(2016-03-15) Head Casing -or- Kentucky Freud Chicken
Head Casing -or- Kentucky Freud Chicken
Summary: Elan and Amy go on the search for mental health reference materials, bringing them to a Doctor's Office on East Main.
Date: 2016.03.15
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Elan and Amy head towards East Main (EM)

East Main (EM) Stratford
Tue Mar 15, 2016 — Tue Mar 15 14:24:55 2016

This street looks like some kind of low level war zone. The houses are tilted or shifted off their foundations completly, trees uprooted, there isn't a window that isn't shattered and numerous cars are flipped on their sides. It's not a safe place to walk without shoes and the state of the houses makes entering them a bit on the risky sides too. The /only/ buildings that seem safe to enter are the church and the Diner that was farthest from the blast zone.

It is winter. The weather is cool and raining.

Amy has arrived.

Elan leads the way up from the center of town towards East Main, his rifle in front of him but at rest as he scans every window, doorway and roofline carefully and constantly with his eyes, "…I guess I didn't realize how badly this part of town had been messed up. Must have been bombed," He gestures towards the Doctor's office, which has definitely seen better days, "…but there it is. Maybe it hasn't been searched yet, come to think of it," he looks to Amy and smiles with a bit of concern, "Please be careful where you step…if it's sharp and broken, it's probably going to be under foot."

Amy follows along, leaning on the man now and then as they go. She bites her lip and tries to step very carefully. "God, this sucks," she mutters. "I hope like, the books are okay." The way she's dresse dhis warning means she hwas to walk very carefully.

Elan nods as they get to the door, bracing Amy as she leans on him. He pulls out a small brass candle holder and a candle, lighting it inside the doorway to shield it from the cool wind and rain that's starting to blow as he opens the door, propping it with his foot. He leans back and holds it open for Amy, "Me too. If not, there's still the library…and if that doesn't pan out, I'm certain that the hospital in Goodwell will have reference materials lying all over the place."

Amy snickers. "How far away is Goodwell?" She holds the man's arm, leaning on him as she walks, trying to avoid stepping on anything bad, or anything like that. "So yeah like… let's see what we can find. This is creepy every time, sneaking into buildings."

Doctor's Office Stratford
Tue Mar 15, 2016 — Tue Mar 15 14:41:29 2016

Being near the blast zone has left this building tilted on its foundation. It was once boarded up and sealed up as tight as Fort Knox, but the past explosion has freed boards from its window casings, broken windows and left the door bent and contorted enough where a small and/or skinny person can squeeze through.

As for inside the building…this is what it must look like after earthquakes hit. There isn't a single peice of furniture, decoration or painting that is in its original place. A single step can't be taken without glass crunching underfoot.

The neatly appointed little waiting area with its loveseats and wingback chairs is in disarray and magazines are strewn about. A couple of curio cabinets that displayed Civil War era surgical equipment and other antique medical equipment are knocked over their contents having spilled out onto the floor.

There is an area where the nurses greeted patients, behind that cabinets, files and papers have falled from them and litter the floor behind the long enclosed desk.

A hallway leads to patient rooms, personal offices and a couple of store rooms, all in an equal state of chaos.

It is winter. The weather is cool and raining.

Elan helps Amy onto the tilted floor of the Doctor's office, glass crunching as they step. He holds the candle up high to cast light over the room. He smirks, "Creepy? Hmm…I suppose it is…" he glances over at her with a look like he was about to make a joke, but perhaps thinks better of it as he looks out across to the curio cabinets, "…well, nobody stole the civil war memorabilia…maybe we can find you a book on phrenology…"

Amy looks up at him. "Come on, tell me what you were going to say. You went quiet there a moment." The girl then pats his hip, and steps away, trying to find a place to stand and look around.

Elan grins a little, "I forget now…" He shakes his head, "…some joke having to do with sneaking around in creepy buildings…" He takes a few steps towards the hallway and looks across to a Doctor's personal office, beginning to look over the piles of displaced paperwork and books, "…let's see what we can find…"

<FS3> Elan rolls Search: Good Success.

<FS3> Elan rolls Search: Good Success.

<Scavenge> Elan searches and finds:
2 Toner Cartrides
1 Rolls of Shrink Wrap

<Scavenge> Elan searches and finds:
3 Rolls of Shrink Wrap
1 Pairs of Crutches

<FS3> Amy rolls Search: Success.

<Scavenge> Amy searches and finds:
1 Pack of Cigarettes
7 Creamer Packets

Amy digs in. Once she's sure of her footing, she starts rummaging around. Snickering, she pulls out cigarettes and creamer packets from a drawer. "I'm sure someone will want these…" she laughs, putting them into her purse, before she then blinks. "Oh here's something. Um. A prescription drug refrence. Great, in case we get a pharmacy opening up in town."

Elan dusts off the covers or spines of books as he looks them over. Coming to one in particular, he stops, pulling out a grey, glossy paperback with an only slightly scorched cover, "…how about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, with the text revision?" He asks, holding it up slightly as he looks at another one a few spines over, "…and a dictionary of psychology—" he's stopped as a pair of crutches fall into him, displacing four rolls of shrink wrap and a couple of toner cartridges, "…this place is a pig sty."

Amy coughs from the dust, and looks over to the man. She tries to hurry but she has to step carefully, so it's like an excited mincing as she walks up. "Oh my god that's totally perfect. Thank you." She takes the books, and gives him a one-armed hug. "This will actually let me help people around here."

Elan smiles and hugs Amy back, with his right arm, being careful not to get the candle too close to her as he sweeps up the crutches with his left, "Good!" The rain begins to pick up outside as he glances back towards the door, "I'd suggest that no one would mind you using this office, but everyone would be dead of old age before we got it cleaned out," he looks back to Amy again, "If there's anything else that you need, I could keep a list of things to look for…"

Amy giggles. "I think any more books would be good, but these are totaly the most important ones actually. Why don't we get out of here before like.. more stuff falls on us? Thank you for bringing me over." She then re-adjust the books in her arm, snce they are thick and heavy, having to use both hands to cradle them. That has the side effect of making it that much harder to blanace as she walks out, so she moves slowly.

Elan nods to Amy and smiles, "Of course. Yeah, I'll keep an eye out, let's go…" He looks back at the door again, "It's raining harder…would you like to borrow my coat?" He asks, pulling the door open and holding it for her.

Amy winces "God sure, Like.. the lastthing we need is for the books to get wet. Let me cover them up with it, thank you very much. I kind of got used to getting rained onw hen I was like, traveling you know? but the books… gotta like protect them."

Elan slides his duster off of his shoulders and nods, wrapping it around Amy, "Yeah…this should help," he says, pinching out the candle and placing it in the pocket of the duster before snapping the pocket shut. He closes one of the snaps on the front of the coat, "There…does that work?" He looks down at it. It shouldn't be long enough to trip her, but it's close.

Amy bites her lip. I don't know if like putting it on me will work, but let me see. She tries to pull it out a bit, so it covers her arms, and the books. "Could you please like button it for me? My hands are kind of full."

Elan nods, snapping the front of the coat down a bit further, "There, that should hold it on," he says, pushing the door open a little wider for her with his foot as he takes off his big straw sombrero with a grin, and reaches out to place it on her head, "…that'll help deflect the rain a little, too."

Amy grins. "Thank you Elan." She then shifts her hold on the books to start walking on out with him. "I look ridiculous I'm sure." She leads the way out though, ready to get out of the creepy building, even if it is raining.

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