(2016-03-08) Tech Talk
Tech Talk
Summary: Nora is doing fine keeping up, then Monica comes along
Date: 3.8.2016
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

Lincoln had been out scavenging a bit the past few days; trying to find a pair of shoes for a certain someone who needed them. He'd been a bit up beat, largely due to his ability to break over the awkward wall and spring was in the air. It is later in the afternoon at this point and he is sitting in a chair going over his notebook in which he has drawn schematics and equations, those calculus looking ones he has in that book which outline watts and ohms and voltages along with wiring designs. The Engineer side of him has been creeping back more and more since the return from the walkabout.

On the floor sitting next to him is a glass filled up with water that he sips from occasionally while looking distractedly at the notes, his eyes having a far off look as he is somewhere else then where he is.

Well finally, it is warm enough for Nora to get a good swim in…or at least today it is. The walk from the reservoir to the Complex wasn't quite long enough to get her dry enough to not still be dripping a bit. Because of her damp state she forgos heading into the clubhouse but goes the long way around to the patio, running a bright beach towel over her hair. She is decked out in a shorty wetsuit and flipflops on her feet. You don't swim laps in a lake that cold in a normal bathing suit. "Hey you. How’s it?" she greets spotting Linc sorta zoning there. A young woman with few boundaries, she grabs his glass of water and takes a drink from it.

Pre apocalypse, such an action would have freaked Lincoln out. Germs and all, but in this era he simple watches Nora drink from his water and accepts it having gotten use to her lack of boundaries. "Not too bad. Getting caught up on some engineering work that's gone by the wayside while we were gone. The stuff that you scrunch your nose up at when I talk about it." He adds the last bit with a grin on his lips. "How was the swim? As cold as you look?"

Scrunches her nose just at the thought of all that math stuff. "Yes. Thankfully the walk back warmed me up some." she glances down at his notes, "I think I may have say an alligator. Do they have those in this part of Texas?" but she can't make heads or tails of any of it "Does that mean you are going to start working with the other group to get things working again?"

"Hoping to. Work with the other group that is. Putting a couple of heads together is usually better than just one and honestly this stuff I haven't done in a very long time." He motions to his notes. "Not since Freshmen year really." Lincoln sighs and scoots over on the bench he's sitting on figuring Nora is probably going to end up parking herself since she already took his water and is now dripping water at him. "I think it's possible for gators to come this north ,but probably not. They're cold blooded, like your feet."

"Well all that is greek to me." since he is scooting over she does make herself at home beside him on the bench "Eww college." scrunched nose again "Never a fan." of course she never went so she doesn't know what she was missing, the parties, the boys…etc. "You sure…if it wasn't a gator I saw then what was it?" she stifles a chuckle, trying to look annoyed at the jab "Leave my feet out of this.

"A log? Logs and gators sometimes look similar." Lincoln offers as he closes the notebook and sets it aside, leaning back on the bench and reaching out to take his water back in order to get a drink. "And it actually is technically all greek. But anyway, your gator problem. I'd put my money down on a log of some kind that was just floating in the water. That or you've discovered some long lost sea monster from the past that is coming to our small town to attack all the pretty swimming girls."

Nora contemplates the log v. alligator thing "Maybe…certainly makes me feel better thinking it was a log. I can deal with sharks and jellyfish, but alligators are new. How does one even fend one of those off." she's an ocean girl, not a lake girl. The water is handed back "What I wouldn't give for an electrolyte tab…or a banana." neither is possible at the moment. "I'm hoping for a lake monster. That would just be gravy."

"Salt in the water could serve as an electrolyte replacement." Lincoln offers quietly before lifting his arm to put it around Nora for a shoulder rub or some such since it may be cold. "And you don't really fend off gators, you avoid them. They're nasty and strong. Like er… a land shark." His brow furrows some, "And would a lake monster really be a good thing for us? At this point it'd be terrible."

Nora nods "Especially if it is the good sea or Himalayan salt. Those kinds are better than just normal table salt." she lifts a shoulder briefly before his is put around her "So it would be a hope you swim faster than it, sorta situation." she hmmms "A land shark?" there is a bit of an eyeroll at that one "But at least with a lake monster it would be a defeatable enemy, unlike what we are dealing with now."

Lincoln leans back a bit to look at Nora at his side, "Weren't you the one that was all, 'go get them' when we were in Houston and I was the one saying it was an unbeatable enemy?" He asks it with a very mild sense of amusement. "We're still here, as long as we're here we have a chance to win. Hell, the longer we make it the stronger we become, right?"

