(2016-03-22) Trader
Summary: A trader comes to Stratford, Sophia and Elijah meet him with caution, Elan is quite suspicious
Date: 3.22.2016
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It's later afternoon, bordering on early evening and there has been a lot of cleanup and repair work going on after yesterday. Despite that the wall still has to have guards, raiders and kamo kids don't take holidays just because a big storm blew through and neither do the people of Camp Hope. There seems to be an unexpected visitor though and a runner was sent back to the find Bob and if not him Sophia and the Doctor, since said visitor said he was in need of one.

Said visitor is still on the other side of the wall, with several guns being pointed down at him from the gate guards. He has an old covered wagon pulled by a horse, with a couple of pack mules strung to it. He's about middle-aged, but the trim beard adds a few years to his face as does his stocky build. He holds a hand firmly to his side, ignoring the guns being pointed at him as he pokes through the packs on one of the mules. Outward appearances would mark him as a peddler or trader of sorts.

Elijah carries his satchel as usual, having packed a few extra items upon hearing about an injured visitor. Setting out with Sophia, he wonders aloud as they approach, "If he got caught in that storm…his injuries could be very extensive. I hope I brought enough supplies…or at the very least that we are able to transport him if needed."

Sophia hid in the bar's secret spot, so she knew she's be safe, and after seeing the devastation through town, she's very relieved the bar was spared. After the guards came and found her she nods, lighting a cigarette and makes her way over. They were told if Bob was found to send him. She walks with Eli, "They said he had a cart, I'm sure he's not bleeding out. Better to not bring everything and tip our hand."

As soon as Sophia and Elijah are spotted Bear climbs down from the wall and makes ready to slide the gate in the wall open so the pair can go through. The other guard, Piper or whoever, doesn't matter, still keeps a weapon ready though not necessarily aimed directly at the man just to be safe.

When the trader hears the gate start to slide he turns from his pack searching to watch and wait, taking a few steps forward so he is standing in front of the wagon, by the horse. Hand still firmly held to his side.

"True…" Elijah often forgot about the aspect of 'showing their hand'…especially when a medical need arose. An admitted weakness of the doctor. "At least there are guards if he does try anything…but we'll still be careful." Duh. Maybe it just made Eli feel better to state the obvious. He wasn't combat skilled much at all but if it did come to some sort of trick or attack he would do his best to assist. As the gate is opened the doctor walks through, looking to the man but letting Sophia make the introductions, showing her the same respect he would for Bob if he were here.

Bear gets a pat on the arm as Soph passes, "Gracias, Bear." Soph doesn't have any weapons visible as she steps through the gate and walks towards the man with the cart, "Hola stranger. You are in need of help?" She may be small, but she crosses her arms as she steps forward, half step in front Eli.

The trader isn't all that surprised to find himself being greeted by a petite female. Nothing much surprises him anymore. "Hey there." he greets, he is naturally wary, but he does his best to hide it under a pleasant demeanor. He holds his free hand out, but with Soph presenting herself with crossed arms quickly drops it. "You help me, I help you. Names Noah." he gestures between them then back to the wagon and mules "I have goods and supplies for trading. Finally getting you into my circuit. Not easy with you way out in the panhandle." his eyes move to the doctor "You the medic here?"

A man in a broad straw sombrero and a long duster walks along First Street along the route where the perimeter wall used to be, his rifle at rest in front of him, in his hands. He scans rooftops, windows, doorways and hedges, keeping an eye out for potential assailants, but also for a cat. Yes, he's still looking for the cat. His eyes go up to the wagon and mules, and those who are down the road from him. He says nothing, he simply stands and watches from a distance, for the moment…his rifle still at rest.

Well…last time he had tried to step forward as medic, the others hadn't seemed to think it was a good idea. So this time around Elijah just listens to the man's explanation, but doesn't reply…letting Sophia continue speaking for both of them. His hands stay non threateningly visible on the strap of his satchel which rests over his shoulder and across his chest.

Sophia's a good read of people so she nods, giving the man space. "Hola Noah, I am Sophia, this is Elijah." She smirks, "It is good to hear there is a circuit. Are you injured?"

