(2016-03-14) Explanations
Summary: Amy get a crash course in what's going on
Date: 3.14.2016
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First Aid/Medical

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit instititutinal. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It's been enough days that Quin's starting to go a little stir crazy. He's not healing as fast as he's done in the past, but that's going to happen with as many hits to the noggin as the poet has taken. The weather is cooperating with him at least as he's wearing one of his sweaters. This morning finds him sitting in a chair near the window, open book in his lap. He's staring at the pages, but there's not been a page turn in nearly 20 minutes.

Returning to the room after taking care of a hungry baby Quinn, Piper carries the now dozing infant against her shoulder gently patting his back to lull him the rest of the way into sleep. She isn't all that surprised to see the poet zoning but isn't sure quite how long he has been that way, just that is has happened since she step out about 1/2 hour ago. "Hey." crossing the room a hand goes to his shoulder "Need anything?"

Amy comes on in. The last time she was here, she was shooed out, so she doesn't step in far, just far enough that she can peek in to see how the guy's doing.

Quinton doesn't look up till there's a hand actually touching him. He blinks slowly, almost comically. "Hey Darcy…" She gets a soft, spacey smile. One hand leaves the book to lift and gently touch the back of her hand briefly. "Where'd you go?" Wasn't she right here? Perhaps it's the way he turns to look at her, but he's able to see Amy sticking her head into the room. Pale eyes narrow, he knows her. "Are….you ok?" She was screaming, wash;t she?

The name has her arching her brows and she glances to the book he has open, nope not Pride and Prejudice, which is good since that was a Mr. Darcy in that book. There is a bit of a chuckle and she leans over to give the brain-addled man a kiss on the head "Feeding Quinn." she answers, shrugging the shoulder the baby sleeps against. The question, clearly not aimed at her has Piper turning towards the door and spotting the younger woman herself. A ghost of a smile comes to her face and she gives a head motion to indicate Amy can come in.

Amy does step in. She remains quiet, and stands a distance from Quinton and Piper. Each gets a little wave.

A soft exhale of breath at the kiss on the forehead. It stops the throbbing in his head momentarily. Quin's eyes flicker to the babe, almost to remind himself of who he is before he nods, "Oh course." baby needs feed. he knew that. When Amy waves and doesn't speak that has Quinton questing himself. Can she talk? maybe she didn't scream? Who screamed? The book is slowly, closed, no book mark put in to keep place. It's a volume of shakespeare works. He continues to watch Amy.

Piper herself isn't much of a talker in front of strangers and people she barely knows, so she too just looks at Amy, her head canted, a slight quizzical look on her face. Removing the hand from Quinton's shoulder she makes a kind of swirling hand gesture to Amy, like a carry on or say something type of thing. This is going to be really weird if they are just standing around staring at each other.

Amy finds herself the center of attention, and she laughs quietly. "Hello. I just wanted to check in." Looking to Quinton. "Outside, when it happened, and I'm still not entirely sure what happened, I mean, Elan said it was aliens but I couldn't really see very well what was happening. But like, I couldn’t tell just how hurt you were, so I was worried."

Oh good, she was there! his brain isn’t completely wacked. Not completely. He nods slowly, "Yes…It was a …Silencer. He should ahem taken us all out…" Quin's not exactly sure why he didn't, especially if he attacked. He shrugs, although the motion makes him look like he's underwater, "Had worse." And that's just kinda depressing.

A frown comes to Piper's face, the Silencer topic is a touchy one for her, though there is no way for Amy to know that. It does make her speak though "Not an alien." her tone remarkably flat as she says it. Depending on how well Quinton's brain is working he may realize it's herself she is talking about and not just saying in general that it wasn't an alien that attacked, big maybe though. Her expression softens though as he reminds her of the other injuries he as received and a nod is given in agreement. He has the worst luck when it comes to getting injured.

Amy shrugs at Piper. "I don't know what it was. I'm just saying what Elan said. Something attacked him, and something else attacked Quinton. I didn’t see what attacked Quinton, and whatever attacked Elan, I barely saw, since it was over fast, and it was dark. So I don't even know. I was too surprised by everything to really react."

