(2016-03-14) Scavenging With the Pros
Summary: Mon and Quinton go scavenging. She's encouraging him to escape, apparently, or at least to do it doing something quiet, not jumping into combat or anything. Then Piper shows up…
Date: 2016.03.14
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<Scavenge> Quinton searches and finds:
1 Small bag Sunchips
1 Tape Measures
1 Rope

<Scavenge> Quinton searches and finds:
1 Adjustable Wrenches
1 Bottle of Sprite
1 Small bag Sunchips

<Scavenge> Quinton searches and finds:
1 Bottle of Coke
1 1 Small bag Plain Potato Chips

<Scavenge> Quinton searches and finds:
1 Inflatable Paddling Pool
1 Small bag of Goldfish crackers
1 Bag of Mixed Nuts
1 Bolt Cutters

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Bottle of Orange Soda
12 Potted Plants
1 Mechanical Repair Manual

<Scavenge> Monica attempts to search here but fails to find anything.
<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
2 Bags of Plaster Mix
3 Packs of Seeds
1 Boxes of Nails
1 Pair Work Boots
3 Bottles of Fertilizer

<FS3> Quinton rolls Scavenge: Good Success.

Quin managed to change clothes and even shave before Monica came back from hunting. He almost looks normal, besides leaning again the wall and needing a sandwich. But the poet insisted they go, and as soon as they were walking seemed a little better. Mayeb the fresh air will help some. He's got his backpack and pistol strapped to him, and he leads Monica towards the Hardware store. "Lets just…look around here." There seems to be a lot of junk food, and a few other treasures found. Inflatable pool, chips (Which he's currently eating a bag), rope and snacks. Most go painfully slow into his backpack. "How's you do, Tina?"

Monica rummages under a tipped-over shelf. "Plaster… mm… three seed packs… some nails, always useful, hey. Work boots! I wonder if they fit. And um… fertilizer. Lots of fertilizer."

The escape was no surprise and she doubts she planted it in the poet's brain when she suggested he get out. Having spent the last few days with him pretty much non-stop she figured she would give him some space and go out scavenging herself. She guesses she will be sleeping back in her own bed, in her own apartment now. It's a small town though, and Monica planted a similar bug in her own brain so it was off to the hardware store she went as well. Hearing familiar voices on the inside she slips through the door, silent, even though she never really tries to be. But doesn't go much further in than that, letting them do there thing as she pokes around the front a bit.

<Scavenge> Pied-Piper searches and finds:
5 Cans of Exterior Paint
1 Small bag of Pretzels
1 Boxes of Nuts & Bolts
1 Bottle of Pepsi

Quinton had an idea, sparked from something Monica had mentioned earlier. He's movers away from the tools and junk food stuffs towards the back, near the cash register. there's some manuals throw about the floor, like someone had started to go through them, then knocked them all over. A grunt and grimace as he kneels down to start searching through them. His chip bag is set to the side, "Fertilizer is good….planting soon." One hand casual tabs a hold of the counter so he doesn't topple over. So casual, no biggie.

Monica wrestles with the shelf unit. "Gimme those boots, damn you." They seem to be stuck. "Give me those boots or I swear I'll come back with the cutting torch. I have oxygen now…"

<Scavenge> Pied-Piper searches and finds:
2 Screwdriver Sets
1 Weed Wacker
4 Bottles of Weed Killer

6 Adjustable Wrenches
1 Portable Generator
1 Bag of Mixed Nuts
2 Bottles of Incesticide

Paint. No. Piper has no plans on painting a house anytime soon…though maybe when all this is over. She still has a lot of love for that little Victorian on 1st street. The thoughts are shaken off. Pretzels those are good, she'll take those and the few other items she finds. Spying a very familiar, now, object on wheels she grins a bit and on quiet barefeet walks up behind the other woman as she tries to extract the boot "Monica?" she says in a soft tone. She's doing it again. One second not there, the next bam, here's Piper.

Thankfully Quin's not being very observant today, or he'd jump right out of his pale, pale skin. He doesn't even hear Piper, he's focusing on not falling over as he goes through the books on the floor in front of him. He'd sit all the way down, but wouldn't be sure he'd be able to get back up. No, no. no…here it is. He smirks, pulling a certain manual from the stack.

Monica does, in fact, about jump out of her skin. She also falls on her butt, trying to do too many things at once, including a fast draw she was completely off balance for. She looks up at Piper, trying not to hyperventilate. "Ohai."

Piper looks down at Monica, giving the woman a sheepish, apologetic grin and offers her a hand up. As she helps the other woman to her feet she nods toward the front corner of the store "Show you." her tone remains soft. She then will take Monica to where the generator sits covered in months of dust.

