(2016-03-25) Another Told
Another Told
Summary: Piper is marking people off the list, slowly.
Date: 3.25.2016
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St. Brigid's Church

Despite the drizzle, the weather outside is rather warm. Thus not really stopping people to be out and exploring. The church, while being a quiet place, is as good as any to look for supplies. Having gotten an early start this morning Gabriel find himself searching through the church. Stick in his hand and a dog at his side. The dog being rather quiet, moving with the man. Searching and finding some packing tape and putting it into his bag, which seem to have other things in it as well.

Well as long as there are no tornados on the horizon, Piper can stand a little drizzle. She got another late start this morning, that's been happening the last few days. If she is with her usual scavenging partner, Quinton, he is nowhere to be seen or heard at the moment. Maybe she went out alone today. The woman tends to move quietly too, and does so as she enters the sanctuary of the church. Moving down the center of the pews she eyes the piano, but doesn't let herself get distracted by it like she usually does, instead she heads directly to the basement door and heads down the stairs where the food bank and kitchen/fellowship hall is and Gabriel perhaps?

Gabriel is indeed in the kitchen. Being relatively quiet. Trouble sitting near the stairs and keeping watch. The steps might send vibrations to Gabriel, though since Piper is quite light on her feet he might not quite notice her right away. Continuing to grab what he can. Finding a second ketchup bottle.

The basement is quite dark, but that of course doesn't matter to Gabriel or to Piper either. The woman spots the dog and realizes quickly who else is here. While the blind man hasn't made it to her completly safe list, she knows he is harmless when it comes to her so she doesn't retreat. Instead she takes a moment to give a few scratches and pets to Trouble before making her presence known with a soft "Hey.

Trouble does give off a soft noise. At least making Gabriel know that it's someone from camp that arrives. As he hear the voice he turns and his eyes seem to look to her lips, as the sound came from there. "Hello." Keeping his own reply just as short as hers. "Ketchup." He says and holds up a bottle. A small smile on his lips. He might know that little light comes in here, due to not feeling the heat from the sun on his skin. Though that it would be really dark, he probably isn't quite aware of.

"Yes." she says, not bothering to nod since he wouldn't see it anyway. Drawing closer there doesn't seem to be any smell of candle either. So its obvious that Piper doesn't have a light source either. Not sure whether Gabriel knows who it is or not she does let him know "Piper."

Gabriel nods and smiles, "Glad to meet you again. Still recognize your voice." He assures her. Though he does seem to appreciate the gesture. "Alone?" He asks, since he can't hear or notice Quinton around. As for Trouble, he continues to sniff at Piper for a moment before moving back to sit near the stairs, leaning his head on the lower steps.

The dog will get a few more pets before he wanders away. Piper likes animals, and is better with them most of the time than humans. "Now." she replies to the answer and silently moves to begin to search through cabinets. Her answer could imply that she wasn't before, but she is a bit of an enigma so who knows. She seems to find some things, there is rummaging around as she puts things in her backpack.

Gabriel nods to her words, assuming she wasn't alone earlier. Continuing to search, trying to take all the things with him. Trying to fit the erase board in his bag, if possible. "Have a way to bring things back?" He asks. Since they seem to be finding quite a bit. As they are searching through the cabinets he can notice some bottles hitting against one another. Going in search of it.

"Wagon." Piper answers, her voice coming from another section of the kitchen that she is searching through. There is a bit of a chuckle from the woman as he tries to fit the board in his bag "G'luck." There is a hmmming noise from her then. Last time she was able to find bread mixes, at least in the other church, she would love to be able to find some more, so the hunt commences "Jules back yet?" she hasn't seen the woman, but the pair avoided each other like the plague, so it isn't surprising that she hasn't.

Gabriel nods about her answer, "Good." chuckling as he doesn't really manage to fit the board. "Put it on the wagon?" He suggest instead. Though for now moving to find the bottles of wine. Though her question has him frowning, shaking his head. "I'm worried." He admits, sighing. "Trouble miss her."

