(2016-03-11) In the Infirmary
In the Infirmary
Summary: The aftermath of the Silencer encounter
Date: 3.11.2016
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Elan would have presumably got others to help carefully move Quinton into safety, once they reached the wall. With three people on either side and one at his head holding c-spine, it would have proven simple and quick to move him into medical. A full patient assessment follows, starting at the toe and working up to the head, where he already knows that Quin will respond to pain. He still can't clear the spine without the patient conscious, and can only hope for the best, unless a Doctor and some sophisticated equipment show up, although he does his best to brace firm objects around the patient at either side, so as to keep him from moving and further injuring himself. He feels around the back of the skull carefully for crepitus, and checks under the lighting for additional significant wounds and bleeding, using his trauma sheers to expose the patient as he searches for more damage, "Don't suppose you have a medical history of getting thrown from trains?" he asks, probably not expecting a response.

oh noes! Not Quin's sweater! The man's breathing has evened out some, although every few minutes he randomly spouts off a line or two of poetry. "Birds songs bring no peace, the sacred ground only holds echoes of past ghosts…Death rattles are at least truthful." And they're not exactly comforting lines. Finally, after the cold air hits his skin and pain shoots into his head, the man's pale green eyes flutter open, but don't focus on anything.

Elan listens to Quinton's response, nodding slightly, accepting the answer. He's grabbing a handful of gauze and applying pressure to some light capillary bleeding from the broken glass right as Quinton opens his eyes, "…welcome back to the land of the living," he says with a half-smirk, "Thanks for not dying. How do you feel?" Now hopefully his spine will be alright…he'll never hear the end of it from the college girl, if it's not.

Piper was there at the Wall, on guard duty when the group game in. Of course she was horrified at the sight of the injured and unconscious man. So much that she even spoke, mind you it was one word, his name, but it is proof that she can talk. The woman wasn't left his side, her hand holding his, but she stays opposite of where Elan and the "doctor" (she's a psychiatrist, but has medical skills) on duty, Anita helps triage and care for the returning patient.

Anita informs Elan that Quinton's had several head injuries, which makes them even more worried. Quin himself blinks, trying and failing to focus on the voices, his hand tightens on Piper's, instinctively knowing it's her. "…death rattles…And oh, to lose. A thing for fools, this, And a holy thing, a holy thing to love…." Finally his eyes land on Elan and he grimaces from a pain, "…H…how?…..girl?"

Elan smiles reassuringly to Quinton, placing a hand gently on his shoulder, "She's fine. I hit the…man, or thing that attacked you, hard enough to damage him worse than he damaged you, I think…but he got away. I dragged you back here. She wanted me to come back and get help before we moved you, but I couldn't leave her there, and I figured you'd rather I not leave you there with…it. Try and relax, you took a hard blow to the head. At least one. It pulled you into a boxcar, and flung you into another one, on a different rail." is sort of in the background until she gets back, Elan and Anita, the psychiatrist, just finished assessing Quinton, who got his grey matter slapped around a little."

Quinton tries to turn his head, with little success. Piper is silent, but clinging to one of his hands, but Quin is trying desperately to focus on Elan. "It….s-sil-" He grimaces, his free hand moving upward to touch his head if allowed. "How…We should…." His eyes close, "…It should have…killed us…" He seems lucid for the moment, if not having a hard time getting words out. "Boxcar?"

Better late than never, Terry shows up to the 'party'. He's decked out in some dirty brown boots, scuffed khaki green pants, a black shirt, khaki green jacket, dark green cap, and black fingerless gloves. His trusty long-distance lead-injector is slung across his back. "What happened?" He inquires to the nearest person, removing his cap and slicking back his hair.

Elan considers Quinton's words, not stopping him from reaching up to touch his head, which Anita has begun dressing and padding, he looks over at the man entering, then back at Quinton as he answers, "We were attacked in the railyard, I dragged him back here," He thinks carefully before continuing, answering Quinton, "…well, it didn't seem to be armed. It grabbed you and tossed you, and in the same moment leaped out at us like a damn flying squirrel. I hit him hard enough with the butt of my rifle that I felt his bones break, but he just kept on going, bouncing around like some sort of demented jumping spider. He was fast enough that I couldn't even get a shot off…disappeared to the south, down the rail," he nods, "I saw you disappear into a boxcar right before it jumped us. When I found you, you were in another boxcar, on the next track over. It didn't have time to do anything other than grab you and fling you."