"Good to know there is another settlement to add to the circuit." Noah responds with total sincerity. His statement is followed by a nod "Yeah, a week or so ago I was helping do some repair work at the cavern settlement. There was a accident and I took a pointy fence topper to the side. The storm yesterday really spooked the horse. Ripped the stiches trying to keep him from bolting." he gestures back the way he came "There is a farm house between here and Dumas. All decked out with solar panels and surrounded by a chain link fence. Not sure if anyone was home, but it did look like someone had been there in the last few days. Either way, that kind of security usually means stay away…so I did in the hopes that I'd have better luck here.

Elan moves forward now, not hesitating to butt in on the seemingly odd situation. No…in his mind, it's unlikely that anyone's able to maintain 'a circuit' to trade by. More than unlikely, it fringes on the impossible. No one is going to move in a redundant pattern while the whole of humanity is being hunted and exterminated on an individual basis, nor is there a benefit or need for long-range commerce, at present. He concludes that the man and his payload are either a silencer, a bomb, a spy, or all of the above. This doesn't excite or frustrate him, particularly, but the odds of mitigating an advantageous outcome seem rather bleak to him, given that the man is likely within a decent enough range of vaporizing the settlement. He glances only briefly to Sophia with a sort of indescribable expression of worry like someone bidding her and Elijah to run away, and only when he thinks the man isn't looking, before finally announcing himself, "You need a medic?" He asks in a sort of low tone, "There's one passing through nearby who I spoke with awhile ago, he's not far away. Just worked these parts into his circuit." His face is perfectly stoic and expressionless. His rifle is still at rest in front of him, with his left hand holding over the receiver and the housing, his index finger at the trigger. Cavern settlement? He might mean Carlsbad, or the cave in the Grasslands. If it's the latter, he hasn't spotted any traffic coming or going. He scans the man over, looking for signs of visible bleeding silently. Yeah, that's where he'll find the bomb, he expects. That could be a spirit of optimism leading him to think that he knows where it is, or a spirit of pessimism imbuing him with the unyielding expectation that there is one, somewhere.

Elijah nods as Sophia introduces him, then listening to the man explain his story. A brow lofts as the trader explains about solar panels and everything. Interesting. He is about to ask something, opening his mouth before Elan's announcement causes him to halt. Hearing what the other man says…Eli just lofts a brow further. What was he doing?! That approach certainly wouldn't help the newcomer feel more at ease! If anything it could heighten the situation…the doctor furrowing a worried brow and looking back to the trader…then to Sophia to see how she reacts.

Sophia soaks in all that info with a blink and then she nods but before she can open her mouth Elan's talking and lying. Her eyebrow raises as well, in a echo of Eli's. There's a very short internal struggle, barely there, and then she says, "I have some first aid, I can restitch you, if you'd like….and then if Roberto comes, you may talk to him about trade. What are you hoping for?"

Well his initial wariness had somewhat worn off when Sophia and Elijah seems to be as least willing to listen to his story, he'd understand if they didn't believe it of course. You can't be to careful. The arrival of Elan and his story of the male medic has him confused for a moment but then he gives a nod as is he may know exactly who Elan would be talking about "Has Caitlin moved from dressing like a female Robin Hood to a male one?" he asks looking between the trio "I heard she was coming up to these parts and doing some trading, didn't realize she was acting the medic too. Though I guess with those sewing skills of hers she could at least stitch a body up well." he gives a shrug "Next time I am down near Waxahacie I'll have to see if she is around, tell her I run into you all."

With Elijah being all silent he addresses Sophia "It would be appreciated..the stitching." removing his hand from his side it is obvious that there has been bleeding, and when he lifts his shirt, there is a bandage with blood starting to leak through it and the area around the bandaged area a fading black and blue of bruising. So yes, really injured.

