(2016-04-09) Robbing the Mail
Robbing the Mail
Summary: Mon, Virgil, and Terry break into the post office and loot the place. Their haul is a little embarrassing for all that trouble.
Date: 2016.04.09
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Monica is up and around, after an interesting night on peyote for pain. True, it kept her from feeling any pain, except a few unfortunate times when she rolled over. True, her dreams weren't the usual flashback dreams. They were far, far stranger. Mon's been in a strange mood all morning, and a little sore, not wanting to take more peyote. Sounds like a good day to warm up the torch and make sure it works right. How about robbing the post office with it? That sounds about right.

Monica isn't the only one to show up at the post office, as Virgil has also decided on a visit. Trying to find anything outside of the place. After some time moving to find something to smash the window with. That's until he spots people from the camp. Giving a wave towards Monica.

Monica was just settling her goggles down over her eyes and reaching for the ignitor. She's wearing her torch on her back, like a proton pack or something. She looks over at Virgil. "Hi. Virgil, right?"

Virgil nods, "Indeed. And you're. Monica, right?" He asks in return. Running his hand through his hair. "So, what brings you out?" Comes his question as he glances between her and the post office, "Coming to try and scavenge this place?"

"I assume that's the idea we all had, since we're all here." Terry notes, making his way up the path. He's decked out in his usual urban boots, pants, shirt, jacket, and cap. A good-size handgun is visible at his hip.

Monica chuckles. "Sounds like it. Hey Terry. You and Virgil here know each other, right?" She adjusts her torch, makes sure the head is tight (this time) and reaches around to pump the fuel tank up once more. "Might want to stand back. This throws some sparks."

Virgil offers a small wave to Terry as well, "Yeah, a bit. We both met back at the old place already." Explains. Glancing back to Monica as she speaks, causing a grin. Taking a few steps back. "Go ahead." Letting her handle it, as she seems to know what she's doing, hopefully. His own revolver resting at his chest, in it's holster, as usual.

"I'll watch our six.." Terry offers a quick two-finger salute to Virgil and Monica, stepping off to one side and turning in the direction from which they came, drawing his sidearm and racking the slide, making sure to keep the business end of his gun pointed away from his two companions.

Monica turns on the fuel and the oxygen and presses the tip of the torch against the steel door, then presses the ignitor close and snaps it once, twice. The torch starts with a growl that graduates to a full blown roar as she gets the oxygen adjusted. She plays the flame along the bolt, and once it's hot, she pulls the trigger. An oxygen jet hits the bolt and ignites it in a shower of sparks. The building might be locked tight against normal tools, but that does kind of assume that the police would respond to someone with a cutting torch. There aren't any police, and she has the bolt cut in a couple of minutes. She turns the oxygen and fuel off and grins. "I love this thing."

Virgil nods as he himself moves around the building some, to check on the side. Glancing over to the others at times. "How is it going?" He asks as he waits. As soon as she seems done he moves closer. "I do too, now. Let's head inside."

After a few seconds of thought, Terry reconsiders. "I'll take a look around, and call out when it looks clear.." Without waiting for a second word, Terry heads in, gun at the ready, advancing tactically.

Monica slings the torch, keeping the tip away from herself. It's not melty hot, but it's burn the snot out of her hot just the same. She adjusts her t-shirt where the straps of the torch pack are stretching it across her chest. First of all it hurts, and second… well it puts what she's got and how it's temporarily swollen on display more than she likes. She listens for Terry's okay. Or sounds of mayhem.

Virgil nods as Terry heads inside, while he keeps his eyes on their backs. "Ready?" He calls into Terry. Letting Monica move before him as he just keeps his eyes open. The sound of the torch could had attracted people after all.

"All clear!" Terry calls out, moving back into view. "Not a soul in sight. Ready when you all are…" He offers a thumbs-up and a reserved smile.

Monica pulls the door open and ducks inside, also advancing tactically. Not that she doesn't trust Terry, but because it's probably good practice. Not exactly period, of course, although 19th century badguys probably did it if they were wise and wanted to stay alive, but she's trying to get beyond that. Hey, she's played some video games. She knows how it's done, right?

Virgil does follow along as well, covering their rear before slinking inside, trying to keep the door closed. Setting up a small stick to hold the door, to tell them if anyone comes along. Staying low and making sure it's okay inside as well. Moving to see how it looks in there. If there might be anything of interest. "Spread out?" He suggests.