Quinton frowns, quietly and tries to follow what's said.

"So, you got away. That's good." Terry responds. "Are you sure you weren't followed?" He waits for an answer, before continuing. "If whatever-it-was is good at tracking, it could know where we are, and we need to be prepared." He glances around, talking quietly to himself, strategizing.

Elan looks back over his shoulder at Terry, "It was up by the railroad depot. Whatever it is has been in town, and no doubt has already noticed the barricades. I'd say that the odds are very good that it definitely already knew where you are. I was coming up the railroad from the south, from where I've been working, out between the stockyards and the highway. Quinton was coming from the north, from town. The station is on the east side of the railyard. Amy showed up at the same time…from the direction of the camp, I think…from the west, although she might have come out of the station. Whatever it was, it seems almost certain that it was already in the railyard, waiting. There's no telling how long it had been there. Looked like a man. Sure as hell didn't move like one."

Quinton groans, "No…no….let go…" Three people don't get away from a Silncer. "It knows…" One hand is on bios head, the other is still holding Piper's.

Listening to the conversation Piper's brow furrows and a frown comes to. her face, her eyes remain on what Anita is doing, though glance up occasionally to the others. Her free hand taps at her eye, she is signaling something to them.

Terry pulls a pad and pen from his jacket, and continues strategizing, jotting down notes, kind-of off in his own little world. Not totally, though; one ear is kept open to his surroundings.

Elan looks at Piper's gesture, not entirely sure what to make of it, "You expect he's seen the camp, then, I take it?" That seemed like a no brainer to him. Nothing says "low profile" like blocking off the streets of a town with big walls. They probably saw the camp from space. He's really not entirely sure why he stayed, other than the surprise of seeing people trying to make a fight of it. Still, he's been spending most of his time out at a range, expecting the place to burst into flames at any moment, "…it'd be hard to think that they haven't known you were all here, ever since you put those walls up. …and somebody said something about bringing down a drone. They'd have to be brain-dead to not know that this place is here." Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Piper shakes her head, that isn't what she was saying, but today is not a good brain day for her and the this happens. the woman has no words to say what she does mean.

Quinton does what any stubborn guy would, he starts to truffle and sit up. Which is not the best thing for his head, or back. He moans, gritting his teeth, which then makes his head hurt worse. "No….no." Elan's negative rant doesn't help. What else are they supposed to do? Give up, "Fight…find…" He blinks, trying to keep from getting dizzy. Oh, he's familiar with this sensation at least. "Weakness

Figures. Elijah decides to go back to his own apartment for a little while and bam…patients! Returning now, the door of the Infirmary opens and the doctor steps in for a few steps before pausing, blinking and looking at all of those gathered. "I…missed something…" Duh. He quickly steps in though, closing the door behind him and stepping forward to where the others are gathered around Quinton. "What happened?" He goes to move his medical bag from over his shoulder, prepared to take a look.

Elan is standing there with Anita, the psychiatrist, who helped him assess the patient. He begins to summarize for the new arrival, upon recognizing him as someone who seems familiar with the infirmary, "We were in the railyard, and some spring-heeled Jack was there. He grabbed Quin, pulled him into one boxcar, flung him into another, and took a flying leap at us. I hit it in the head with my rifle hard enough to knock it's brain out of it's ear, but it leapt up, jumped a train, and ran off before I could fire on it. After I found Quin, I improvised a C-collar, wrapped some webbing around him and dragged him back to the wall. I couldn't leave the girl there with him or send her back alone, she's never used a pistol…and leaving him there alone for that thing wasn't really an option, either. There wasn't a whole lot I could do to immobilize his spine, with that thing still out there. So I tried to get him out of harm's way as quickly as possible without doing any worse damage. Sorry. I did the best I could, under the circumstances," He looks to Quin, "It's alright, try to relax," he says softly, "…find what? If you want me to try and find that thing, it's going to be a lot easier to search in the morning

When Quinton starts to sit up Piper sits at the edge of the bed, her free hand going to his shoulder to push him gently back down "Shhh." she says in a comforting manner, and glances back at the rest with a stern look, can’t they see they are upsetting him.

