(2016-03-13) Pertinent Information
Pertinent Information
Summary: Piper shares necessary info with Elan
Date: 3.13.2016
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First Aid/Medical

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.

Piper has been spending most of her time in the infirmary. When she does go out it's late, and well after dark and when most are sleeping. Not that anyone would notice, she has a reputation of being ghostlike and if she doesn't wanna be seen she usually isn't. She is in the living/kitchen area, holding baby Quinn on her hip as she heats water over a lantern. Since it is daytime the generator is off, why waste the gas if the power isn't needed.

Elan steps up to the door of the infirmary, dripping with rain, his eyes sunk into his head and glazed like someone who hasn't been getting much sleep. He has a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope in his hand, his jump kit slung over his shoulder. He nocks softly and quietly on the door, before slowly pushing it open with his empty hand. His eyes immediately go to Piper and Quinn, in the kitchen, "How're you all holding up?"

The noise and the door opening has the woman turning to see who it is and she puts a finger to her lips, "Shhh." she motions to the other room and pantomimes sleeping. Seeing his damp state she reaches into the cupboard and pulls out a towel to hand over "Okay." oh my…she speaks! Unlike him she actually looks more rested than she usually does, despite her late night excursions. "Cof-fee?" she knows there is the instant stuff around here somewhere.

Elan smiles warmly at Piper as she hands him a towel, placing his equipment on a chair and removing his hat with his empty hand to do the same with it. He says in a hushed tone, "I won’t wake him, then, he needs his rest," as she offers coffee, he nods and says in his whisper, "That would be wonderful, thank you. I just wanted to stop in to see if you needed anything," he dries his face and neck with the towel, rediscovering a dry spot on his person for the first time in two days or so.

Piper begins to search the cupboards for the coffee, the baby of her hip gumming a rubber spoon and turning his head this way and that to keep eyes on the stranger. "Okay." she nods at the not waking part as she finds what she is looking for and mixes some of the coffee crystals into the water she had warming, "No-thing." she answers, what she needs can't be scavenged "Luck?" she asks then adds "Silencer?" to that question to maybe clear up what she is asking.

Elan looks to Piper, "I've been nested on the southeastern corner of the perimeter, across Chestnut from the water tower at the first street wall, ever since I brought Quin back. This is pretty much the first time I've taken my eyes off of the railroad and highway 57…and there's still two people down there watching. The silencer hasn't followed the same in-route back into town, and no one else has spotted him. He's staying away, for the moment. How was your day?"

Handing the coffee over Piper can't help but make an amused sound at what Elan relates "Wrong." it's not that she has seen him or anything "Won't see." she tells him as she fills another mug with water from a pitcher and sets it on the lantern to warm "Unless…" she leaves the rest of that hanging, and not entirely on purpose.

Elan takes the cup of coffee with a smile, "Thank you," he says, holding it up to his face, breathing in the first warm substance he's had in front of him to consume since last night, "He's definitely sneaky. There's not much that I can do, other than watch, though," he says, finally sipping the coffee, "He grabbed Quin before I could stop him…and I let him get away…if I had been faster, none of this would have happened," he admits his regret…perhaps a bit of an unreasonable regret, considering that matching the abilities of their assailant would have been beyond the capacity of any human, "…I'm just glad that he's back safe, and that he's healing. I'm sorry that this happened."

Piper bites back another laugh at what Elan is saying. His regret isn't funny, his belief that he could stop it though…"No." she shakes her head "You…" she gives a frustrated sigh, dang her words…or lack thereof. She moves to strap Quinn in his bouncy chair and then grabs one of the notebooks and pencils Elijah keeps laying around and begins to write "You couldn't stop him. I was.." was is underlined, "one and I probably couldn't stop him." the notebook is handed over. Is she admitting what it sounds like she is admitting?

