(2016-03-18) A Gaggle of Women
A Gaggle of Women
Summary: No girl talk here.
Date: 3.18.2016
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Finally a day without the rain that has been pestering the area for the last week. Well at least not right this moment. Now if only it would get warm. The patio is still damp, with puddles here and there. This doesn't seem to bother the perpetually barefoot Piper who hums as she fills the various sized jars that sit on just about every available table surface with dirt from a wheelbarrow sitting under a gazebo. Because of the dirty work she is doing she wears an oversized flannel shirt and her copious amounts of hair are pulled into matching puns secured with what looks like knitting needles.

Out, about, and enjoying the not rain that pestered her so much when she first arrived, is Evangelyne enjoying the sun, as well as the cool air, as she almost childlike steps into the puddles to make them gush and splatter everywhere. Her way, slowly, leads her towards the Gazebo where she spots Piper and gives her a wave, "Bonjour!" she greets cheerfully, "Ah, gathering dirt for the fields I take it, yes?" she asks as her gaze wanders over the dirt filled jars.

Sophia walks up, her satchel over one shoulder, bat over the other. The barkeep has a light cigarette that she's enjoying, She's having to ration them. Seeing people gathered, "Hola everyone."

Fiona walks out with a long stick and her tool pouch. Over to settle, and she rubs the smooth piece of Chinaberry wood with a course pad to sand it down to perfection. "Good day." The woodworker comments as she gets her attention drawn to the group. The noisy sanding ends.

Amy comes outside. It's not raining, so it's a good time to do it. However she's not being particularly social or anything. She has a hefty book in her hands, and she finds a place to sit with it. Using a credit card as a book mark, she opens up the book in her lap and resumes reading in the light.

Her filling of jars stops for a moment as Piper is joined by an amalgam of women. She isn't quite sure how to take it, needless to say her pleasant humming stops for a moment under the questioning of Eva. The trowel is set down as she shakes her head "No." and easy word for her to muster. Glancing around she finds her how-to book and hands it off to the french woman open to a page about how to build a greenhouse from glass jars. She then gestures to the framework, already built and on casters, that for now is against the clubhouse wall. "Herbs." she explains, or rather the plants she needs for the herbal remedies she is learning to concoct. "Hey." she greets the rest with a bit of a wave.

Fiona slides her fingers along the stick without looking at it, tracing the lines to gently seek any imperfection. Fiona instead walks patiently close to Evangeline, then her gaze is turned to the designs and the project. "How clever." She offers, her attention moving between the builder and the eventual greenhouse, "Can I perhaps help you? Anything you need?"

Nodding as she squats down looks Eva at the manual for a few, "Which herbs?" she asks with a raised eyebrow then, "It is a bien idea though. Easily temperated, no bugs or anything else." as she taps her chin lightly before looking over her shoulder at Fiona and waving to the other woman, "'ello!" she greets the woman cheerfully and gives her a soft squeeze when she steps nearer, "Oh, if you need help with finding 'erbs I'd be able to help with that. I had my own little garden back in France."

Amy kicks back a bit, her sandal-clad feet dangling just off of the ground. She's relatively comfortable, with the weather relatively good. Reading, using the light that is her only reasonable reading option until she can get ahold of one of those crank flashlights, is important for her to get done. The women talking, and apparently growing herbs, do get some glances between sections though.

Sophia's eyebrow quirks at the gathered group. Interesting. Another drag from her cig, "That's good. It will make winter easier." If they live another winter. She's been kinda crabby lately, not talking much. Although the Hispanic woman has kept busy with making cheese, when she can get the milk for it. "If anyone finds mint, i could sue some….I’ll even grow it in the bar, if we need space."

Eva nods lightly and stands up again as she stretches a little, "I am not sure how much herbs are growing in those forest, but if we ever go there am I sure I could keep an eye out for some herbs."

"…have seeds." Piper says first to Fiona but then she glances between Fiona and Eva and how they are both offering help "Maybe cut-tings." she suggests since they are offering and she doesn't have seeds for /everything/ she needs to grow. Since Amy hasn't spoken her gaze passes over the studying woman and onto Soph and her cigarette, which reminds her. Brushing off her hands she grabs her backpack from a nearby chair and digs through the side pocket to get the pack of smokes she found the other day, which get handed over to Sophia with a minimum amount of ceremony.

