(2016-03-16) Rain, Sweater, and Nap Time
Rain, Sweater, and Nap Time
Summary: Taking shelter from a sudden thunder storm, scavenging is done, but Quinton has done to much and needs a rest
Date: 3.16.2016
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Thrift Store

Once upon a time this was a clean and tidy place where people could come in and either donate or purchase gently used clothing and other second hand items. Now everything is dust covered, rummaged through and scattered. Except those items by the broken windows, that's beyond redemption, moldly and water damaged.

Despite clothes being tossed around and racks being knocked over there are still usable items if one just takes the time to look around…and get past the smell of mouse and mold.

Well the drizzle from the last few days has turned into a full blown thunderstorm. And it was quick to happen to, the only warning as a flash of lightening the roll of thunder and then the sky collapsed in a deluge of water. There was barely enough time to rush into the shelter of the thrift shop, so while the pair are probably a bit damp at least they aren't drenched. "Where'd that come from?" Piper looks out the broken window at the rain falling, giving a shiver at the sudden chill being damp causes.

Quinton's still pretty sore. He's trying hard to not show it, but there's a lot more stops, and a lot more leaning against things than he normally does. At the question, the poet smirks. He's been rather not talkative today, so inset of a word, he just points upwards. Yes, he's starting to master being a nonverbal smart ass.

Piper is patient and while she doesn't complain or comment she keeps it his pace. Which works better for her shorter stature really. At the gesture she glances at him, giving him a smirk back "Of course." she says as if that thought never crossed her mind. Turning away from the window she rubs her arms "Look a-round?" since they are here anyway may as well. "Lots backroom." at least there was last time she was back there. She gestures to the double doors that lead to the sorting area. Shrugging off her backpack she removes the jar lanterns, probably dark back there too.

Quinton's never gotten past the front good. So he nods slowly, "…sure." He's cold as well, the sweater isn't enough in this story weather, but it's what he put on. he's been wearing them more and more, since this last injury. He gives a small shiver and steps closer, offering to help with the lanterns.

With him holding them and her using the matches to light them that goes smoothly. Taking one for herself, despite not needing it, Piper does a quick visual on the front of the store before heading into the cave like darkness of the back room.

It's everything you could imagine a thrift store sorting room to be. A small loading dock in the back where donations are taken in, and an assortment of long tables where clothes are sorted and a number of carts and racks where they are put to be taken to the front. It's quite messy and the light from the candles only go so far. "Maybe more." she plucks at the sleeve of his sweater, knowing that another got ruined when they unnecessarily cut it off of him.

Yes, that was an unfortunate. He's not sure who did it, so he's held off on being mad at anyone yet. He bods, "Yes…more ….good." He gives a shiver, wondering how she's not freezing without shoes. His light is held a higher, trying to spread more light. A loud thunder cracks above, the poet looks to the ceiling, almost like he's trying to calculated how close the center of the storm is. "Might…be here…awhile."

All that hair probably holds in a lot of heat. That's got to be it. The sudden crack of thunder has Piper giving a start of surprise. The suddenness and how close it sounded was unexpected. There is a nod, though she looks a bit concerned "Becca…" the little girl is probably cowering under a table in the makeshift classroom that Kayla and Bea set up for the children. Well there is nothing she can do about it, and Kayla and Bea are quite capable of handling one little girl afraid of thunderstorms. After a look around she heads over to the racks of clothes, hoping that they will be in better shape than the ones scattered on the floor.

There's something amusing about a Silencer that's afraid of thunder and Quin's smile deepens some. The reminder of Becca though has his smile drop, "We can…go." He'll get soaked for the toddler. Quin watches Piper, letting her decide.

Piper smiles her appreciation at the willingness, but she shakes her head "She'll be fine." the lantern is set at her feet so she can use both hands to sort through the rack of clothes "Rena was the same." who the heck is Rena? "May-be find her some-thing pretty." she suggests instead.

