(2016-03-17) The Things We Carry
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Date: IC Date 2016.03.17
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Mon was going to go hunting, but the day turned out to be too cold and nasty to want to spend it all outdoors. “I'm getting soft,” she says to nobody in particular. In truth, having an indoors to be in when it's too ugly to be outdoors is a luxury Mon is getting used to. She goes scavenging instead.

152 Wall St Stratford
Thu Mar 17, 2016 — Thu Mar 17 15:36:03 2016

Everything about this house screams "Man Cave" and not the geeky, gamer one either. The old, funky Lazeboy recliner, the leather furnishings…the various animal heads hanging from the wall and staring at you with glass eyes. Let's not forget the empty PBR cans sitting around. There are two bedrooms toward the back of the house, when is pretty much just a junk room, the other a bedroom with mismatched furnishings, a few more beer cans and clothes tossed around a bit as if the owner was in a hurry to leave.

From the outside it can be noticed that there were once solar panels on the roof but they are long gone now.

Mon scratches around in the man cave for a while, gathering beer cans into a reused trash bag. “You see empty beer cans and are sad. I see a lathe and am happy,” she says to herself. She picks up a jar and peers at it. “Candles. Awesome. Wonder if there are more like that?” And sure enough, there are. She puts them in another bag.

In the kitchen she pauses by the coffee maker. “Mm. We'll have electricity before too long. What's in one of those? Heater, thermostat, various plumbing… glass carafe, various electronics… She leaves the coffee machine behind and moves on.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
3 Scented Jar Candles
1 Coffee Maker

148 Wall St Stratford
Thu Mar 17, 2016 — Thu Mar 17 15:36:36 2016

This house looks like it has seen some kind of gun fight. The two story home is riddled with bullet holes, windows are shot out and the furniture is knocked over and strewn about all over the place.

On the wall at the top of the stairs a gruesome blood stain is smeared down the white wall and a puddle of dried blood makes a brownish-red stain on the floor. That isn't the only place that has those kind of stains either. The whole upstairs hallway is speckled with blood spatter as is a bedroom or two.

On arriving in this house, Mon looks around. “You guys were dying of plague and you found something to fight over.” She shakes her head. “You make a good case for human extinction.”

Mon goes through the place, ignoring anything with bloodspatter, which is a lot. She picks up a can, sloshes it. “Contents are still wet… Expiration date… this summer… no dents, no bulges…” she holds the can up to the light. Her mouth waters instantly at the pictures of fruit. “Oh yeah. Have to share it, but oh yeah.” She searches a while longer and finds bras. “You're kidding me.” She picks them up. “These things still have the tags on them.” She stretches the bra carefully. “Elastic's still good… they're pretty new.” She reads the size tag and laughs. “Maybe if I got pregnant two or three times…” Still, she tucks them into her clean bag. And then she finds the bottle, sitting in the closet under a pile of blood spattered clothing. She sloshes it carefully. “That's great. If I didn't hate tequila. Have to give it to Sophia. She might like it.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
3 Cans Fruit cocktail
3 Bras
1 Bottle of Tequila

Mon heads out of the house and looks around. “Heh. Ever want to rob a bank?” She pulls at the door and finds it open. “You people did just leave, didn't you?”

Wells Fargo Stratford
Thu Mar 17, 2016 — Thu Mar 17 21:23:10 2016

It's a small, rural bank. With banky things like a walk up counter where the
two tellers would be safe behind their bullet proof glass. There is a glass
walled conference room and some offices. It's not fancy, but it did its job.

She rummages around, pausing to look at the locket and open it to see if anything is inside. She watches the pictures for a few moments and slips the locket into her bag. Her next find gets a chuckle. “Oh look. Cash.” A 50 dollar bill, at that. “I dunno, roll it up and smoke something in it maybe? Bleah, who knows where it's been?” She slips it under the window to the teller side. As she turns to go she contemplates the pen in the holder. “That is worth stealing.” And so she does.

1 Broken locket
1 $50 bill
1 empty chip bag
1 Pen

Mon takes her treasures and goes back home, but her mind keeps going back to the locket. Someone was in love, enough to carry the picture of someone else with them around their neck. They're probably gone, dead of plague, or any of the other countless ways to die. “But you loved.” She whispers quietly. “You loved.” She blows out her cheeks and sorts through her treasures, to leave the beer cans outside. Finally, she ties the broken chain in a knot and puts the locket on as a choker, where it lives under her bandana most of the time.

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