(2016-03-21) The Great Shoe Debate
The Great Shoe Debate
Summary: As much of a debate as you are going to get from two people that can't form complete sentences
Date: 3.21.2016
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Building B

Building B houses eight one and two bedroom apartments and two three bedroom apartments. Five on the ground floor and five on the second floor. A set of stairs is at the end of a door lined hallway.

It was a rainy walk back to the complex after having nearly been blown away. It was still very windy but the group managed it, and Piper only had to be carried for a short distance, a 1/4 mile at most. It's later now, the children have been comforted, though Piper is on a knee, baby Quin on her hip as she speaks in a soft tone to Becca "Go inside and grab some of those cookies Mama Bea made for you. I'll be in soon with some milk okay?" the other kids are already in the apartment, doing just that with a minimum of fuss. With the scare they just had they are quiet a sober lot. Caressing the toddler’s cheek as Becca nods, she turns the little girl, who heads into the apartment, thumb going to her mouth. Getting to her feet she lets out a sigh, brushing her windblown bangs from her face. Boy is her hair a fright.

Once Quin got back and got the confirmation the kids were ok he disappeared to check on Kayla. Now he's returned his backpack over a shoulder and he slows, not wanting the toddler to spot him. She may go running, and he's not wanting to undermine Piper. Instead he waits, leaning against the wall a few doors down.

As the toddler goes through the door, Piper closes it behind her, fishing around in her own pack for the walkie-talkie stashed there. Flipping it on one can hear the goings on in the apartment through it. Seems she has commandeered a pair to use as a make shift baby monitor. Slipping it into her back pocket she looks up to see Quinton waiting there and a tired smile is given to him "Day be over yet?" and it is barely late afternoon.

Quinton's a combination of tired, relieved and annoyed. It's puts an odd tension on the poet that's usually not there. But he nods, "Hope." He inhales deeply, only wincing slightly from his ribs, before he starts to unshoulder the backpack. There's something in it.

She winces too, carrying her couldn't have been good for his ribs, there is a bit of guilt in her expression over it. "Happen sooner or later." she hopes sooner. Piper moves toward him, leaning on the wall, mirroring his pose until he starts to move, when she just watches what he is doing.

Quinton just nods. Sooner. Bed sounds nice. He digs into the bag until his fingers wrap around both and he pulls out a pair of woman's boots. They are offered over to Piper without a word… But there's definitely a look about him. He's upset.

Piper goes from curious to confused as the boots are produced and held out. She doesn't initially take them, just looks at them and back up at Quinton. She doesn't state the obvious; that they are boots, she is more concerned about the vibes she is catching "What's wrong?"

Quinton quirks an eyebrow and he holds them out a little closer for her. "…you." He knows he dropped something important there and he tries again, "Wear….dangerous…." A small head shake, today was a bad head day to begin with, the tornado didn't help. "…please."

She realizes they are supposed to be for her. Piper's eyes remain in his face as he struggles with the words "Dan-ger-ous?" she's still confused "Why is it sud-denly dan-ger-ous?" besides today, she has never had an issue with going around barefoot, not here, not in Nebraska's woods, who knows she probably went barefoot in NYC…now that is dangerous. She takes a half-step closer but instead of taking the boots plucks at the front of his shirt, "You're worried?"

To be fair, he's mentioned it before, just never pushed it. Quin's brow furrows, of course he's worried! "..dangers….glass…nails…snakes…" He's tense, but that's partially from forcing the words out.

Piper remains calm in the face of his worry and tenseness. The list of dangers has her fingers stopping their fiddling with his shirt, though her hand remains flat against his chest "Okay, give you the snakes." she's never really thought about that. Here in Texas that is more of an issue that it was in Nebraska. "When?" she glances back down at the shoes "/All/ the time?" she remains unconvinced, but isn't shutting him down about it just yet.

Well, that's a better response than what he was expecting. "Out…" His free hand motions out to the town. "Hunting….fishing…" That free hand comes back and reaches to touch Piper’s on his chest, "Please?"