Quinton sways slightly as Piper pushes him easily back down. Eli gets a glare, although in his current condition he's kinda glaring at everyone. Elan's offer is met with, "…no. Stop…It….let us…"His eyes close as the poet tries to keep it together, thank goodness he missed dinner, or he'd be loosing it about now. "Could have….killed..”

Amy comes in, having settled herself down after all the excitement. She steps in slowly, looking for Quinton, wondering how he's doing. She watches him, seeing if he, you know, moves.

Monica hears the generator running and pokes her head in the door to see what's going on. Seeing a patient, she draws back, as though feeling far too dirty to be in the room. She watches for a few moments to see what's going on, but so many people, small space… blood…

Elijah tries to take in all of the information that Elan relays to him. Okay, better to just focus on the details of the injury rather than all the surrounding information. Head trauma. Check for concussion. Possible strains or fractures.

Right. Moving between those gathered, the doctor gets to where he is next to Quinton's bedside. "Alright. The important thing right now is to give him plenty of room so he is not overstimulated, which can aggregate any injuries, and so I can assess the extent of his injuries properly." He turns to Elan again, opening his mouth and pausing "I'm sorry…I don't think we've met…I'm Elijah. Resident doctor. Please help usher people away from this area and either have them gather either on the other side of the room or leave if it is not mandatory for them to be present."

Elijah then looks over to Quinton, "Dizzy? Vomitting? Pain level?" He knew from past experiences to try and keep it simple. Especially with the crowd…he just tried to focus on the patient.

Elan catches Piper's glance, and gives her an apologetic look without saying anything. His eyes go down at Quinton as he speaks, and his brows furrow, then raise as he considers what the man is saying. His hands go down to his hips and rest there, "Hmm. He's right. It could have killed him. I don't know why it jumped at me. Maybe it was just trying to disarm me. Didn't give me much choice but to strike it. Happened real fast," He looks back to Elijah, then to Piper, then straight ahead, "…well, shit. I guess if someone's going to try and make contact with it…it should probably be someone else. I may have, uhh…said some…insensitive and undiplomatic things…after I busted it's skull," his eyes go up to the ceiling above. Two broken skulls within one minute of making first contact with the aliens. Medic of the year, right there. Calling it a space monkey while it ran away probably didn't help, either. As Elijah speaks, he nods, "Elan. I'm a medic, came up from Terlingua," he turns to around to face everyone else, noticing Amy and Monica for the first time, "He's right, we're only going to excite him…let's gather in the hall," he says, gesturing right outside of the examining room door, to the rest of the three bedroom apartment, "There's not much we can do here, at the moment."

Piper is confident she doesn't fit into the category of 'everyone' else when it comes to people leaving the room and going into the hallway. As such she stays right where she is, giving a slight nod to Elan when he acknowledges what is going on.

Quinton makes a nose, a mixture of pitiful pain and angry. "Gahhh! NO!" Contact it? Is he insane?!? Quin starts to struggle upwards again, although he's no match for the tiny Piper currently. "Tell….Mike…..Tell Mike." The poet seems to ignore the questions from Eli for the bigger fear that they could ask an unknown Silencer to tea

The doctor nods as Elan introduces himself, "Nice to meet you." He then leaves the man to the task of ushering people wherever. Eli's own attention is turned back to Quinton. "We'll tell Bob, don't worry." He looks to Piper a moment, "Has Elan checked him for a concussion? Or other injuries? Anything important I need to know?" Trying to get a foundation of where to start here.

Amy sees Quinton struggling. So, she's content that Elan's decision didn't do any serious damage to the man. So she backs up, out of the way, hands folded behind her back, watching.

Monica slips back toward the door, and turns to open it and go outside. Quinton doesn't look like his life's in danger, but… her first aid training screams at her… closed head injuries… it's all way over her head medically, so she figures she's of no use here.

