(2016-04-05) Cousins Not Cousins
Cousins Not Cousins
Summary: Delgados got to stick together
Date: 4.5.2016
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<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

This warm, clear not to early morning has birds chirping, squirrels chattering and the occasional dog barking in the distance. The usual things on a spring morning in the small inhabited town of Stratford. With the population being what it is, unless a person is trying /really/ hard running into other people while out scavenging isn't all that common, especially outside the defensive perimeter. That makes it kinda, but not completely, strange to find the petite woman, with more hair than well three people should be graced with and a baby on her left hip while packing a pistol on the other one wandering the neighborhood just north of the wall. She does have a backpack, so she could be scavenging.

Takara was taking advantage of the pleasant weather and solitude of the morning. Again she was exploring around camp, not really intending on scavenging today. Just needing some space more than anything. Was she glad to have found another group of people? Of course. Numbers meant safety…usually. It was still just hard to adjust to a new environment, new faces and…everything else. She still had a few visible bandages from her visit to the doctor on her first night. Most noteable was one that ran from just above the corner of her right eye and down across her cheek. A second smaller bandage peeked out from the top of her tank top. A final one was wrapped around her left arm a bit below the shoulder. Stupid camo kids. Walking around, she seems to not have any real direction to her walk now…looking down at the ground with a furrowed brow and kicking a rock to send it skipping across the ground. Her backpack rests on the shoulder of her non-bandaged arm. Her steps bring her steadily closer to Piper's location.

Well Piper is looking for something or maybe someone, so she is much more attentive to her surroundings than the woman that is making her way in her direction. Her eyes go to rock that skitters past her barefeet to stop in the grass of one of the victorian style houses that make up this unique neighborhood. There is silence from Piper as she watches the woman penseively, but the baby of course is not. He is barely six months old, to young to know when silence is important. He waves the little ring of plastic teething toys and generally babbles happily, enjoying not being bound by the bandeau of fabric that is wrapped loosely around the woman's neck like a scarf. She has stopped waiting for the woman to draw closer before clearing her throat to announce she is there, as if the baby noises weren't enough.

The baby noises are indeed noticed, a brow lofting as Takara looks up from the ground and stops a little closer to the pair but still with some distance between them. When she sees the baby she can't help but smile a bit, looking tired but who wasn't these days? Her gaze then goes from the baby up to the woman holding him, "Hey…" A hand goes to shift the bag on her shoulder, securing it there better. "Sorry. Didn't realize anybody else was out here." She then seems to look over Piper a moment. Baby attached to her. Big hair. Bare feet. Hrm. "Are you…Piper?" she chances.

Yes, Piper is distinctive and it's not just her beauty that does it, but those other things as well. There is certainly no mistaking the woman for anyone else. Nor can she deny it so her head bobs up and down in answer as she hitches the baby up on her hip. While Piper continues to look at Takara warily the baby just babbles ma,ma,ma noises as he rattles the keys toward the other woman. There is a gesture made indicating the stranger and a quizzical look at her, obviously wanting to know who she is.

A nod is given when Piper confirms Takara's suspicion, the woman giving a grin. "I've got something for you. Or at least they told me you'd be the one to give them to? I found some kid pants when I was looking around the thrift store yesterday." At Piper's quizzical look, Takara looks confused a moment…before it connects. "Oh right. I'm Takara. Takara Delgado if you want to get formal. Hi." she smirks.

Telling Piper that she has something for her isn't enough to relax the woman's wariness, though it does get her to actually say something, but it isn't the what that would be expected "Who?" as in who told you about me. Yeah, she isn't sure she is liking being at a disadvantage like this. There is a nod though, she isn't going to refuse clothes for the children, they out grow them so fast, and there are so many of them now. Thankfully she is only responsible for seven of them. The introduction has the woman startling in surprise and suddenly coughing like the shallowed wrong. Now even the baby knows something is up, he quiets at the coughing, his expression a confused one as he turns his head from mommy to stranger.

"Um…I don't remember their name? I'm still meeting people and learning names. It's a lot to take in…but here." Bringing her bag off her shoulder and setting it on the ground, she rummages through it, looking for the pants. Finding them Takara pulls them out and lofts a brow at Piper's coughing fit. "You okay?" Was it something she said? Takara steps forward, closing the distance to offer the pants to the woman rather than making her come for them. Coughing fit and all that.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.

There is nodding as Piper puts a hand to her chest, "Fine." she squeaks, and then Takara is getting closer. To close and she takes a half step away, eyeing the pants being held out to her before her dark eyes lift to study the other woman as she takes the clothing. The gears falling into place may as well be heard, they are certainly seen in her expression, a decision made. "Piper Delgado." she taps herself fully introducing herself, even if the last name is the only accurate one.