"You know I'd do anything for you," Piper starts and there is a clear but there, "hate shoes as much as you love sweaters." to her this is like if she asked him to stop wearing sweaters, but not wanting to make him feel even worse she doesn't make the comparison. Instead she takes the shoes from him and lets them hang in her hand at her side. "We coulda died, and you're worried about shoes." another step closer, if he wasn't being so dead serious about it she might find it funny.

Quinton doesn't think this is funny, he's frowning harder. "Not hurt…sweaters…." He's also trying to not make her feel bad, just….be responsible! Maybe it's the decade difference between them. His jaw tightens, but he doesn't step away from her, instead he glares down at her, "Yes." Well, that's easy. "Can't….tornado….can shoes…."

She studies his face, it's been a long time since Piper has seen this level of stubbornness in regards to her. Time to change tactics, give a little, get a little, even though she is sure they will both regret it when all is said and done "Com-pro-mise?" she gives him a ghost of a smile, but doesn't make her offer just yet.

Quinton thought he was, he's not asking her to wear the shoes inside the apartments. There's a flicker of confusion in his eyes though and his head tilts, waiting to hear what she has to say

"Well wear these," she lifts the boots "when we're hunting." if only because snakes and Piper isn't sure how her system would handle venom, is she immune…is she not. She'd rather not learn the hard way "Find different ones, and I /may/ wear around town." she isn't making any promises about the latter, but she is willing to compromise to the former.

Quinton's a dude, shoes are shoes. The confusion on why she would need different ones shows, "…others…/will…." But whatever, if he needs to find her more shoes, he will. He wraps his own hand around the one on his chest, his heartbeat is slightly elevated, like he was expecting a fight. The frown shifts from annoyed and angry to something more worried, "Please."

Piper nods, "When nec-es-sary." that's probably as much as he is going to get from her as far as shoes go. The fight is sure to come later. When/If the shoe thing doesn't work out. "May-be some in storage?" she suggests, "We could look?" not quite a question, but not an imperative statement either. "Please." she takes her turn in the pleading.

Well, they're going to fight over what qualifies as necessary. Quin sighs, his expression softening even more and he finally gives in with a nod. "..look…yes." The man looks exhausted now that the task is over. "…ok?"

"Okay." Piper assumes he is asking if they are okay, and despite her not liking being forced to wear shoes, they are. "You look like you need a nap." so does she really, but she's not thinking about herself. Her fingers curl into his shirt as she pulls him closer, lifting up to her toes and putting an arm around his shoulders. The boots thud lightly against his back as she plants a kiss on his scruffy cheek.

He seems satisfied with the answer, weather that's what he was asking for or not. He sways, allowing her to move him however she wants and he replies softly, "Days." His free hand lifts to touch the side of her neck as she kisses his cheek. His pale eyes shut and he sighs. Being held is always nice, but especially when you're tornado tired.

The hold around him tightens slightly at the answer, "Yeah." Piper agrees freeing the other hand from between them so there is less air between them "Which do you want first?" she asks in a softer tone since her head rests near his ear. Meaning nap or search through storage. There is a squeeze and she starts to move away.

A moment where he holds onto her, pressing up against her before he lets her pull away. his head shakes, he's not even thought of it, honestly. "…sleep?" He doesn't sound sure though. Poor Quin, his head's all fumbled tonight.

Does that mean she has to make the decision for him? Piper is pretty sure there really isn't a wrong one at least. And it is an easy one, his exhausted state, both physical and mental is more important than her shoeless one. Though he would probably disagree. "How 'bout this…" she reaches out to take his hand "You go in and have cookies with the kids, there peanut butter." of course, easiest cookie to make, only three ingredients and probably a no-bake kind. "I'll get the milk." like she told Becca she was going to do, "And when I get back we can get that nap?" though she won't be surprised if he is asleep by then.

Quinton feels like this is some trick to get him to drop the shoes topic, but he's too tired to figure it out. So instead he nods, agreeing. His hand raises to rub the back of his neck before he turns and makes his way towards her apartment. By the time she returns, he is indeed asleep, with Becca on top of him.

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