Will she? Quin frowns slightly, he's got a bit of a soft spot for Becca, she gets carried a lot more when he's round. He steps closer to look down at the clothes. The name is noticed, but something in his gut tells him to not ask. if she offers, that's one thing, but asking could bring tears."…okay…pretty…" He can do pretty. Although he doesn't move away from Piper, instead he searches next to her for now.

It's a good call, there was that melancholic lilt to her voice at the name. Someone important surely and a safe bet, the toddler's mother. "So much like her mother." is that confirmation? The rack seems to be a mixed bag of things, the tux is pretty much ignored, though she pulls a couple of bras off the rack and shoves them in her pack then does a quick turn to examine the cart and its amalgam of stuff, gloves are good. Especially in weather like today. "Huh." she lets out as she picks up and examines the ring in its little display box.

Quinton never really thought about how Piper ended up with the kids. He just kinda assumed she found them walking on the side of the road, and they followed her. Like the real pied piper. His eyebrows come together as he frowns slightly, nodding. He's listening, but again, doesn't want to push anything. There's a box near them that he starts digging through, but it seems mice have made it their home. A mouse goes darting off to the right, away from the two humans and Quin does the only manly thing he can do. He jumps backwards, stumbling. Thankfully he doesn't fall, his poor side couldn't handle that.

Well for most of them that was certainly the case, but not all. The ring is put down, she has no use for fancy jewelry anymore, though there was a time she would have worn such things. The commotion has her looking toward Quinton and she takes a half-step in his direction "What?" she didn't see the mouse, her attention being else where "You okay?"

Quinton straightens immediately, his cheeks picking up a slight pink, "…m' fine." He sounds annoyed, mostly at himself, "Mouse." His hand presses against his side, which is now throbbing some. "…anything?" he looks towards weber she was, hoping to change the topic.

Piper schools any expression that his explanation causes and instead focuses on the question asked. There is a shake of head "Not yet." she sounds hopeful though "There are chairs.." she points into the darkness, "If you want to sit." recliners actually and some dining chairs. She takes a few steps in that direction but stops as she passes a sorting table and a pile of clothes on it, "Well.." she grabs what is probably a sleeve and pulls it free of the pile to reveal a cardigan sweater "Quinton." she holds it up, moving to bring it over "Color?" she asks him, a strange question really.

Quinton's eyes squint in the direction she points. Recliners, huh? He might not get up if he sits down. "Maybe…later." His head tilts and that confused look comes back. IS she asking? Is she colour blind? "…looks….beige…brown…" It's kinda earthy, flecks of green on the yarn itself. Pale eyes move up to look at her questioningly. Or was she asking his favourite colour maybe?

Piper holds the lantern so he can see it better and in turn she can at least see the color better, but the yellow light kind of throws it off for her weirdo eyes. "Oh good." she sounds kind of relieved. Of course her reply doesn't really answer his mental questions so it still could be either "I'll look nice." hopefully not to baggy either, but more food will solve that issue, "What?" she can see the question of his face, but has no idea what it is about.

Quinton's still little confused, but he nods, reaching a hand to touch the knit. Is that a flash of disappointment? hard to say. But then he smirks. "Now." He reaches for her lantern to put it on the table.

She couldn't say either, it went by to fast and with the shadows the candle in her hand creates…Piper watches as the candle is taken from her and set aside. The action has her a bit confused and her expression when she looks up at him says that, she thinks she gets it, but she isn't positive.

Quinton smiles warmly, reading for the sweater next. He may have gotten the wrong idea, but he likes this idea. It's held out now, for her to slip on. Two of his favourite things!

That is not at all what Piper expected. Sweaters are supposed to be for him and peanut butter for her. Sure she has shared her peanut butter with him, but this is different, in her head. She stares at the cardigan being held out and them up at him, "Sure?" the question is tentative, and she shrugs off the backpack and slips her arms into the sleeves, turning slightly so he can put it over her shoulders. She is going to be drowning in it, but she will be warmer for it.

Quinton's obsession isn't so bad that he can't share. In fact, seeing her in the large sweater makes him smile wider, there's something ….comforting seeing her in it. He straightens it out with a nods, "…there. Good." His hand raises and touches her cheek. Nothing like yesterday, but the intent, the want to connect is still present.

