(2016-04-05) Downtime
Summary: A gathering a the bar has Sophia meeting the newest arrival, Takara
Date: 4.5.2016
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Recently, yesterday, the day before…sometime in the last week the storage room at the theatre was broken into and an old film projector was found, along with a collection of old movies from the 1980's. For lack of a better place they were brought to the bar where someone with the necessary skills, checked the projector over and got it working again, and replaced the light bulb in it.

With the projector working it's been set up on a table at one end of the bar and a large white sheet has been set up at the appropriate distance at the other end. Tables and chairs have been set up so no one has an obstructed view, even a couple of sofas and armchairs have been brought in. Finally, if that wasn't enough the smell of popcorn fills the air. Cooked the old fashioned way, in a pot, on a hot plate.

Word has gotten out that there will be a movie, something that hasn't been seen in well over a year so a crowd has already started to gather in anticipation. People are sitting, talking and having a drink before the show starts.

Sophia is busy, filling drinks and popcorn bowls. She's grinning, clearly happy with the filled bar.

Takara had heard about the movie night and had yet to visit the bar in town. So this seemed like the perfect occasion! Besides…maybe it would help her get introduced to more of the people. Not that she was looking forward to the hand shaking and formalities, but she did need to get to know them.

Opening the door, the woman enters. Long hair is pulled into a ponytail. Bandages still visible from her infirmary visit on her first night. Takara takes a moment to survey the area before going to find an empty stool off to the side somewhere for the time being, but still at the bar.

Quiet, but more than willing to be helpful both around the complex, town and the bar, Bear, called that not only because of his lumbering size but how hairy he is, moves to help Sophia pass out the bowls of popcorn. He makes sure each occupied table gets a bowl at least.

Bear gets a thankful grin and she pats his forearm as he passes, "Gracias." She's been tired lately, so the extra help is appreciated. Soph steps over to Takara. She doesn't know her, but knows she's been vetted enough to be here, "Hola, what can I get you?"

A nod of thanks is given to Bear as she gets a bowl of popcorn. At the greeting, Takara looks to Sophia and offers a smile in return. "Hola…" The question gets a thought for a moment before the woman grins, "Got any Tequila?"

"Si, I do." Soph turns and gets a bottle. It's not top shelf, but it shouldn't blind Takara. "We usually have a two drink limit, so no one gets too rowdy, and the booze last longer this way." A shot glass is set down and Sophia pours the drink.

"Gracias." Takara doesn't complain about the limit. She understood and hell at this point she was just glad to have a hard drink. When the shot is poured she lifts the glass a moment in a toast motion to Sophia before downing it. Placing the shot glass back onto the bar counter, "I'll wait on my next one. Try to make them count" she grins. Okay. You can do it, Taka. Just do it. It's not that hard. "I'm Takara by the way…" Good job!

Sophia nods, "I'm Sophia." Seems everyone is set for the moment so she take site time to pull out a pack of cigarettes and lighter. "If you want water, let me know." She lights it and takes a deep drag, her eyes closing as she enjoys her own vice.

Takara shakes her head "I'm good for now. Thanks though. It's nice to meet you." Watching the woman try and relax, Taka looks around at the room and all the drinks and food spread out. "This your bar I take it? You seem to be the one running everything."

Sophia snorts, "Si. My bar. I only run this." Not outside the building, although she does have some sway. Never piss of the person in charge of the booze. "Roberto is in charge."

"Roberto?" Takara lofts a brow, trying to think. "Oh Bob? Right. Some of the people were telling me about him. Said I should try talk to him when I get the chance. Being new and everything. Will he be here tonight?"

Sophia frowns softly, glancing to the door, like she can tell if Bob is near, "I'm…unsure. Hopefully,. It would do him good." She takes another long drag from her smoke.

As Sophia and Takara talk more people come in to take a seat and socialize. Others go play a game of pool or darts while they wait. Thankfully the place has enough power for the lights so there is no stumbling around to candlelight an accidently causing a fire.

Takara looks confused at that, "Does he not usually get out much?" Though that would probably be hard to balance while trying to manage everything around here. From what she'd seen of it at least. "Where is he now? Maybe we can get him here?"

Yeah, alcohol and fire not the best combo. Soph glances away from the pool game that's starting to wave a hand, "Oh…no, the opposite. He is very busy. He does more than he should, I think." And at this point the player of Soph smacks Tak, because she knows we can;t magically make Bob appear, silly! "He will show up if he finishes his duties."

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to make it sound like he didn't do anything." Takara quickly shakes her head, "I just meant not getting out in the sense of everything he has to take care of taking up so much of his time. Which it sounds like is the case." At the sudden violence of Soph's player, the player of Tak retreats behind the narrator of this scene for added safety!

Sophia just nods, glancing around as she the reaches and pulls out a tumbler glass for herself. "I try. He works to hard."

Takara frowns, "I'm sure that has to be difficult." Looking around at the busy activities around them, smiling a bit then. It was weird to be part of a community again. Good…but weird. "Do you need any help tonight? With handing out anything or taking care of things with the crowd or movie?" she looks back to Sophia.

Sophia smiles warmly, "No…Bear has stepped up. He is a good man." She glances over at the hairy giant. "He helped move all the couches in. I may see if I can keep a few. I like them."

"Wow…impressive," a glance is given over to Bear, Takara watching the man as he moves about. "I can see why he's named Bear…" she chuckles, looking back to Sophia. "Any idea what we're watching this evening? I still can't believe we're actually seeing a movie…I came to town just in time!"

Sophia shrugs, "Some movie form the 80's. We have a few." There's a bob of her head, "Si….perhaps we can start a movie theatre." She's joking, but it's a nice idea.

Takara nods and laughs a bit "Maybe! Or at least every once in awhile for a nice treat. I'm sure the kids would enjoy it especially."

Sophia laughs, Lets wait and see what movies they are. I don't think there were any Disney films in there." She'll nod to bear and announce that they're going to get started, grab the popcorn. She'll move from around the bar, grabbing her own large bowl that she's not sharing and finds a seat on a comfy couch.

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