(2016-04-03) Snapped
Summary: Monica gets panicky, Piper snaps a little
Date: 4.3.2016
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Monica is a lot more comfortable scavenging with Piper than she was last time. Her crush on Quinton has settled down into more of a sibling kind of thing, which first of all she understands, and second of all does not put her at odds with the tiny, bad-ass musician. That, and she's seen a little bit of what makes Piper /go/. So here she is, out scavenging with Piper, her cutting torch in its backpack on her back for breaking and entering purposes. "So what do you think, trailer park, or hit some of those buildings downtown that nobody's broken into yet?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Failure.

The squeaking of the wagon wheel accompanies the pairs walking through town. It's been fixed once, but it's old and sees lots of use, by both Piper for scavenging and the children playing. It's a miracle it’s in one piece. With the weather being what it is, she does have baby Quinn snuggied to her, as usual he is nomming on the teething toy secured in place…no mommy fetch games today. She hmmms thoughtfully at the question, "One…other." she responds, having little trouble keeping up with the taller woman.

Monica looks around. "Well, we're here, let's start here. I need to break into the bank at some point. Elan's been studying dentistry and I'm hoping there will be some gold in the vault to make fillings out of. I want lots so he can practice before I let him at my teeth." She offers a hand to take the wagon. "I gotta go through this thing pretty soon. If the wheels fall off, it won't be useful to anyone."

There is a nod from Piper, to something that is said. "Luck." maybe at the prospect of breaking into the vault. She doesn't prevent Monica from taking over with the wagon "Old." she gestures to the wagon "All…" there is one of those all-encompassing gestures "Ne-bras-ka. C…c…ch.." nope that word isn't coming out so she simplifies. "Kids.

Monica says, "You brought it here from Nebraska? Wow… yeah, I need to see what it's got for bearings, if anything. If not, I can make some. Now that I have something like a shop, I can do a lot more stuff like that. If you run across any stray rototiller or snowblower engines, the horizontal kind? I could use some. The generator you found at the hardware store is going to be a stretch to drive any of the big tools." She goes to a trailer and tries the door. "How about this one?""

"Yes." and then some really. There is a bit of a grin when the offer to fix it is made, but it is quickly replaced by one of confusion when Monica starts talking engines. She was a musician not a mechanic, how would she even know how to recognize those. There is just a shake of head at that part as they continue to a trailer. "Sure." she does look around then and gives a chuckle, "It missed." she then gestures around the trailer park, which saw no damage from the recent tornado.

Monica nods. "Yeah, I know. How likely is that? There's a trailer court and the tornado missed it?" She chuckles and heads into the trailer, giving the floor a stomp to make sure it's not too rotten to hold our weight. "Looks good."

Mobile Home
This doublewide mobilehome isn't all that different from any of the rest of the homes in the trailer park. The only difference between it and others is that all the windows toward the back are covered with black garbage bags.

Upon entering you are right in the living area, which is divided from the kitchen by a laminate counter. Underfoot is either dirty rug, or sticky gold linoleum.

There is a bedroom in the front with an actual nice sit in bay window and a bedroom in the back…at least it's supposed to be used as a bedroom, whoever lived here though seemed to be using it as some sort of lab, and not the nice lets save people with science kind, but the Walter White, let's cook up some Meth kind.

Piper shrugs, she doesn't want to do the math to figure that one out. "Good?" good for them at least. There could be lifesaving stuff in these trailers still, best that the contents are scattered all over the county. Following Monica in she gives a nod at the state of the floor and then glances around at the living area before heading further in poking about the living and kitchen area, picking up a book and glasses sitting on an end table.

Monica opens the door to the back room, takes one look and one whiff and turns to Piper. "Out. Now. There's a meth lab back there."

Those are words Piper never thought she would hear..ever and she pauses on her way into the front room. Meth labs aren't really anything she knows about either, but from the commanding tone that Monica uses she isn't going to question it and heads out of the mobile home, "Okay."

Monica follows Piper out and closes the door carefully. Her expression makes it obvious she's far less cool and collected than she sounds. Once we're out in the fresh air, she murmurs, "fuck… fuck…" She runs her hands through her hair. "Come on," she mutters, "work the problem… are we contaminated? they weren't actively cooking, if we'd gotten phosphened we'd know already… probably not much vaporized meth left in the air… fuck." She looks at the book Piper found. "We should leave that… and everything we found in there. And probably give little Quinn a bath, at least. Probably ourselves too." She looks back at the trailer. "Gotta find a gas mask or a respirator… there could be some mighty useful chemicals in there if we can get them… shit… I knew something smelled weird, but I figured it was the corpse." She shakes her head. "I'm so sorry."

