(2016-03-21) Blown Away
Blown Away
Summary: A tornado strikes!
Date: 3.21.2016
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S. Texas Street

This part of Stratford is a mix of commercial and residential. The farther south traveled the more residential the neighborhood gets. On a few of the houses there is evidence that there may have been something mounted on the roof (something like solar panels), but whatever it was is long gone now.

When the scavengers, hunters, etc, went out this morning the weather looked promising. It was warm and the sky was clear. As the morning grew later though, this started going downhill. Dark clouds started to form overhead, from horizon to horizon and thunder and lightning could be seen closing in fast. It wasn't long before the first fat drops of rain starting pelting down.

As soon as the clouds rolled in and it started to get dark, fishing was basically over. Fishing in the rain is one thing, fishing in thunderstorm is something else. Dangerous. Gear was packed and the pair were making their way home when the first of the rain started, causing Piper to make a sound of irritation low in her throat.

Quinton echoes the sound. Although to be fair, he's already soaked from trying to get into the boat from earlier. "….wait?" He nods towards a random house, looking to see if Piper wants to walk home in the rain, or wait it out.

Amy comes along behind. Now that she's living in a place, she got a big piece of a tarp to use as a raincoat for now. It'll keep her dry but it's not fashionable, but oh well. So wrapped in blue she straggles behind the group, catching up because well, she has something she could use, actually. At least until he can learn how to make candles.

Piper glances at the house and then to the soaked Quinton. The pair are coming back from fishing, both carrying their gear and a bucket presumably with fish in it. "Already wet." he is at least. Her not so much. "May as well get back." she glances back at Amy as she catches up with them, eyeing the tarp she has one "Coats….storage." she tells the younger girl, in case she would like one to use in the future.

Out as well, driven by the pursuit of phat loot of cars, sparkplugs and more that a garage promises, is Eva tagging along with the group, though the heavy clouds draw a weary eye from her begins she to curse slightly. "Merde!" And when the first heavy raindrops fall furrows she her brows more and mutters something under her breath along the lines of, 'cockfucking rimjob piece of shit!', while tugging her jacket even closer around her body.

Quinton nods to Piper's words, both getting back and the coat situation. "..better." Seems the man doesn't have the words today for much more than one word answers. His poor shoes are squishing already, but he'd rather not everyone else get soaked. As they walk, picking up the pace, he looks over at Amy and then Eva, "Hurry." Eli doesn't need patients with pneumonia onto of everything else.

Amy has to keep the tarp wrapped around herself, and laughs. "Oh are there, thank you," she calls out to Piper, coming closer to her, to come along. "There's one thing I really would like to find, and that's one of those disaster flashlights with a crank. People kept those in cars right?" When told to hurry she does her best to keep up.

Piper nods a yes, but whether that is to Quinton or Amy is unknown. This is followed by a look to Eva and her unusual epitaphs erupting under her breath. She would find it amusing it any other situation. A shrug is given to Amy "Ask Monica…" beat "or.." she waves a hand at Eva.

Glancing at Quinton keeps Eva muttering a variety of french words under her breath as she hurries through the rain, "Nom de… putai… ordel de merde de saloperie… ncul de ta mre." come the ut short curses, "I'd be happy with a car… maybe dog sled or horse sled…."

As the four continue down Texas street heading in the direction of the center of town so they can take the most direct route to the complex the rain increasingly gets heavier and the lightning and thunder closer. And then there is a smashing sound to the left as a piece of hail the size of a tennis ball slams into the roof of a car. Another slams down into a windshield of another car, imbedding itself in the glass. Large hail stones begin to fall, the racket of them hitting the ground, roofs and cars drowning out other noise.

Quinton might not be able to talk, but that doesn't mean he's not aware of what's going on around him. There's something in the air, different that he's used to. For a brief second he thinks that maybe the drones are back. But that theory is dispelled as soon as the hail starts. The poet points to the nearest house and yells as loudly as he can over the noise of the storm, "IN!" He doesn't run, instead starts helping the women in. Hopefully Piper takes the lead….hopefully.

Amy doesn't notice right away. She's kind of oblivious. But when a piece of hail hits her in the foot, she shrieks out, and looks. What is this? Why am I living in Texas? Where do I go? These thoughts run through her head, and well, the shout of "In!" gets her trying to run. Which isn't easy since her foot is bruised or something and it's hard to walk on it right now.

TO caught up in her curses blinks Eva like a deer at the sudden shower of hail. "The h-" is as far as she goes before she dashes to where Quinton is pointing. Though that doesn't stops the hail from peltering her and hitting not only her head several times, but also her shoulders and side as she runs into the nearest, somewhat whole, building to keep the hail from peltering her even more. "IS THAT NORMAL WEATHER?!" she yells over the thunderous storm while clutching tightly against a wall, "HOW THE EVERLOVING 'ELL DID YOU SURVIVE HERE!"

