(2016-04-08) Building Bridges
Rebuilding Bridges -or- The Only Way to Fly
Summary: Mon heads to the infirmary after the events of Grand Theft Windmill. Her caregiver there is Piper. Awkward much?
Date: 2016.04.08
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First Aid/Medical ShadyGlenApartments
Fri Apr 08, 2016 — Fri Apr 08 19:47:42 2016

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit institutional. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

Monica walks to the infirmary and lets herself in. She's very sore, dressed as lightly as she dares so her clothes aren't pressing on her … injuries. She blinks when she notes Piper is the one attending today. "Hi," she says, weakly.

As the door opens Piper turns from the preparations she is working on. She is using natural light from the windows so there isn't the jarring noise of the generator, just her gentle humming as she works on some herbal remedy that doesn't require heat or cooking anything. "Your…" Piper gestures to her own chin to indicate Monica's then frowns as she notices how stiffly the woman moves, "Sit. Sit." she points to the sofa.

Monica sits on the sofa. "I got whacked by a big, fast moving piece of pipe." She gestures to her chest, then up under her chin. "I don't think anything's broken, but it really hurts."

Piper winces at the explanation as she follows Monica over and leans over to look more closely at the injuries that aren't covered by her shirt. "How's the pipe?" she asks after a long moment of silence during which she gently checks the jaw and teeth for damage. Wait? Did she just make a joke? "May I?" she points to the woman's torso, asking permission before she examines that area.

Monica opens her mouth and lets Piper look in it. She chuckles and winces a little at the joke, mostly out of shock that Piper would make one. "I fixed the pipe good. It's piled up inside the perimeter with the rest of the windmill tower." She looks down and nods, then carefully peels out of her t-shirt

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Herbalism: Good Success.

Another wince comes from Piper, not at the scarring, but at the bruising related to the injury. Though who would really know the difference. There really isn't anything in Monica's size A's that are breakable, except the sternum between them so that is checked as are the collarbones and ribs. Being more used to dealing with the bumps and bruises of little children her hands are gentle in the whole examination "Good. Deserved it." she straightens up and heads over to the cabinets and pulls out a mason jar and a shot glass. "For pain." the liquid in the jar is a cloudy green color and she pours 1/2 a shot then takes it to the woman.

Monica winces as Piper's gentle poking and prodding, not from her lack of care or gentleness but because she's bruised there. She occasionally grunts as things hurt, but doesn't say anything and doesn't back away. When she's given the shot glass, she looks at it, raises the shot glass in salute, and downs it in one gulp. Herbal remidies often work, yes, she knows. But they often taste bad. Once Piper doesn't have hands on her, she asks, softly, "Are we still friends?"

Piper blinks in surprise when Monica takes it without even asking what it is she is drinking. "Uhm…" she takes the shot glass back "Mescaline…" otherwise known as peyote and she points into the glass. It wasn't enough to cause hallucinations or anything just to help the pain and certainly make the woman feel good. "Yes." the answer is slow in coming but firm "Sorry about…" she makes a vague gesture, but figures Monica knows what she means.

Monica looks into the shot glass and raises an eyebrow. "The only way to fly?" Maaaybe she did watch some tv at a young and impressionable age. She thinks a moment, and then carefully draws her pistol out and takes the cylinder out of it completely, to stash it in her cartridge belt, then puts the pistol away. "No hallucinogens and loaded guns." She listens to the rest of what Piper says and nods. "Me too." She aims at Piper over her thumb and index finger, like they were a gun. "I knew better than to touch you… especially without warning. You're always jumpy about that. I just… did."

By Piper's expression she clearly doesn't get the reference, she does nod her agreement about not packing heat when you are under the influence though. Bumps and bruises she can handle, gunshots is someone else's job. "Yeah." its said with a sigh its not a trait that she is happy about. She moves away to clean the glass and put the mescaline juice away "Second dose…" she thinks a moment "bedtime." that way the woman can get some sleep that isn't racked with pain induced nightmares.

Monica nods. "Yeah. You're fast and furious when you're touched. I can draw that fast, maybe, but that's all. And um. I got way too close to shooting you in the back when you left. That's what happens when I get set off. We're a hell of a pair, aren't we?" She pulls her t-shirt back on, gingerly. It'll hurt, less than it would have earlier with the fist of Peyote is closing around her pain already, but all the same, she offers Piper a hug.

The comment seems to make Piper feel uncomfortable and isn't the part about nearly getting shot either, that part she shrugs off. It didn't happen so why worry about it. The offer of her hug has her continuing to look uncomfortable, but there is only one way to desensitize herself and that's by touching. As long as it is on her terms though she can deal with it. It's a quick, twitchy hug but its the start of a bridge. Too bad bridges are easier to tear down than put together.

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