Elan looks back to the Doctor and offers a nod, "He has multiple concussions, I was unable to conduct a focused spinal assessment because he wasn't alert and oriented enough, but he's moving around a lot more now. We dressed his head wounds and I stopped some minor capillary bleeding that he suffered from glass wounds. Looking at him now, he seems to be Alert and Oriented times one or two…his condition has definitely improved since I brought him in. Didn't have my BP cuff or stethoscope on me, but his pulse seemed strong, and while he was breathing shallow at first, I didn't notice any unusual lung sounds that were audible to the naked ear," He nods affirmative to Quinton as he insists that he tell Mike, who the Doctor then identifies as Bob…he's not having very good luck at not upsetting the patient, so he continues to back out the door, "I'll be right outside the door if you need anything, Doctor," He turns back around, facing Amy and Monica, "Ok, so, he's starting to recover…at least, compared to how we found him."

Piper's head bobs up and down at Quinton as she gently pushes him back down again, giving his hand a squeeze. Once he is back down she rubs her free hand up and down his arm in a effort to calm and sooth the poet. To Elijah's questions she can only shrug, but Elan is there to fill in her silence so it's good

Quinton's blood pressure is probably raising now though. The poet is agitated, not uncommon for him with a head injury. He calms a little when he's told Bob will be informed, but glances to Piper, like he wants to say something, but can't. There's slow, now that Eli is close, a faint smell of red wine about the man.

Amy nods to Elan, taking a deep breath and sighing with relief. She had her concerns, and they're being alleviated. He's obviously hurt, but… it could have been much worse.

Monica slips out the door and closes it behind her. She leans against the wall with her eyes closed tight murmuring "no…. no…" over and over again. That's about all that can be seen before the door finishes closing.
Monica leaves, heading towards the Building B [O].
Monica has left.

Elan looks over his shoulder from the doorway, speaking to Elijah, "I didn't see his eyes doing the funky chicken when he first opened them, while I was assessing him…but a slow-developing subdural hematoma is still a definite possibility, with that kind of a blow to the back of the head, so if you want me to check his vitals and dilation every fifteen minutes for the rest of the night, I can stay close." Because bouncy, agitated guy in the bed definitely wants to have his eyes screwed with every fifteen minutes while he tries to sleep off that kind of a headache. He turns back to Amy, "Are you alright? I know that must have all been quite a shock for you, and I didn't have a chance to ask you if you'd been hurt during the scuffle…" He looks over towards Monica as she slips out, raising an eyebrow at her words, before looking back to Amy.

Subduaral hematoma?! Those words are enough to make Piper's eyes widen and bring a look of near panic to her face. So at least she knows what one of those are…or at least that it is bad news. "No!" she manages to get out as she looks from Quin, to Elan and then to Elijah, her expression telling him to tell them that isn't the case.

Elijah glances back enough to just give Elan a nod "That's all the information I need for now, Elan. Thank you." With Piper's exclamation, Monica seems to choose the perfect time to shut the door. With the crowd and chaos on the other side, Elijah quickly tries to do damage control. Looking to Piper he shakes his head "Subduaral hematoma are extremely rare, Piper. Not likely." He lofts a brow then, wrinkling his nose. With all the other smells calming down now…he looks to Quinton. "Is that alcohol?" The tone isn't an accusing or demeaning tone. If there was alcohol involved, he'd definitely need to know before trying to give any kind of medication!

Quinton snarls back, half frustration, half pain, "…bottles broke….cut…" Elan did say he has lacerations, didn't he? Quin can't remember. He tries to get his hand loose from Piper, reaching for his head with both hands if allowed, "No…why….either or. Not both…." He's starting to slip some, the rooms spinning and sentences are wanting to form in lines of poetry.

Amy shrugs weakly to Elan. "I'm ok. I mean, I still wasn't entirely sure what happened out there, except that you guys got attacked or something. If he hadn't gotten like hurt, I'd have no idea."

Elan may have left his bedside manner on the far side of the moon after the alien apocalypse, but considering it's the first bed he's seen in a year or so, that's probably not too surprising. It still bothers him. He didn't mean to upset Piper, and he could tell that she was upset as the door closed, but given the mechanism of injury, the sort of acceleration and deceleration that had to have taken place for him to be flung with such rapid force, he had to remind the Doctor. His eyes seem to flit back and forth as if they're reading over the pages of some invisible book at ninety pages a minute, while he considers the possibility…if one did develop, it could develop any time over the next week, and require burr holes or a craniotomy for drainage, but without the means to conduct a non-invasive neurological examination, it wouldn't be a good prognosis. Maybe he should have whispered it to the Doctor. His mind races over everything that he could have missed, and everything that he could have done better. It's been a long time, "I don't know if you saw it, or not…" he says while still looking down, before his eyes travel back up to Amy, "…but it had the appearance of a man. Obviously it didn't move like one. But it could, if it wanted to. Please promise me you'll be very cautious if you go outside the walls…especially if you see anyone you don't know. These…things…or people, whatever they are," he thinks of what Monica was telling him, "…are controlled by the aliens. …and they kill people. Very proficiently, and without mercy. I don't know why it didn't kill him, but we can't trust that it wont try to kill anyone it encounters here in the future. It's what they do. It's what they're made to do," he explains.