Glancing down at herself Piper pushes the sleeves up and hugs the sweater to herself a moment. She has more clothing than she did, but it still isn't much, especially sweaters, she only had one of those. "Very." very good that is. One hand smoothes the fabric of it while the other lifts to press his hand to her face, connection she can do, though she keeps it subtle and light. "Thanks."

The poet finds something funny about that and chuckles. Probably the fact she's thanking him for giving her the sweater she found. His bangs fall into his eyes as he nods, "….looks…nice…" Even though she's swimming in it.

"Does it?" Piper rocks back on her heels and looks down at herself again "Yes." she will agree "You have to say that." she points out with amusement. She brings his hand down but doesn't let go, instead lacing fingers "Still have to find something for Becca." she glances around, peering into the inky darkness that surrounds them, the pounding of rain and the occasional crash of thunder their soundtrack. She gives a tug on his hand and heads over to another set of tables.

Quinton's head shakes, but he's smiling, "Nope." He certainly doesn't have to say that! He follows obediently though, he might have made a good whipped boyfriend. If he had ever found the right girl.

Or the wrong one…maybe. Thankfully that's not the kind of guy she wants so Piper laughs at his denial "Good." she looks to the loading bay and its wide garage style doors "Help me open them?" she asks gesturing to them. Maybe some more light will help. Sure there is a thunderstorm going on and it’s kinda dark outside, but still lighter than it is in here.

Piper's hand gets a soft squeeze and he nods, slipping away to wrestle with the doors. they're locked, but that's easy to fix. the rust though, not so much. He grunts, trying and failing to get them to do anything other than make a loud , awful noise.

Well she didn't mean for him to do it on his own. Shaking her head she rushes to the other end and lifts, wincing at the protesting noise the door makes instead of lifting "Gah." she says in frustration and goes to open the smaller, normal door that served as an employee only entrance. She looks up to the sky. Yep it's going to be raining for a while and then to the garage doors to see if something is preventing them from opening, which is no. There is a sigh and she leans in the door a moment to listen to the rain "Nice for falling asleep too." one good thing about this rainy weather, nature's lullaby.

Quinton stops when Piper stops. He just watches her go to the other door, but nods. "We could." Someone’s not feeling the scavenging today. "Sleep." There were lazy boy chairs. They could both fit in one.

Piper looks back at him, it takes her a few seconds to figure out what he means and she glances toward where the recliners are "Okay." when you are a mother you take naps whenever the opportunity presents itself, she learned that lesson with Troy, and bonus if it is with a loved one. Propping the door open a little to let fresh air in, she heads over to where the recliners are, but lets him pick which one and sit first since he is bigger and the one with the bruised ribs.

Well, that was easier than he thought it would be. Quin grins, picking out a larger one, made of worn leather. There's a throw on the back he pulls off, if they're gonna nap, they should do it right, right? A small wince when he settles into the chair but then he nods, arms open for her to join.

Well stormy weather is good napping weather, Piper just hadn't thought of it. She's careful to sit on the side that isn't all bruised an ouchy, she reaches over the arm and pulls the lever to send the back down and the footrest up, wiggling a bit to get comfy against him. "Okay?"

Quinton holds his breath as she settles, and then lets out a soft sigh as soon as the foot rest comes up. The blanket to layer over Piper and he, although he makes she she's covered all the way first. "…like this…" Napping? Napping with Piper? Even as he says this, his eyes are sliding closed. He's pushed himself too much these past few days.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Pendant Necklace
1 Bras
2 Ties
1 Cardigan Sweater
2 Ties
2 Pairs of Flip-Flops
1 Diamond Ring
1 Tuxedo
2 Gloves
2 Bras
1 Mouse chewed clothing
1 Misc. Houseware Item
1 Shirts
1 Pair of Earrings
1 Mouse nest
1 Wedding Gown
1 Mouse chewed sweater
3 Miniskirts
2 Childrens' Shirt
5 Pair of Socks
3 Skirts
2 Pairs of Flip-Flops

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