She starts to nod out of habit but then follows with a verbal "Yes." which is quickly followed by a more excited and louder "Yes!" the kind when you find exactly what you are looking for. His answer has her frowning, "Tell you?" her tone suggests that whatever she is referring to is significant and he should know what she is talking about if Jules did tell him.

Gabriel chuckles as he hear the second 'yes' from the woman. "Should come to good use." He says about the bottles of wine. As for her question, he nods slowly. "Kind of. Eluded to." He says, furrowing his brows at Piper. "She was good." He assures the other person.

Piper is asking if he knew, which of course could only mean she knew as well. "I know." she knows quite well, otherwise all of them would be dead..or Jules would be "Like me." oh hot cocoa mix, the children always love that. Did she just elude the same thing that Jules eluded too.

Gabriel nods slowly, "Quinton?" He asks. Assuming that she might have told him. Though he does seem curious. "At least you're helping us. Benefit of the doubt." He offers, meaning he won't assume that she is bad. Besides, they've known each other for a bit now. He does seem a bit surprised by her being honest. She might have been a bit odd, but so is he. So he does seem curious as he studies her. "Find anything interesting?" He asks, being compassionate he does offer a smile to her, assuming that she hasn't said anything because she is worried what would happen.

"Knows…others too." she doesn't say which others, but who ever they are, they aren't telling anyone either. Maybe leaving it up to Piper to do so, since it is her secret. "Uhmmm…bread mix, mac & cheese and hot cocoa." she has little trouble reciting the list of interesting things she has found at least.

Gabriel nods about their being others. "Okay. If they behave, it's no worries." Which they seem to be doing. "I'm surprised." He admits, perhaps about Piper telling him all this. As for her list, he nods. "Ah, useful." He says and nods a bit to himself. Trying to continue moving to find things. Trouble yawns and just wait on the two people with him. Gabriel's stick, whenever he hasn't put it aside, can be heard occasionally hitting against things.

Piper makes some sort of noise at his comment, hard to say what emotion it conveys though, maybe disbelief at his comment "Won't." she knows the Others better than anyone. It's only luck and timing that have kept the group alive so far. Heard and seen actually "Trader?" she questions, maybe asking if he has seen or spoke to that trader that showed up a few days ago.

Gabriel nods a bit at her first word. Letting her handle all things that concern the Others. As for the trader, he shakes his head. Continuing to look for things, "Have anything good?" He asks about the trader. All things he find he tries to put in a pile, so they can take all of the things with them to the wagon, when time comes when they need to leave.

"I…uhm.." Piper struggles with words for a moment as she tries to answer his question "don't. know." one syllable at a time. She hasn't been to see him either. Strangers and her usually aren't a good mix, she gets awful antsy and someone is liable to get hurt, completely by accident. Spotting the kool-aid in the pile she grins and picks one of the containers up "Kool-aid…I have? Can trade…cocoa."

Gabriel nods. "We'll see." He suggests. While he might not mind strangers, he's mainly a loner. Not really out to go looking for people to meet. Grinning and nodding about the Kool-aid. "Go ahead. Kid's should like it." He offers, smiling softly. Nodding about the cocoa. "Perhaps. Then I could try bake something." He suggests, in other words the kids will most likely get to taste both things either way, at the very least.

Piper grins, not that he can see it, she digs in her back and removes the box of cocoa and adds it to the pile then takes the container of kool-aid and adds it to her backpack "Brown-ies?" she asks or maybe suggests? She would kill…well not literally, for brownies.

Gabriel nods, "Will try. Just need ingredients. Oven working? Or need another method?" He can probably solve it somehow, but always good to know simpler ways, if able to. While he might not see her grin, he can hear her digging about, and perhaps even make an educated guess to how she feels on the kool-aid and perhaps even brownies. "First, we get home." He offers with a dry chuckle. First thing's first after all.

