(2016-03-10) In the Midst of Death, We are Alive
In the Midst of Death, We are Alive
Summary: Mon goes scavenging. Finds some interesting things.
Date: 3.10.2016
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Mon is spending the afternoon scavenging. She has things she needs, but they're not likely to be where she's looking, and she'd like some inspiration. Somehow, she needs to find something, and make something out of it, but she doesn't know what yet. She looks around and tries to think of places people haven't already scavenged. Nobody in their right mind would scavenge the cemetery, so naturally it's her first stop.

Stratford Cemetery Stratford

Brick columns flank the dirt road that leads into the cemetery. Over head, attached to the columns is a black wrought iron sign. The cemetery is completely fenced in with a chain link fence and takes up quite a bit of land.

Dry, brownish-yellow grass covers the acreage and a few sparse tress dot the tombstone covered landscape.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Tire
1 Corpse
1 Old Nokia cell phone

Mon finds a tire first. She looks it over. Worn out, but still. Neoprene and steel belts. It could make a set of street horse shoes, at least. Then she finds the corpse.

“Oh man…” She pulls her bandana over her face. “Would have been nice if they'd have buried you. God…” She moves upwind as fast as she can, and tries to ignore the remaining flies. But it's an old corpse, mostly skeletonized. “Rest in peace, whoever you were,” she adds. She notices something next to the corpse and picks it up gingerly. “Yeah, I know. Probably evidence of a crime or something. Well, sorry to tell you, there aren't any cops, there's no justice system… for what it's worth, whoever did you in is probably dead too.
She opens the phone. The battery is, of course, dead. “Various microelectronics… not sure how that'll be useful, but I might need a keypad at some point, I guess.” She wipes the phone off on the corpse's clothes and slips it in her pocket. Then she leaves.

Mon is still thinking about the corpse when she finally stops on pine street. “Brick rancher.” She eyes the places where the solar panels were. “Looks like Linc's been here.” She goes inside.

475 Pine Street Stratford

A simple, brick, three bedroom ranch house, circa 1950ish. Once through the front door the living room immediatly greets you with it's modern furnishings, electronics and decor. Above the cold fireplace is a mirror and framed family pictures dot the mantel.

Onward to an updated, mostly, eat in kitchen, a few dishes still in the sink, along with a pool of stagnant water causing the stainless steel to rust. More pictures and magnets cover the fridge.

Down a hallway are three bedrooms, two clearly having belonged to teens, the other clearly for an adult or pair of adults. Only one bathroom, typical for this age of house.

From the outside it is easy to tell that at one point the house had solar panels, but those are long gone.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Book-Fiction-German Language

Mon wanders through the house, looking in cabinets and drawers, and under the bathroom sink. There are things she'd like to find, now. “Huh,” she says, coming up empty. “Must have been older parents. And no girls. Bummer.” Next to the toilet on the bathroom counter she does find a book. She flips through it. “Hmm. Looks like German.” She takes it. “Toilet paper, maybe.” Eventually she peers out the back windows of the house. “What is that?” She heads out into the back yard and into the underground shelter.

Underground Shelter <US> Stratford

A waft of cool, sligtly stale air comes up as the trap door is opened. Below is a ladder, but not into darkness…not complete darkness at least. Candles and oil lamps illuminate the interior of this multi-room under ground shelter.

Shelves, doubling as walls break up the interior into different living areas. First and foremost is the living room and kitchen area. With limited space there is only a bare amount of furniture, a small kitchen table, a counter where food can be prepared, there are small appliances as well, namely a propane stove. A couch and recliner round out the furnishings.

There are two bedrooms, one with bunk beds the other with a normal queen size bed.

There is a hatch in the back where the generator is, but it either doesn't work or isn't turned on at the moment. A door near it leads to another room almost the size of the other area combined. More shelves fill that room and are stocked with enough supplies for a family of four to survive at least a year if they are careful.

“Hello,” Mon says. “That's a nice generator… not sure how I'll get it out of here. Have to come back for it.” She goes through the store room. “Oh man… look at this stuff. I wonder if any of it's any good? I gotta come back with a wagon.” She looks around for portable stuff for the mean time.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Trucker Hat
1 Pretty Flower
1 Partially decayed left shoe

She picks up the trucker hat. “Work hat,” she says. The decayed left shoe, she tosses aside, The pretty (plastic) flower catches her eye and she holds it in her hand for a while. She slowly crouches down with it and wipes her eyes. “Miss you, mom.” she chokes out. She gets up and lays the flower on the double bed reverently, then turns to go.

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