(2016-03-22) Cleaning Up
Cleaning Up
Summary: After yesterday's tornado, the clubhouse needs some tidying up.
Date: 3.22.2016
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Tornadoes are weird. They can spin through a town, leaving destruction and chaos in one area, yet leave an area very close, even as close as across the street, untouched. Such is the case here. The buildings on one side of the complex saw damage, those on the other nothing. The clubhouse being in the center was a mix. There is hardly any windows left. Glass is all over the floor inside, mostly from branches and other debris crashing through them. Leaves, small twigs, a large branch or two, glass and all manner of debris litter the inside of the clubhouse. Not to mention there isn't a peice of furniture that hasn't been tossed around and needs to be put back in its rightful place. Yesterday was devoted to damage assessment and clean up outside…today it is time to tackle the inside.

Amy still has a bruised foot, so in she limps, definitely favoring the foot that had the hunk of ice fall on it. She was coming for a jacket for the rain, since she was told of a better option than the tarp. Stepping in, she sighs "It it here too?"

Quinton's been up and moving about since early this morning, but the tired look on the man's face. His hair is messy and he has a dirt smudge on his right cheek. Currently he's flipping over a couch near the fireplace, but he stops, letting the furniture balance on edge as he looks over to Amy. "….how's….foot?" Seems like he's still not having the best brain day.

It is such a big mess that Piper wasn't sure where to start, so she started with her feet. After the debate she had yesterday regarding her lack of shoes and her promise to wear them when necessary, she has a pair on her feet now…for the first time in a year, as far as she can remember at least. They aren't much, a pair of espadrille sandals, but they are enough to protect her feet from the dangers of the debris here. While Quinton deals with the furnishings she is dealing with the branches, hauling them out and piling them on the patio. Someone will come by later and make them into firewood. Amy's entrance has her pausing as well and lifting a hand in greeting.

Amy waves to both. She then lifts her injured foot, and tilts it forward, letting them see the large brown spot on top. "It's ok. It's probably not like broken. Just like really bruised. So I can walk. Do you guys have like, any spare gloves or something for picking up all this glass?"

Quinton's not super pleased with the flimsy sandals, but he's argue with Piper later on it. The man frowns and shakes his head at Amy, but it's not about what she asked, "….doc." he then points towards the closet, where the brooms would be.

That makes two of them, but her toes are covered at least. There is a wince at the large bruise that decorates Amy's foot. Clearly Piper thinks that looks like it is painful. With the question about the gloves answered she continues to drag the large branch out, trying not to trip up as one of the cats meows at her and rubs against her leg.

Disaster relief — one of the duties of being in his line of work. He knew something like this could happen, it was inevitable, just a matter of time. When the time came, he'd be ready.. and the time was today. At the first sign of trouble, Terry had hopped out of bed, quickly dressed himself, and headed out to see where he could be most useful. He's wearing some heavy-duty boots, pants, and gloves, so he's able to get around and help out wherever.

Virgil has been trying to help out where the tornado had hit. Hard at work for most of the time, with whatever fixes he can do. Which brings him to the clubhouse to help out. Humming to himself as he steps in. "Hey folks." He offers, "I heard my help might be needed here?" Coming closer to the group. Seemingly noticing Amy's bruise as well. "Are you all right?" He asks with a small frown. Then looking to the others. Offering a hug to Quinton before moving to do the same to Amy. If Terry has arrived in here he will offer one to him as well. To Piper he just offers a small salute, knowing that she's not much for his hugs.

Amy was just showing the top of her foot to Quinton, lifting it to show the big circular bruise to the man. She then gets pointed to the closet. So carefully stepping through the mess, she goes in and finds herself some heavy work gloves to put on. She then finds some sort of bin, which she then carries with her to start picking up glass. Just stepping up to some, bending over, and picking it up using said gloves. It's not fast but it's helping! As she works she continues the conversation, if you can call it that, with Quinton. "I guess I can get the doctor to look but like, it's not like he can xray it right?" Virgil's and Terry's arrivals each get a gloved wave.

Quinton's arms are filled with couch, so all he can do is look slightly uncomfortable as Virgil hugs him. He clears his throat and nods to Amy, "Wrap….it…"The couch is now slowly lowered with a grunt, "Or….crutch…" His ribs are still sore. Piper gets a glance, but she seems busy wrestling with her branch.

Terry begins walking the room, righting tables, chairs, and other bits of furniture as he comes across them. He then disappears briefly, returning with a broom and dustbin, and begins sweeping smaller debris into the pan, larger debris being moved out into the common area, so as to minimize cleanup time. "Everybody alright?" He asks.

Piper stops long enough to reach down and scratch Ramses behind the ears, then she continues to haul the large branch out and onto the pile that is growing. Stepping back in through the empty window casing she waves to the newly arrived Virgil and Terry. No gloves for her, but she is wearing shoes! She isn't speaking much today, if at all. She begins to move around to gather more branches and other larger pieces of debris that the broom can't handle, a frown coming to her face as she moves around and does so. There is an absent nod at Terry's question, she's as okay as she ever is.