The initial smash of the hail has Piper jumping in surprise and then starting again as one shatters into pieces on the pavement in front of her. The fishing stuff in her hands is dropped as she begins to race toward the house, glancing back over her shoulder to make a grab and Amy's wrist and pull her along if she can. Eva being taller and with longer legs sails past her, but despite her size she is quick and as long as Amy doesn't slow her down can keep up during the short sprint to the house at least.

The hail storm doesn't last long, and for a few seconds it is deathly quiet, and then the roaring begins. Anyone looking back will she the tell-tale funnel descending from the gray sky, growing in width as it gets closer to the ground. Before long the roaring noise is joined by the shreiks of rending wood, metal, crashes as large objects are flown around as the tornado rips through the southeastern part of Stratford.

Eva's moving, but Amy's not moving fast enough for the Poet's like. He rushes up next to her, wrapping an arm around her waist. He'd starts to make a movement to pick her up, but his bruised ribs won't allow that, so instead he just helps Piper rush her towards the house. He does look back, because the sound that’s chasing them now has to be alien, right? But instead it's the metaphorical wicked witch. His brain injury doesn't stop the explicit, "Shit!" and he's moving as fast as the injured girl will allow towards the randomly picked house.

Amy walks on one and a half legs. Her legs are fine, but every time she puts weight on her foot it hurts, so she's moving with a good limp. Fortunately the tarp is doing a good job at least, as she huddles up and tires to move. Quinton is unable to pick her up, so she has to just keep going as fast as she can under her own power. Fortunately the tarp she wears should also help against splinters and tiny flying objects. She follows Quinton.

At first sighs Eva a sigh of relief when the hailstorm cuts down, only to then grow deathly pale as she stares into the distance, slackjawed. "Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'encul de ta mre." she says finally, speaking loud and clear, "Oh fuck me… is that what I think it is? Is that a Saloperie twister? D-do we need shelter or some kind or what the ever loving God of merci shall we do!?" before she moves back and helps Quinton in moving Amy. Two people are better than one after all, right?

"Holy…" Piper pales as well at the sight of the tornado barreling down on them. She's from Nebraska, part of tornado alley, so she is quite familiar with the concept of them, but she has been lucky and hasn't been in one…until now. With Eva coming to help she rushes to get the door open against the straight line winds. "Come on!" she yells struggling to hold the door open for the trio. After a few moments of fighting the door she growls at it, grabs it and rips it off its hinges. Yay for adrenaline…though the wind /might/ have been beneficial in that feat of strength as well. Who's to say. "Bathtub or basement!" she yells loud, her opera singer skills and lungs at least make that easy for her.

Through gritted teeth Quinton yells back, "Down!" There's too many of them for the tub. Hopefully the house has a basement! With Quin on one side, and Eva on the other they can get inside pretty quickly. As soon as they're inside he lets Eva help Amy, hopefully in the direction of Piper and the basement. pale eyes squint, the only light from the sky has an almost sickly green tint to it. It still feels alien to the man, but there's not time to think about it. It takes him a moment, but there's what he's looking for, a folded up thick quilt. That's grabbed and he then rushes back towards the women.

"I am for the basement!" yells Eva as she rushes into the building, after helping Piper deal with the door, and looks around for the nearest door leading down, "I jus' hope they got a way to lock it down." while still keeping an arm wrapped around Amy. Sure, her own body is hurting from the peltering hail from before, but its not as bad as getting sucked into a tornado. No need to restar Twister.

Amy comes in behind the others once again, this time because of the injury. "I'll just go here you guys go," she offers, letting Quinton lead her, and help her walk faster.

Basement it is. A quick glance around and Piper knows where she is. She has scavenged this house before, now where was the basement…oh yeah off the kitchen. Leading the way she glances back at the others, doing her best to not look positively terrified and not doing a very good job at it. Throwing open the basement door she looks down the stairs. Gawd is it pitch dark down there. Her kingdom for a flashlight…for the others no so much for her. "Careful. Thirteen steps down, bear right at the bottom." how she could possibly know that, who knows, she she does.

The noise outside is just getting louder and the windows and walls of the house begin to shake and rattle, paintings falling off walls and other decor falling off whatever surfaces they are on.

One arm has the quilt, the other hand latches onto Amy, "No." He's not leaving her here. "Piper! Down!" Lead the way! The room shakes, almost like it's breathing and with that, the poet is just about as scared as he was when the plane crashed. It's enough to have the surge of adrenaline he should have had outside. Amy is scooped up in the poet's arms and he starts down the stair after the others, counting each step to not miss one. He'd very much like to not trip.

