(2016-03-28) Trading
Summary: A bit of trading with Noah
Date: 3.28.2016
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Right outside the wall between S.Texas Street and 1st Street the Trader, or Noah as he likes to be called has set up camp. It's situated between the two guard towers in a cleared out area, well cleared out thanks to the tornado. At one time there was a house there, but not anymore. He only has a few things set out, garage sale like on a table. Some clothes, books, canned goods, nothing extraordinary, but word has spread that he has some luxury items that aren't on display, safely tucked in his wagon away from prying eyes and nimble fingers. He sits on his camp stool as one or two campers look through what he has set out. "If you are looking for something specific just tell me what and I'll let you know if I have it and what I am willing to trade for it."

Amy comes on out, seeing what's going on. Hands behind her back, limping much less than she was a few days ago, the bruise rapidly fading at this point, she ventures out to nose around. She looks at Noah, and tilts her head, trying to decide if she should ask for what she's looking for, or not. Since she's not really sure what she has to trade.

"Hey miss." Noah gets to his feet as Amy approaches. His tone is welcoming and is lack of accent makes it hard to place where he comes from originally. As for appearance he is short and stocky, his clothes are worn but they are clean as is he, though he could probably use a shave. "Have a look, I have more than just this. Just don't have the room to put it all out." he glances at one of the people loitering around reading one of the books, "You going to trade for that?" which prompts the person to put it down and move along.

Trouble, the dog, is first to be seen. Followed by the blink chef. The man himself moving at a slow pace. He has been meaning to meet with the trader after all, and now he is here. Bag carried with him, as per usual. A stick in his hand as he taps it down occasionally. As well as clicking his tongue some. "Hello." He offers, to the trader as well as anyone else around.

"Afternoon." Noah greets Gabriel just as pleasantly as he greeted Amy. He seems to realize that the man is blind as well "Careful, table about two feet in front of you. If there is anything you want that isn't there let me know." he then turns to Amy "Oh yeah, those are quite popular. Don't have one of those, the closest I have is a solar powered camp lantern. My partner had to do some minor repairs to it, so it works. Plenty bright."

Gabriel does seem to look at Amy's lips as she greet him. Just finding the source of the sound. Letting her speak with the trader for now, introductions will have to wait. Nodding to Noah's words. "Wanted to see. Got any kitchen supplies, or ingredients for food?" He asks. "Or any books with Braille?" Though he only does so when Amy has gotten her help. Raising a brow about a partner. "Thought you were alone." Not that he was certain. Just going from what he heard. Rumours.

Amy bites her lip again when he mentions the lantern. Squirming a little. "The lantern sounds totally perfect, since I have to do a lot of studying of medical books. I just don't like… I don't know what I can give you." If Gabriel needs the space she moves aside to give him room.

There is that squeaky wheel again. Which means Piper is nearby and pulling her wagon. She's been out scavenging, though that isn't all that is in the wagon. There are other things as well. Things she has saved and/or collected or made herself, like her remedies. Seeing the small group at the trader she stops, hanging back a bit, watching as her hand absently rubs the back of the baby secured to her chest.

"I have a bit of all that." Noah replies to Gabriel "Some salt, chocolate, a couple jars of yeast, cinnamon, amoung some other things. Have a hand mixer a nice set of knives. Don't have any braille books. I can see about getting some though to have them on my next stop through." he gives a shake of his head "She stayed behind at Natural Bridge this time. She has a hard time getting around these days. Another few months and she'll be good, once the baby is born." he then turns to Amy "Well there was a time you'd hear something is only as worth as much what people are willing to pay. I need something that I can trade in the future, but you clearly need the lamp. What do you have that you thing would be worth trading for.

"If I find a crank-up flashlight, I'll bring you one." Gabriel suggests to Amy. Since he has no use of it. Then turning to Noah. "If you find anything, send for me." He answers, about the books. "Gabriel, chef." He adds, introducing himself a bit. To both of them really. Then he does hear Piper, smiling in her direction. "Hey." He greets her. Then back to Noah, "What would you like for the knives and yeast?" Nodding about Noah's companion.

Amy looks around, and takes a deep breath. She shifts in her sandals, and bites her lip hard. "I don't know… I didn't expect to be trading." She then giggles nervously. "I don't..I wasn't ready for this, sorry." Piper gets a wave as she arrives.

