(2016-03-28) What Would Mom Say?
What Would Mom Say?
Summary: Gabriel gets turned around and finds Mon's apartment by mistake. Another crush is born.
Date: 2016.03.28
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Monica didn't sleep very well last night. No. Waking up screaming more than once a bad night makes and the sanitary arrangements are a considerable distance from her bedroom. Like, across the street and down a ways. Anyway, she's sleeping now, curled up on her bed. Her eyelids tremble with the movements of her eyeballs under them, and one hand, particularly her gun hand, twitches now and then.

A stern face with curly brown hair and powerful brows resting over piercing blue eyes. A straight and broad nose that goes down to his full lips and also offers to show off his strong jawline. Stubble along each jawline and down the chin along with around his mouth.

Standing at 5'11". Not the tallest of men but with a posture that suggests discipline and more or less demands respect. Showing his experience in leading strong men with a strong aura of his own. Broad shoulders and long arms. Keeping in good shape, which is not odd given the current situation in the

A warm black jacket over a white coat and dark blue pants. Simple clothing but showing that it can resist the daily work and not tearing.

Monica's face is usually what people notice first. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a profusion of varicose veins and arteries that make her face look like she lost a fight with a cheese grater. Other than that, she's fairly ordinary. Slender, wiry, not much of a figure, but she's definitely eating well and getting plenty of exercise.

Mon is dressed in a plain white, monstrously oversized t-shirt that comes down nearly to her knees. She's written "WWMWD?" on the front of the t-shirt in big, permanent marker letters, and underneath, "What Would Mark Watney Do?" Her legs and feet are bare, and the neck hangs loosely and comfortably to the top of her sternum.

Having had a lot of people running around and trying to help out with starting to teach people cooking, he seems to have been tired and disoriented today, which doesn't happen often. Though he hasn't had hectic days since before the aliens. Stepping inside he calls out for his dog, "Trouble!" Giving a whistle. Though soon after seeming to realize that something is wrong. Tapping a few times with his stick. Probably realizing that he's in the wrong apartment, by now.

Monica wakes up with a jolt as the door opens. Certainly the fellow's not being subtle about it. Mon's hand darts to the side of the bed and comes up with her revolver. She's not as fast a draw from a dead sleep, and that's probably a good thing. In this case, it means that about the time the hammer goes click into the cocked position and she draws a bead, it dawns on her that this guy is probably with the camp, and that he's giving her some kind of warning. The stick doesn't register right away. She draws her aim away. "Who are you? What trouble? Did the Silencer show up? Monica thinks "Why do these things have to happen when I'm in my pajamas?"

Gabriel chuckles, "Ah, sorry. Been a stressful day. Went wrong way." He explains. "Trouble's my dog." His eyes seem blank, yet focusing on her lips as he listen. His hands raising, one holding the stick. Recognizing the sound of a revolver. "Gabriel. Chef." He explains. At least he doesn't know that she's in her pajamas. Yet. "No silencer." He adds.

Monica watches Gabriel silently. Stick. Blank eyes. The way he moves that suggests he just can't see. She looks down at her pistol and carefully lowers the hammer to one of the safe notches between cylinders and slips it back into her holster. "I've…" She tries to chuckle. "I've eaten so much of your cooking it'd probably be some kind of sin to shoot you at this point. Um. I. It's put away. Don't worry. You can… sit down. The foot of the bed's a couple steps straight ahead." She doesn't mention that she's in it. She draws her legs up to sit in Lotus. Monica's heart is pounding and she's breathing fast. Not the best way to wake up…

"Are you sure? I'm sorry to have woken you up." What with the quick reaction, and the movements she made. Gabriel does move to sit. "I could leave if you prefer. Wouldn't want to take up your time." Sitting down and letting his hand feel the fabric. Perhaps feeling how rough it feels. Even if it would have been washed recently or not. "I appreciate not being shot."