Elan wasn't lying, so much as offering to suture the man somewhere that he wasn't as likely to kill everyone in town. The nomad medic isn't far away, and he was indeed just talking with himself, perhaps mentally cursing at a certain cat, at the same time. Regardless, he gave them the option, and concludes that there's nothing to do but let matters take their course. Withdrawing for self-preservation seems rather pointless, given that he just committed himself to touching off a chestmine all on his own, out at a range from the camp. He silently appraises the chest wound from where he's at, not drawing any closer…looking for a bulge uncharacteristic of swelling, or a wire…anything. He answers the question in course, "I don't think so…new fellah. Came from the south." Still not lying. Leastwise, not to his reckoning. The man's dropping names…so these people might know him. Or he might have killed people who know them. He decides on just standing there for now, and trying not to alarm the gentleman, "That looks painful."

And now Sophia was stepping forward as 'medic'? Elijah furrows a brow, nervous about this whole situation now, but following Sophia's lead. Listening to the trader and trying to follow the interaction with Elan…he can't help but just look confused. Oh well…if Sophia didn't seem concerned with it he would not say anything or act against it. He does speak to the woman though, in a low tone only she'd hear given the distance of the other two.

Sophia nods to whatever Eli says and then turns back to Noah, "Si. Caitlin comes through to trade." Soph watches the shirt come up and she frowns, "That does look painful.." She glances around, trying to decide where to do this outside the wall, since Bear's covering them. "I'll have a chair brought out. we'll get you patched up." Elan gets a meaningful glance before she smiles warmly at Noah. She'll turn back to look at Eli and takes his bag as he hands it to her.

"From the south 'eh." Noah says "It's where I came up from." so not Carlsbad Caverns, probably Natural Bridge north of San Antonio, that is where one of the settlement camps is "Probably a new fella to you. Might not be to me. I know a lot of people south of here. Doesn't matter though since you guys are here and he's not." the whispering makes him frown a bit, but as he is outnumbered with the guards on the wall ready with their rifles as well he isn't going to say or do anything about it. "You expecting Caitlin back through soon? I have a few things she was looking for. Some fabrics and some spools of thread." he nods "I have a chair, so you don't have to go to any trouble." there is a gesture made to the wagon. There doesn't seem to be any suspicious wires, bulges or any of that on his person. Not even the kind associated with a concealed weapon. Though there is obvious weapons on the wagon itself, a rifle on a rack next to where the driver sits and a holstered pistol on the seat itself.

Elan slings his rifle over his shoulder, satisfied that if there is a bomb concealed inside the man better than what he can spot, it doesn't matter…as either way, he's going to end up getting sutured here. His left hand gently brushes his duster pocket as he moves it back away from his rifle and he's already wringing out a piece of aloe leaf into his right hand while opening up a cut-down piece of envelope with his left as he steps forward to Sophia's glance. The peculiar smell of clove, lavender, pepper and wintergreen fills the air around him as he empties the packet into his palm and mixes it with the oily mush in his hand, "Said he came from Terlingua," he elaborates for Noah. "Some ice might help with reduction and numbing, if anyone saved any from the hailstorm," he notes in tune with the Sophia's statement regarding the chair, suddenly wishing he'd buried about a ton of it under some sawdust in a cellar somewhere, "This should make it painless, though…I'll go ahead and fetch your chair for you, if you don't mind, and we can get you sutured back up," he says, gesturing with his non-slimy hand at the back of the wagon where the man just pointed.

"Caitlin comes around every few weeks." Sophia's switching to barkeep mode, more than camp leader. She smiles again, looking through Eli's bag, "Eli…will you help me with this?" Or more likely she's going to help him. If anything funny was going to go down, she'd rather no one kidnap the doctor. BUT, things seem kosher enough, she trusts Bear. "Get your chair down and remove your shirt, Noah." She then looks up and gives him an almost flirtatious grin, "We will get you patched up, and the we can talk trade."

There is some eying of Elan at the offer but Noah finally nods. He will give some trust if it gets some in return. "It's hanging on hooks on the right side." its more of a camp stool than chair, but it'll do. The back of the wagon is arrayed neatly with a variety of crates and boxes full of all sorts of trade goods, from canned food to small auto parts and mechanical bits and bobs. "Sounds good to me." he pulls of his shirt and the carefully removes the bandage from the previously stitched wound on his side. It's a bit angry looking, but doesn't seem infected or anything…and it will need more than a few stiches to close up completely and once the stool is brought over he settles onto it so this first business can be done before the real business starts…the trading.

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