(2016-04-01) Worm Stew
Worm Stew
Summary: Gabriel cooks.
Date: 2016.04.01
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SGA Club House ShadyGlenApartments
Sat Apr 02, 2016 — Sat Apr 02 01:31:51 2016

This large building dominates the center of the complex. The rear wall is predominatly windows, but the glass is gone and has been replaced for the moment be screening. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrouding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few occupants, four young cats. Two calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Sweetie and Pickles.

A stern face with curly brown hair and powerful brows resting over piercing blue eyes. A straight and broad nose that goes down to his full lips and also offers to show off his strong jawline. Stubble along each jawline and down the chin along with around his mouth.

Standing at 5'11". Not the tallest of men but with a posture that suggests dicipline and more or less demands respect. Showing his experience in leading strong men with a strong aura of his own. Broad shoulders and long arms. Keeping in good shape, which is not odd given the current situation in the world.

A warm black jacket over a white coat and dark blue pants. Simple clothing but showing that it can resist the daily work and not tearing.

Monica's face is usually what people notice first. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a profusion of varicose veins and arteries that make her face look like she lost a fight with a cheese grater. Other than that, she's fairly ordinary. Slender, wiry, not much of a figure, but she's definitely eating well and getting plenty of exercise.

Well look at that. Clearly it's not a Civil War reenactment outfit. In Civil War times, a pair of jeans that tattered would not have been cut off at the bottom of the pockets and hemmed into shorts. They'd have been thrown away. Likewise the T-shirt would have been considered underwear, and indecent at that, for all that it's printed with the Texas flag and the words "Don't Mess with Texas." And yes, that is a truly awful old John Deere baseball cap on her head, and those are combat boots on her feet. Yes, her legs are in about the same shape as her face, maybe worse, since the blood vessels therein are larger. She is wearing her revolver, slung across her belly for a cross-body draw, and to keep it out of the way.

Monica is, surprisingly, in the gym part of the clubhouse, lifting weights. She's just not very strong yet. She lost an awful lot of muscle in the lean times prior, and while she's eating plenty these days, it's all lean game meat. She's doing crunches. Perhaps she wants a six-pack.

While he might occasionally be seen in the gym part, it isn't often. Being a blind man in an unfamiliar gym isn't the safest. As such, he is instead somewhere that he is comfortable. Which is in the kitchen area. Trouble having gotten something small and tasty to eat. While Gabriel works on making some food. Currently it looks like healthy vegan. Probably not having the meat to mamke anything. Though at least it seems to have all needed properties, even protein. Making it a decent, and probably tasty, meal anyhow. Can one even tell that it's vegan? Some cookies are on the bar connected to the kitchen. Probably having been made over some form of open fire.

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Cooking: Success.

Monica switches from crunches to Russian twists, but after only one or two reps, she sets the 10 pound plate she's working with down and holds her stomach. "Oh come on, it's not that bad." But it's not muscle pain that caused that sensation. Its a stomach rumble. The scent hits her consciously moments later. "Oh. Oh! Oh man, something smells /good." She gets up and clomps out of the weight room toward the kitchen.

Gabriel grins as he can hear someone approaching, and Trouble is moving to sniff the person. Being slightly cautious of the girl though. Gabriel offers a small wave in the direction of the sound. "Hello."

Monica waves, then blinks and reaches down to let the dog sniff her hands. "You must be Trouble," she says. "Hey Gabriel. I don't know what you're cooking but damn, if it tastes as good as it smells, when do we eat?"

Trouble is indeed sniffing and and studying the girl. Seemingly responding to her using his name. Though occasionally pulling back. As for Gabriel, he smiles. "Glad that you like it. It's about ready." He says as he finishes it up. For a blind man he moves quite confidently. Starting to plate it, on whatever there is. Putting it on the bar for Monica. "Feel free."