Quinton frowns, shaking his head, "No…Only one. It was a Silencer." There weren't two there, or they would surely be dead, everyone. Although now the idea of them working together is in his head and will be the fodder for many nightmares to come. "You're ok though?" He desires, or maybe it's his back finally aching enough, to lean back into the chair. Maybe he can leave after lunch. Or sneak out when Piper goes to deal with the kids next.

Well it seems Quinton and Piper knows exactly what it was and it clearly disturbs the poet, if it disturbs the woman she isn't showing it as freely. Holding up one finger to second what Quinton says she moves to the rocking chair, that always seems to follow her depending on where she is spending most of her time "Still look-ing." she comments as she pulls the rocking chair closer to the window then sits to rock the infant still sleeping on her shoulder.

Amy nods. "Yeah I didn't like… well nothing happened to me. Elan kept like yelling at me to run but I didn't know what was going on or anything." She takes a deep breath and leans on the wall. "Very crazy. Did I come to the wrong place?"

Quinton's head tilts and his eyes narrow as he studies the girl. Well, he tries, he's still having a hard time focusing. "You…have to decide that. But no place…is going to be safe." Not until the giant floating alien ship is gone, anyway. and even then, Quin thinks it's going to take a few generations to get things back in order. Giving up on trying to pick up on anything visual from Amy he sighs, lifting a hand to gently rub his forehead. "But…run." Usually if someone tells you to run, you should. If there's anything he's learned during this apocalypse, it's that.

There is a nod from Piper at what is said "No…" there is a pause for words. She was doing fine with the speaking thing earlier, but it's a bit fallen to peices now "right….place." one syllable at a time. At least part of the next generation is here in camp and they can be molded properly to help straighten everything out. "It's okay." she reassures Amy, "Saf-er here." certainly safer here than out there, by herself. If it wasn't would she be be here with her son and flock of foundling children?

Amy takes a deep breath. "I don't now if that's like, reassuring or not. Since you guys are basically saying that this is starting to happen everywhere." Now she goes quiet, shaking her head a bit. "At least you're moving and talking. I wasn't sure if you would be."

Quinton frowns, unsure where Amy's been for the past year. "It is happening…everywhere." He has a feeling the Young woman will freak at that so he adds, "It's why…important we gather….fight back." His nose wrinkles, but then he winces from the motion, "Normal." He's normally hurt? Or this is how he normally talks? or something else?

Piper looks at Amy, her expression growing sympathetic that the young woman was on her own for so long. It's not easy, that much she knows. The wincing is noticed and she furrows her brows slightly before she once more gets up, "Here…" she carefully hands the sleeping infant over to Quinton, before heading into the other room real quick. He's never refused holding him before, so doesn't think Quinton is going to do so now.

Amy stretches a bit, arms thrown over her head, before she folds her hands behind her head, leaning against the wall. She looks to one, then the other. "Well like I don't mean all the stuff. I eman people coming and like, randomly attacking people. I guess because I wasn't really like, settled down anywhere I never heard about that, if it was happening all along? I mean… was this happening all along, that stuff?"

Quinton can't not. The babe is taken, although he favours holding him against his non bruised side. Thankfully his ribs weren't broke. Piper is watched as she leaves the room, so that leaves Quin to answer, "Yes…after plague, they started attacking…" The Silencers, that is. Quinn's back gets rubbed softly, seems the man's held the baby enough to know what he likes. "Trying to wipe us out, so…we need to…fight…"

Piper is only gone long enough to get a couple of OTC pain killers and a glass of water. Well the attack on Elan and Quinton was pretty random she will agree to that much, it was very weird, but not the first Silencer they have come across that didn't kill them on sight. The aspirin is handed over to Quinton first and once that is taken the water "Not work-ing." meaning the aliens are failing so far to do the job.

Amy takes a deep breath. "This is crazy. So what you're saying is, these things probably would have like, come after the camp we'd made, if everyone else hadn't gotten sick. God… This is crazy."

Quinton eyes the pills, he doesn't like to sue them, but…his head is pounding. So he takes them and pops the pills into his mouth before reaching for the water. He'll keep Quinn where he is, he's warm and he's nice against the poet's side. It's actually making him a little sleepy, but he hasn't realized that just yet. Instead the glass is handed back with a soft, "Thanks Brenda." Amy gets a head tilt, "There's a giant space ship in the sky….It is crazy. But it's what's happening."

