(2016-03-26) Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush
Summary: A scavenge of the bakery results in lots of sugar
Date: 3.26.2016
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Rise and Shine Bakery

The front of the bakery is all glass window, with a glass door so the inside can easily be seen. Besides dust on all the surfaces in looks untouched.

There are a few tables on the customer side of the counter and display cases. As well as a small children’s area, and a book shelve or two with books for customers to read while they enjoy their coffee and pastry. There are a few counter top displays as well, one dedicated to local artists even.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.

The first and last time Piper came into the bakery it was locked tight and she had to crawl through the doggie door installed into the door in the back. Why a bakery had a door from an animal she didn't know. A left over from when the place was residential, or maybe the owner allowed their pet in the bakery, who knows. This time though she was able to use the front door. The wagon is parked out front, certainly an indication that someone is in the establishment as well as who it is, at least for those who are able to notice it. Another clue would be the humming of some tune from quite a few decades ago as well as the shuffling and rustling about of someone looking for stuff. Not at it is particularly hard here. The storeroom is still sufficiently stocked with various baking stuff, all in airtight containers of some sort or other.

Having made a trip here earlier in the day, but only able to bring with him a few things, Gabriel has returned to try and gather more things, having made room in his bag. While the wagon doesn't alert him, at least Trouble seem to be curious and excited at the sight. However, as Gabriel comes to the door and hear the humming he does recognize it. Opening to call out. "Hello." Letting Trouble run in past him. Who also seem to realize who's in the bakery.

Yes, it is the woman that gives all the nice scratches and pettings. Today is no exception and as the dog bumps into her legs she leans over to cradle his head in her hands and scratch vigoursly behind the dogs ears "Hey Trouble." she greets the animal in that 'i'm talking to a dog so I can sound silly' tone of voice but it goes back to its normal soft when she greets the human "Hey."

Gabriel does offer a smile as she greet the dog. "Found cookies earlier." He explains. Though seemingly back to try and look for more things. "Been well?" Comes the added quiry before he tries to slowly move, with his stick, to find somewhere to look. "Anything good?" He asks, in case she has managed to find things he missed. The bad part about being blind, takes a bit longer to search in a place like this.

"Yum." she comments about the cookies. She finds them occasionally, and of course they go to the children. Piper makes a meh kinda noise to his question about how she has been. Her standard answer really, she could be doing great or awful and would give the same answer. "Yes. Su-gar. Flour." she isn't struggling for words, but stringing them together is still a bit difficult. "Start-ed." started looking around maybe.

Gabriel smiles at her word. "I'll bring them to you." Pretty certain that she'll give them to the kids. As for her response about how she is doing, he just chuckles. "Good to hear." Even if it is her typical answer. Continuing to nod as he makes a mental list of the things she found. "Ah, I see. Perhaps more can be found."

"Thanks." of course they would go to the children. Piper spoils those kids (in a good way) like there is no tomorrow…and that's exactly why, there might not be one. And she isn't the only one either. "You?" she finally asks. Social interaction isn't her strong suit. It's almost like she is having to relearn it after not being able to actually practice it for so long. "Hope so…" she is about to gesture out of habit but catches herself. 'Stor-age room?"

"Chocolate chip cookies, baking soda, baking powder, and some sugar." At least their supply of sugar isn't running low. Gabriel doesn't mind her social interaction skills. They manage to communicate, and that is good enough for him. "We can check it." He agrees. Trying to follow where she might be gesturing, but it won't bring him right to it. Since he's only going by what side of her was moving. "Where?" Letting her guide him.

Most people's brains would probably go straight to cookies with those ingrediants. Piper's doesn't "Pan cakes!" she says maybe because she missed breakfast this morning. Blueberries probably would have taken her that way too. "Okay." she still has touch issues, but it isn't so bad when she is instigating it so a hand goes to his elbow to nudge him in the right direction. Looking at Trouble she hmmms thoughtfully but will think about that later "Back." not that the direction helps, but the quick, gentle nudge in the right direction should.

Gabriel chuckles and nods. "I could make that." He assures her. "Add some bananas or berries." He suggests and shrugs. Glad to hear her excited at least. "Thank you." He says as she does help him. Using his stick to try and help him as well. For now, Trouble is just running around. Able to help out some, but not a lot. After a moment he goes to lay down and guard them. Or he's just tired.