Monica nods. She draws her arms around herself. "Yeah. Sure thing. Gabriel." The name makes her smile a little. "Very Biblical. After the arch-angel. I'm Monica." She takes a slow breath and blows out her cheeks with it, and laughs softly. "Wow."

"I am sure they chose it for that reason." Gabriel admits. A soft chuckle escaping him at that. "Pleasure, Monica. At least we've had an interesting story to tell people now." He offers playfully. Raising a brow at her last word. "What is it, Miss?" He asks, tilting his head to the side.

Monica holds out her hand to shake, then bumps a knuckle on his stick to get his attention that it's there. "Nothing. Just… baggage from before the world ended. What would Mom think if she walked in right now? You know? Everything is different… but sometimes it's hard to remember that."

Gabriel does reach out to shake her hand, as she makes him know where to find it. Giving her hand a gentle squeeze. His hands being a bit rough. Probably with a couple of scars, from when he first started out as a cook. "Ah, I see. About you and a guy sitting on the bed?" He teases her. "I am sure it's fine." Nodding slowly.

Monica nods, then wonders if it's futile to nod. "Yeah." She looks Gabriel over. It's powerful to see and not be seen. And a little strange. "She'd have been mostly surprised. I never dated seriously in high school." Mon curls until she rests her chin on her knees. "Nerd girl." she adds, by way of explaination. "Um… personal question?"

"Ah, I see." Gabriel offers in return. For now sitting and listening. "Nothing wrong with that. I suppose most didn't quite care for running around with a blind boy." Letting out a dry chuckle. Though then he nods. "Go ahead."

Monica takes a breath. "You um. Just answered it, actually. I guess… Nora told me there's no wrong way to have a body. I have some… scars from the plague basically, and it was bugging me. But maybe that applies to you too. I mean it has to be damned inconvenient alot of the time… but you found a way to survive, and you're here now, and you seem…" she looks him over again. "Well fed. So." She pats his hand lightly.

Gabriel nods slowly. "They are all things that make us want to continue to grow. To get past it. My restaurant was successful before. Despite this." He tells her, shrugging a bit. Chuckling. "Well fed? I suppose so." He offers a bit playfully. Though at the pat to his hand, he raises a brow. Not certain what to do. Though then he does add. "Can I see them? By touch. Unless they are badly placed?" Would be inappropriate to touch her rear or chest after all.

Monica inhales softly, and blushes. "I thought… that was a myth." She scootches closer and leans forward, offering her face. "They're all over."

Gabriel chuckles, "Well. Most have better hearing. I suppose that I do as well, but nothing supernatural. I focused more on the touch. Makes cooking a bit easier." He says easily enough. Moving his hand, letting her help him some. Trying to touch her cheek. Probably feeling the slight heat that has risen to her face. "Warm?" He asks. Trying to get a sense of things.

You say, "Um… blushing." She guides his hands to her face and then lowers her own hands to her lap."

Gabriel smiles softly, "Ah, I see." Touching softly, "It doesn't seem to bad." He tells her. "If it's making you uncomfortable, just tell me." He offers and is careful enough. Even touching her lips, nose, and so forth. "I promise, this isn't just some pick-up trick." He assures her.

Monica smiles a little. "I wouldn't know if it was. I kind of miss that sort of thing when it goes by. Nose in a book, or thinking about… flour grinding or power systems or making guns, or electronics and like that, you know?" She stops talking when his fingers reach her lips, which are undamaged. She holds very still, her mouth relaxed and soft.

Gabriel smiles and nods, "Well, it all sounds quite interesting. Gun maker?" He asks her, curious about that. Would be useful. Not for him, but the rest. Moving slowly over the lips, sliding to her other cheek. "Are you okay?" He asks. Just making sure. Sliding it up some, outside of the eyes. Brushing some hair aside.