"Yes." Piper won't soften it our sugar coat it for Amy. It is what it is, and in this case, well it isn't good, but Amy is alive and well so at least that part is good. "Find books?" she asks of Amy as she takes the glass back and sets it aside. A bit of a grin appears when he decides to keep holding the infant, her arms could use a break anyway. Yes sudden subject change, she does that when she thinks that the conversation has gotten a bit to heavy

Amy shakes her head. "Not yet. I haven't really gotten to talk to a lot of people yet about that. But um, there does seem interest in like… trying to figure out how to help people who need some help mentally, so is there like… I mean. Is there someone I should talk to who organized finding stuff like that?"

Quinton blinks, confused. "Books?" Finding things? that's usually him. He's got plenty of books. Quinn keeps getting rubs and the older Quin starts swaying unconsciously, rocking both the baby and himself.

"Us." Piper supplies "Kayla?" she gives a hand wobble with that one though, the other Wells is a little harder to pin down with her other responsibilities and all. "Li-bra-ry." she makes a gesture between her and Amy and then out in the direction of the supposed location "Later?" that could be an offer though how much later is the question.

Amy doesn't quite follow the few words Piper spits out, not having all the context. "You'll show me a library later? That'd be great, thanks. I mean… if I'm going to try to help people I'm totally going to have to do a lot of reading and stuff."

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Quinton blinks again, fighting a yawn, "What books?" No one answered him. At least he doesn't think they did.

Piper nods at Amy, that is exactly what she meant. Glancing at the sleepy looking Quinton she "You too." she tells him but it will be after he rests a bit. Maybe she thinks three days is plenty of time spent in the infirmary without a short break for fresh air. It's his head that's broken, not his legs. As for what books, well that part she isn't exactly clear on, so she looks to Amy to answer that one

Amy had no idea he was asking a question. So she smiles now when he asks, and shrugs a little. "Books on mental illness. A DSM would be good. Books on therapy, and treatments. Basically all sorts of books on clinical psychology and psychiatry. I'm not a doctor but I'm probably the closet we have to someone who can guess a diagnosis and figure out some sort of treatment." She snorts, and smiles weakly. "In normal times I'd say I'm the last person who should actually apply a diagnosis, but unless we get an actual MD who's experienced in that, I'm the best we've apparently got." She then takes a deep breath.

Quinton glances once to Piper and then back to Amy. "Oh." ok, maybe he missed something? "I have….some." He's the resident pack rat for a reason. "When I can get out of here…I'll…get them for you." He looks back to Piper to see how she reacts to the news there's a sort of shrink here.

There are few things that Quinton doesn't collect, books and sweaters being the top two items on the list, so there is a confirming nod. Not that she has to validate what the man says, but ya know. As for what she thinks, she sorta knew that's what Amy had studied in the past, from earlier conversations. The news that Amy is planning on actually putting it into practice has that veil of stocism dropping over her face once more. She'll probably need convincing, just like she had to have to go anywhere near Elijah at first.

Amy shrugs and smiles weakly. "Take your time, take your time."

That's what Quin thought. He's gonna end up fighting Piper to get her to talk to the girl. It doesn't really dawn on him she might be able to help him as well. His issues are all physical trauma and fever related. He doesn't think those can be fixed. Piper gets an encouraging smile before he looks back to Amy. "Ok…good. I'll…." He starts to sit up a little straighter, but doesn't get very far, baby and pain remind him of his injuries. Another wince from the poet, he's a mess.

Well not everything can be easy. Piper gives on a lot of things, usually when it comes other people's needs. Other people come first not herself, which could stem from her issues. A hand goes back to the poet's shoulder "Easy." she tells Quinton but there is no pressure at the touch, it's gentle just like her tone "Need any-thing?" the question is directed to Amy. The girl didn't come here with much as far as she saw, and she is all about sharing everything but the peanut butter.

Amy smiles weakly. "I'm… well other than the books, I'm not really sure yet. I have a place to live, and food, and um… I don't know. Books would be great. I don't know. I'm not hurt. I'm not sick."

Quinton seems to relax when Piper touches him, melting back into the chair. Which is fine with the baby who's started to snore. His free hand reaches up to touch Piper's gentle before he asks Amy, "Clothes?…shoes?" He's pretty good at finding the right sizes for people.