Monica finds some silverwear and takes a taste, careful to keep it away from the bad teeth on the one side of her mouth. She's richly rewarded. The vegitables light up her mouth like manna from heaven. Her body craves these things, and she does her best to answer the cravings. When she wipes her eyes, it isn't from the heat of the dish. "This is… this is great." Sometimes, since the end of the world, there are moments when what's left is richer than what is gone. This is one of those moments. She closes her eyes and chews, savoring the flavor until there's none left, then takes another bite, and another. She takes her time on the dish, wringing every bit of experience out of it that it can give her. Moments don't last, usually.

Gabriel does smile, glad that people enjoy the food. Anything that isn't eaten right away will be rationed and he does try to keep it as well preserved as possible. "Glad that you like it. It's the best I can do with what we have." Which begs the question, what he could do with infinite supplies. "You all right?" He asks, mainly as she is quiet. Perhaps also do to the wiping, if he'd be able to hear how she moves. It's hard for him to tell what she does. Anyone else in the clubhouse that comes over will get some food as well. After awhile he will get himself some as well, to eat along with Monica.

Monica sniffles a little. "Yeah… I… I'm having a worm stew moment. In the Middle Ages, your local healer might make stew out of earthworms. It's apparently as gross as it sounds, but when you're in the dead of winter, and you're sick, and you haven't had much protein in months, it's a huge slug of lean protein. For them, it was magic. A healing potion. It's like that. This tastes good. It's vegitables… and I'm a little overwhelmed." She smiles. "Enjoying it, but overwhelmed."

Gabriel chuckles softly, "Glad to hear. Even if it is odd to have the food compared to worms." He teases her. "This is what I can do. Great food that will also keep all of us alive, make the most use of the ingredients, so we can ration things better." He tells her, eyes on her lips, as the sound comes from there. Eating his own food as well. "I hope you have been well since last time?"

Monica nods, then rolls her eyes at herself privately. "Yeah. Doing ok. Frantically busy. Elan and I found a machine shop in the auto repair shop. It was in the back room, locked behind some toolboxes. Most of it's like 1940s vintage equipment, but I can make that work. That's like… huge. I can make that equipment, given time, but this puts me months, maybe years ahead.

Gabriel ahs and nos, "Sounds like quite the find. Hope you manage to make something of it." He offers to her, chuckling then. "Glad it does. Sounds like you need all your strength." He says, shrugging a bit. "If you need anything else, free to ask. I'm blind, but still able to help."

Monica nods with a soft "mm. Maybe I can help you. Would a grist mill be of any use to you? I have one on my list, and i have a couple old rail wheels for the job.

Gabriel nods slowly, "That could most likely be quite helpful. Would make it easier to keep having bread and similar." He suggests. Another nod about the old rail. "I could help move it?" Comes his offer in return.

You say, "It's not even really started yet, and the wheels weigh eight hundred pounds each. I'll be recruiting lots of people to move it when the time comes."

"Take your time." Gabriel replies. Finishing his food easily enough. "The more to help, the better." He says with a small smile. Moving to pet Trouble while continuing to talk to Monica.

Monica finishes her food and stops short of licking the plate. She looks at Gabriel, watching him. "Have you always been… blind?"

Gabriel shakes his head. "Not always. Disease made me lose my sight. When I was still a kid." He explains to her. Shrugging softly. "There's no helping it. Though I'll try to not wander into the wrong room again." He offers and grins.

Monica blushes and chuckles softly. "Well… knocking first might be a good idea, at least." She thinks about the soft hands touching her face, and the blush goes much deeper. It's probably a good thing he's blind.

Gabriel nods slowly, "I will keep that in mind." He might as well knock. "That usually don't happen though. I suppose it was a twist of fate." He offers. Trouble laying down and yawning. Resting for the time being, so Gabriel stand up straight to talk to Monica. Not noticing the blushing, but he does notice her being quiet for a moment, as her mind wanders back to the events. "Still with me?"

