(2016-03-11) The Fruits of the Past -or- Getting Through the Night
The Fruits of the Past -or- Getting Through the Night
Summary: Seeing Quint in Medical stirred up Mon's flashbacks, so she goes to the bar. Being Mon, she winds up fixing something.
Date: 2016.03.11
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<FS3> Monica rolls Electrician: Good Success.

Monica is amusing herself, trying not to think about the flashbacks earlier this evening. They go away sooner if you let them go, right? Mon doesn't actually know. Psych isn't one of her fields. She makes a mental note to talk to Amy, and returns to the problem at hand. The problem at hand, in this case, is the profoundly dead jukebox. Clearly she's been at it a while, since she has the back off and its ancient vacuum tube chassis pulled out in her lap. She's going over it systematically with her galvanometer. To generate an electrical signal for testing she has a penny and a nickel taped to wires in her mouth. If the thing had been plugged in this year, she'd be risking life and limb. At any rate, by the time Sophia arrives, she's apparently found something, since she has the butane soldering iron from her toolbox fired up and is soldering at the chassis.

Sophia raises an eyebrow as she lugs in the heavy looking pail of milk. Not that she minds the woman working on it, but it's awful late. "Is everything alright, Monica?" Soph herself looks extremely tired.

Monica looks up at Sophia, her eyes more than a little red. She spits the battery out into one hand and turns the soldering iron off to conserve fuel. "Well… I kind of… Quintin got hurt, I guess, and it kind of… set me off. I was really hoping to get something to drink… a beer… something hard… anything really. But nobody was here, and I didn't want to just take it, so… I figured I'd wait and tinker with this thing." She looks down at it. "I may actually be able to get it to go. Vacuum tubes don't care at all about EMPs. There was a burnt motor connection, and a few fried inductors I had to cobble back together, but… it's a pretty simple beast.

Sophia frowns slightly, moving the pail over to the bar top, "Of course. I don't have beer yet. What kind of hard do you want?" Hard she can do. As she moves around the counter, "What happen to Quinton, is he ok?" The Hispanic woman nods to the news about the jukebox, "Excellent."

You say, "Doesn't matter. Long as it's not tequila. Bourbon or rye or even vodka is fine. With water if you have it handy." She checks a connection and pokes the battery back in her mouth to make a few more tests, then spits it out again and hoists the chassis back into the jukebox and begins screwing it in. "I'm up because there's no way I could sleep anyway. Why're you up at this hour?""

Sophia nods, she does! A vodka bottle comes out and she pulls out a tumbler glass. A double is poured into it and slide over in Monica's direction, implying the woman should stop and come get the drink. The same is done with a glass of water from a pitcher. It's room temp, but it's the best Soph ca do. She notices the avoidance of her question, and while it doesn't matter that a question wasn't answered, she wants to know if Quin is alive or not. "Is Quinton alright?" She won't answer about herself till Monica alleviates that worry at least.

Monica sighs. "I don't know. Eli was taking care of him, and he was moving and talking, and his speech falls apart at the best of times, so… it's hard to tell. I don't want to say yes or no. He was alive and conscious when I left, and it didn't seem like they were frantically trying to fix a bleed in his head or something. I'm sorry I can't tell you more than that." She grunts, reaching deep into the bowels of the machine to wiggle some controls back into their proper place. "If he were in a hospital from before… with all the tools and shit they have there… I'd say yes, he'll be fine. Eli seems to know his stuff, so… hopefully he'll be fine.

Sophia's lips press together, but she nods. "Okay." At leafs he's not dead, which is kinda what Sop feared from Monica's reaction. "Si…Eli is very smart. If Quinton can be helped, Eli will be able to do it." The tiny woman taps the counter with a long finger, "I have been having trouble sleeping, I decided to do some work, instead of laying and starring at the ceiling." It's a good thing too! If Monica had corm in here and Soph had been sleeping, there may have been guns pulled in sleepy confusion.

Monica shakes her head. "No, no. Not dead. That much is for sure." She looks up at Sophia and sets down her screwdriver. "You want to talk about what keeps you up nights? Maybe… I dunno. It's supposed to help, right?"

Sophia snorts: snorts, her nose wrinkling, but she then laughs warmly, "I'm a listener, not a talker." There's a motion to the building they're in, "This was my life before, just with more patrons and much less clothes." This seems to amuse her and she laughs, moving to grab herself a glass from underneath the counter.

Monica snorts back. "Seriously? Like what kind of a bar did you run?" She screws the back on the jukebox and plugs it in, pausing to listen to the generator. "Is there a fire extinguisher in this place, just in case I messed this up?"

Sophia pours herself a glass of water, laughing, "Lets just say there was a lot of dancing happening." Ah ha! That kind of bar! She nods, "Si….I have one under the bar here." She should check the dates on it, honestly. "You won't mess it up."

Monica takes a deep breath and flips the switch. Nothing much happens, but the lights come on. She looks over the music list. "Okay… Johnny Horton I've heard of. Battle of Bull Run… heard it…" She punches F9. The turntable starts, and very, very quietly, the opening banjo part of the song emerges from the speakers. Mon ducks behind the machine with her screwdriver and the music gets a lot louder. She comes out from behind the machine smiling.

Sophia eyebrows raise and she smiles as the lights come on, "That is promising." As music floods the room, and then louder Soph laughs, slapping the counter with her hand. "Hot damn, now we're a bar!" Monica's drink is pushed closer, "Come, drink!"

Monica puts her tools back in her toolbox and closes it up, then goes over to the bar. "It seems so loud… after all this time." She hops up on a bar stool and picks up her glass. She raises it in salute to Sophia. "To the future. With the fruits of the past," she says softly.

"Si….To the future." The barkeep raises her water glass and grins. "We will have a celebration. Plan out out next goals….get different records!" She's laughing though, not really complaining. Anything is music to her ears.

Monica clinks her glass with Sophia's. "And to getting through the night."

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