"First street." Piper offers, maybe as a place to go to find baking ingredients? It's followed by a "No." she isn't aware of any ovens that work, but she does know someone baked bread the last time she found bread mix, so someone in camp knows a work around "Well, yeah." she drawls out like a sigh. She never calls the complex home herself, even if it is as close as she has now, her idea of home is completely different "Ready?"

Gabriel nods, "Okay. Will check that."He says and does seem pleased, even if no ovens mean it might take a bit longer. Raising a brow at her sigh, but he won't ask. Nodding at her last question. "Yes. Shall we?" He asks, moving to try and get ready to bring along the things. Which causes Trouble to stand up.

"Sure." Piper replies, looking around the kitchen for a moment. "Oh!" she spies some shopping bags and she grabs a couple and goes to put one in Gab's hand. "Easier." she tells him and goes about putting what won't fit into her pack into the plastic shopping bag. Once full she waits for Gab before beginning to make her way toward the stairs, moving slow in case the blind man possibly needs an assist, which she doubts since he made it down here by himself.

Gabriel nods and does move to start filling the shopping bags with the items they have found today. Grabbing some of the things, along with his stick. Moving with the things to follow Piper, "Thanks." He says as he let her show the way, along with Trouble.

Her socked feet make no noise on the floor, but the rustling of the bag she carries gives Gabriel some noise to follow at least "Sure." she says again making her way up the stairs and back into the sanctuary. There is a bit of an ughing noise from her at the transition from dark basement to light sanctuary, "Bright." she says before he can ask.

Her socked feet make no noise on the floor, but the rustling of the bag she carries gives Gabriel some noise to follow at least "Sure." she says again making her way up the stairs and back into the sanctuary. There is a bit of an ughing noise from her at the transition from dark basement to light sanctuary, "Bright." she says before he can ask.

Gabriel moves with her easily enough. As for the noise, and her following words, he smiles and nods. "Ah, I see. Well, I'd offer a hat if I had one." He tells her a bit playfully. Keeping his voice down in the larger room, just in case there are people nearby.

Another snort, this time it is in amusement "No." she says to him. Of course he has never seen her so has no idea that a hat wouldn't easily stay on her head. Not with her wild mane of hair, at least not when she has it free. "One sec." while she is hear she will search the sanctuary for any sheet music that may have been left in the choir section or with the piano. Of course he can hear her doing that hastily.

Gabriel grins and nods, "Fine. No hat." He says, wandering slowly as he tries to follow her to the wagon. Letting her search about. "Anything of interest?" He asks, letting her head off to find sheets while he waits for her. Trouble is running back and forth between him and Piper.

"Music." she replies as she finds some sheet music in the bench of the piano. So yes, interesting to her at least. Sheet music is useless to him. Anytime the dog comes near she gives him a pet. She really needs to get a dog of her own. Having cats just isn't the same thing.

Gabriel ahs and nods. "Any for flutes? With braille?" He asks, though a soft chuckle leaves his mouth as he knows that it is quite a longshot. Offering a pet to Trouble whenever he comes back to Gabriel's side.

"Sorry." guess he is out of luck for that, "Book though." Piper says, suggesting she probably found one "Home." she adds to tell him its back at the complex. "let's go." she says, collecting her burdens she begins to lead the way out and back to the complex, full wagon an all.

Gabriel nods, "Okay." Offering whatever help he can as they make their way back to the complex. Trouble being their guard dog for the trip back.


5 Packs Communion Wafers
1 Handful of Pens
1 Boxes Votive Candles
1 Car Magazine
3 Containers Kool-Aid
3 Choir Robes
2 Boxes Hot Cocoa Mix
2 Rolls of Scotch Tape
1 Dry Erase board
4 Choir Robes
2 Bottles Wine
1 Rolls of Shrink Wrap
2 Boxes Mac & Cheese
1 Lighter
1 Permanent Markers
7 Sugar Packets
2 Packs Communion Wafers
2 Rolls Packing Tape
2 Bottles of Sauce / Ketchup

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