Monica 's voice takes on a nervous flutter and she clears her throat. "Yeah… just… blushing again." She reaches out, hesitates, then reaches out again to take his hand and guide it to her cheek. The skin is certainly hot…

Gabriel raises his brows, a bit surprised at her reply. Though even more so as she guide his hand to her cheek. Feeling the warmth of her cheek. "You are indeed warm." He says and smiles softly. Letting her guide his hand. "Is it me, or is it something else?" He teases, about her warm cheek.

Monica looks up at Gabriel. "I'm pretty sure it's you." She nuzzles against the hand like a lonely cat.

Gabriel does still have a small smile to offer to her, feeling her nuzzling against his hand. Gently touching her, stepping closer. "Worked out? Sweat." He offers, perhaps heard her, or able to guess. Even if she isn't sweating now. Trying to change the topic a little, even as he bites his own lip.

You say, "yeah… I used to be stronger… I need to be a lot stronger… And okay… I still have some vanity left. I'd like to have a sixpack, if I'm not going to have a figure.""

Gabriel chuckles as he nods, "Fair enough. Not that I'd know." He offers to her. With himself keeping in decent shape as well. Not a body builder or pro athlete. "I am sure that you can stay in shape. This new living of ours makes it easier." Or rather, it is necessary. All the work they need to do all the time.

Monica nods. "Yeah. Huh… So do you… have a mental image of people the way I would, or is that all gone now and it's all 'sounds like that, feels like that, smells like that… and… yeah."

Gabriel chuckles. "I suppose that I have an image. Judged by your voice, as well as what I can tell. From your hand and face." Shrugging some. "Though the image isn't always as interesting as the rest, I suppose." Smiling to her. "I at least know how tall you are. Since I hear where your mouth is." Getting a decent meassuring tool. If not an exact science.

Monica nods. "Dang it. I keep nodding. It's going to take me a while to stop expecting you to see that." She reaches out to touch Gabriel's cheek. "I see you… I see how you move, and it tells me things about you I don't even perceive as something I've seen. But scentwise, you smell… clean… like food… healthy, or at least you don't smell not healthy." She presses her lips together a moment.

Gabriel chuckles, "It is fine. It comes naturally I suppose." Letting her touch his cheek. Smiling as he listens. "Good that I do, I'd rather not stink." He says a bit playfully. Letting his hand stay on her cheek in return, perhaps feeling the shifting as she presses her lips together. "You okay?" He asks and stands in front of her, smiling softly.

Monica nods. "Yeah… just… having another worm stew moment that doesn't involve food, maybe." She smiles up at him a little, and hopes he takes it in the spirit it was offered, a little in jest.

Gabriel does let out another chuckle. "Glad that you're happy then." He suggests. Offering a kiss to her free cheek. "I should get Trouble back to the apartment soon. Though you're free to walk with us, if you want?" He suggests. Eyes on her face, as his hand is on her cheek.

Monica kisses his cheek in return and whispers, "No, I don't think that's going to get it this time." She looks up at him, takes a breath, and leans forward to brush his lips with hers. It's awkward, yes, but at least she knows enough not to bang his teeth with hers. Ouch.

Gabriel doesn't quite follow at her reply to his words. Though then feeling her lips on his. A mixture of emotions at it, though he doesn't pull back. Returning the kiss. His hand going down to her shoulder. "Soft lips." He murmurs playfully, with his lips inches from hers.

Monica shivers. "Likewise," she murmurs. She looks down at his hand on her shoulder, then back up at him. "I've been… kicking myself for not doing that ever since last time."

Gabriel smiles, "Good." As for the last words, he chuckles. "Been thinking about it a lot then?" He teases, trying to compose himself then. At least he doesn't know the state of her clothing. Perhaps that would make it easier for him to have a mental image. For now though, his hand squeezes her shoulder softly.

You say, "You make an impression… but I need to go. I've got bearings cooling that I need to check on.”

Gabriel nods and smiles to her. "Talk to you tomorrow." He offers to her. Stepping back, to allow her to move. "We can walk you to your door, if you wish." Moving to find his stick. Causing Trouble to stir awake as well.

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