"Okay so a bit of role reversal there. We should still totally go 'get 'em. And I think with this new group maybe staying we will be one step closer." Nora says after being reminded of her more positive attitude after spending days on a bike "They may even take the fight to them once we have more numbers." her brow furrows a bit. Things like that are hard to get her pacifist head around "Never thought I would be talking about fighting or taking out enemies.

Lincoln takes his arm out from around Nora's shoulder and goes to hold one of her hands instead, "And I never thought I'd be biking cross country, fixing generators, and wondering if I could find a good pair of running shoes for someone." He smiles a bit to her, "We've all grown, changed. I know you don't fight, I'll do everything I can to make sure you aren't caught up in that."

A Bit Later

This afternoon the patio has one lone occupant, Nora, she is standing at the base of a ladder that leans against the clubhouse. From the sounds of it someone is puttering up on the roof out of sight. She must be playing spotter. From the looks of it, she has recently came from a swim, her hair is damp and she wears a shorty wetsuit undone to the waist and a t-shirt over it. She has a notebook in hand which if her expression is any indication she doesn't understand any of the writing contained on the pages. Not because it is bad handwriting, but it is calculus and other complicated math along with electrical schematics.

Monica yawns and wanders out the door to brew some pine needle tea. She hasn't found her own supply of coffee yet, but pine needles aren't exactly rocket science to locate in the middle of the North American continent, and they're rich in vitamin C. No scurvy for her. She looks over to the roof. "I was gonna say, either someone's on the roof, or we have a squirrel problem of epic proportions. And them's good eatin'." She sticks her tongue out. She's eaten enough squirrel to know otherwise. "Hey Nora. What's up? And where'd you find to swim?"

Nora chuckles at the comment as Monica joins her own the patio "I don't think is a squirrel that anyone would want to it." she glances to the roof "To scrawny. Having never eaten a squirrel I will have to take your word." she gestures in a southerly direction, "The reservoir. The water is a bit cold, but that's what wetsuits are for." she reaches down to snap the cuff around her thigh "I swear I saw an alligator, but Linc," a gesture to the roof. "Says it was probably just a log."

Monica looks up. "That's Linc, who I keep hearing about? So he's hooking up more solar panels?" She ponders. "And I dunno, you wouldn't /expect/ to see gators this far north, but at this point? I'm surprised the Others haven't genetically engineered velociraptors to try to eat us, so your guess is as good as mine." She glances toward the reservoir. "How cold is it?"

"Yeah. I think he is just seeing that the guys from the other group have done. They were working on it a few days ago." Nora gives a bit of a shrug "Not sure where they left it. We don't have any additional power though, so I am guessing they didn't get far." the bit about gators has her nodding "That's what he said." more laughter at her joking

"It's warmer than San Francisco Bay, so I would day about sixty-five degrees or so." Nora says about the lake "I've same in a lot colder.

Monica whistles. "That's pretty chilly for those of us without wetsuits. It will be awesome in the summer. I hear it gets hot in Texas. Like one-twenty in the depth of summer." She looks up at the roof. "So the corps of engineers guys don't know their solar? Huh. Oh, you know those generators we found? I got them both running. One's at medical with the doctor, and I hooked the other one up at the bar for Sophia. I've been tinkering with a simple volt meter, too, because if I'm going to do electrical I need to be able to see what I'm doing.

Monica holds out an old army-style compass with a neat electromagnet winding around it. "Galvinometer. Very old school.

"Thankfully I didn't ditch or loose mine in all my traveling around. Or I would just have to suffer the cold." Nora nods "I'm looking forward to the heat. It was about that hot when I flew out of Australia before the power went out." she got a bit lucky with her timing, but not lucky enough to make it all the hame home to California…or maybe so since she is alive and most that was on the west coast aren't. The young woman has no clue "Or they needed parts." she is betting it is the parts thing though and not so much ignorance on the solar bit "That's great, the doc certainly needs the power." she looks at the thing being held out to her, but she is clueless about that sort of thing.

Monica nods. "I figured… the bar, yes, because there are lots of tables for doing small work at, and it's good for morale. I need to take a close look at the jukebox to see if I can get it going. We might be in luck if it's old enough. Sorry I didn't ask you before I shipped them out, but you weren't around, and I figured… she's part of Camp Hope. Anything that benefits the camp, benefits Nora.

"It's fine. What am I going to do with a couple of generators?" though she could have told Linc about them, but he would probably have done the exact same thing with them, so no big deal there "I don't think I have been in the bar yet. Not the one here at least. Soph had one at the old camp that I went into a few times to give her stuff I scavenged." she shakes her head "And I'm not really a part of the camp. This is just my winter spot. I spend a lot of time out there, scavenging and trading when I can." another gesture to the roof "We just got back from doing that a few days before you arrived. Went all the way to Houston and back. With a stop over at the settlements in Waxahacie and the Caverns."