Piper does let go of the hand so Quinton can what he needs across to them. She understands the first part of what he is saying, but is still working through the second when Eli explains to her that he should be free of that, but it is still going to be a worry in the back of her head for awhile. As Elan starts to talk about the Silencer that attacked them she seems to take an immense interest in her fisted hands now resting in her lap.

"Alright," Elijah nods and seems to be relieved at that. At least he didn't have to worry about any kind of interaction. Then, as Quinton begins to try and sort out his thoughts to them, the doctor lofts a brow and looks to Piper. "Is he asking 'why not both'? Both what?"

Elijah's attention goes back to Quinton, "I'm going to check your vitals." Since Elan had said he hadn't had a stethoscope or other supplies. Reaching into his bag, he pulls out his stethoscope and proceeds to check said vitals if Quinton didn't stop him.

Quinton moves to run his fingers through his hair, a habit when he thinks or is upset, but there's bandages and pain there so he stops, "Is a man…is….was…will be…" He doesn't fight Eli, but his eyes close and he's starting to look little green. "We're attached, and now it's too late…too much." His blood pressure is high, and his dilated. "There is work still, so you must not idly stand waiting. Do it now, do it now…."

If Piper gets what Quinton is talking about she really doesn't have the words to explain it to the doctor, so she just kinda wobbles her head at him, not a no not a yes…she's a real help!

As the poet continues to talk she remains her mute self, listening and trying to figure out what he is trying to tell them. He seems to be increasingly agitated though and looking green so for now she keeps her hands in her lap.

Listening to his vitals, Elijah finally looks back up at Elijah and Piper. "You have a concussion…as well as an elevated blood pressure." His attention then goes directly to Piper. "Keep rubbing his arm. Help calm him down. Make sure he stays awake though." He would suggest tea, but given Quin's last reaction to tea…yeah no. He'd look back to the other man then "I need to check your injuries now. So you will feel some discomfort, but it will be okay." He wasn't even sure how much of this Quin was processing, but he still felt the need to say it. Unless Quin protested, he would then proceed with checking his cuts as well as any areas that may have been injured in the incident.

The cuts have been cleaned off, Elan cut off Quin's sweater, so the man was shirtless. There's not huge, or very deep. Just painful. Quin makes another annoyed noise and will slowly turn his head to look at Piper with unfocused, almost pleadingly. Like she can magically understand him. "We're falling again…."

She might not have comprehended the meaning of all the words coming out of Quinton's mouth, but she understands the falling part. And she has come to learn it isn't just a strange bout of vertigo. Between Eli's suggestion to calm him and his own pleading look at her she once more reaches to take his hand, to give him a bit of that calmness he can't seem to muster. "And when we fall we will fall together, No one will catch us so we'll catch ourselves, And where we roam we will roam forever, No one will understand what we meant." she can't get her own words out, but she is fine with singing others. And so the poetry versus lyrics banter begins.

Elijah keeps his attention on the task at hand, bandaging up the cuts that were bad enough. Stitching if necessary. Mostly just bandaging or band aids though. However, one area of Quin has him furrowing his brow in concern. "Bruised ribs. Rest." He looks back to Quinton, "Take it easy." He then nods to Piper to make sure she'd hold him to it. "Cold will help. Pain medicine too." He reaches in his bag, getting a bottle and offering it to Quin to take some.

Piper's words seem to grab the man's attention, he stares at her, eyes trying to latch onto her form. He visibly seems to relax, his hand holding onto hers. He doesn't respond, just watches her, but then Eli is talking again, distracting him and Quin's eyebrows come together as he frowns, slowly gutting his head, moving like he's underwater. "Nothing good come of it."

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