It's mid-morning and Noah is camped right against the wall (outside of it) between the guard towers. The destruction of S. Texas street is on one side, the 1st street neighborhood on the other. He has a table set up with some of his wares, but not the good stuff. Just common stuff for show. There is a bit of haggling with Gab for the knives and yeast and a deal is struck and the exchange is made, with the blind man heading off with his dog. "Well no one else has asked for anything like that. So I'll tell you what," Noah tells Amy "I'll hold it for you and if you come up with something and I'm still here we can deal then." A few other people are hanging back waiting to speak to the trader

Piper is just arriving, having slowed down upon seeing the trader and the group around him. There was scavenging this morning, and the results are in the wagon being pulled though there are other things as well, for trading. With it being a nice day she has baby Quinn dozing in his snuggie on her chest. The greeting from Amy has her lifting a hand to wave back.

Amy takes a deep breath, and nods. "Thank you very much," she says quickly to the man, having gotten that offer. "I have a lot of studying to do, if I'm going to help people with therapy. Like, a ton. So being able to read at night… thank you. Is there anything like, that you usually need?"

Quinton comes walking down the road, his backpack filled and three potted plants in his arms. He's dressed for the weather, t-shirt and jeans. the poet gives a small smile when he sees the group, trading is good.

Noah gives a nod at Amy, giving her a once over at her mention of studying "Huh." he says to that, but doesn't comment about it, instead her question "Alcohol and cigarettes are always in high demand, so are sweets and anything sugary. Toilet paper. I've seen lots of fights over that." Noah rubs his salt and pepper beard. "Heya folks, be with you in a moment." he says to the arriving Quinton and Piper.

With Noah's attention on Amy, Piper decides to at least take a look and she moves further in that direction, she has heard the conversation and thinks she may be able to help so there is a light tap on Amy's arm. At the arrival of Quinton he gets one of those 'Oh there you are' kind of looks, before her attention is drawn to the plants in his arms, trying to determine from a quick look if there are anything useful or just decorative in nature. The greeting from the trader has her gaze moving back to him and she just gives a quick nod to the man.

Amy gives Noah a nod and a wave. "I'll see what I can like, find. Thank you again." She's about to back out of the way, but then her arm gets tapped, and she turns to look at Piper. "Oh hi!" she smiles. "Were you going to do some trading?"

Quinton flashes Piper a smile, looks like one is an aloe plant, one is a Christmas Cactus and the last is a fern of some type. They're shifted in his arms and he looks down to see what is offered out on the table. "Hi." Simple, hard to tell how his brain is doing with one word. "Maybe." Now that he's closer, his backpack is fairly stuffed.

As the three greet each other Noah steps away a moment to deal with some of the others that are loitering about. On the table is an assortment of clothes, books and canned goods. Though word has gotten around that if there is anything specific a person wants all they have to do is ask, if Noah has it, it's up for bargaining.

Piper ooos at the aloe plant, lots of good uses for that, she isn't sure about the other two, but they will look nice at least. "Wa-gon." she says softly too him, the offer to let him put them in it clear. A shrug is given to Amy, she may have but she is sure that any deal she can strike won't be advantageous to her. Hard to haggle when you can't speak to strangers. "You want?" this is asked of Amy.

Amy laughs weakly. She waves a cheery greeting to Quinton, but her attention is on Piper since that's who she was talking to. "Kinda. I was just like, wandering around when I saw this, so I came over to look. He has like, a solar powered lantern that would work really well for me. I don't have anything to like, trade for it though… so he's going to hold it for me until I can."

Quinton's verbal ability may change from day to day, but his listening skills don't. Piper gets a nod of thanks about the wagon and the tall man squats down to set the potted plants inside. He likes them, even if two are just for looks. Once the plants are safe, he shrugs off his backpack and motions Amy over, "See if … bottle of wine…." Inside his backpack is a bunch of cloth, but near the top the necks of two bottles of wine are poking out.

There are a few sidelong glances, Noah checking to make sure his goods aren't being manhandled or developing feet and walking off on there own. Of course there is appraising looks to the goods in the wagon and the potential of what Quinton has in his bag as well.

Piper gives a chuckle she had a similar idea, but she has taken a jar of honey out of the wagon to offer. She nods to Quinton's suggestion, "More w..w..with wine." maybe saying that Amy could get the lantern and some other stuff with the alcohol than with the honey.

Amy goes wide-eyed. "Really?" She then fairly excitedly goes to fetch said wine. She looks to Piper and to Quinton as she does so, making sure nobody's going to stop her before she takes the bottle to Noah. Then with an other look to Piper to check, she holds it up for Noah to see. "Well it turns out we have some wine. Maybe the lantern and the knives for the chef?" she suggests, taking a deep, nervous breath.

Quinton offers it up with a soft smile and nod. It's why he offered. He's not sure the wine will get both, but he stands up, quickly closing up his backpack. There's something in there he doesn't want everyone to see. He nods for Piper to put the honey back in the wagon. Unless she wants to trade something, the honey is worth too much. At least, in Quin's mind.