Monica shudders. "I always tried to avoid the big cities. But you say there are settlements? Where are those? I'm not from around here."

Nora nods at the shuddering "Houston was awful. A wasteland pretty much and partially underwater still. The earthquake and tidal wave did a number on it." she is glad that they aren't dwelling on that at the moment. "There are four besides this one. And we aren't the first group here. There was a group here first but the aliens took them out in an explosion. The rest are south and west, Waxahachie is a group of Ren-Faire and SCA people, the Caverns is just north on San Antonio and there is a group around Laredo and somewhere near El Paso." she sniggers "I don't think any of us are.

Monica nods. "Oh, the Ren-faire folks. Yeah, I've heard about them. So are these groups like we are, or are they like the bandits and others I've run into?" Mon crosses her arms across her chest protectively.

Zap, buzz, shriek. The noises come from the roof followed shortly by the smell of Ozone and singed skin. "Son of a!" Lincoln's voice yells out after what was surely some kind of shock that he gave himself up on the roof. "Who the hell did that? Why would you ever…" There's a series of grumblings and mutterings from the man as he's annoyed about some kind of bad wiring.

"The two I meet are like us. Just trying to survive and get by. The Renfaire folks I think are winning that game I think. A lot of them have those medieval skills that help them get by." Nora then starts in surprise at the noises coming from the roof "Lincoln?" she calls out concern suddenly taking over "You okay up there?" she move to the ladder, ready to scale up it depending on his answer.

Monica looks up, cringing at the sound of the zapping and screaming. "Yeah, gonna say I was right about the Corps guys and solar panels. She turns off the gas under her tea and clambers up the ladder without waiting.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine." Lincoln calls back down. "Just another electrical burn to add to the collection." Coming up to the roof isn't discouraged though. He's in the midst of a group of panels with wires around him, some over his shoulders and one even tucked behind his ear as he is reworking them. "I swear sometimes people just read Popular Mechanic and thought oh hell, I know what to do." The man is a little grumbly about it but is still working to fix things. The shirt by his shoulder has a new hole in it where the burning of the wires caught him.

Nora is quick to step out of the way before she gets run over by Monica, but then she is scrambling up after her, kicking her flip-flops off in the process "I thought you just came up here to look." she shakes her head a bit. This doesn't look like just looking to her. She stays near the edge of the roof, not wanting to get in the way, and with all the solar panels there isn't much room either.

Monica says, "Whoa, whoa, how many circuits did you want to create through your body there, Mister?" She doesn't get close. Linc is an electrical fire waiting to happen. "You ever hear of the one-handed rule?""

"Yep." Lincoln comments towards Monica, shooting a quick look before going back to work. "Don't complete the circuit through your body, which I wouldn't have, if it'd been wired right to begin with." He manages a small grin and finishes twisting some wires together and recapping them before moving on. "Now that it's wired right, I won't complete the circuit… and Nora." He looks over at her, a gentleness in his eyes, "I've spent way to much time just looking, right? Decided it was time to do." A few more moments and he begins unwinding himself from the wires, apparently his work being done or close to it.

She knows just enough to realize that a complete circuit when you are part of it isn't a good thing…the evidence in front of her makes that clear. Though the one-handed rule goes over her head. Nora will have to ask about that one later. "Well yeah, see that you do." she gives him a bit of a smirk.

Monica relaxes as Lincoln puts the wires down. She doesn't miss the glance to Nora, and she's pretty sure she knows what it means. They travel together. She reflects that, had she traveled with someone during her sojourn in the wilderness, she really has no idea how she'd feel about them now, whether she'd hate them or… something else. "Rule number 2. Don't assume the last person to work on this wasn't a complete idiot and even knew about code. See also, the one handed rule. That's how I was taught. You got a lot of panels up here, how come the only things working are the lights in the clubhouse? And what are you using for storage?"

"Jury-rigged capacitors. Three of them were burned out leaving just three that were operational." Lincoln responds to Monica as he starts to wrap up his work putting things away. "I had to use scraps from the other three to get the working three to work right. With better battery and capacitor storage we could probably get another few buildings going, unfortunately I'm not an electrical engineer. I only remember enough from Freshmen year intro classes to cover these basics and not blow everything up."