Elan nods as he reads the paper, handing the notebook back towards Piper. He assumes that she hasn't given everyone that news flash, as it's the first he's heard about it, and he has no intentions of ever blabbing about it to anyone else, "He definitely has an edge. I'm still not certain how it was that we stumbled upon him unarmed…" he almost bites his lip, "…I hit him pretty hard, though. He could be badly injured, I almost went to look for him to see if he needs…help…" he has to think about his logic, there, but can't seem to come to any reasonable conclusion, other than it's what he does, "…but as fast as he got away, I'm sure he holed up somewhere that I'm not going to find him, before he stopped moving."

Piper tilts her head at Elan, studying him for a moment. But if he isn't going to make a big deal, yay for her. "Heals fast." she snaps a finger to indicate how fast, though it may be a bit of an exaggeration. "Nan-nites." she takes the notebook and writes something out, but instead of handing it over she reads it out loud. "Ever think…wanted…seen?" okay that didn't work out quite as intended, words are dropped, but it's a start.

Elan nods towards Piper, suddenly understanding a great deal more about the Silencers, "Nanobiotics…I see, that explains a lot," maybe it's that he knew she was different from the moment he met her, or that there's something inside of him that tells him it doesn't make them any less human. Maybe it's that she trusted telling him. Whatever the reason, it doesn't seem like a big deal to him, although it does spark some concern in the back of his mind that she could be persecuted by some of the others if they all knew, and it's a secret he intends to keep, "That's exactly what I was thinking, actually…which makes it unfortunate that we all took to being so alert," he says, reflecting on the fact that he's the one who first raised the hue and cry, "…and even more unfortunate that I wounded him. I'm glad he'll heal quickly, though. I was worried that I might have mortally wounded him, with that blow to the head. Whatever his motive, he wasn't engaging us outright. At least no one was killed."

Certainly explains why Silencers are stronger and faster than humans, though not why they want to kill people. Piper probably couldn't explain that either really. "Not all want to kill." she says after writing her words down and reading them back "Might be back."

Elan nods slowly to Piper, "Well that's definitely good news," he says to the not killing part, "I'll try not to get into an altercation with him if he does, and let him make contact on his own terms, if he's not shooting up the place. I might have overreacted in the railyard…but there was someone stalking in the shadows there, and I was afraid that he was going to hurt Quin and Amy. I'm not really sure how else it could have been handled, under the circumstances…it was an unfortunate meeting."

"Scared..maybe." she knows she got scared when he came around before, "Merging..nanites…can mess up.." Piper wiggles her fingers around her head to indicate the brain. Maybe that's why she has so much trouble with the talking and most people. "Saw before…" she gestures to the other room where Quinton sleeps, "reservoir. Hid." she has never really been all that comfortable with the talk of Silencers so does a topic shift "Set-tling?

Elan listens and nods, seeming to understand what's just been related to him perfectly…the fellow might be scared, he was seen before and hid, and the process of nanites merging with the brain can sometimes cause neurological damage. Got it. He smiles warmly at her, changing the subject as she does, "Yes, thank you…I've been staying over on Chestnut street, along the wall there. I'd been trying to minimize my presence so as not to make the others uncomfortable, until I can get that blood test from Eli that Bob wanted done. I just finished putting up a small shelter, so that I can crawl back out of the rain at night, where I've been watching the wall," The others are rightfully wary of newcomers, he knows that. At least his presence doesn't seem to make Piper too terribly uncomfortable. He probably feels more comfortable with her than with the others, now that he thinks about it. He doesn't have to wonder if she's secretly a silencer with a hidden alien agenda. She is a silencer. One who's kind to children, and protective of them. He's fine with that. He feels like he knows her better than what he knows the rest of them, he decides, "Have you been comfortable in here? Is there anything that I can bring you from anywhere?"

There is more amusement from Piper, "Bob's.." the word won't come so that she writes out for him 'cautious. Nan-ite check." she knows why he wants the blood check and she'll go ahead at tell Elan "Not Silencer. Knew at once." she finds the fact that anyone could think Elan was a silencer funny. "Very." she's more comfortable here than most places. She shakes her head again and that's when baby Quinn starts to get fussy about something and she switches into mothermode, taking him into the other empty room so his crying doesn't the sleeping patient.

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