Noah's finishes up haggling for a few cans of fruit and turns to Amy, eyeing the bottle of wine in hand "Let's see what you have there?" he moves closer to lean over the table and squint at the bottle "Not bad…at least it isn't Boone's Farm." he contemplates a moment, looking at Quinton and Piper a moment "It will get you the lantern, but not the lantern and the complete set of knives, could get the lantern and the hand mixer though." knives are precious, they do double duty for cooking and defending yourself.

It's a curious look that Quinton gets from Piper. That's not typical behaviour, but not totally unseen before. The honey is returned but she does take a few other jars out, one is the muscle liniment, it gets handed over to the poet for his back. The other two she contemplates, clear liquid with some kind of herbs in it. There really isn't much laid out that she is interested in, though she does take a closer look at the books and clothes.

Amy looks to Piper and to Quinton. She's not sure if that's a fair deal. "Is that good?" she mouths, her head turned away from Noah, asking the pair. She's really not sure at all what to do here. It's not her wine. Lip gnawed on hard, she's very unsure about this.

Quinton nods and quietly slips the ointment into his bag. and then he nods, that's what he thought the wine was worth. "Yes, Amy…it's fair." and fair is the best you can hope for anymore, it seems. His pale eyes roam over the offered things, lingering on the books.

The trader laughs, he isn't sure why Amy turned at his offer, he had an idea that and Quinton's words confirm it. "We have a deal?" Noah asks looking at Amy and her wine.

Piper just shrugs, she probably would have asked for something different, or more, but she has no advice when it comes to haggling. There is a bit of a sigh, there is nothing in view that she is interested in. She likes books well enough, but they aren't music or music related so she takes a pass on them.

Amy looks back at him, and shrugs when Noah laughs. "Hey, I'm just the one talking, I had to make sure before I said yes. But yes, it's a deal." She then puts down the bottle, but keeps a hand on the top of it. "I just got here, I was on my own a while, and before that I was with like, a colony that fell apart when everyone got sick… I'm still learning how things work here."

Quinton sighs softly as well, there's touch of relief there for any that know him, and would care to notice. Seems a certain book isn't amongst the ones presented, which is a good in the poet's opinion. His pale eyes flicker from Amy to Noah, not liking her giving all the info to the man. It's not that Quin doesn't trust him, but….he's a little protective of everyone here at Camp Hope. Piper gets a glance, "Anything?"

Noah studies Amy a bit "I'd be careful who you talk like that to. Not everyone this days are harmless." with that warning he moves to go get a plastic bin from the back of the wagon and brings it over to set on table. Opening it reveals an assortment of camping things, including the lantern, which he takes out and sets down, then he goes to get the hand mixer from another bin.

"Okay?" Piper asks at the sigh, looking from him to the shirt she is folding back up after checking it for size. Way to big for her. At his own question she shakes her head, "No. Un-less." she gestures to his wagon full of stuffs.

Amy completes the trade with Noah. "Sorry," she says softly. "I wasn't trying to like, insult you. I just didn't want to… well. The wine didn't belong to me, so I was just being careful." Taking the items, she backs up and smiles at Quinton. "Thank you."

Quinton's eyes are now on the new bin, with the more useful things. He nods, "Yeah…I'm fine." No book, so he's good. Camping things are more interesting to the poet. The thank you from Amy draws his attention away from the bin, "It's….ok." He offers her a smile, "Take care of it."

Noah just shakes his head with a sigh "I meant about..nevermind." he waves it off and notes Quinton's interest in the bin "Did you want to take a look?" he shifts the bin closer to where the poet stands.

There is a nod from Piper at his answer and her gaze goes to the camping things in the bin as well. Mostly out of curiosity than the desire for anything in the bins.

Amy clearly doesn't understand what Noah meant then. Her head tilts, and she smiles weakly. Then her attention turns to the lantern, lifting it up in front of her and messing with it, trying to get familiar with it.

Quinton might try to explain to Amy later. he steps a little closer, glancing into the box, "How…long are you going to be…around?' he might have some other things in his apartment to trade.

"A few more days at least." Noah answers keeping his hands on the sides of the bin "I'm not expected back at the Caverns for a week or so. If I'm late though my woman will give me an earful." he's about to say something more, but eyes Piper and the baby but changes his mind.

As for Piper, baby Quinn has decided to wake up a bit grumpy and takes a few steps away to sooth him, waiting for the others to finish their browsing so they can all head back to the complex together.

Quinton snorts in amusement and nods, completely understanding, "I'll be back then."

Scavenging Rolls

3 Bags of Potting Soil
2 Packets of Black Pepper
1 Fuzzy Slippers
2 Jars Coconut Oil
15 Citronella Candles
1 Tubes Chapstick
2 T-shirts
1 Dominos (Lots and Lots of Dominos)

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