"Bear?!" asks Eva as she stares wide eyed at Piper before blinking, "Oh, wait. Not Bear but bear…" Nevertheless, down the stairs it goes, and the door is closed shut behind her after the rest comes down. And down the stairs, tap tap, tap, she moves down into the darkness.

Leading the way down Piper grabs onto whoever is behind her, helping guide them quickly down the stairs. Light, she doesn't need to stinkin' light. There is a lot of weaving going on as she makes her way through the large basement, as if she is moving around stuff. Soon though she drops to the ground, pulling whoever it is down with her "Down." hopefully she person at the rear grabbed whoever was in front of them so no one gets lost in the cave like basement.

Amy was going to ask the same question about a wild animal, but it got asked for her. So she follows, at least until she's scooped up. Laughing at being carried, she says "Careful."

Quinton's moving slower, his hands are full, but Piper grabbed his forearm. Once they get to where ever she decides is safe enough he sets Amy down, but he waits for Eva to catch up. He unfolds the quilt, "…over….us…" In case of glass, or house chunks. Once Eva hopefully crouches down, he spreads it out over them all, trying to use his body as a shield as well. That big brother instinct never fades. One hand rests on Piper's back though, reassuringly.

Eva gets down as soon as she hears the rest, hands over her head as she cowers in the dark. "I can't believe you have such shitty weather up here!" she hisses, "Couldn't I be stranded somewhere nicer like.. I dunno. Germany! No earthquakes. No tornados. Hell, I'd even take Italy. No tornado's either… But nooooo! I had to travel to America. See some friends. Come to America they said. It will be fun they said. You will enjoy it they said!"

The roaring freight train like sound above them is deafening but doesn't drown out the shriek of protesting wood as it is ripped from whatever house or building. From the proximity it seems to be just above them. There is a sudden pressure change in the confines of the basement, felt in the ears certainly. Then the shattering of glass punctuates the noise above as the dust covered basement windows explode inward from the pressure change. If they weren't under the quilt they would see part of the ceiling above them being ripped away and the rain and debris pouring down as the tornado swipes the house they hide in.

Piper huddles against Quinton, she doesn't know if anyone is on the other side of her, she is more focused on the duck and cover that is drilled into every elementary school student that lives in the mid-west and trying not to scream…which she is only half successful at. Does she have a death grip on the poet's leg beside her? Probably. It's doubtful she an hear Eva's ranting over the noise of the storm or her own intermittent screams.

Amy helps Quinton pull the quilt, and offers the tarp as well, as another layer of protection. She does her best to hold it. "I've never been in a tornado either, this is.. I mean. It's crazy. At least an earthquake is over in you know, like a minute and you're just done."

Keeping holding on tight to the rest keeps Eva her eyes clenched as the tornadojust keeps sucking. On the brightside, the basement is no longer as dark. On the other hand, tornado. "..e putain de bord… saloperies d…. ards d'encul d…!" she keeps cursing and ranting though the howling wind.

Quinton's eyes are clinched shut as well. The pressure change has him grunt a curse word and his ears almost pop from it. He works his jaw, his hand tightening on Piper's back and the other on the blanket he's trying to keep over all 4 or them. The sound of Eva's cursing, Amy's chatter and Piper's screaming all mix together and will surely revisit him tonight in his dreams. Maybe the tornado will finally bump the crashing plane for top billing in his nightmares. Maybe. His whole body is tense though, he's going to ache after this, even if there's no physical damage down to him.

As the group huddles beneath the layer of quilt and tarp the noise begins lessen as the tornado continues to weave its way through town, growing weaker as it twirls on with less and less devastating effect, until finally it dissipates. The resulting silence, besides the pelting of rain on their covering, is almost as deafening as the previous noise was.

Amy stops talking once it gets bad enough. She ducks her head, not sure what to do. Her mouth doesn’t stop moving though as she's constantly trying to pop her ears due to the pressure change one way, then back the other way.. Curling up, doing her part to hold the coverings over them, just hoping nothing hits her. Because that's what happens in tornadoes right? Stuff flies around?

Sighing a breath of relief opens Eva her eyes slowly when the howling and the pressure stops changing. "So…" she says finally, "Who is gonna peek out and check if everything is alright?"

Quinton's breathing fairly heavy and steady. Not quite hyperventilating. His mind races, but as the silence sets in his stomach clenches. Silence is always worse. The poet nods, his way of accepting the duty to look first. And honestly, he's on top of them, it makes the most sense. Light peeks through as the blanket is lifted, and rain falls onto the huddled group. Beyond sky, it's hard to tell what the extent of the damage is. Besides picking the basement over the tub was the right call.

