(2016-04-05) Breaking Down
Breaking Down
Summary: Sometimes things can get to be a bit to much
Date: 4.5.2016
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Quinton's been unseen since yesterday. There's been no flags raise to indicate he left the area, so no one, besides a chosen few are worried. Or honestly even have noticed. First the poet was in the thrift store, but he's moved around at night, ending up here at the church. Now the sunlight is streaming in, he doesn't need thaw candles anymore. He's on the floor, using one of the pews as a table. Crunched up paper balls surround him and he's trying desperately to get anything that's not single words down on the quickly thinning notebook on the pew. He's got circles underneath his eyes, which are red from lack of sleep. and possibly tears.

Of course Piper counts one that would both notice and be worried, though not upset. She is doing her best not to take it personally either and is being moderately successful at that, so far. The woman probably would have walked right past the church, without going in had the door not been ajar. It's enough to make her investigate at least. While she has been on the lookout for him, and poking about she isn't frantic or turning over every metaphorical stone in town. She's well aware he can fend for himself if need be. Slipping through the door she moves in her normal manner, which for most is way too quiet.

Her height makes it so she can't see him, but the wads of paper give his location away. Moving it that direction she slips into the pew behind where he sits, digging a bottle of water from her pack to set in the pew he is using as a table as she sits and leans forward against it.

Quinton's not slept, so his alertness is off. He doesn't notice till the water is sat down. Normally he'd jump, but he's just too mentally exhausted. Instead, the man crumples, laying his head down against a forearm on the pew. The page currently has a bunch of single words scribbled out, although some can be deciphered if wanted.

There is a passing glance to the words on the paper, but the crumpling of the poet is much more pressing than his scribbles. "Quinton." she says with concern as she gets up and climbs over the back of the pew instead of going around. Pushing his papers aside she sits on the pew next to where he sits on the floor and begins to stroke his head, "Its okay." what else is she going to do and say when the poet is clearly in need of comforting.

Paper balls rolls off the pew as Piper takes their place. The poet has dust in his hair, indicating he didn't spend the entire night here. He doesn't say anything, but a small shutter and then gasp, like he's trying to not start crying can be heard, and his hand tightens around the pen. His first voice of weapon. It's what he was supposed to change the world with.

She continues to stroke his hair, maybe brushing some of the dust of in the process. There may be an issue if a spider makes an appearance. "Cry all you want." Piper tells him softly, "Cry for us all." she schoohes closer, nudging his head toward her softer lap, instead of the hardness of the wooden pew arm. That can't be at all comfortable.

Quinton's hand squeezes the pen hard enough the plastic starts to crack. His head snaps up and he leans away from her hand. His eyes are a mix of angry and scared. "NO…that's…wrong. Everything is…" There's a head shake, "Everyone is….broken….it's….they want…" The cracked pen falls from his hand as he reaches up to dig his hands into his hair, smearing the bit of ink that escaped onto bios temple. "They won….they've already won." He's definitely got more words today, but they've more jumbled, he's bouncing around like he can't keep a thought.

Piper didn't expect that kind of reaction and she flinches back at the sudden movement and tone in his voice, her expression though stays firmly worried at least for a moment before softening into a more compassionate one. Leaning forward she reaches for his hands. She isn't going to deny the broken part or what the aliens could possibly want. Denial is saved for the other part "No." she says with a soft, firm voice "As long as there is even one of us left to fight they haven't won."

Quinton at least doesn't pull his hands away, but his bangs flop as he shakes his head, "No….we're….doing it….for them." His body tenses as he spits the words out. He's tired, not having the best brain day, and very, very upset. A bad combo. Pale eyes slip closed and a pained expression passes ove this face as he leans into the arm of the pew.

"But we are saving people too." she points out, gently prying the leaky pen from his hand before he gets ink everywhere. "Our com-mu-nity. We are saving people." she keeps a hold of his hands for the moment, trying to give him that connection he needs with the contact. "We are winning one saved person at a time."

Flashes of nanites, Kayla's confession and lack of remorse till he guilted her into it, Monica's confession….she used the word lynched…It all makes Quin's stomach clench up, "Not …if we kill…" he doesn't fight for control of the pen, perhaps that's his problem in a nut shell. Piper easily takes it before he's a blue smear. Although there's now ink on his and her hands. His eyes stay closed and he weakly says, "We're our own executioners."

"One windmill at a time." Piper says to him, her hands are washable so the ink on them is nothing she is going to worry about at the moment. Squeezing his hands gently she locks her gaze with his leaning forward giving him something to focus on "And we can be our own salvation." she even manages to say that with conviction, she usually isn't the most optimistic person, but at the moment she is doing her best to be that.

