(2016-03-17) Stopping the Blame Train
Stopping the Blame Train
Summary: That escalated quickly
Date: 3.17.2016
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Quinton's been in the club house for some time. His conversation with Amy, while good, stirred up some stuff he's not wanted to consider. His playing has gotten consistently worse as his anxiety about his brain increases to the point he's even making himself cringe with the sour notes. But he's nothing but stubborn, and he's pushing on, trying.

After being cooped up all day yesterday and part of this morning because of weather. The children are taking the chance to play outside, Piper has been chasing them around, playing ball and what not but she needs a break. Carrying baby Quinn on her hip she enters the clubhouse a little out of breath and her cheeks flushed from all the running around. She is still wearing the sweater given to her yesterday, a must in the cool weather. For the moment she doesn't disturb the guitarist, focusing on getting a drink first.

Quinton's nose wrinkles in disgust at whatever butchered song he's trying to play. Perhaps it insulted him in a past life. It's the only reason to keep at it. He finally gives a small growl as one of the strings finally vibrates and shifts just enough to cut into one of his fingers on his left hand. Maybe even his guitar has had enough of the terrible noises he's making. Either way, the sounds stops and his finger is brought to his lips to try to stop the bleeding. He's not noticed Piper, silent ninja that she is.

Piper may be ninja like, the baby not so much. Plus he is way to young to know badly played music from good, so he gurgles happily at the noise, while his mother, well she plays it straight as she pours herself a water. "Stupid guitar." she finally speaks up as she walks over to where he has parked himself. It's totally the guitar's fault.

Quinton shakes his head, finger still in his mouth. He'll own up to the fact he sucks. Finally, "Head's not…with it…" Well, he certainly wasn't playing from his heart. His eyes flicker to the sweater she's wearing and he smiles before setting the instrument to the side and holding his hands out for the baby. She can probably use a break.

Kayla arrives, without fan fair or really making much of any sort of announcement. It doesn't take long to spot the duo (and small'un) in the room, and she briefly considers sneaking out to leave the pair alone. Plus she's still a little mad at her brother. Getting hurt. AGAIN.

"Yeah." Piper says in understanding. Heads be trippin' sometimes. Bouncing the baby a few times "Sure?" she asks before handing the infant over to the poet, after freeing her hair from his grasp. Break needed or not, nothing like happy infant cuddles to lighten a mood. Dropping onto the sofa she spies the entering Kayla and gives her a wave "Hey." she greets with a welcoming smile.

Quinton's attention is on the little one, bouncing him until Piper calls out to someone. Spying Kayla Quin smiles, although there's a touch of tension to it. he can tells she's mad again, although he's not exactly sure why. "Hey Kay-bear."

He came home with a head wound and he's not sure why she's upset? Kayla lifts her hand and offers a brief wave to each of the adults. "Hey," she offers, softy. "Am I interrupting?"

Piper is oblivious, not so much to the tension, but to the source of it. "No." she replies to Kayla, seeming a bit tickled by the nickname given his sister, "Just got here too." she beckons the other woman to come and join them.

No, he's not sure. Quin's never sure why Kayla's mad anymore. His head shakes slowly, his bangs flopping into his eyes, "Just…butchering a song." He getting better, but apparently not today.

"Better than you getting butchered," Kayla suggests as she moves further into the room. And extends he arms, "Hi little baby…look how big you're getting!"

Well how can you argue with that logic? Piper certainly can't, and she glances between the siblings "You okay?" she asks Kayla moving her eyes to the baby when he is greeted. With baby Quinn being nearly 5 months old he certainly is getting big, and capable off all sorts of noises, which he is happy to demonstrate, so a raspberry is given in response, followed by gurgles and a waving hand.

Quinton can't really argue with that either. But it doesn't make it any easier. Quinn is bounced a few times before he makes a motion to see if Kayla would like to hold him. The raspberry is smiled at, "I…didn't teach that…"

Kayla nods her head slowly, and offers a half smile to Piper. "I just…" She glances to her brother again, and her smile tightens. "Like I told Quin, I'm not sure how many more times my heart can take a scare like that." She takes up the baby as she speaks, and settles him on her hip.

Piper watches as the baby is switched off, they are both familiar people, so he has no issue with it and continues to happily makes noises while she tries to get a handful of Kayla's hair. "As many as needed." because what choice is there "Being angry is a choice…is it worth it in the end?"

Quinton snorts, he's not sure how many more times his head can handle it. Instead of voicing that, he reaches for his guitar again. Maybe he'll have better luck. His finger seems to have stopped bleeding, so that's good. And he'd rather not get involved in whatever possibly blow up is brewing with Piper's question. He doesn't play anything just yet, instead he strums it a few times checking the strings to make sure they are in tune.

Kayla sighs softly, and shakes her head. "Or he could stop getting hit," she suggests to the toddler in her arms, her voice not taking on the tone so often used with babies but staying adult instead.

Piper eyes the woman, not like where the blame is being put "Next time… tell attacker that. I'm sure you can reason with them." she isn't often one for sarcasm…in fact this may be the first time anyone has heard her use it. Must be the string of good brain days she has been having. Reaching for her son she gently takes him from the other woman and departs, looking quite perturbed as she leaves.

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