Post Office Stratford
Sat Apr 09, 2016 — Sat Apr 09 23:48:44 2016

The post office of Stratford is far from impressive. It's more loading dock and back room, sorting area than it is anything else. There is a small area inside for customer service and post offices boxes, but it isn't all that big. Ironically some snarky postal employee decorated the windows with kitchy alien window clings, and space ships that look a lot like the old school Space Invaders ones. The front entrance is locked tight, vertical blinds partially closed do offer a view inside though.

"Hey, guys… anyone want an extra pair of jeans? Or a box of 'Justice League' action figures?" Terry says, holding up the stuff he'd found during his search of the building. "I'm keeping this 80's Alt-Rock Mix CD, though. Brings back memories of the good ol' days." He tucks the CD into his scavenging bag.

Monica looks at them. "Maybe. Have to see if they fit." She rummages through other people's mailboxes. She mutters to herself, "…and I wonder how my Quantrill's raider persona winds up being part of my real life. Here I am robbing a post office." She leans into a postal cart until it tips over and dumps her and the mail on the floor. "Oh hey. Makeup. And… computer parts? I think?"

Virgil does go through some of the mail, mostly ending up without anything of interesting. Until he finds one that seems to have something inside. Finding a ring along with other things. "I'd be happy to have another pair of jeans, if it's the right size." Reading through what he finds, furrowing his brows. Sticking the findings into a pocket for now. "Oh, big fan of rock?" He asks Terry before hearing Monica's words. "Think we have a computer guy. Try asking around. Wasn't Holden doing that kind of stuff?" The question mainly to Terry, not sure if Monica has met the guy yet. "I just found a letter."

My Little Pony toys. The kryptonite of macho men everywhere. … And JUNK MAIL. What fresh hell is this? "What in the world was going on here, that they have these things just laying around?" Terry wonders aloud. Of course, he comes up with an envelope. Nothing weird about that. But the packaged body wash? Weird!

Monica looks over Terry's shoulder. "It's just body wash. Probably got it through Amazon or something. Save it. Maybe you'll want to smell like…" she reads the label … "sensual rose"… once I get the bath houses on line. Or… maybe not." She chuckles and pats Terry on the back and goes back to scavenging. "Junk mail…" She whistles. "Vinyl. Shit. This is an antique. Lookit this. Led Zeppelin, houses of the Holy, copyright… 1973. Man. This doesn't look like it's been played." She sighs and slides it back into its jacket. "Won't fit on the jukebox, so odds are, it never will." She sets the record on the counter. "Huh. Credit card bills… aaaand cookies. Anyone want some stale chocolate cookies that have been in the post office for a year?"

A sigh can be heard from Virgil, as he unable to find anything. If he does, it's just unusable junk. "Maybe we'll find something that can play it." He suggests. "At least you're finding stuff, I can't find anything." He says and let out a dry chuckle. As for the cookies, he grins. "Ah, that's better than not eating anything."

Terry goes off to find a spot for setting up a perch, leaving the rest of the group to poke around. As he walks, he checks his gun over, making sure it's ready to rock'n'roll, just in case.

Monica rummages a little more and sneezes from the dust. "Well… we got some stuff anyway. Shall we call it?"

Virgil does continue to try and see if he can find anything at all. "Bless ya." He offers as Monica sneezes. At Monica's words he sighs and nods. "I suppose so. It's getting dark. I'd rather not get ambushed on our way back." Trying to find Terry. "Ready to go?" He asks.

"Ready to roll when you are, chief." Terry nods to Virgil, regrouping with the two, having failed to find a good spot for a perch.

Monica nods. She opens the door and peeks outside to make sure we haven't gotten company outside. Finding none, she opens the door and steps out, peering into the darkness, her gun in her hand, the junk she found in a sack from someone's packing material in the other. "Not… seeing anyone out here."

Virgil nods and moves to follow Monica. "Good to hear." His hand at the holster, just in case. "Let's close this place up so they think it's locked, in case we get a chance to go through it again." There might be a lot of things they missed after all. OR if they want to use it for something else. "Let's head off."

Terry packs up his gear, squares away his rig, and heads off after the two, sweeping the room one last time before he follows the two out.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Package - Jeans
1 Package - Music Cd
1 Package - Action Figures
1 Package - Misc Makeup
1 Package - Misc Computer Stuff
1 Birthday Card
1 Woman's Ring
1 Personal Letter
1 Package - MLP Toys
1 Junk Mail
1 Envelopes
1 Package - Book - Biography
1 Package - Body Wash
1 Junk Mail
1 Music Record
1 Package - Box Chocolate Cookies (3)
1 Bills

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