Monica nods slightly "uh…huh." Her skin is now quite warm, and her heartbeat hasn't really slowed down. "I tinker. Fix things. Make stuff. I've made guns from kits and stuff like that. Never designed one from scratch. I'm working on a couple designs now… but that's a long way off yet. My big project right now is electricity and water pressure. I can use the water tower to store wind energy and generate electricity at a continuous, stable rate with it. Linc tried that with the lights in the clubhouse and solar panels… but he's using big capacitors to store the electricity, and that's really hard to scale. And as long as I'm filling the big water tower, I can leave some of it for pressurizing the fire hydrants and get my bath house idea working. Which is what started all this.

"That would be great. I can help with getting a garden going, or grow food, raise animals. Though I have no clue about electricity and such. Though it would be quite good for the community. If I can help, just tell me." He says. His hand sliding down the side of her neck. Seeing it has spread there as well. Noticing her skin being quite warm.

Monica makes no move to stop Gabriel's hands. Her neck and face both feel like the blood vessels have popped out of their usual beds in soft tissue. Each one is a soft, rounded lump under her skin, some so tiny they're like fingerprint ridges, some larger. There are larger blood vessels in her neck, and Gabriel'd be hard pressed to miss the elevated heart rate there as his fingers get anywhere close to her carotid arteries. Mon is lost in it a little, a strange mixture of someone who used to get a lot of hugs and hasn't had much in the last year or so drinking in the simple pleasure of being touched at length, and a little bit of fear. She blinks. He said something. She swallows, thinking through what he said and nods a little. "It… might be enough for baking during the day. It depends on the oven. I have no idea what the loads are going to be like, but if everything works… it'll make about four or five normal houses worth of current. Tops. Without air conditioning, tv, computers, clothes dryers and all those heavy loads… it'll hopefully be enough for all of us." He said it wasn't a pickup trick and she takes him at his word. It certainly makes things less awkward that it isn't. Because this is nice, and she'd rather not have to stop him.

Gabriel does notice the increased heart-rate. Soon enough pulling his hand back, away from her. After touching her shoulder. Perhaps realizing what kind of clothing she's in. Offering a smile. Nodding to her words. "Ah, that would be quite something. Though do not think we have real ovens. Maybe some stone ovens, using fire, and so on." He suggests. At least she didn't have to stop him. "Sorry. if you were uncomfortable." He says, a small smile offered. Seemingly studying her, with what he can. Since he has no sight.

Monica seems a little disappointed when it ends. "I wasn't … uncomfortable." She says, trying to take a deep breath in silence. "I mean, not like … this hurts or I don't like this… I'm perfectly capable of saying no… or stop… or like that." She shivers a little, the motion transferring through the mattress. "It's just … well … here. I can show you what it's like." She draws her hands toward him slowly. "ok?"

Gabriel blinks as he listens, biting his lip, a bit of a saddened look. Though at her words, he nods. Letting her reach out. "I'm sorry. I'm still… Trying to work through things. My ex, I suppose, left a few months ago. Haven't heard anything. Either dead or forgotten about me." He says, sitting still. Letting it sink in. "You do seem great though, as well as quite pretty." He admits. Biing his lip again, letting her touch.

Monica leans forward, settling her hands onto his temples, then closing her eyes. She doesn't want to stick a finger in his eye. It'd still hurt. She moves further back, trying to learn his ears, to feel their shape in space, since she hadn't paid them much attention. Her hands are rough with a lifetime of hard work, and they still have a faint scent of gasoline on them. She frowns, trying to figure out how he does it, what kinds of transformations of mind have to occur. It's kind of like… feeling the calipers, or feeling the exhaust pulse of a running engine, and having the deep understanding of what it means. She knows how to do it, but like so many skills, this is not at all the same as being able to do it. In her mind's eye, his ears are doing some pretty strange things, and she finally opens her eyes to see what she's feeling. "You make this look easy." she says softly.

