(2016-03-08) Introductions
Summary: Elan and Bob meet, Sophia is on hand to help smooth the process
Date: 3.8.2016
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Hours have passed since the conversation from this morning. It's now early evening, and the rain has long since passed as well, leaving the air warm and dry. It's after the evening meal and a few people are still lingering on the patio as the sunsets to the west painting the sky in pinks and oranges.

Elan sits under a gazebo, pen and paper in hand, drawing at some sort of a design. He looks up at the sunset with a slight smile, then up higher into the sky…watching…waiting. No, at this time of day, they don't often come, he thinks to himself. He looks back down at his paper a moment, considering his design. He sets the pad and pen down on the table, and turns around, looking at the people coming and going about him. Even with the crowd thinning down for the night, it's been a long time since he's seen so many people in one place.

Sophia's been busy today, between manning the still, and then making a new batch of cheese. Which came out wonderfully, she might add. Soph is tired. She knows it's going to be a long night, so the barkeep is moving towards the club house to pick up a few supplies before anyone shows up at the bar for drinks. Seeing Elan she smiles and waves a hand, "Hola Elan."

Elan turns towards Sophia with a warm smile, his tired eyes looking up from the table in front of him, he raises his hand and waves, "Hola Sophia, como estas?"

It's customary for all new arrivals to meet up with Bob. They had that rule before Bob was a part of the camp, and he's kept it going. It's hard to figure out who is new, what with Camp Arkansas moving in down the road, but Bob's heard tell of another pair of new arrivals. And so he's decided to go looking for said new arrivals after doing a patrol of the perimeter. He has his puppy Whiskey on a leash. She looks to be around three months old, but has a huge set of paws. Somewhere in the lab mixed family.

Bob makes his way towards the clubhouse a bit after Sophia, but seems to have spotted her and approaches the entrance at a jog.

Sophia chuckles warmly, answering back in a fluent spanish that the player is too lazy to translate, "I'm well, thank you. Just picking up some supplies for tonight." She points towards the club house, indicating where she's going. Her head tilts, "What are you doing?"

Elan nods with a smile, "I'm glad you're doing well…ahh, do you need any help?" he asks as he looks over his shoulder towards the clubhouse, where she's pointing, "Oh, nothing important…just penciling out some ideas…talking with Virgil earlier was making me think of ways to move scavenged materials from greater distances easily and more safely…" he looks back, noticing the man jogging up behind Sophia…he looks down towards the puppy with the big paws, and chuckles.

Entering the room, Bob offers a quick nod to Sophia and is about the speak, but then see's Elan and quirks a brow, slowing a bit. He pulls on the puppies lead, causing it to slow up, but not stop completely. A quick 'Tsssk' noise is made and the puppy stops and sits, waiting. Not bad for a puppy, but about on par with dogs trained early for hunting.

Bob offers a nod to Elan, "You a new arrival, or part of the Arkansas camp?"

Sophia raises her own eyebrow, but seems amused by the question, "I think I can handle carrying a jar of peanut butter, if Piper left any that is. But thank you." She turns when Bob enters, the quick nod has her face smooth into something more neutral, "Roberto, this is Elan. He's a medicine type person. He's new."

Elan nods to Bob, letting Sophia answer for him, "…just came up from Terlingua, about six hundred miles. Ran into some of your friends, thought I'd stop and help if I could, and drop off some medicine. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Roberto," he raises an eyebrow, "…Arkansas camp?"

Bob cants his head to the side at Sophia, quirking a brow at her. He then looks to Elan and seems to be weighing a few things about that introduction, "Medicine type person?" he inquires with a smirk. Then he looks back to Elan, "Bob." he corrects. He's not hispanic, so that would make sense. "And we've got another group here that just came in." he adds on, by way of explanation.

"So, you been on the move fer six hundred miles…" he eyes the man again, and looks to Sophia, "He met with Eli yet?"

Sophia just looks back at Bob. They have a weird relationship. Her hair sways as she shakes her head, "No, not that i know of. But he says he has antibiotics." She'll take a few steps closer to Bob and softly say, "Be nice. We could use another doctor." Little d. She doesn't know if Elan is actually one or not. Either way, they could use him.