Well she understands the common sense rule that Monica speaks of. There are similar rules in areas of her life as well….well her past life. She doesn't compete anymore so kinda moot rules now. Nora only gets a bit of what Lincoln says. Between the two of them she is the brawn, not the brain. She has jock written all over her build and bearing. "He's more of the rocket scientist type." she provides, though keeps the details to a minimum, since they aren't her details to tell.

Monica blows out her cheeks. "Capacitors? What, are you using Leiden jars?" Leave it to Mon to think of the 19th century solution. Mon shakes her head. "Man, I gotta figure out a way to recycle lead-acid batteries. I dunno, plastic buckets or something for containers. Capacitors? Those have to be driving the inverter nuts." She blinks. "I'm Mon, by the way. Monica. I'm new." She looks at Nora, then back at Lincoln and smiles. In her head, at least, they make a cute couple. "I'd love to know how you guys met." She looks at Lincoln. "Rocket scientist? Please, please please tell me you're a materials science guy, a chemist, or a physicist."

Lincoln laughs a bit and nods his head towards Monica, "Good luck on the batteries, I've been working on that for months trying to figure out how to get them going. The alien tech wipe keeps them downgraded, we can convert captured drone batteries however." He's about to say something else then laughs. "I am, sorry, was. I was in the last semester of work on my Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. Lincoln." He adds the last as way of introduction. A glance is given at Nora as he blushes ever so slightly, he generally doesn't talk about his nerdy past too much. "Rocket science isn't the precise term, but my major course work was in advanced propulsion systems engineering. I had just finished an internship at NASA when everything went down, was on track to be in space within the next 5 years."

Nora has no fancy degrees from colleges or trade skills either to speak of. Just a bunch of sports trophies that are now the base of what is probably going to the a nice coral reef off the new coast of California. Go Nora! "Oh that is quite the story. Lots of running if I recall, there was a drone in there somewhere, and a walk-in freezer full of rotting food." she does have knowledge of how they meet though, not a cutemeet…not quite, more like a terror-meet since a drone was involved.

Monica nods. "Everyone gets good at that. I got a belly full of drones in Fremont before I realized you guys had left. Where they went, the freak children followed." She shudders, and it's obvious how she distracts herself with what she says next. "So the aliens neutralized /batteries/ in addition to the EMP. Shit. I hadn't even hit that yet. I know the sulfuric acid is still good. I use it to make nitric acid out of ammonium nitrate. For fulminate of mercury." She pats her pistol. "Percussion caps." She thinks about it. "I'd love to know how that works, the aliens blocking /batteries/." She sighs. "That's damned inconvenient." She looks over at the water tower. "They don't block gravity though." A slow smile warms her lips. Ideas, wheels within wheels. She blinks and smiles at Lincoln. "We should totally build missiles. AnFO propellant, mechanical guidance, guncotton warhead. But that's going to take some industrial capacity we haven't got yet."

Lincoln listens to Monica for a bit before he smiles ever so slightly and nods, "And then the problem of having the controlled propellants and the activators which generally require, once again, electricity. We're operating in the 1750's as far as technical capacity and although there were rockets they were done for tactical reasons." His shoulders lift, "Not saying it's impossible but when working to survive. The more people we have that take care of survival, the more time the rest of us get working at the math and ideas to advance things." About to say something more he glances at Nora and says something different.

"An old freezer filled with rotting food, running from a drone, and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for it cause what it led to." He blinks, he blushes and clears his throat, "E… excuse me, I need to run.. to uhm, to the bathroom." The man gets up, awkward blush all over his cheeks as he scoots to get down the ladder and out of there. Yeah, still shy.

And there is a bunch more talk that goes over the young woman's head. Nora will just stick to the second part of that equation, the survival part, which her part in is scavenging for things needed for that survival. She brings in the proverbial bacon and trusts in other people to know what to do with it. Knowing her it would probably be burnt to a crisp otherwise. The girl is kinda flumoxed herself at his words…she didn't expect them and watches as he rushes off in his fit of embrassement…that part she did expect "I swear he is all two steps forward, one step back." she gives a bit of an eyeroll when he is out of sight "So Monica." she gestures to the solar panels "You think this will be able to power the whole clubhouse?

Monica looks over the panels. "Maybe. Hard to say without real batteries.

Nora hmmms as she nods "Well at least we have some juice going." they do have lights, better than nothing at the moment. She isn't sure what batteries have to do with solar panels, but she trusts the experts if they say it’s an issue. A gesture is made "I'm going to head down, maybe go get changed out of this wetsuit, it's starting to chafe now that it is dry." that can't be comfortable. With that she begins to head back down the ladder.

Monica nods. "Take care. "

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