It's like she is magic or something. ;) He is good at that, even when said people are as short and small framed as Piper is. No shoes for her though. The woman is perpetually barefoot, no one has ever seen her wear shoes and only occasionally socks when it is really cold. "Chocolate?" that's always a favorite and increasingly hard to find.

Amy shrugs. "I've been like, living in what I have for a year now so like… I don't know. Hard to worry about stuff. Chocolate… would be interesting."

Quinton frowns, that's the most indecisive answer he's heard in a long time. A tint head shake, if she's not jones of chocolate, he'll give it to people that are. "Well, if you want clothes…let me know."

Chocolate…interesting…Piper has never heard it said quite like that. Amy gets a bit of a perplexed look from Piper at that, one that pretty much says 'Seriously?"

This afternoon, Quinton has found himself, not only out of bed in a chair by the window but the holder of a sleeping baby Quinn, Piper stands near him as they chat with Amy.

Piper is sorta speechless for a moment but then nods, Quinton pretty much said it all.

Amy snickers. "Chocolate. I love choclate. It just feels you know, kind of silly to think about it at time like this. But god that would be good the more I think about it." She's leaning on a wall, not far from the door, hands folded behind her head. She came in to check on Quinton but is just having a conversation now.

Monica was on her way out scavenging/hunting, but she thought she'd poke her head in and check on Quinton. Turns out he's got a whole entourage today. She sets her rifle down by the door, then notes the children present and picks it back up again, and heads on in. "Hey guys." She gets into the pouch slung over her shoulder and rummages around.

Quinton looks tired, but the snoring baby leaning against his chest is better medicine than anything they could give him. Well, that and the aspirin that's starting to alleviate his headache some. "Things that make us happy….that's all the more important now…" And for still being kinda wiggy, he's talking pretty good. Today would ahem been a near perfect day without the head injury. He might have even been able to write! Monica gets a slightly brighter smile, he remembers her checking in on him, "Hi Teresa. Hunting?

"Lit-tle things." Piper says in response to Amy finally agreeing that something would be good "More norm-al." she could use all the more normal says she can get…because this new normal can sometimes really blow. The entrance of Monica has her giving a wave to the other woman and greeting in a similar fashion "Hey."

Amy snickers and sighs a little. Monica gets a wave, the weapon geting a look. She then shrugs to the others. "You're probably right. I mean.. I've been on my own what feels like forever. I haven’t been able to relax. Once I actually do like, relax, I'm going to break down and need chocolate badly."

Monica nods. "Yeah. I have a new batch of gunpowder I need to try out too. Plus my pistol's been loaded with the same powder since I got here.: She whistles. "Well, we won't be making it from scratch. Cocoa beans are pretty thin in this part of the world. I'll let you know if I run across any. My teeth are bad enough without eating more sugar." She rummages some more in the pouch and withdraws, improbably, a pair of pants for a child. Then another. "I found these at the thrift store. Washed 'em up when I did my last batch of laundry." She holds them out to Piper, and looks from Piper to Quinton and back, and wonders why she suddenly feels awkward.

Yes, take what comfort you can! Quinton nods to that, adding chocolate a little higher on his mental to find list. The clothes get a smile, he's been meaning to go look for more for them, the kids grow out of them so fast! Monica's riffle gets a glance and then he looks back to to her, "Be careful…bring someone with…just in case."

Piper just listens, having no further comment on chocolate for the moment. About the only chocolate she has at the moment is in the form of hot chocolate. It's been a few days since she has been out scavenging. She'll have to make up for it, soon. Monica is given a head cant and puzzled expression, she may be able to pick up on the sudden awkwardness the other woman feels, but of course doesn’t know the reason of it. The pants are taken with a smile "Thanks." and she holds up a finger before going to grab her backpack from where she tossed it on the other bed.

Amy giggles. "Oh my goodness I'm okay for clothes right now but god, yeah, anyone with kids is going to have to get new ones all the time. That's got to be tough."

Monica says, "You're welcome." She turns to Amy. "Depends on how fast the kids wear them out. I mean, hand-me-downs are a fine old tradition in… large families." Yes, keep it about Piper and Quinton's family. That's okay. Mon takes a breath and looks over at Quinton with little Quinn on him. "You're looking better.""

