(2016-04-07) Boxes and Boxes
Boxes and Boxes
Summary: An attic full of boxes, what treasures do they hold
Date: 4.7.2016
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504 Cedar Street

A simple, brick, three bedroom ranch house, circa 1950ish. Once through the front door the living room immediatly greets you with it's more 1990s inspired furnishings, electronics and decor. Above the cold fireplace is a mirror and framed pictures dot the mantel.

Onward to an updated, mostly, eat in kitchen, a few dishes still in the sink, along with a pool of stagnant water causing the stainless steel to rust. More pictures and magnets cover the fridge.

Down a hallway are three bedrooms, two clearly having belonged to either a teens, the other clearly for an adult or pair of adults. Only one bathroom, typical for this age of house.

The drumming of rain on the roof and the occasional distant sound of thunder is the soundtrack for the day. It was only drizzling when the house was entered, but it quickly escalated, but thankfully not into chaotic one, just a mild spring storm. Piper had searched the kitchen, her findings set out on the table, oooo wine, except the tape which is worn around her wrist. Her hands are still bandaged, protecting the chemical burns, but the bandaging does not hamper the use of them. She's momentarily distracted by all the magnets that cover the fridge. Her eyes study them quickly and she plucks a few from the fridge to keep for herself.

Fate is a cruel, cruel mistress, and she thinks it's funny to have these two keep ending up in the same place. The front door opens and slams shut as a soaked Quinton stands there, frowning at the weather that is not being very kind to him at the moment. He's breathing hard, like he sprinted and his back pack seems deflated, hanging limping off his shoulders. He blinks, focusing on the woman in the kitchen, "Hi."

The door slamming certainly gets Piper's attention and a startled yelp from her as well as she turns toward the door, in that moment between trying to decide whether it will be fight or flight. Turns out it will be neither in this instance and she heaves a sigh of relief "Hey." she greets a bandaged hand going to her chest as she tries to get her heart back where it belongs. "Need a towel?" she can probably find one around her somewhere, if it is a clean dish towel.

Quinton frowns at the hand, his uncertainty forgotten and he moves through the living room, his shoes squishing, "Your hand…" He didn't make soap, in fact he didn't even realize that was happening. One of his reaches up to touch the bandage, "…okay?"

At the mention she glances down at her hands and gives a nod "Yeah. Mostly. Still sting." Piper answers looking back up at him "Lye burns. Tried making soap." even though she said it stings she doesn't pull her hand away, "You?" her eyes narrow as she studies him

Quinton touch isn't hard, barely a brush. The frown stays, "…rubber gloves." If he had known, he'd have given her some. Pale eyes stay on her hand, but he nods, "…good." It's hard to say if that's a lie or not, he's definitely better than the other day, but good is questionable. "..anything here?"

"Couldn't find any." or else she would have used them. Piper nods whether she believes it or not debating it certainly won't help the matter. "Some. Haven't been here long." she points to the canned veggies and wine on the table "You want one of the bottles?"

Quinton's nose wrinkles, "I ….have some." He'll get them to her for next time. If she lets him, he'll take her hand gently and looks over at the table. There's a brief moment and then he smiles, looking down at her, "Share?"

Piper nods "Good. Save my hands next time." and there probably be a next time. Especially if this first batch didn't work out. She won't know until after it has cured for awhile. Her grasp on his hand is tentative at first, but it firms up at the smile. "Of course." isn't that what she was doing…or does he mean opening a bottle now and sharing it…she isn't sure.

It's what he's here to do, save and hands and get shot. Her smile just makes his a little brighter, "Good." It's a date. Sorta. The man looks around the room, eyeing the knickknacks. His eyes narrow and head tilts. a half step is taken away from her and then he drops her hand to move into the hallway, eyeing the ceiling. "Huh."

Well that is something to look forward to, and things like that are needed desperately at the moment. Piper won't ask when or where, but hopefully he will give her a heads up next time. Or maybe she will surprise him next time. Who knows! He eyes follow him briefly as he steps away and then heads down the hall, she assumes he is going to search the bedrooms so goes to search drawers for something to wrap the wine bottles in so they don't get damaged in whoever’s backpack they wind up in. "What?" she questions when she hears the quizzical noise coming from him.

Instead of answering, Quin jumps up to catch the hook to pull the hatch down. It creaks, not having been opened in several years now. Dust flies down and settles on the poet, which makes him sneeze. "Door." Quin back steps, letting the air settle. "up"

"Yeah?" Piper is a bit perplexed. Of course there are doors. This is a house and houses have doors. Still she leaves the kitchen join him in the hallway to see how he would think a door is odd "Oh. An attic." silly woman. She looks up into the darkness beyond the hatch "You have a flashlight? Or lantern?" she probably does, but her pack is in the kitchen.

