(2016-03-12) Mixing Past and Present
Mixing Past and Present
Summary: Quinton's brain is a bit timey-wimey, Piper tries to cope
Date: 3.12.2016
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First Aid/Medical

It's almost like deja vu. Except Piper knows she has been here before, in this exact spot, under quite similar circumstances. In the background is the sound of morning doves outside the window and other bird calls, an indication that it could be morning. Setting the tray down on the bedside table she sits on the edge of the bed to lean over the Quinton, "Hey." it's a near whisper as a hand goes to his shoulder and she gives a gentle shake "You need to wake up."

Quinton looks peaceful, ironically enough. His face is smooth as he sleeps, his breathing even. At the shake, the blonde's eyebrows draw together, clearly not happy with the command. It's Sunday, there's nothing to get up for, why is he being shaken awake? A hand weakly rises to try to push who ever it is away. He knows he should try to remember her name, but come on. There's birds chirping, for christ sake. Birds….and then that's when his brain, and the headache, come crashing in, reminding him he's not waking up in his apartment after a reading. A shaking gasp and pale eyes snap open, confused. Maybe it's his location, or the pain. Or both (Why not). He turns his head towards Piper, confused, "What…happened?"

She's not giving up that easy. He may have another concussion but he can't sleep the day away. "It's okay." Piper says quickly to the reaction she receives. Well it's as okay as it ever is. There is a slight frown at the question, but she isn't surprised at his lack of remembering "You, Elan were attacked. You were tossed and hit your head." she reaches to brush the bandage on the side of his head "Head hurt?"

Quinton winces at the touch, answering that question. His hand raises to take hers. "Attacked?" He must have hit it pretty hard. Or maybe it's just one too many hits. If she lets him, his fingers lace into hers. "…sleepy. Come to bed." Or maybe he's confusing a lot of things. He even manages a soft tug in his direction.

Well the wincing answers part of that question for her "Yes. You got worst of it." sparing him the details of who/what did the attacking for now. "You will be." at the tugging she smiles, resistance at first as she glances at the tray then back "Okay, but you have to eat later." with that she crawls in beside him "Place was packed last night." she swirls the finger of her free hand to indicate the room.

Quinton grumbles, "Not hungry." but the grumbling stops when she settles in next to him. That's much better. "Yeah?" Immediately his eyes slide closed, the warmth of her against his side is nice. Why does his side hurt so bad? "Word must be getting out about the new book…" Oh boy.

"Still gotta eat." hungry or not it will happen, but it can wait a little longer. Piper hates that he is injured, but this part of it is good "I'm pretty sure the whole camp came through to check on ou." then their is a moment of confusion from her and she realizes that his mind is stuck in the past again, like it was the last time "Yeah." she says in an almost sigh "It is a great one." she can say that much and sound convincing.

Quinton snorts, "Don't lie." He's smirking though, turning his head to nuzzle into her hair. "Vultures, most of them." His hand moves and he shifts with a grunt to snake an arm underneath her shoulder and lay his hand on her hip. It's much more intimate that he normally is. "Sleep more, then we'll go get coffee, ok?"

"Never." she tells him about the lying bit. Piper has nothing to say about him calling everyone vultures, it kinda makes her laugh actually. His affectionate manner is certainly pushing the boundaries of her don't touch me complex, a soft breath is taken in and let out and she otherwise keeps still "Yeah. Where for coffee?" her tone is calm at least, though her heart is getting racey.

Quinton's not being gropey, at least. Just snuggly, casual and comfortable. Where ever he is in his mind, he's very comfortable with her. "Anywhere but that fucking cafe that burns the expresso. I don't know why everyone likes it there, besides it's hipster." There's a long pause as things don't mesh in his head, he knows that cafe's no longer there, right? "…attacked….are you ok?" He was…mugged? In a train yard?

She has no clue where he is talking about, there are so many coffee shops in New York, and that's where she has to assume he thinks he is, "Not that place." Piper gives a shake of her head then lifts it to look at him when he asks "Fine. Wasn't there." or stop it, if she could, who knows. "Just worried 'bout you."

Quinton's hand tightens on her hip protectively. Not that the poet would be able to do anything to protect her, but the urge is there. "…the kids?" Mayeb he's coming back to TX a little bit, "There was…a scream…" Amy's scream sounded young, her remembers that while in the air. pale eyes try to focus on the woman laying next to him and he raises another hand to touch her cheek, "You’re not hurt..I was falling…." Maybe a little more literal than when he usually says it.

"They are fine too. Everyone is fine." Piper's brow furrows in thought, not sure about the scream, "Think Amy was there. She's fine too, just shaken up a bit." there is a gentle shake of her head "No." she assures him again that she is okay, "You did fall, and landed next to me."

Quinton frowns, everything is mixed up in his head (Which is pounding). How much did he drink last n night? "Okay…." He scoots a little closer to her, pressing his side against hers, "I think we should move." It's too dangerous here.

She makes a thoughtful hmmming noise as an arm is draped over his chest, "Maybe." she isn't sure about that idea, but she doesn't naysay it. She continues to look up at him, her head resting on his shoulder "Not easy finding a new spot and moving the whole camp again." she assumes 'we' means everyone.

Camp? She wants to go camping? He supposes the kids would like that. "I'm not good with tents and crap…." His eyes stay closed and he snuggles into her more, "But if you want we can try….after more sleep…"

That's amusing even though she realizes she lost him again, at least partially "Yes, after sleep." and after he recovers from his latest head injury. Piper scoots up long enough to place a kiss on his scruffy cheek "Sweet dreams." and she'll drift off herself shortly after he does, cause it was a long night of fruitless Silencer hunting for her.

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