Amy isn't really doing much apparently. But she has books, books that were annoying to get, and probably hard to get in a place like this. And she only has light so many hours of the day. So she's definitely making full use. Especially when it's not like she knows a single thing about growing herbs.

Evangelyne nods and taps her chin, "We can use some of the feces as nutrient for the plants. Mix it in with the soil, maybe 2 to 8 units. And as they are sealed they won't smell either. Water is needed too, but that is the easiest. Though more seeds are always good too I suppose. Of course real fertilizer would be best, but since we don't have these."

Piper continues to fill jars now that she has explained what she is working on. She heads over to the table that Amy sits near to grab a few jars from there. "Met Eva?" she questions Amy as she gestures to toward the woman. "Could find." she replies to Eva about fertilizer. There are surrounded by farmland with lots of farmhouses, outside of the town, bound to be some somewhere.

Sophia makes a happy noise, the pack taken with a nod, "Thank you, Piper." It's the happiest she's been since the juke box got working. She's guessing the mint question is a no, so she drops the idea for now. Her moonshine doesn't need mint, she guesses. The pack of cigs is slipped into her jacket pocket and she opens up her satchel and struts digging around in it.

Beaming at the others nods Eva her head, "Evangelyne Delcroix. I am from France and kinda got stuck here when all happened. I'm a car Engineer." while holding a hand out towards the others.

Amy looks up, and waves as well. She's focused on her work but she does wave. "I'm Amy, I'm new." she says. "Hi."

"Course." she nods to Sophia. Piper doesn't smoke, what is she going to do with them? There is a moment when she peers at what Amy is reading, purely curiosity driving it "Good book?" it must be if it is keeping her attention as it is. "Meet Monica?" she asks Eva "You should."

Shaking her head replies Eva, "Not yet, no. But I will get on with it as soon as I can." She pauses and asks then, "Out of curiosity, who is she? And what is she doing?"

Sophia nods to the two women. She's seem them around and heard about them, but hasn't met them yet, "Hola. I'm Sophia." She hooks a thumb in the direction of the dive bar, "I run the bar."

Eva returns the nod to Sophia, "A pleasure to meet you Miss Sophia." before smiling, "Oho! A reputable occupation. A barista or someone selling liquor mainly?"

"Wind-mills?" Piper says, but the way she says it makes it seem like the isn't entirely sure of the fact. She then hmms thoughtfully wondering exactly how to tell who she is talking about in this case.

The patio is the place to be this afternoon it seems, at least for the ladies that are socializing there, or working in Piper's case. She is filling jars with potting dirt from a wheelbarrow, and the jars are pretty much set out on every table's surface.

Amy nods to Piper. "Yes, it'll let me help people. It's about diagnostics, which is a fancy way of saying like… how to think about what's giving a person trouble, which lets you figure out how to help them fix it." She's seated a bit apart from the others, using the light of day to read a thick book.

Sophia has a cigarrete hanging from her lips as she digs in her satchel, finally pulling out a tupperware container with some white and cubed shapes inside, "Here you go, Piper. For the criaturas." Eva gets a smirk, "I do it all. Did before the world went to inferno, and I will do so afterwards. You should come by." Amy's explanation gets an eyebrow raise, but Soph doesn't say anything.

Eva nods lightly again; "I see, I see. I feel that we all will do glorious things with booze fueled imaginations, some welded metal and plants." and crosses her arms under her chest.

Monica yawns and stretches. She finishes chewing her breakfast jerky, her bad teeth nagging at her every time she bites down. It doesn't put her in the most social of moods. Neither does the weather. "You could snow," she grumps at the sky as she slogs out the door of the building. "Why, oh why, did they move Camp Hope to Texas?" She stops as she comes on all the people gathered by. She musters a smile. "Hey."

A smile comes to Piper's face when the bowl is brought out by Soph. She quickly puts her things down and wipes her hands on her flannel shirt before taking the bowl "Gracias." she thanks the woman, lifting the bowl up slightly to check out its contents before putting it away in her own pack. She'll have to ask Eli if she can borrow a shelf in his minifridge. "Oh." she says the information about the book Amy is reading killing any curiosity she previously had about the book. When Monica comes out she can't help but chuckle and points to her "Monica."

Amy laughs a little as she gets the reactions she gets, to the explanation of the book. "Well I don't know how to grow herbs, or hunt, or make clothes. This is the closet I have to something I Can actually like, do."

