(2016-04-06) Soap Making
Soap Making
Summary: Amy and Piper try their hand at making soap
Date: 4.6.2016
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

This early afternoon finds Piper on the patio with various supplies for a project scattered across a table. Enamel coated pots, milk, lye, fat, some fragrant herbs, etc. She has asked a few people to help her figure out how to make soap using the instructions from a book she found a few weeks ago. She sits at one of the tables, re-reading the instructions, baby Quinn is near, nomming is teething ring as he is swung back and forth in his wind up baby swing.

Amy comes outside having eaten, and being interested in this soap thing. "Oh this is cool," she laughs as she arrives. "Like, I've been trying to figure out how I could make wicks for candles, but soap is a good thing to make too."

"Hey." Piper greets Amy when the other girl comes out to join her "Library later?" she offers "Can find books." she is speaking quite well today. Maybe the suggestions Amy gave her are helping. "Oh!" she seems to remember something and gets up to go dig a ziploc bag full of sage green leaves, quite large ones too "Mullein leaves." she offers them over to the other girl "Used.." she gestures over her back "Candle wicks." she doesn't know how, but maybe they can figure that one out if they find the right book.

Amy comes on over and takes a seat, carrying water in her travel mug. She sips, and leans in, taking the bag and looks at it. "Leaves…. Oh. Oh wow. Leaves would totally be better for that than I imagined. I thought we were going to have to like, grow stuff and I was going to have to learn how to make string. God if leaves work that'll be amazing. And yeah I can go with you to the library later."

The woman nods, grinning at Amy's excitement over it "Re-search." it will be needed "Plants," Piper gestures to the bag indicating that plant specifically "All over." she gestures around to encompass the town and beyond. A shake of her head "No." no having to make string of stuff. "Look?" she offers the book on soap open to the page of what they will be doing, before going to do the necessary prep work.

Amy nods firmly, taking the bag, and opening it up to take one out, feeling it in her fingers, considering it. "Yeah this is much better, much better. And we should be able to re-use wax for candles…" But then the book on soap is held up, and she puts the leaf back away, closing the bag and turning her focus. "But today is soap, so let's see.. I've never done anything like this before."

"Some yes." Piper says to Amy as she measures out the milk for the soap by weight and not by volume. "Me neither." she looks worriedly at the lye for a moment as she pours the milk into the large enamel pot "No safety…" she pantomimes putting on gloves "Careful." lye can be quite burny if it splashes on skin.

Amy nods and looks for some gloves on herself. Seeing none handy, she shrugs and then starts reading the book, paying attention carefully. "Alright so like… tell me what you need me to do and I'll do it. You're totally in charge here."

Piper hmmmms at Amy and then picks up a wooden spoon "Stir, please." she says as the points into the enamel pot where the milk has been poured "I'll pour." she picks up the jug of lye carefully eyeing it as she begins to measure it out into a glass mason jar.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Soapmaking: Failure.

Amy gets up and walks on around to the bowl. Carefully putting one hand on the bowl to hold, she grabs the spoon and carefully dips it in to start stirring, trying not to splash or spill anything. "Alright, go ahead."

As Piper pours the lye into the glass some invariably splashes onto her hands. It takes a few moments for her to register the burning sensation of it and when she does there is a sharp intake of breath and the container is set down. Looking at the red marks already forming she grabs some water to rinse them off. All this prevents her from noticing that she doesn't have the right amount of lye measured up. She doesn't have enough. "Careful." she says out loud, but mostly to herself before she begins to slowly start to add the lye a little at a time.

Amy winces at the sight of Piper having to deal with a burn, as she continues to mix. Holding the bowl carefully, trying to keep her fingers outside it entirely to avoid splashes. The hand on the spoon has to stay over it though, so she compensates by stirring slowly, though continuously. "Are you okay?"

"Fine." she says. Thankfully the lye wasn't concentrated enough to melt the skin, just leave red, blistery splotches on her hands. Piper bites her bottom lip as she pours and Amy stirs "Keep stir-ring." she says "Should slowly thicken." if she used enough lye, which she didn't.

Amy purses her lips and focuses on what she's doing, trying ot make sure she moves the spoon evenly. Not like mixing for baking, not that that's something she ever did herself or anything like that. Not going all out. "Hopefully… just trying to keep stirring but also not splash it or spill it."

With the rest of the measure lye poured in, and Amy stirring Piper begins to measure out the rest of the ingredients she will be using for this batch of soap "Stu-d-ying?" she asks, glancing up to the usually chatty girl. Odd that she is the one having to prod for conversation instead of being prodded.

Amy chuckles and nods. "Oh yeah sorry. I just got distracted. I don't want to get my hands burned too. If we're both hurting it won't really help everyone." She continues to stir as she speaks. "The lantern is soo totally helpful for that. Helped me read up on the mindfulness therapy and all that, you know?"

Piper nods in understanding "Right." she gets that. Wanting to focus so no burny stuff happens. There is a grin as some fat is measured and then she holds up two jars, one labeled lemon balm the other mint "Which?" she probably means for fragrance. "Which doctor help-ing?" she recalls Amy mentioning a doctor, but not specifying which one.

Amy nods again, though her eyes stay on the bowl, still trying to hold it outside, while stirring the contents steadily. "Anita," she says, a little slowly as her focus is on the attempt to make soap. She doesn’t know too little lye was put in. "She helped me get started but most of what I'm doing is on my own, though I'll go to her with any like, tough cases."

Peering into the bowl, Piper frowns, picking up another wooden spoon to poke at the mixture "Get thick." she orders it as if that is going to help at all. "Oh." she nods about Anita, "Good." there may be some relief in her tone at that bit of information, probably because she already knows that she is going to be one of those tough cases.

Amy nods and continues. She doesn't know what it's supposed to do, so she just keeps slowly stirring. "Yeah I mean like, most people who need help are just going to have ordinary like, PTSD. From stuff that happened. They'll get over it, with time and with help. But sometimes we create coping mechanisms that cause problems on top of that, and those are what get harder to deal with."

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Soapmaking: Success.

Piper nods as she grabs the book and scans the instructions and the troubleshooting suggestions at the end "Like?" she lifts the glass she used to measure it, wrinkling her nose as the fumes from the lye droplets that still remain in it assail her nose "May-be not enough?" she measures a little bit more lye out and pours it in, watching the mixture as Amy stirs it.

Amy snickers, trying to keep from spilling as she does so. "Yes, like. This may be Texas but I'm never going to sound like I'm from Texas." She bites her lip when the lye starts to get poured again, tilting the spoon to get her hand out of the way. Then she resumes stirring. "Well hopefully that's all it was, and it'll start doing what it's supposed to do now."

She is definitely more careful this time with the pouring and such, so there are no splashes or anything. Piper glances up at Amy, her expression a bit frowny. Maybe that wasn't the answer she was wanting. Either way the mixture finally begins to do what it is supposed to do and after a few more minutes of stirring the rest of the ingredients are added as the book instructs. Since Amy didn't answer she goes with the lemon verbana and after a bit more stirring into the molds it goes..or loaf pans in this case. "Has to cure." she says as she looks again at the book "Two…three weeks." well they won't be smelling all lemony fresh anytime soon. "Thanks Amy." she then proceeds to do the messy job of cleaning up before heading to the infirmary to get those burns looked at.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Soapmaking: Success.

Amy clearly misunderstood something, but she's not sure what, since you know, one word questions don't help. "Three weeks?" she gasps. Setting the bowl down carefully, she giggles. "Well, um. I hope they work, this is something I can help with you know, every time."

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