Quinton nods slowly, he's not completely better, but much more sharper than last time he and Monica talked. "Feel better." He's sure he doesn't look much better, he needs a shave and a bath. He tries again, "Take someone with you…There's still a Silencer out there." Quinn gives a small groan and shifts on the larger Quin's chest. The poet winces, but helps the baby resettle, making a soft soothing noise. It might be sweet, if he didn't look so out of it. One day he'll be rested and not in pain and gain some of his original weight back! one day!

Doesn't Piper know it. She would be in a world of hurt if it wasn't for Caitlin. The British woman is a wizard with a needle and thread and has helped tremendously in that department. "Jack, Kira, fast." they are the rough housers of the bunch. The others are more gentle with clothes. She digs out a jar of coconut oil from her pack and hands it over to Monica "Has aloe and mari-gold." and other things, she tells the woman "Morn-ing. Night." and she rubs at her face.

Monica nods to Piper. "Some little kids are like that." She looks at it and smiles. "Thank you." She sniffs at the container and smiles. She doesn't have much hope that it will make the blood vessels in her skin pop back into their support tissue, but hey. It smells good, when she dips her finger in it, it's smooth and creamy. She smears it on the back of her hand. "This stuff would be great on sun burns, too." After the last year, Mon's an expert on sun burns, and the avoidance thereof. "By the way, if you run across any small to medium wind turbines, could you let me know? My bathhouse project has kind of mushroomed. I also need a good sized hydroelectric generator. Something in the 20-50 kilowatt range. I have a cunning plan."

Quinton watches the exchange but doesn't say anything about it. Piper's creams help. When he has it, it definitely makes his back feel better. The list of very specific things gets an eyebrow raise, but he nods softly. He probably shouldn't be scavenging any time soon, but that's only if he can't sneak out of here. Which is his plan after everyone leaves. And maybe after a nap.

Piper hmmms thoughtfully a moment and then nods "Yes." she'll definitely have to remember that one come summer time. "Make more." if she can find more coconut oil. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. At the list from Monica she glances back at Quinton to see what he makes of those. She sorta knows what that stuff is, but mechanics and whatnot isn't exactly in her wheelhouse "Okay." she does give the other woman a curious look as to what the cunning plan is, but doesn't ask directly in case its some big secret or something.

Monica sees the look and guesses what it means. "Solar panels work, and wind generators work, but we have real problems storing the electricity they make. Linc's capacitors won't scale big enough without way too much work. I started out thinking if we had a dam on the reservoir we could generate power there, but it's more a man-made lake than a reservoir proper. But we /do/ have a twenty million gallon water tank. For a town of a couple thousand it had a day or two's water in it. If we drain it at full rate through its drainage plumbing, we should be able to get plenty of power for 30 or 40 kilowatts continuously of energy. We then use wild power - solar and wind, mostly - to pump water from the reservoir into the water tower. And we can pull some water feeds off the tower, because frankly the 30 of us here with no lawns don't use much water.

Quinton only catches about half of what Mon says, but he'll blame that on his head injury for now. "Oaky…I'll look." For those very specific things. The baby gets another back rub before he motions for Piper to take him.

The woman probably got even less, but she does know Monica is right about one thing, they don't use that much water. Catching the motion Piper goes to take the baby from Quinton, "Changing?" she asks, but answers her own question when the gives the baby's bottom a bit of a pat, yes indeed he does. Giving the poet a soft smile she motions to the other room and then heads out, giving a smile and wave to Monica as well as she passes.

Monica waves. "I'll keep my eyes open for cloth diapers.

Free of the baby, the man leans forward, scooting closer to the edge of the chair. There's a book of shakespeare lodged in-between his leg and the side of the chair that he ignores. "I have some…ideas. I can check them out, and let you know." Apparently he means now? He can totally make a break for it, wheel Piper's changing the baby!

Monica says, "Um… did the doctor say you could go?""

For the first time since getting hurt, Quinton smirks. There's a touch of boyishness to it, a flash of playfulness. "Didn't say I couldn't." It'll be a slow process, but he's standing and not swaying. Without the warmth of the baby to lull him to sleep, he's feeling a little more alert.

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