Amy starts to sit up, since being too curled up on the hard basement floor for too long gets uncomfortable fast. She's curious, and tentatively peeks out herself. "Is it okay?" she asks, then popping her ears a couple more times.

Sitting slowly up as well looks Eva slowly left, then right and then finally up, whistling lightly before glaring at Amy. "Don't. Say. Such. Things. It’s almost right there with 'What is the worst that could happen' and 'Hah, he is only one man'."

It takes Piper's brain a half a second to register that it's all quiet. She bites back a scream. Yeah this is definitely nightmare fodder, but she knows the cure for that at least. Her grip lessens and she takes a few halting breathes, trying to get control of her panicky mental state. A hand goes to cover her eyes a moment as the blanket is pulled off, it isn't all that bright, but to her dark adjusted eyes it is nearly blinding. "Y…y…y…you o-kay?" she stammers, but it isn't particularly clear if she is asking the group or someone specific, probably the former.

Quinton winces, the taller man's starting to cramp up like Amy. So he makes the call and stands up, "I…..go check…" Check what? Piper gets a nod, in case the question was directed at him as he starts slowly making his way towards where he hopes the stairs still are.

The stairs are still there, as is the door frame, with the door hanging by one hinge, the rest of the house, well that's gone.

Amy sits up fully now, bringing half her body out from the cover. She looks around over her head, around her head, checking for anything that might, you know, fall on her or something. She doesn't want to be like Dorothy.

Glancing first at Quinton and then up at the 'ceiling' says Eva, "Check the first floor I suppose?" before smirking very dryly as she slowly sits up and then does a general check on herself. Arms? Still there. Legs? Still there too. Wounds? None as far as she see and feeling. Save for the bruises from the previous hailstorm that is. Standing up on shaky legs makes she her way slowly towards the stairs and tests each step carefully.

Piper gets to her feet, staring upward almost in awe. Of what? That there is no house above them? That they survived, unscathed through what would have been a deadly tornado had this happened pre-Arrival? Finally she looks to the others, studying each one a bit worriedly, but seeing no obvious injuries she sighs in relief. She lets the others go first, especially considering a slight issue she is going to have once she reaches the top of the stairs…and that would be the barefoot one.

Quinton lets Eva pass him and go first. If she wants to, he's not going to fight her on that. Instead he turns to look back at Amy and Piper, as he waits at the foot of the stairs. "…dangerous….down…" he motions for them to come over. He's worried about the integrity of the walls surrounding them. Or maybe the stairs. Maybe both. Either way, they need to get out of here. Pale eyes look down to Piper's bare feet and he sighs, hating that his point from the other day is being made. A hand goes to her arm and he offers, "…carry…"

Amy starts to get up now. Noticing what's missing, she stares up at the sky and gasps "Oh my god." She starts to walk slowly, very carefully. Her feet aren't bare but she's not exactly wearing boots so, uh, whoops.

After a lifetime of going barefoot, Piper's feet can handle glass, the debris left in the wake of the tornado though, with its amalgam of glass, nails, rebar etc, that's different. This is one of those times where she could probably be talked into putting shoes on just to get past the debris field, but finding a pair in all this destruction would be impossible. "If you're sure." she is willing to risk her feet, she certainly isn't going to make him carry her up the stairs though, she can get that far with danger to her toesies.

Looking around on the destroyed building whistles Eva lightly, "This… wow. This is… never saw anything like this. I mean, I saw the movies and such but to live through it…" Slowly her gaze wanders over the trashed ruins and cars and more. "Yeah. Makes me glad I got some boots."

Quinton brings up the rear, going slowly up the stairs. He cautious everyone, "Go…slow…" Amy's footwear is noticed too. He's going to have to get them both boots.

Amy steps slowly, carefully. Every step she has to watch out. So she's taking her time. "I can't believe it," she says softly. When you've never actually been that close to a tornado it's hard to believe how strong it is, but now that it's past, just how bad this was is made clear to her. Now she's getting tense though it passed.

Eva gestures lightly and then turns and looks down the stairs before shrugging, "I am at a loss of words to be honest."

Piper doesn't go far from the door, once more she is in awe at the destruction that is around them. This is certainly going to make scavenging in this part of town impossible "Yeah." she drawls out in agreement with Eva and Amy "This is…" she shakes her head, suffering the same speechless issue that Eva does.

"Ready?" Quinton asks as he comes up behind Piper, frowning at all scene laid out around him. Ready or not he scoops the petite woman up in his arms, biting back a wince at the pain it causes in his ribs "Go." he nods to the other two women to start picking thier way through the neighborhood and follows behind with Piper. Thank goodness she is light.

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