Quinton nods, motioning to his backpack for her to get out. He has a flashlight, but there's also a candle lantern. No reason to waste the batteries unless it's needed. "…go first. You …follow?" He tries to be chivalrous. It doesn't always end up that way, but he tries. His gaze stays upwards though, trying to peek into the darkness.

Getting the candle from his pack Piper lights it with the lighter she always carries with her before handing it over "Okay." the procedure of him going first is strangely comforting to her, though she will put a hand and foot on the ladder that leads up to hold it steady "Careful." she doesn't want him to suddenly fall through the ceiling or anything.

That would suck. Candle help in front of him, up the poet goes into the darkness.

Attic <A>

Musty, dusty and stifling hot in the summer, really cold in the winter, the attic takes up most the footprint of the rest of the home.

It looks like it is a storage area for anything and everything the owners didn't want but didn't have the heart to get rid of or out of season things.

They are stacks of boxes and crates, some labeled, some not. Labels include: Kitchen stuff, X-mas Decor, Gramma's Things, Pictures, Toys.

Detail View for HERE/SCAVENGE:

Kitchen Box - Old plates, pots, pans, cookware and flatware.

X-Mas Stuff - Self Explanatory

Gramma's Things - Lace dollies, knick-knacks, old lady sweaters, quilt and an old wedding dress stored in a vacuum space bag. It all smells slightly of moth balls.

Pictures - Photo albums going back to the 1950s

Toys - Barbies, GI Joe and Superhero action figures. Matchbox cars. A few electronic toys from the early 90s.

She doesn't race up after him, Piper will wait a few moments and when nothing bad happens she slowly climbs up herself. Unless he warns her off or something. As she comes up her face twitches a bit and she sneezes at the dust, covering her face with her elbow. "Wow." she says of the collection of boxes and things that have been stored up here "Where to start…."

Quinton's cheeks puff out, "…alot…" The candle is set down on a ledge and he scoots to make room for Piper. He rubs his nose, which immediately makes a dust struck on his wet face. Dust plus rainy day is going to make for some gross laundry. "…bring them down..?"

She is about to say something, a smirk comes to her lips and her mouth opens, but Piper seems to thing better of it. After a moment she just nods "It is." she looks around "I guess. See better downstairs." at least he will be able to "You want me to go down and you hand them off or…"

Quinton's not blink, just occasionally mute like. His yea stilts and he smirks back, "What?" There's a nod, he'll do that, but he doesn't move just yet, waiting for an answer to what she's smirking about.

Piper stares right back at him, though when it seems he isn't going to do anything until he gets his way she sorta answers him "It was nothing, just going to tease." she flicks finger at the collection of boxes that could be considered on the border of hording, "Just…" she shakes her head "Nevermind." she begins to back out of the attic.

Quinton's head tilts, slightly amused but confused. Are they nit teasing each other now. "…ok." He glances over the different boxes and will nod again, "I'll…hand…" Unless she does anything he turns and will kneel, starting to scoot a box closer to the edge.

Not this soon after their breakdowns at least. Piper does give a grin at his apparent amusement at her not teasing him. Scooting back she goes half way down so she is just visible from the waist and she grabs the box he pushes her way, taking it down as she goes the rest of the way down the ladder. From there she will just stay at the bottom and take the boxes as they are handed down, stacking them neatly behind her.

He doesn't move them all, just the couple near the front. No use emptying it, if they can't go through it all today. Although with the rain as it is… He starts down the stairs, now his arms and hair are also covered in wet dust. He needs a bath, or something. He brings the candle with him. "Anything good?"

Piper chuckles at his dusty self and reaches up to lightly brush at his hair…not that it helps any "Waiting for you." she nods to the still unopened boxes she set aside. Looking toward them she reads the writing on the sides or on one, Gramma's things, the other seems to be unlabeled "Surprise box…" she'll turn to open the unlabeled one first, kneeling beside it in the process.

Quinton reaches up and stops her hand, not a bad thing but he stops her to press a soft kiss on the bandaged hand before nodding, "Surprise box it is then." They'll spend the rest of the rainy day unboxing grannie's stuff and hopefully finding something worthwhile.

1 Hello Kitty duck tape
6 Cans of Vegetables
3 Bottles of White Wine
1 Pretty Silk Rose
1 Cargo Shorts
1 Music Box
1 Bras
3 Hats
1 Boxes Votive Candles
1 Jar Candle
2 Spatulas
5 Scrubbing Sponges
3 Jars Queso
5 Taper Candles
3 Scented Jar Candles
1 Hello Kitty duck tape
3 Pairs of Boots
4 Boxes Rice-a-Roni
1 Jar Candles
Lots of Sweaters (Most old lady ones)

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