Handing off the pants, Takara steps back to where her bag is…noting that the other woman doesn't seem to be comfortable with the close proximity. As Piper introduces herself Takara grins and actually laughs "No shit!" Taking a moment to get over her amusement she shakes her head finally, "Well how about that. Travel all this way and still manage to run into Familia!" Okay so no they were not blood family, but still! "Seriously though. It's nice to meet you. Let me know if I can get you or the kids anything else. Us Delgados gotta stick together right?" The statement is given with a small smirk to the other woman, Takara reaching down and pulling her backpack back over her shoulder.

The positive response to the shared name has a small smile coming the Piper's face. "Si. Familia." she highly doubts they are any relation either but she will grasp at any straw dangled in front of her. And nowdays family is the one you make and not necessarily the one you are born to. "/We could be cousins./" she continues in Spanish since the other woman used it and correctly to boot. "Yes." she agrees with another nod "Quinn." she says taking the baby's wrist gently and waving his hand at Takara, which makes the teether rattle and him giggle. There is no question that she's the child's mother. They share similiar complexions, though the child's is slightly darker, with lighter eyes, but the hair, he has the hair and smiliar facial features of the woman.

Takara grins again, nodding with a chuckle and responding in Spanish as well, "/Maybe!/" As the baby is introduced, the woman's grin stays, an obvious soft spot for children showing. "/It's nice to meet you, Quinn./" and then back to English addressing Piper. "He's very handsome." Her hands move into her pockets, the woman looking around them a moment surveying the area before back to Piper again. "So have you been here with the group long?"

Maybe it's the shared last name or the fact that Takara greeting the baby the way she tend, but Piper visably relaxes, all trace of wariness about the woman leaving. "Maybe." she repeats, mulling over the possibilities of that actually being the case. Which are slim to none, but stranger things have happened. Like an alien invasion. "He is." she agrees "Thanks." her eyes raise upwards as she caluclates the time "Yes. Ten months." which means she was pregnant when she joined the group.

"Wow…that long?" Takara nods, thinking over things for a moment. "I'm still deciding if I'm staying. Don't get me wrong I like it, but…it's just weird. Not knowing anybody. New place." She sighs. "I guess that'll be the case anywhere I go though." She could give it a chance. "The doctor though. Elijah? He said he wanted me to at least stay until he can take the stitches in my face and arm out so…I guess I'm here for a little while. On the plus side, I've only run into one Bonkura so far…everybody else has been decent."

"Yeah. Nebraska then." Piper gestures in a northerly direction "Should. Where else?" she does give a chuckle "Not many choices." of places to go "Safe here." or safer, no place is really safe when it gets down to it. Not really "Bonkura?" it's an unfamiliar word but context is everything "Ass?"

"True…" she says in regards to the comment about limited choices. This place did seem safe enough. At least so far. When asked about the word, Takara chuckles. "Close enough. Bonkura es idiota. In Japanese." A shrug is given, "Father was Puerto Rican. Mother was Japanese. So I have a multi-lingual arsenal of insults should the need arise" she smirks.

"Which one?" Piper prods curiously, she can probably list a few names but she isn't going to. She really isn't the type to disparage people, whether they deserve it or not. "San Juan?" she asks with a grin "Father too. Mother, Omaha." but clearly she wasn't white either though. If the kinky hair and dark eyes are indication probably black or to be PC african-american "Just spanish though…and sign." she won't mention the fourth since she barely knows the woman.

"I think Quinton said his name was Elan? They came across my camp while they were out the other night. I pulled a gun on them and Elan proceeded to assure me not to be afraid and how he'd protect me and all this bullshit. Then he actually laid his gun down and got on his knees in front of me. In submission." Takara scoffs at the recollection, "I've stomped out cockroaches with a scarier hiss than that man has…" she grins. "The others were decent though. Terry and Quinton."

Piper nods as if she totally know what she is talking about "He's…" she isn't sure of what adjective to use to describe Elan "Dunno." she finally says, unable to come up with one "New though." so he hasn't been in camp long. "Quinton yes." there is a smile at the name, definite affection there "Terry…" she hand wobbles. She does glance around "Looking for Quinton." which is why she is out here this morning.

"Well good. At least I know it wasn't me then" Takara laughs. "I know I'm not always the easiest to get along with…but that was a whole other level of odd." As she speaks of the other two, the affection for Quinton is noticed. Her brain makes a connection. "Oh Quinton. Quinn. So you and him are together?" she points to the baby. Hey, it was a reasonable assumption!

"Maybe?" Piper doesn't know the woman well enough to say one way or another, "We're all odd now." of course some are more odd than others, thanks to the circumstances they have all been put into. "It's…." she struggles for the word "com-pli-cated." it finally comes out though, one syllable at a time. "But yes…I guess." she isn't going to say anything about the baby's parentage. That's a question she never answers, she just lets people assume what they want.

Takara listens, just giving a nod in response after Piper explains. "Gotcha. Say no more…I won't push it" she offers the woman a small smile. Adjusting her bag on her shoulder again she looks around them, once more doing a visual sweep of the area. "Well I don't mind helping you look for him if you want? Or I'll leave you alone and probably head back to the complex. See if I can scavenge some more stuff." With that she'd leave it up to the woman, accompanying her if she wished or heading off on her own.

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