(2016-04-02) Hunting and Gathering
Hunting and Gathering
Summary: Terry and Piper do some hunting and gathering
Date: 4.2.2016
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The overgrown fields southeast of the reservoir is prime hunting this time of year…or really any time of year now. It's not only good hunting for animals though but also for plants that could be useful for either food or medicines.

While Piper came out mostly to do the first, she is actually doing more of the latter. With her bow in hand, rifle strapped to her back and her other usual weapons she is slowly walking barefooted, we won't tell Quinton about that, through the grass and weeds. Spotting something that could be useful she crouches down to study the plant before taking a few moments to harvest some of its leaves.

Terry had come out several hours prior to dawn, decked out in woodland camo, carrying a medium-sized kit full of gun maintenance supplies, a light snack, and other things to make his excursion all the more comfortable. He'd found a nice spot up off the beaten path, and set up a little blind. One would really need to know what to look for to spot him. Even then, the only indication he was there, besides the blind, was the tell-tale *CRACK* of his shot as he drew down and zeroed in on his target, and gave his rifle's trigger a slow, steady squeeze. The turkey at which he'd been aiming didn't even have time to register that it had been shot; one minute it pranced about and preened like the king of the world, the next it was sprawled out, cackling its last breath away. It had been a long wait, but finally something had shown up.

The leaves are tucked into the pouch on her belt and from her crouched position she looks around but finds no more of the plant in the area. Piper isn't really looking for blinds either so for the moment the hiding spot goes unnoticed.

Standing up the woman continues on her way, looking for more of the plants. When the shot rings out she reacts as expected, she crouches low, searching her surroundings for the shooter, the bow and rifle quickly switch places, not being sure if the shooter is friend or foe. Knowing the general direction the shot came from she keeps low as she stalks in that direction.

Terry continues his ritual: front-sight, trigger-press, follow through. Of course, he may be *aiming* like a professional, but things don't always go as planned, and as things go Terry leaves his hiding spot with a single turkey.. a fat turkey, but only one — it should provide a decent meal, if he breaks it down properly. He begins breaking down his shelter, and packing it away with his other hunting gear, rather unaware that he may or may not have a stalker.

Continuing in the direction the shot came from she finally spies Terry, which is a relief, sorta. It's not the Silencer, raider or anyone bad at least, and his turkey victim. Still moving on ghostly feet she approaches and watches a few moments before speaking up. "Hey." she greets in that soft, tentative tone of hers.

Naturally, as she gets closer, his "spider sense" tingles more and more. Once he hears a friendly voice, he relaxes.. if only a smidge. "Hey." He holds up the turkey. "Dinner tonight?" He smiles, offering it over.

Piper's WTH? expression is easy to understand when the question is posed and the turkey is offered out. "No." she says in a flat monotone, eyeing the dead turkey and then Terry. She is not touching it, she doesn't even like to field dress her own kills, she certainly isn't going to do someone else’s. "Have plans."

Terry nods, and tucks it away for the trip home. "…So, what brings you out here?" So conversant is he, as he stands there, glancing around. He doesn't see any wild animals worth shooting, so…

There is another switch of rifle and bow. With no immediate danger the rifle isn't needed "Same." she gestures to the turkey he got. "Plants." she says further reaching into her pouch and pulling one of the leaves to show it to him, in case he didn't get what she means.

"Nice." Terry flashes a thumbs-up. "Need a hand? I'm still brushing up on some things, but I can at least give you an extra set of hands picking things up. Let me know what we're looking for, and I'll keep an eye out." He stretches, enjoying the sun on his face, where it peeks through the clouds. Good times.

The fuzzy, pale leave is put back into the pouch "Sure?" Piper answers, not sure exactly how much help he could be, but she won't complain about having an extra set of hands. Means more that can be brought back "Any." well almost any, she probably doesn't want anything poisonous or anything. "E-di-ble."

Terry switches his fingerless gloves out for a more rugged, non-fingerless pair, and fishes a little zip-loc bag from his pack, before beginning his hunt. "Let's see what we have here…"

An eyebrow arches at Terry. Piper finds his glove wearing when its this warm odd, but she is really can't say much, she went the whole winter without wearing shoes. Strolling along, surveying their surroundings she keeps a good five or so feet between them. She does find some wild thyme and pick a few branches, running it under her nose to smell it before putting it away. When Terry speaks up again she is picking berries from a large bush, a few are popped into her mouth as she goes to check out what Terry found "Peyote." she tells him of the cactus then offers him a handful of the small sweet-tart berries she found.

"I always err on the side of caution," Terry responds, noting the eyebrow arching at his gloves. "Better safe than sorry." And then when Piper notes the peyote, he grins. "Yeah, lucky us.." He responds with a chuckle, tucking it into his bag along with the sunchoke tubers and acorns he's found. When he's offered some of the berries, he accepts, popping them into his mouth and enjoying their flavor. "Wow, these /are/ sweet, aren't they.."

There is a nod at him, of understanding, she gets it even if she doesn't always practice that herself. Walking around in a Texas field barefoot isn't the safest thing to do, especially with snakes around. "Yes. For med-i-cine." she has been experimenting with processing it properly to, peyote that is. Looking around she will have to remember this location, mostly for the berries which she goes to pick more of "First…spring." she indicates the bush.

"Oh yeah… now all we need is a pair of coconuts.." Terry mutters to himself, grinning, as he stumbles upon some limes. Wild ginger doesn't hurt, either. "Hey, Piper.. How do you feel about chiles on pizza? I rather like it.. been a while since I've had it, though." He shrugs, and continues looking.

Clearly the pair have meandered into someone's former garden. And with a farmhouse not being to far away it isn't surprising to find what they do. "Okay." Piper says followed by a nod at how long it has been since pizza has been had, "Sophia…cheese." she tells him, though it isn't a big secret that the bartender has started to make it in small batches. It doesn't keep though so it goes pretty fast. Her map is pulled from her backpocket along with a stubby pencil and after studying it a moment and their surroundings she notes the locations on the plants found on it, so she can find them again later.

"I should probably get back to camp. I'm due on the wall in a bit." Terry says, noting the position of the sun in the sky, insofar as he can see it. "I'll send someone to keep you company, if you want?" He offers, as he begins packing up.

"Yeah." she glances at the sun as well, when its brought to her attention how late it is getting. "No." she shakes her head "Back soon." she shoos him away. She's fully capable of taking care of herself.

Hunting Rolls

1 Turkey

Foraging Rolls

1 Handful of Chiles
2 Limes
2 Wild Ginger tubers/roots
1 Peyote Cactus
2 Sunchoke tubers
1 Acorns
1 Thyme
1 Agarita Berries
1 Handful of Mullein leaves

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