Well, Quin can't not notice Monica's tumble, he turns, hand instinctively going for his gun. that unfortunately throws any balance the man had and he tumble forward. he's too tired, or too dizzy, or to caught off guard, but there's no catching himself this time and gravity (Enemy, oh my enemy) Takes over ahdn he falls into the stack of books he was making with a grunt of pain.

Monica is just about finished holstering her pistol again and opening her mouth to speak when Quinton goes down. She looks back at Piper, takes her hand, and gestures toward him. "Come on."

The fall is defintely noticed and Piper grimaces and is most likely already heading that direction when Monica gestures. "Okay?" she calls out as she gets closer. This was totally not her intention, but hello..generator, those come in handy now, she was kinda excited at finding one.

Quinton makes an aggravated, pained noise, at himself with his eyes closed. His hand is still on the counter, so he twisted awkwardly but is able to sue that to try straightening a little. "I'm…fine." That never sounds right through gritted teeth. His other hand, using now to try to push himself up, is clutching a how to on wind turbines.

Monica probably doesn't reach Quinton first. Piper's one of those small, quick girls that Mon used to detest in gym class. Especially when it came to dodgeball. Still, Mon does head that way. "Anything broken?” She adds, "Well, anything new broken?

Among other things, yeah, that's what Piper is. She studies Quinton trying to guage the truthfulness of his answer, but after a few moments takes it at face value. A fall like that couldn't be worse than any of the other accidents and injuries, and he didn't loose an eye or anything. "Arm?" she looks to Monica and gestures to Quinton and then moves to help him up, with the other woman's help if she catches on to what is being suggested.

Quinton bites back a complaint. He doesn't want help, he wants to be able to not fall over from turning his head! He can't stop the grimace though. "No…besides my pride." He'll let them move him, but just ends up sitting ion his butt. he could sue the break, honestly. The book is held out to Monica, "Here Carla. This…might help." Piper gets a glance, like he's trying to gauge something.

Monica helps Piper help Quinton up into a sitting position and then looks at the book he holds out. "Best of Home Power, wind turbines for complete idiots." Mon beams. "I've heard about that thing. That's an awesome find. Thank you!"

Well she doesn't seem the least bit upset if that is what is is trying to determine. A little distracted perhaps by the collection of books that he fell on, but that's the extent of it. There is a bit of a grimace at his comment, but that is more a sympathetic gesture than anything. The excitement over the book has her looking at Monica, at least something good came of the fall.

Quinton leans back, truing to find a position that's comfortable on his bruised ribs. "No problem…Thought it…might help." He makes sure she takes it before he lets his eyes close briefly. "What did you find, Jessie?"

Monica takes the book and pages through it, nodding. "Yeah… yeah… oh sweet, how to do the calculations, probable yields, how to make wild power into useful power… sweet. It's all right here." Mon beams. "Now I just need some turbines. Did you know there's a wind farm just up 54 from here? I drove past it on my way into town. I don't know how big those machines are though. They might be total overkill. Even the medium sized one I'm after may need a crane to set up, but… one engineering miracle at a time, I guess.

With both Monica and her here, Piper isn't quite sure who he is referring to as Jessie, but she will assume it's her, considering he probably knows what Monica found already. She shifts a bit uncomfortably, but waits for Monica to finish, shaking her head at the question asked. There is a motion to the front corner of the store "Gen-e-ra-tor."

Quinton doesn't open his eyes, but makes a noise indicating he's listening. "Okay…crane next." he's joking. When Piper says generator though, one eye cracks open, "Really?" How did he miss that? A barely there nod, "That's good…."

Monica looks over at Piper. "Oh! Right! Sorry." She closes the book and tucks it under her arm. Note to self. Next nice animal hide that goes by, dig out the foxfire book on tanning and make a freaking purse/pouch/messenger-bag. "Let's see. Its probably going to need some fixing, but I pretty much have that down to a science now, if it's got the usual failures."

"Really." Piper echoes back at him and she guesses it's good, depending on how it's used. That's not her decision though. She glances again at Quinton, probably wondering if she is able to get up or not, or something, before she heads up to the front of the store where she find the thing.

Quinton lets the girls go look, he's suddenly really tired. His pale eyes stay closed and but the time they're done looking at the generator, his dozed off, propped up against the counter.

Monica does, by contrast, poke at the generator quite a bit with her leatherman. "Oh yeah… it's all here. Just have to see if the mag is useable and if the atlernator's windings are good and the diodes aren't blown.

Monica blinks. "Diodes? Crap, I still have my head in the alternator on my kitchen counter. Nevermind."

More techno-babble that Piper doesn't fully understand but she is good at listening at least. As she brushes some of the dust off while Monica tinkers she will occasionally glance back to check on the poet and she points out the dozing man to Monica "Head back." she suggests, the generator won't go anywhere and it will take the pair of them to get him back to the Complex.

Monica chuckles and gestures toward the back door. "I have my cart. Chester's been waiting patiently. You don't think I made him walk, do you?

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