Gabriel does just let her touch, trying to be still. Not minding as he let her continue. Closing his eyes for a moment before chuckling at her words. "Well, it's easier when you mainly have it to go on. Sounds don't quite shape your face. I have no clue what your face might look like, but you know how my face looks." He explains. Smiling brightly to her. "Touch has to be gentle." He says as he does touch her cheek again, lightly.

Monica lightens up, slowly, and leans forward, focusing on what her skin is telling her, reaching into her mental toolbox (that's how she thinks of it) for something more akin to turning metal on a lathe, the sense when the profile is right. It's not always about the calipers. Sometimes you just have to feel. She brushes her thumb along the edge of his lip, the spell snaps and she draws back. "Sorry. I… got carried away."

Gabriel allows her to explore, his own hand being gentle. Despite having callouses, he does have a delicate touch. Seeming a bit surprised at her touch to the edge of his lip. "It's fine. I promise." He assures her. Not seeming to mind too much. Eyes on her lips, it seems. Mainly focusing on where the sounds come from.

Monica tries to chuckle a little but only gets a feeble huffing sound. "I spent… something like a year between when my little brother died and when I got here. I had a lot of time… to think, to regret things I hadn't done. A year sleeping alone in a camper smelling my own stink, or staring at the northern end of a southbound horse, and the only people I met were as skittish as me, or worse…" She lets her hands fall into her lap. "Everyone here is … kind … gentle … it's like I want to hold on to… someone, to have family again. And I'd love to say that's you, that it's love at first sight, that you're perfect, because from where I sit right now you are… but… from where you sit, it's gotta be… "what's this goofy girl going on about now?"

Gabriel does listen to her words, nodding slowly. "I'm sorry. I understand some of that. I lost family and friends." He says. Then falling quiet, raising a brow. "I am sure that it might feel like it." Smiling softly. "I don't mind staying, keeping you company." Pulling her a little closer. "It's okay. Though as I said, still a lot on my mind." He adds. "Though I suppose it's not every day I guy drops in on you while you're asleep." He teases. Furrowing his brows. He does seem to like her fine enough. Though he does seem a bit guilty as well.

Monica slips into Gabriel's arms gratefully and hugs him tight. Hugging she can do. Hugging she's comfortable with. His comment gets a chuckle, a real chuckle. "Except for family, you're the very first. I… I'm a pretty good listener, most of the time. I think. And if you want a shoulder to cry on… I won't tell anyone. And I'd love to have some company for a while. Is… Trouble going to be ok on his own much longer?

Gabriel does hug Monica in return. "First?" He asks. Though he let it go. "Sounds good. I am happy to offer the same." He assures her. Giving her a small squeeze, appreciating her offer. "Ah, right. I should probably leave soon, to check on him. He should be fine though. I left him there when I ran off to get things. Ended up meeting people and being sent in the wrong way." He admits. "But he might be getting worried. And you probably need the sleep."

Monica nods a little as she sits back and arranges her t-shirt. "Yeah. I never dated much, and I've barely been kissed. So yeah. Guys in my room who aren't my dad, my brothers, or my doctor? You're the first." Mon sighs. "I feel like I'm fourteen again."

Gabriel ahs and nods, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "At least that's close to being kissed." He offers to her. "If you ever want to get a hold of me, just drop by." He says, letting her know where to find him.

Monica kisses Gabriel's cheek slowly and squeezes him tight. "I will. You can introduce me to the dog." She smiles a little weakly, but it can probably be heard.

Gabriel does smile as she squeezes him. "I am sure that he will like you." Turning to watch her. Their faces rather close. "You'll have to let go of me." He teases with a wink. If she does, he will rise to leave.

Monica lets Gabriel go slowly, and not without some effort. "Yeah… " She looks up at him. "I'm glad you made it. Through the waves, I mean. I'm glad you're here."

Gabriel smiles to her. "I had no reason not to. I suppose I fell through the cracks." He says, "Glad that you made it as well." Bowing a bit to her. "Talk to you soon again." Starting to move towards the door. Trying to find his stick as he heads out. "Goodbye."

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