Amy is cleaning up now, taking pieces of glass and stuff. "I don't need a crutch I mean. I can walk. If I tried to like, use a crutch then um, you know, I wouldn’t be able to clean up stuff, thank you though." She then looks over to Terry. "Some hail like smashed into my foot but, I'm not like badly hurt."

Quinton's pale eyes go back to Amy and he frowns slightly but nods. He then remembers something. "Jacket." His couch is upright so he stops the straightening of things and starts moving towards the storage room. The windows busted in there as well, but there were less of them. A jacket for Amy should be easy to find. As he's walking he just shrugs to Terry, no real injuries, but nightmares abound for everyone that was in that basement. He pauses at the doorway, head tilted as he watches Piper. What's she frowning about?

"Can I help any?" Virgil offers about Amy. His attention turning to the windows. "Should we try and barricade these?" He asks, scratching his head.

The armful of debris in Piper's hands are dropped into a bin, though the frown remains on the woman's face. The clean up is forgotten for the moment as she begins to search through the adjoining rooms, collecting cats as she goes. Ramses, check. Pickles, check. Sweetie, yep she's there to. One grey and two calicos accounted for, but where is the fourth, Bug? Maybe the storage room. So she passes by Quinton with her arms full of squirming cats to search for the last one.

Amy nods to Virgil. "If you want to help with glass, like, there's gloves and stuff in the broom closet. That's where I got these." She’s' being very careful about it all. Stepping carefully is something she'd have to do in sandals regardless, but with the bruise she even has to bend over a bit carefully when picking up glass and putting it into the bin she's carrying with her. "I wonder if anyone here could melt this glass and re-use it." she muses. Then Quinton’s comment makes her look over. "Oh yeah that's why I came over, then seeing the mess I totally forgot, thank you."

Amy gets a nod from the poet, he'll grab her a coat, but his eyes are now on Piper and the cats, " one?" He hears Virgil, and agrees, but doesn't/can't answer just now. Stupid Quin brain.

Quinton isn't answered until Piper makes a thorough check of the storage room. Nope not in there either. The cats are put down in the storage room and she closes the door, shutting them in for now. "Bug." she says to Quinton as she nods. Bug is the missing one. This makes three cats gone in total. She's not looking forward the telling the kids. They do belong to the children, she isn't the crazy cat lady of the apocalypse…really!

Amy looks up to follow what Quinton's up to, but eventually she figures out what's going on with Piper. "Oh no," she gasps, dropping a piece of glass into her bin and just looking to Piper. "Were the cats in here?"

Virgil does nod about taking care of the glass. "I could do that. Been running around checking on where we could help with building things up, repairing roofs and the kind." He explains, moving to try and help out as well as he can. Furrowing his brows at the talk. Hoping the cats weren't here. For now keeping out of the conversations, just looking to the others once in awhile. And having find equipment to deal with the glass.

Quinton's frown returns with the news of another cat gone. They're not his, but he did find them. he sighs, stepping into the room to grab a coat that looks like it would fit Amy. He rubs his face, he needs a shave, he's scratchy. Piper gets a soft back rub as he passes and steps over to Amy, coat held out.

Piper nods at Amy's question. "Yes." The cats have been living in the clubhouse since they arrived here. They are totally indoor cats. There is a sigh, there will be a weepy Becca tonight, unless she can find said cat. A grim smile is given to Quinton as he passes, and she debates continuing to help clean or go search for the missing cat.

Amy takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "That's too bad. Maybe check around if any of them got out or pushed out or something. Never know…" She purses her lips, and limps over to Quinton now to take the coat. "Thank you very much. Way easier than that blue thing," she laughs, putting it on because it's easier than carrying it.

Quinton just nods to Piper, he'd rather not have to deal with a crying toddler either. "Outside?" Bug could have ran. Amy gets a brief smile and nod, "…boots?" These girls with their sandals are going to be the death of him.

There is a nod to the suggestion and Piper gestures to all the windows with their missing glass. She's already come to the conclusion that the missing cat got out that way. It's only a matter of when. She makes a few hand gestures to Quinton, indicating that she is going to go look for the cat, and then heads out the front door.

Amy goes onto cleanings quietly a while. She's seen the kids and the cats. Having one go missing is bad news. When she's done, she takes the glass someplace where it could be salvaged for later use, and goes back home with a wave, to go do some more studying.

Elan walks through the door, slinging his rifle over his left shoulder and shifting around a polished wooden box and a small, old looking mechanical object, both cradled in his right arm, as he goes. He walks over towards the bar and lays the objects down, looking through a top tray just under the lid of the wooden box as he takes a mental inventory of something.

Quinton's cheeks puff slightly as he sighs, watching Piper. But he gets it. Crying Becca is bad. Virgil gets a nod, finally. Yes, they need to board it up. Or find other windows. And then Amy's leaving too, the poet gives a small wave before going back to straighten furniture. Elan gets a glance, and then the box does as well, but Quin doesn't attempt to ask what it is. Instead he drags a few of the remaining branches over to the fire place. It's not lit, but they can burn them later, if it's deemed structurally safe.

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