Turning around and looking at Monica smiles Eva softly, "Ah, the lady with the… Windmills?" She glances over at Piper and raises an eyebrow, "But with windmills we have power. A little bit at least. which can be used for welding and more."

Piper just gets a nod from Sophia and she turns back to look at the group. One last drag and her smoke is done. She flicks it to the ground and then squishes it with the toe of her boot. Monica gets a grin, "Hola Monica." But that fades with Amy's words, "Do that, but learn other things as well. None of us were necessarily good at the things that need to be done." Soph never thought in her entire life she'd have to know how to make cheese.

Monica smiles a little weakly. "That's all on paper right now. But I figure the water tower can store about 130KWh of energy. With a 30Kw turbine on it, and about three big farm sized wind electric turbines to pump water into it, as long as our demand doesn't average 30Kw for more than seven hours a day, we should be good. I've got gas for welding for the moment, but if I can find an ambulance or something with a really big alternator and get another little gas engine going to run it, I can build an arc welder…" Mon stops. "Sorry. We found some oxygen for welding and I'm getting way ahead of myself again. Must Fix All the Things."

Eva's eyes lightens up and she rubs her hands together, "Oh, if you find that engine feel free to call me. I have worked with all sorts of engines before and can make almost anything run again or hotwire it~ Personally I'd rather check on the dump to see if there are any of the older cars about, around the 70's or something, as they don't have all those fancy electronics."

While Monica explains things to Eva, Piper fights to not smirk at what Soph has said to Amy. She schools her expression as she nods to what the bartender had to say "Right." she gestures around at her planting project "Learn-ing." she says "Musician, before." she certainly never got her hands dirty, ever, before aliens.

Amy purses her lips, and snickers. Looking at Sophia. "We'll like, see what I can do. I mean, I have no idea." Then the book is cracked back open slowly.

Monica looks at Eva. "You're good with engines? Awesome. We keep running into little generators, and they all have the same problems. Burnt windings in the magnetos and the alternators. It's not hard to fix, but it takes all freakin' day to unwind the coil, fix it, and wind it back. I'd love to have some help with that. Also, if we can get a backhoe working, it changes our defensive picture a lot."

Sophia frowns at Amy. She's not used to people talking to her like that. The woman's fingers drum against the handle of the baseball bat she has with her, there's no visible gun on her. "If you can not think of something, I am sure Roberto can assign you a task to learn." Dark eyes flicker over to the conversation she doesn't understand and she sighs, "I have cheese for the group. I will put it in the kitchen." The kitchen being the club House. And she needs to pick somethings up. With that, she'll turn and start walking towards the building's entrance, unless someone calls to her.

Grinning even more nods Eva, "I am a car mechanic. If I am not good with engines then I shouldn't have taken it as my job!" before frowning, "Well, I don't work that much with generators but with some books I might be able to work out some things. My initial idea was to hook an engine up and use it as a powersource. But I can help with it. All we'd need are some tools to get it done properly."

Piper has pretty much hit bottom with her wheelbarrow of dirt and she still has a lot of jars to fill. "Be back." she says making a quick gesture at all her equipment and then shouldering her pack and her rifled she grabs the wheelbarrow handles and begins to push it off the patio and probably to the farm when she can get some good potting dirt.

Monica looks over at Sophia. "Thanks, Sophia. Your cheese is to die for." Looking back at Eva, she smiles. "Fabulous. I'm only an ok mechanic. Now if we could find a carpenter, and someone who knows how crude oil is actually refined, we could get some serious shit done. We can survive without industrial energy, but we haven't got the people to do industry the hard way, so we won't thrive without it, and we sure as hell can't take it to the aliens without it." She thinks a moment, noting what Piper is up to, and rummages in her pouch to find a seed packet. "I'm not sure what these are, but…"

Amy looks at Sophia, pursing her lips again. "Ever since I got her like, I've had people telling me they really needed the kind of help I can give them. So I'm researching and getting ready to do that. Everyone who's survived this stuff has a good chance of having some need for psychological help. It's no joke, and it's just as important as cheese or shoes, for people's survival."

Eva nods at Monica's words, "I think my friend Fiona may know a bit about carpentering. She tends to make her own bows and arrows. Maybe she can help a bit with carpentering. If we are lucky we might find a book on crude oil refining. Of course we still got to find crude oil then. Or maybe we can use some vegetable oil or something… Still. It is a step forwards."