Piper's brows furrow at Monica as she talks to herself "What?" she doesn't understand what the issue is and at the suggestion of leaving the things she looks at them and sets them on the porch of the trailer. It isn't until bathing and pulling the baby into it that she starts to look worried, her arms coming up to wrap protectively around Quinn "Sorry?" Confused Piper is confused.

Monica looks at Piper. "Meth lab. They were cooking crystal meth in there. It turns the place into a toxic waste dump. That's what we just walked in on. The dust is toxic, the fumes are toxic…" She runs her hands through her hair again. "Shit. I wasn't thinking…"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Failure.

"What!" the usually soft spoken Piper exclaims as it is explained to her what the trailer was used for. She was only in a so-so mind space, knowing that she just exposed her child to something like that, well that isn't good. Frantically she whips off her backpack a drops it to the ground then takes the baby from his snuggie and sits him in the wagon. It's a matter of seconds and she has a few washclothes and her bottle of water and is using them to frantically wash the baby off as she strips him of his clothing tossing it aside like it was contaminated. She's kinda freaking out.

Monica was thinking pretty much that, yeah. Whatever else happens, get the baby clean. "Easy… easy… don't hurt him." She's on the ragged edge of panic herself and her biggest concern is that they've hurt baby Quinn. "He should be ok." she says. "Clean him up… we'll get the doctor to look at him… and us… but he should be ok. We… weren't in there that long. The cooking was done a long time ago. People… who get hurt in old meth labs live there for weeks or months…" She says it quietly, almost to herself, even though she's facing Piper. "Don't hurt him…" she says again. "He didn't do anything wrong."

Is Piper listening? Is she not? Hard to tell really. She gets Quinn down to just his diaper, not sure the level of contamination they are talking here. There is no roughness in her actions though and the accusation that she would hurt her child makes a throaty growl come from the woman. "Ne-ver." at least she heard that part. Though the words are enough to make her take a deep breath and slow down, she's not hurting him but babies are good at picking up vibes and he isn't liking the vibes his mommy is putting off.

Monica reaches out, taking the risk that Piper will simply tear her arm off, or so it seems to her, but she reaches out anyway to pat Piper's shoulder. "It'll be ok," she says. She hopes it will. She sincerely does. Her chemistry teachers might have been a little over-thorough in indoctrinating their charges about the dangers of methamphetamine cooking, but it was in rural Wyoming. She takes another breath, and it gives her no trouble. That's a good sign.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=melee Vs Monica=melee

< Piper: Great Success Monica: Failure

< Net Result: Piper wins - Crushing Victory

Piper doesn't handle touching well on her good days, and this one was gone from only mediocre to bad in short order. As the hand comes down on her shoulder, the wrist is grabbed and the tiny, soft-spoken and gentle woman becomes a blur of action as she does some twisty fighting move that if done properly will have the other woman's arm twisted up behind her back and slammed against the trailer, front first, "Don't ever touch me." well at least her talking improved. It seems she is a bit more badass than she lets on.

<FS3> Monica rolls Mind: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=melee Vs Monica=melee

< Piper: Good Success Monica: Success

< Net Result: Piper wins - Solid Victory

Monica screeches as she's body-slammed into the trailer. She's quiet after that a moment, and her struggle fails to free her wrist. What comes from her next is a snarl. "Would you mind not body checking me INTO THE TOXIC WASTE DUMP WE"RE TRYING NOT TO DIE OF, YOU FUCKING PSYCHO?"

The struggle..the words…something Monica does or says causes Piper to break. The expression is easily read, horror at what she has done and she lets go, back pedaling away rapidly. "Oh my god." now the panic really sets in and where fight was the previous instinct now it switches to flight. As tears begin to stream she turns, quickly picks up Quinn and runs as if hellhounds were at her heels, leaving all her belongings behind in the process.

<FS3> Monica rolls Fast Draw: Good Success.

Monica 's pistol just appears in her hand as Piper lets go, and she clicks the hammer back with her thumb. She draws a bead on the fleeing woman's back, but she bites down until her bad teeth scream at her and manages not to pull the trigger. She lets the hammer down slowly into one of the safe notches and re-holsters the pistol. "Not this time," she says. "Not this time." She sits on the stoop of the trailer a long time and lets Piper and baby Quinn go. She eventually does gather up baby Quinn's clothes and Piper's things and puts them in the wagon. She doesn't take them back to the complex yet. She's not in a good mood to face Piper again, to say nothing of Quinton and the good doctor. Instead, she takes the wagon to the repair shop and spends a few quality hours drilling out the bearings and making fresh babbitt bearings on all of them, which she greases lightly. "Squeaky wheel gets its ass drilled out and fixed, she mutters. Now she's ready to go home.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Mountain bike
1 Bottle of Tequila
1 Box of toothpicks
1 Plague Corpse
1 Reading Glasses
1 CB Radio
1 Book-Fiction-Spanish
1 Plague Corpse
1 Binoculars

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