(2016-03-10) Gravity Works
Gravity Works
Summary: Climbing trees…not as easy as it looks
Date: 3.10.2016
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This large area is overgrown with weeds and grass. It clearly hasn't had a child visitor in quite a while. A large wooden playscape takes a good 1/4 of the area as well as a swing set and a duck pond, which recent rains or some underground water source has kept fresh and relatively clean. A wooden picnic pavilion with picnic tables is near the playscape and provides a good amount of shade as do the evergreen and mesquite trees that dot the playground.

With spring approaching, it's always a surprise as to what weather you are going to get from one day to the next. What started out as a cool drizzly day has improved at least and the sun has some out and began to dry everything up. Since scavenging is an indoor activity that was done first in the neighborhood surrounding the playground.

Cutting through the playground is the quickest way back to the Complex, but Piper gets distracted on the way back through by a large bush that is starting to grow large buds growing against the picnic pavilion. She goes over to examine the bush, glancing at Quinton, "Knife?" the first word she has said in a while. They aren't hunting today so she didn't think to bring hers.

Quinton's in the same boat, no words today. On day like today, when it's hard to get anything out, and when he does, it's never the right name, he tends to just be mute. There's a nod and he digs into his pocket before handing over his pocket knife. His backpack is full of the stuff he found, although he left the tuxedo hanging in the closet of the house they scavenged. He didn't even point it out, somehow that's one of those objects that seems insulting now. Pale green eyes roam the area, making sure they're alone. As Piper pokes at whatever they found, Quin sighs to himself and rubs the small of his back. Stupid back.

Taking the knife Piper gives him a smile. At least one of them came prepared. As she examines the bush to decide which buds she is going to take she gives Quinton a sidelong glance "Still?" not really paying as close attention as she should she pricks a finger on a thorn, pulling her hand away and looking at her finger and then giving the bush a bit of an offended look. It doesn't stop her from the task at hand though. She cuts a handful of the buds off and passes them carefully over as she does. On closer inspection they seem to be some kind of rose.

Quinton's always prepared. Sometimes he feels that's all he's good for. Towels and knives. He frowns, glancing back questioningly. An eyebrow raises, and he gives her the silent, 'What?' But then there's pricking and he inhales. He's not squeamish about blood, but on her or Kayla…it makes his blood run cold. He doesn't stop her though, instead he digs into his backpack for an empty container to but the flowers (?) in.

"….thorns." there was probably a stupid in front of that, but it got lost between her brain and mouth. Sucking on the tip of her finger a moment "'s fine." Piper says around it. She's certainly had worse. Putting the flower buds in the container he found, she signs her thanks and folds the knive up, but doesn't hand it over just yet. Looking around she raises a brow and heads over to a few trees grouped together…"Think…." she begins to shrug off her backpack to dig a small book from the side pocket.

Quinton nods, although he's still frowning slightly. They've all had much worse, doesn't mean he has to like it. Blonde hair flops as she spies something else and a touch of curiosity may tug at him, so he follows her. He scans the ground, trying to see what she found.

The book she pulls out seems to be a field guide to plant and tree identification and Piper is more focused on the trees than anything on the ground. Looking up into the trees she makes a face. The stuffed pack is set on the ground and she gestures to the tree "Boost?" she then clenches the book between her teeth and hops up to grab a low branch…does she plan on climbing the thing?

The frown Quin had fades into confusion, what is she looking for? But Piper almost always gets what she wants with him, so he cups his hands for her to step into. He's not at full strength, but much closer. He's been forcing himself to eat a little more, sleep an extra hour(There goes his nightly reading time).

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Climbing: Failure.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Like Piper is all that heavy…with all the hauling and walking she does she has lost all the pregnancy weight already…not that she really had all that much to begin with. Hanging from the branch she puts a barefoot in his cupped hands and pulls up as he lifts, other foot on the trunk. Throwing her weight a bit she manages to get both legs around the trunk and then her hands slip and cruel mistress that gravity is she starts to fall under its brutal pull.

Luck for her, Quin's right underneath her, arm as still out stretched. It's almost like they practiced this, she falls and he catches her. The poet blinks, looking down at the small woman who's now in his arms and he manages a, "Hi!" before a smile starts to tug at the corner of his mouth.

One second she is falling and the next she isn't. It's a surprise to Piper too, she was expecting a hand landing that didn't quite come. A surprised 'Oh!" escapes her as she glances up at Quinton, "Hi." she drawls back, laughter threatening to bubble up from her at her near calamity. At some point in the fall it seems she lost her book, but she isn't thinking about that right at the moment.

ok, as soon as he sees her fighting not to laugh, he looses his battle. Quin chuckles, it vibrates through his chest. "..okay?" He doesn't move to set her on her feet just yet.

Piper nods amidst her laughter, "Yes." she manages to get out through it. If anything she is probably a bit embarrassed, but she isn't a blusher though her laughing could be part of that "Good. Catch." she tells him, her face once more lifting to look at him as she gets control of her laughter.

Quinton nods, his bangs hanging slightly in his eyes as he looks down at her. "…happy to." Catch her, that is. When her laughter starts to subside he gently lowers her legs so she can stand, but doesn't let go of her orzo until she's completely steady.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Failure.

And arm goes around his shoulder's as her feet once more touch the ground. Piper may be light, but she can't imagine holding her for that long, especially when his back already hurt, was easy. "Thanks." she glances into the tree above them, that indecisive look coming to her face briefly. Her other hand flattens against her chest a moment "Back?" now he has to figure out if she is asking about his back or asking if he wants to go back.