Quinton should know what she's referring to, but his brain won't focus. Instead he frowns, but will lock hius eyes on her's, "…Kayla …int's only because of me…You….Jennifer…..Laura…." He finally breaks, his eyes close and he leans forward, into her lap. "I can't…stop bullets…"

This time she doesn't know who he is referring to as Jennifer or Laura, but at least she gets the other two. It makes it harder for her to come up with a response. Of course suddenly having his head in her lap makes it so she really doesn't have to. A hand is freed and once more she is stroking his hair, "Please don't try." especially ones meant for him, she would be perfectly fine if he dodged them.

Quinton's not crying, more just berthing jagged as she pets his head. "Have to…..have to." His free hand finally sneaks up and holds onto her leg, clutching at it. "Please…please….no more…"

Piper understands the have to part at least she assumes he means he has to protect them whether it is from bullets or other dangers, like snake bites and foot peircing nails. The rest though has her perplexed, there could be a number of things he means. Her hand stills a moment as she tries to puzzle it out, but without more clues she can't figure it, but asking probably isn't the best option here but she will prod a bit "No more…" she repeats, keeping the questioning tone subtle as she goes back to petting him.

Quinton repeats back, which is probably not very helpful, "No more…" His hand tightens and he presses his face into her leg. Now his voice is muffled, "Can't stop….bullets…not from you…"

Not helpful at all, but at least Piper is understanding some of it. The leg under his hand twitches a bit when his hand tightens on it, but that is the only indication that it might be to tight. She isn't even going to ask if that is bullets she is firing or being fire at her, because both would be bad, for him, for her not to mention the other person. Making promises that he won't ever need to would be stupidly unrealistic so she doens't go there. "Hope you won't ever need to." that much she can say though and still be totally honest.

Quinton rubs his face into her jeans, almost like the grown man is trying to hide. He'll stay like this till he calms some. His breathing evens out and he's loosened his grip on her leg. There's a tremble the races through his body and he mumbles a low, "…sorry…" Even in his messed up state, he knows this isn;t going to fix anything.

The petting continues, there may even be some soft singing if it helps with the calming. As the hand on her leg loosens the will place her other over it "You're fine." its not like she hasn't soaked a sweater or two of his with her tears "Exhausted, probably hungry, but fine." she leans forward slightly, her unbound hair falling around them "Want to find a place to nap?"

A low whine and he turns his head slightly so he's not talking directly into her leg, "No…I'd just…fall.." His pale eyes are unfocused, but at least his berthing is normal again. "I don't…understand. Everyone just….hurts…" There's more there but he sighs, letting his eyes slide shut again.

She's pretty sure he doesn't mean falling in the physical sense either so its not something she can really argue there. "It keeps them going. Fighting. Would you rather they were the numb of uncaring?" she asks, moving hair out of his face "I don't want to be numb again."

Quinton grimaces, it's too hard to explain and his head is pounding. He nuzzles into her leg with his jaw, just a little bit before stilling again. "..no…no numb….but so much…hurting each other…"

Her fingers continue to play in his hair, it will probably be even messier when she is done. "Not here, not each other." she just talks to keep him talking, she hopes it is helping, but she is mostly at a loss. At least she knows what not to say, even if she doesn't particularly know the right ones, if there are any. "A lot of lashing out." can't hurt the aliens so hurt each other kind of thing.

Quinton finally nods, something she says seems to be what he was trying to say. he finally reaches his other hand to wrap around her as best he can. It's awkward, and he's mostly just hugging her thighs. "…sorry….please….sorry…" The petting is having an effect though, he sounds more sleepy than upset .

"It's okay, Quinton. It's okay." she's not sure what the apology is all about but she accepts it, if he feels the need to give it. Piper is tempted to try and get him to move again before he falls asleep on her lap, but that could just make him all tense again after she has worked to get him to this point of relaxation. No worth it. So its just more petting.

Quinton's words are starting to get more spaced apart. "…just….protect…family…" There's another nuzzle, he's turning his face into her lap again and he sighs. It's going to be a sore back when he wakes up, if he sleeps like that for any length of time.

It's going to be a sore butt for her if Piper sits with his weight on her for too long as well, especially in this church pew. They aren't made for comfort for a reason. After she is sure he is good and asleep, it's a quick if not a little awkward to at least ease him to the floor to sleep in a slightly less back breaking position, where she joins him in nappage.

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