Elan nods slowly, "I used to be a wilderness medic…firefighter and medic, water operator, carpenter, and a bunch of other crap that I probably can't remember. Set up off of the Rio Grande when everyone there expired…avoided the cities on my way up," he thinks for a moment, "I think it was you that Quin asked me to relate what happened near Dumas to…I came under fire near the airport west of town, drew back a good ways, to a patch of trees near a quarry, where I'd left my burros. Just before dusk, one of my burros took a slug. Made my way out overnight, left a trail towards Dalhart from Hartley, before doubling back over pavement and taking the backroads, by way of county road 38. I would have skirted around town and kept going, if I'd known that there were people here…I saw some materials had been stripped from some rooftops and was about to head back towards the stockyards, but some woman came riding past on a bicycle, and I figured she was about to ride into trouble, so I sort of jumped out and surprised your friends. Sorry. I doubt that I was still being followed, but I wouldn't have expected them to follow as far as they did, so it's hard to say with any degree of certainty. I stayed on the pavement after I pointed them towards Dalhart, as I wasn't certain that they didn't have dogs with them. Sorry, no, I haven't met Eli yet, I don't believe. Yeah, I brought in a case of antibiotics with me that I'd gathered, earlier…figured they'd be of use, since you seem to have a standing population here, still."

Weird indeed. Bob offers a nod to Elan and then listens to his story. It should be noted that the puppy stays seated by Bob's foot as long as he stands there, which is the duration of Elan's explanation. After a moment to digest all of that, Bob finally speaks up, "I'll want you to meet up with Eli. He'll take some blood if you plan on stickin' around. Just a formality, but I require it of every new arrival." A beat pause and he looks to Sophia, "He got a place to sleep yet?"

Sophia gives an ever helpful shrug, "Piper and Quinton found him and the woman. Amy, I believe was her name." Amy said she has an apartment, so she looks to Elan to confirm if he does or not. Speaking of places to sleep, she reaches back to rub her poor back. She really needs to drag a mattress into the bar.

Elan nods and shrugs, "Sure…blood…no problem. Monica wanted to look at my neck last night. Figured it was some sort of 'Invaders From Mars' thing. Turns out I was right—oh," he recalls something, glancing to his notepad, "…would it trouble you if I were to borrow one of the campers from the RV park over on Pine Street, and refit it? Virgil and I were talking about trying to make recovery on some things nearby, maybe some deep-cycle batteries and whatnot from Texhoma…a cow for Sophia, things like that. We could haul more with a wagon than we can with my burros alone…hmm?" He asks, noting Sophia's expression, "Oh, no, sorry…I just set up my tent last night, I've been crashed out near where I unloaded the supplies I brought with, I didn't want to put anyone out," He glances again at Sophia, "Is your back alright?"

"Dunno about neck checkin'…" Bob begins and then he shrugs once, "But the blood is my rule. Eli will take care of that. Same goes fer Amy." Not that he has met her or knows who she is. He quirks a brow about the RV and hmmms quietly, "Let's get that blood work done before we start settin up excursions, and makin' plans. Nothin' personal, but I wanna build up a bit of trust here before we start takin on new endeavours." And then he pauses and raises a brow, looking to Sophia, "A cow?"

"Si…it is just sore." Elan gets a warm smile before she sighs, dropping her hand and reaching into her bag. Out comes a zip lock baggie with what appears to be a white cheese inside. "I have figured out how to make cheese." The bag is handed over to Bob, "But it requires a lot of milk. We need a cow strictly for that, if I am to make enough for the entire group. or for trade."

Elan smiles nods nods to Sophia, before turning back to Bob with a slight shrug, "Not sure what the neck thing was about…said something about people in fatigues with bumps on the back of their necks. Figured they must be implanted with something. Sure, I'll give blood to Eli, if I see him…" this raises his curiosity, and his eyebrow, just a little, "…just out of curiousity, is there anything particularly interesting you're expecting to find in my blood? Have you all figured some way of sorting the crazies that follow the drones around, or something?" He has to reflect on this a minute, "…personally, I always figured there had to be some way that they were communicating, at a range…"

Bob huhs quietly, "Makin' cheese…" he offers a slow nod, "Well…shit. That's damn useful, Soph." Because let's face it…Cheese is frikkin delicious. Nachos are a real possibility now. Bob then looks over to Elan, shrugging once, "Fer now, let's just call it a trust exercise." He then looks to Sophia, "Let's put em up in D. It's empty fer now. Once Eli clears em, let's move em over into C." A beat pause and he looks to Elan, "That's assumin you are plannin to stick around."

The puppy offers a whine, and a tail wag, but keeps sitting. Bob sighs, "Need to get back to Whiskey's walk. Let me know if you plan on stickin' around and we'll get you situated."

And, Bob takes the cheese. Because he's cool like that.

Sophia doesn't answer any of Elan's musings, mostly because she doesn't know. Dark eyes watch Bob briefly before she sighs, "I need to grab some things, and then I will show you building D. If I see Eli I will tell him to come find you." She smiles at both men before heading into the club house in homes of finding some food to keep at ht bear for a day or so.

Elan nods and shrugs, "Sure, why not? I'm in no hurry. Was just heading up towards the Platte River. It's not like I had a plan, for when I got there," He looks back to Sophia, "Thanks, shout if you need any help." Because looking for peanut butter can lead to sticky situations. Assuming that Piper didn't eat it all.

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