later, when I have time."

"Later." she signs back. No need to pull him away from the conversation now. A curious look is given to the tupperware being handed to her by Soph. Piper points to it with a marker and her eyes dart from the bowl to the woman's face in a /is that what I think it is/ manner. A grin comes to her face and she gives a grateful look to the other woman as she takes the bowl from Soph. She will be sharing the contents with more than just her flock of children. Now she is going to scrounge the MRE's they have in storage for crackers.

Elan nods to Virgil, "Well if there's anything that I can do to help, I'm at your disposal. Third-generation house carpenter, so I tend to fix things more often than I break them," he adds with a grin. He looks to Sophia with a wink, "I'm sure it's delicious, I can't wait to try your liquor, some evening."

Sophia laughs warmly, nodding, "Si. I think I have mastered the basics." Anyone looking will be able to make out a basic looking cheese. "I will make more, but I must be careful to not deplete our milk supply." She has so many recipes to try! Elan gets a more playful smile, "Anytime. I am usually there…and my bar is the bets one in town."

Amy sits back, smiling and sipping her tea. She's enjoying a restful day so far, talking, having conversation, being a person. IT's nice. "Thank you Virgil," she nods.

Virgil nods to Elan, "Will do. I am sure we will have a lot of work to do together." He offers before nodding to Piper as well. Not minding doing it later. Then looking to Sophia. "Sounds like you've been busy." Nodding to Amy as well. "No worries, happy to help."

And this tupperware of cheese is all hers…and whomever Piper decides to share it with. They need more dairy cows, they have five, and soon those five will have calves of their own, but it'll be awhile before those can give milk. Taking her treat she moves to go sit on the chair with the toddler, who cuddles next to her happily playing with his toy, and the baby on her chest starting to doze, despite the conversation going on. Wiping the board clean once more she begins to doodle on the board with her marker, mostly musical kinda of things.

Sophia smiles warmly, "Si, I have been. I am not good with building things, or finding things, but I can follow instructions. Booze and cheese. It will be almost like there was never been an invasion at all!" She'll definitely have the best bar around, anyway.

Elan smiles softly as he finds a seat at the counter, "I had a look at your new stockyards this morning, after the sun came up…I'd guess that we could find about as many dairy cows as we could manage, within close proximity…" he thinks as he stares at his coffee for a moment, allowing himself a soft chuckle, "That's one thing that I didn't even notice I hadn't found much of, on the way up here…cheese. I suppose cheese was in high demand, among people who were fleeing. I don't think I found a bit of it, along the way…unless it was a small chunk packaged with a piece of Slim Jim, or something like that…and there weren't many of those to find, either."

Virgil grins and nods to Sophia. "Well, that is good." Enjoying being busy. As for Elan's words, he just nods and listens. "I believe it's hard to find food just laying about. Most people would probably bringing it with them everywhere." He suggests with a shrug following the words. Getting a bit more coffee, if possible, before moving to find a seat on the sofa finally. If there is room, that is.

Amy finishes her tea, having finished her foot, and gets up with a slow stretch and yawh. "Oh it's nice to just talk and eat and rest. Thank you for the wonderful welcomes everyone. I thin… I'm just going to take a nap because it'll be really great and I think I need it."

Sophia glances out the window but she nods, she can support people wanting naps. The new man though, Elan, she turns back to, "Most cheese would not keep. That is probably why you did not find any. And one would need to be in a stationary laceration to make any." She laughs at Virgil, "It is. Now if only we had a cow dedicated to milk for the cheese…I could make enough for everyone here, and possibly some to trade!"

Elan nods in agreement with Sophia, "Yes, you're right…" he turns towards her with a half-smirk as she finishes her last sentence, "Any particular type of cow you'd prefer? …I've always been partial to Holstein, but Guernsey and Ayrshire…well…they're alright too…"

Piper listens as she doodles away on her whiteboard, and to show that she is her head lifts at Amy's departure giving the girl a wave, but then a slight frown comes to her face after she leaves the building. There is a few momemts of thought and she shrugs at whatever thought it was that had her making such an expression. Soph's desire for her own cow gets a chuckle from the woman, but she doesn't add to that conversation, just looks toward Elan as he starts listing cow breeds.

Virgil nods to Amy and offers a wave to her as well. While being from Texas himself, and having a slight accent for anyone noticing, he doesn't seem like the stereotypical cowboy type. Letting the other two talk about what kind of cow they prefer. "That would be awesome." He offers about having a cow dedicated for cheese.

Sophia chuckles, "I can mix you about any drink possible, but I have no idea what the hell the difference is in cows…. besides I need a female." She takes another long sip of coffee before moving over to pour what's left of the pot into her travel mug. "I know trade will eventually become important. And having something other than booze will help us."

Elan raises his hat in his hand in a brief wave to Amy as she departs, before continuing with a grin, "Yes, it certainly would. You know, if there aren't any more that we can find in near proximity, I know there's a dairy bordering on the north side of the grasslands…I'd seen it once before, when I had driven up this way from Van Horn, of a weekend, wondering what was up there…must still be hundreds of cows there. Thousands, maybe. Well, now, let's see…I know how to tell 'em apart by the color, though I haven't had much opportunity to tend them in my adult life…though I'm sure Piper wants to take care of her for us," he adds as he turns his grin towards Piper, perhaps having caught the frown as he says softly, "…is everything alright Piper?"

Having gone back to doodling, though that term is used loosely considering she has little drawing skill. Piper's head pop's up at her name, giving them all a 'What?' kind of look. Wiping a section to musical staff and its notes she writes "Yeah, no. I already have 7 children to care for. A cow is a bit much." plus she doesn't know a thing about cows. The board is held up to be read, though the question gets a nod and she throws the okay sign.

Virgil grins, "Well, if we do trade you can just offer enough booze until they are all drunk and give us stuff." He offers a bit playfully. Raising a brow at Elan's question to Piper. Following his gaze to the silent woman. Nodding to her as she assures them that she is fine. "I suppose perhaps you could look after the cow." He suggests to Elan instead.

Sophia just gives Elan an amused shrug. She doesn't want to find it, or even take care of it. She just wants one dedicated for milk for cheese. "We have a few people who like animals. They tend to care for them." Not poor Piper. Virgil gets a playful frown, "I will not waste booze!"

Elan shrugs with a grin, "I can do that…for a piece of the cheese," he adds. He returns the 'okay' sign to Piper before turning back to Virgil and Sophia, "Well, presuming we had horses…it'd be at least a four hour ride to find that dairy…figure a day or two to drive a herd back…maybe eight hours to lead a cow or two back. It can be done. Yes…" he strokes his chin now, "…that's not a bad idea." He doesn't comment on the commercial issue. Only a wet blanket would point out that humanity has been obliterated and that aliens are taking over the world. Oh well. He was never that big of a fan of free trade anyway, "…yes, cheese would be nice…"

Sophia laughs, "I can be persuaded." Get her a cow, and she'll get you cheese! After filling up her mug she smiles at the group, "I need to return to the bar." She really needs a lock. "Thank you for the coffee."

Virgil chuckles, "Fine enough, give it all to me instead." He teases about the booze. Grinning to Elan as well. "A lot of work, but sounds like it could be a good investment." He offers about trying to bring some cows back. As everyone leaves, Virgil finishes his coffee and looks to Piper. "Now what?" He asks and grins.

With everyone departing except for Virgil, Piper decides that it is now later enough to tell him what project she needs him for. It's not that hard and she can sign well enough to get her point across. Getting up from her chair she picks Troy and beckons him to follow her, so she can show him exactly where she wants the shelving unit for her mason jar greenhouse to go.

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