Sophia turns back to Amy, half way to the Club House. "Can you? You're not sounding too convincing. And you can multi task like the rest of us. Even Eli helps with other things." Her head shakes and she looks to the other two women, "I know some of the guards are decent with a nail and hammer. Ask around."

Perhaps his ears were burning at the mention of carpenters, Virgil is soon enough showing up. Yawning as he wanders through the area. Hearing the people present. "Hammer?" He asks, hearing Sophia. Grinning then as he does greet those he knows as usual, if allowed, as he offers hugs to them. Then turning to Eva and Monica, to offer a hand, probably not gotten to properly talk to them. "Hi, I'm Virgil."

Monica looks up at Virgil. She's not that tall, and he is that tall. "Hi. I'm Monica." She offers a hand to shake.

Shaking the offered hand smiles Eva at Virgil, "Bonjoir." she greets him, "I am Evangelyne. Please, Eva for short."

Amy looks at Sophia, and closes her mouth. A faint smile still on her face, she decides that whatever mood the other woman is in, there's really no benefit to arguing. So, she returns to her book.

Virgil does greet Monica first before offering a hug with the other arm, "Pleasure to meet you." Then doing the same to Eva. "Eva it is then." Not minding himself being quite a bit larger than them. Then his attention goes back to Amy and Sophia. Raising a brow as he didn't quite hear any of the conversation between the two. "So, what are you all up to?" He asks, looking at each person present.

"Si, Virgil. They need a carpenter." Soph points from them to him and then nods. "I am dropping off some cheese for everyone, and then going back to the bar. After you are done helping them, I could sue you for a project I've started, si?" The man gets a smile and then she turns to go deliver the food to the kitchen.

Monica flinches almost imperceptibly when the hug is offered, Amy might notice if she's looking for it, but then she goes ahead and hugs Virgil. After the initial moment of awkwardness, she settles into the hug and rests her head against his chest for a few moments before letting go. Hugs good, yes.

Amy is mostly digging back into her book to avoid having an argument with Sophia picking at her. So she's not really doing those kinds of observations. But she does eventually look up hearing Virgil, and gives him a wave. "Just researching and learning, hi," is her answer.

Eva smiles a bit at the hug and returns it softly, "And someone to know how to refine crude oil."

Virgil nods to Sophia, "Sounds good. I'll swing by." He assures her. As for Monica's brief initial reaction followed by settling into the hug, Virgil does just smile. Hugs do come often from the tall man. Giving her a final squeeze before letting go. As for Eva's words on what they need, he nods. "I'm not fully certain how to work all that. I mainly work with wood and so forth. Houses, furniture, anything like that. Or fixing things that have gone broke." He offers before shrugging. Nodding and smiling to Amy as well. "Sounds good." Running fingers through his hair. If he hasn't offered a hug to Amy, he does now.

Turning to Monica grins Eva lightly, "And there we have our man for the wood. Now all is missing is the gal or guy for the crude oil."

You say, "Do you know how to build tall towers, like windmill towers?""

Amy has her book in her lap, sitting and reading. When Virgil offers a hug, she gestures that her hands are full, but leans into the hug.

Virgil nods to Monica, "Yeah, I could do something like that. If we have the resources." He assures her. Hugging Amy and whispering something and grinning as he pulls back. Attention going to Eva then. "I am sure that you'll find someone for that, sooner or later."

"I do have a fireaxe and there is enough wood nearby. I could get to chucking down some trees and get us the wood." muses Eva idly, "They may not be perfectly even, but should hold well enough."

Amy snickers up at Virgil after his hug, and gets up slowly. "I'm gonna get some water. Good luck with the building stuff."

Eva stretches a bit, "I'll better prepare the backpack to get some wood eventually then. Also maybe look into getting something to get the plumbing done, even if it is just makeshift." before smiling a bit, "Was a pleasure meeting you all."

You say, "Nice meeting you too."

Virgil nods to Eva, "Sounds good. I am sure I can help with making good use of it." He offers to her before smiling at Amy. "See you around." Nodding to Eva, "Ah, okay. Goodbye." He says to her, nodding his head. "Pleasure." Then looking to Monica. "Did I scare them all away?" He asks a bit playfully.

Monica chuckles. "Dunno. I think they just had other stuff to do. I can be a little boring to talk to."

Virgil chuckles as he shrugs to Monica, "You don't seem that boring." Curiously studying her. "But hey, what do I know?"

Monica smiles. "Thanks."

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