The fact that she doesn't pull away makes him smile. Ever since Kayla freaked out on him, he's always a little gun shy touching either girl. Usually. He blinks, glancing at the tree before raising a hand and waving it up, at whatever she may have been looking for. There's a silent question on his face, he wants to know what it is. Not that she has the book currently to show him. If she's asking about his back, he's ignoring that question, like a strong, not whimsy man would do.

It's been quite awhile since she has had a day bad enough where she flinches at him. Of course sometimes she doesn't even know she is that bad unless it happens, but clearly today isn't one of those days. Though she still isn't braining well enough to talk more than on syllable at a time, or do whatever it was she was debating. His hand waving draws Piper's attention upward again, "Pe-can?" it's a question, so she obviously isn't sure about that. And her book just happens to be under one of her feet.

No wonder she seems taller! Quin eyes the tree, pecans would be amazing. He motions between the two of them, asking which one should check. Seems he's not willing to not know.

Taking a baby step back Piper bends over to pick up the book. It's a quick flip through to get to the P's and she is holding the book open and stepping closer so they can both look at the details and images that are on the two pages "You." she answers, she didn't have any luck getting into the tree, and only the leaves near the top are open enough to help with identification.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Climb: Failure.

Quinton nods, studying the leaves. Off comes his backpack and he'll smile over at Piper, shaking his head while making a catching motion. Please don't try to catch him, he'll break her. He's much taller, so he's able to hop up and catch the branch, but unfortunately for him, he's not quite strong enough to pull himself up all the way, so he ends up hanging, one foot caught on the branch. On the bright side, he makes for a cute monkey.

Piper seems to understand what he is telling her. Besides Kayla she is probably the only one in the group that would, she won't go as far as could. Anyone could if they spent as much time with him as she has. A few baby steps is taken back to give him room and she watches stoically as he makes his attempt to climb the tree and fails, but a lot less spectacularly. Smiling in amusement, she takes those few steps back toward him, looking up at his foot and then at him, she tilts her head at him smiling. It's not often that she can look him square in the eye "Caught?"

<FS3> Quinton rolls Climb: Good Success.

Quinton frowns, but there's a hint of playfulness to it. He shakes his head, denying his helpless position. He tilts his head back, unfortunately making him look even more ridiculous. With a grunt swings the poet himself slightly to be able to pull himself up. It's not the best climbing move, his shirt is rumpled and creeping up. But he's up. Now to check out those leaves!

To keep from breaking out in laughter again, Piper bites her bottom lip, watching him pull himself up, albeit clumsily. "Care-ful." she calls up. Of course she is worried that he may still fall, but she tries not to let that creep into her voice. Now that he is in the tree it /should/ be easy to get further up to get to the leaves. Her eyes stay locked on him as he scales upward.

Quinton makes a soft p-shaw type of noise. He can still do that at least. Once up he reaches and pulls one of the buddying branches closer to him to study. He takes longer than he should, maybe on purpose, maybe cause his head is a little foggy. But eventually he nods, "…yes…" That's all she's going to get. From his vantage point he glances around, making sure everything is ok before he starts his decent.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Climb: Success.

Piper takes the yes to mean that it is indeed a pecan tree. "Great." she says, studying the tree a moment and she glancing at the book in her hand. She moves from tree to tree breifly eyes the bark patterns and what leaves she can see "Se-ven." she says loud enough for him to hear her. Seven of the pecan trees? If that is so they will have plenty of pecans to go around once it bears fruit. With her investigation over she returns to where Quinton is, watching as he climbs down.

That's happy news! Quin's landing isn't the best, but he doesn't stumble and nothing gets twisted. It's a win in his book. He grins, nodding at the good news. "…good.." They can do whatever it is one does with pecans now. Although the only think he can think of is pie off the top of his head. The poet brushes off his hands on his jeans before he bends over to grab his backpack.

Picking up her own backpack, Piper tucks the book away in the sidepocket, nodding her agreement. His tree dismount has her teasing him, "Tar-zan." it's what crossed her brain at his hanging upside and then scaling the tree like a pro, so she goes with it.

Quinton snorts before firing back, "Jane." He's smiling though, teasing her back. He'd try the yell, but his brain would probably just melt half way through. A hand is held out, if she'd like to take it. "…home?" They have their scavenged stuffs and now good news…if either of them can tell someone.

Piper beams. Probably about the only time she ever will when being called by another girl's name. He better enjoy it. "Yes." she takes his hand, ready to head back. And even if they can't tell anyone verbally, they can certainly have a nice game of charades while they try other methods to get the news across.


1 Hedge Clippers
1 Toy Lightsaber
2 Bags of Sugar
3 Cargo Pants
2 Hurricane Oil Lamps
6 Cans of Soda (flat)
2 Skirts
1 Inflatable Paddling Pool
1 Vac Pack of Ground Coffee
1 Jars Applesauce
2 Fuzzy bath robes
2 Sweaters
1 Panties
1 Color Therapy Coloring Book
2 Trowels
3 Bottles of Dish Soap
1 Bottle of Rum
1 Tuxedo
3 Cans Pears
1 Cans Pineapple
1 Cans Fruitcocktail
1 Rosehips
1 Handful of Foxglove
A few Pecan Trees

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