"Where?" Piper's tone is curious. Berries she can understand in a few months but bananas may be a bit hard to come by…unless that trader camped outside of town has any. She really needs to get over there. "Should teach." she suggests. More people around should learn to cook. Less burning of food, means less waste of food and when you have to ration what you have that would be a good thing. "Yeah." she gets him to the store room "Shelf, left.." she uhms a moment "five steps." but is it her steps or his?

Gabriel chuckles and shrugs, "Maybe luck?" He suggests about bananas or berries. "Think blueberries should be possible." Nodding slowly to her suggestion, "I suppose I could. " Following her directives and does move, with his stick in front. Soon hitting the door with the stick. "Thanks."

"Lots." but it never hurts to ask. Piper will have to find out if that is something that can be grown in this climate..bananas that is. She knows blueberries can be, though she hasn't found any yet, but she hasn't looked either. "Should." she prods, boy is she pushy, or it could just be that maybe she wants to learn "Sure." she replies and moves away to search the shelf to the right.

Gabriel does offer a nod to her first word. Though as she continues to push he just chuckles. "Fine. Tell the kids. They might want to learn." At least one of them might, and letting them have something to do might make the situation easier on them. Starting to search the shelf. Seemingly finding quite a bit of things. And even more sugar from the look of things. The book is kept, though he'll most likely give it to someone else, since he can't read it.

There is that thoughtfull hmmmm at the suggestion "Yes." cooking is a life skill all of the should have. She can arrange their schedule a bit for that, and Kayla was wanting them to learn more hands on stuff anyway, cooking counts. Piper is paying some attention to what the man is finding "…Quinton…" she says some of the words fell into the aether, and she realizes that so clarifies "the book." he is the camp librarian so why not. "More su-gar." she finds in amusing.

Gabriel nods, "You can as well." He suggests to her. Trying to search some, nodding about the book, and Quinton. "Want to hand it to him, or should I?" He asks. As for more sugar, he laughs softly. "We'll die from diabetes at this rate."

It doesn't matter to Piper who gives him the book, as long as it gets to someone who isn't going to use it for kindling. "You." her shoulders lift out of habit. His comment as her making a gurgling noise as if she were dying…or a zombie. It's quite similiar then she oooos "Craisins." of course finding the muffin pans she also thinking muffins and she relates that "Muffins…" then she chuckles "hungry work."

Gabriel nods, "Will do." Perhaps just trying to figure out who is most likely of meeting him first. Chuckling at the gurgling noise. "You okay?" He asks, since she doesn't seem panicked or worried, neither is he. "Ah, cool." Comes the reply to both words. An amused grin at the last words. "It is indeed." "More cookies I think, and pans." He offers, perhaps having heard how she moved pans around. "Magazines." He adds. as he holds them out, in case it is of any interest to her.

It would probably be her, but the way she sees it, it will make Gabriel be more social, so that's a win. "Yes." she chuckles a bit more "May-be." she turns from her poking about at the offer of she magazines "Yes. Craft-ing." lots of things you can do with magazines when you have a group of bored kids. Looking at all the things then have gathered she is going to have to play a game of tetris to fit it all on the wagon, but it is doable "I'll…out…stuff." well that didn't come out right, hopefully he got it. She starts with the sugar bins, one in each arm.

Gabriel does offer a small smile and a nod at her words. Also quite oblivious to her attempt of making him more social. Handing over the magazines to her. "Go ahead." He says, getting a decent understanding. At least he hopes so. Trying to move to help, if she needs it. Moving quite a bit slower than her though.

"Keep search-ing." Piper tells him when he moves to help. This isn't anything she can't handle. She's is energetic and relatively strong for her size "I got this." and she goes, hauling stuff out and arranging it on the wagon while he searches around. There will be some nice baked goods tonight…good thing baking is possible on a grill, with patience and practice at least.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Muffin Pans
3 Large Bags Chocolate Chips
2 Assorted Magazines
2 Bag Craisins
1 Muffin Pans
1 Loaf Pans
1 Local History Book
2 Baking Powder
4 #10 Cans Shortening
6 Bins of Sugar
1 Muffin Pans
1 Baking Soda
1 Large Bags Chocolate Chips
1 Baking Powder
3 Bins of Flour

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