(2016-04-09) Whiskey and Father Figures
Whiskey and Father Figures
Summary: Mon finally talks to Bob about her plan to illuminate the camp. He has some concerns, and decides a vote should be taken.
Date: 2016.04.09
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When Bob isn't out on patrol, or out walking his dog, Whiskey, or otherwse occupied with 'Head Honcho of El Camp' duties, he's here, in Sophia's bar. Today is no different, and Bob is located at the bar, a glass with about a finger full of what looks like whiskey in it. His dog, Whiskey, is laying at the foot of his stool. She's probably six or seven months old by the look of her, still gangly and growing. Given her current size and paw size, she's going to be a large lab mix of some sort.

Bob's alone in the bar, which is not uncommon, though usually Sophia is here as well.

Monica wasn't expecting to find Bob here tonight. She might have dressed differently, but she's tired, sore again (still) and she's been working. She wanders in, lays the old Led Zeppelin record she found on the bar carefully for Sophia to find, then glances around. Oh hey, a dog. Oh hey, that's the head honcho of the camp. Eep. She walks over to his table. "Hi. I'm Monica Foreman. You're Bob, right?"

The approach of the woman causes the dog's ears to perk up and her gaze follows Monica, even if she doesn't move. Bob seems to respond somewhat less quickly, at least in any overt sense. He picks up his glass, swirls the liquid around inside of it once and then glances over to Monica as she approaches him. He takes a swig from the glass, leaving just a bit of whiskey behind.

After swallowing, Bob offers a faint nod towards Monica, "Yup. That's me." Very formal, Bob is. "What I can fer ya, Miss Foreman?"

Monica steps her level of formality down. Dog. Whiskey. Older man. She may not know Bob, but she's known plenty of guys like him. Her father, grandfather, and older brother, to name just three. She pulls up a chair without asking, spins it around, and sits in it, leaning over the back. "Well, I've got a project in the works, that's going to change the camp a little, and could attract unwanted attention. I'll also need to get with the Corps of Engineer guys for part of it, and I'd like your sayso to do all that."

Drunks? Sure. Bob could be compared to those sorts. He arches a brow as she begins to speak, though doesn't seem to mind her sitting down. He finishes off the whiskey in the glass and cants his head to the right while listening. He clears is throat, leaning back in his chair, "Let's roll this back a few notches, shall we?" He scratches at his stubble covered chin for a moment, "What sorta project is this? What kinda attention are we talkin' bout? Who have ya worked with so far?" So at least he isn't currently drunk, based on the cadence of his voice.

Monica 's father, grandfather, and brother weren't drunks. They were plain folk who drank on occasion, and did a lot of their best planning at the same time. "I've been working with Terry, Elan, Piper, Nora, and sometimes Quinton, mostly, but I've conscripted anyone who'd bear a hand at some point or other.

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve. Wind power is great, but it's not reliable. In the old world, we'd have had batteries to store the energy, but thanks to the Others, batteries don't work. So I'm planning to use the water tower to the West of the perimeter for energy storage. Basically, when you pump water up to the tower, you've stored kinetic energy. When it runs down through a turbine, that energy is released. The energy that's stored ultimately comes from a windmill used to drive the pump to get the water up there. As a side effect, since I'll have water up there anyway, I should be able to provide water pressure to all or most of the city's water system, just in case we have a fire. Drinking it is iffy, it's water straight out of the reservoir. As a side effect of that my original project, to build a bathhouse with hot water for showers, flush toilets, and proper waste disposal, will be a lot easier." Monica talks and waves her hands vigorously. She winces about it occasionally too.

If you were to ask anyone in the camp, they would likely tell you that Bob is probably a drunk. Still he manages the operations of this city by letting smart people do smart things. Bob lets Monica talk through her idea, nodding occasionally. How much of it he fully understands is likely debatable, but he doesn't interrupt. When she breaks for a moment, he clears his throat once and gets up, moving over to the bar. He refills his glass and turns back to the table. "So far it sounds like a good project. Now tell me about the downsides. What about this is gonna make us easier to notice?"

Monica nods. That was the next question she was expecting. She holds her hand over for Whiskey (the dog) to sniff and if the dog seems aminable, she pets Whiskey's ears while she thinks of all the dangers. "Three major ones that I can think of. First, electric lights. You'll be able to see us on a clear night for up to thirty miles, until the curvature of the Earth takes us below the horizon. You might be able to sense us from orbit, too, but I don't know what they can do like that. To some extent, that's a risk we're already taking with this place and medlab and their generators. Second, we'll be radiating a sixty-cycle radio hum. How far that carries, I have no idea at all. Not too far, I guess. Probably less than thirty miles, and it shouldn't cross the ionosphere to orbit. I think that takes short waves. Third, the water tower's outside the perimeter. We'll probably want to expand the perimeter out to tenth street to wrap around it. The corps of engineers guys are probably going to want power too, so I might find myself obligated to help them. There's an older tower on Texas Street near the railroad that might still be useable. We could set them up with that one or give them some of our power, or whatever. Also, Our risk of fire goes up somewhat with electrical power, too, but we can control that one by turning off power to buildings we're not using."

Bob hmmms quietly as he considers this. He takes a sip from his glass and nods to her as Whiskey seems to allow the petting for now. Bob settles back into his chair and sighs once, scratching his chin again. "Those risks ain't insignificant, Miss Foreman. Yer talkin' about a lot of extra exposure. Silencers are already trackin' our where-abouts. The drones do regular fly-bys …You put a big enough target on us, and they'll blow our camp up with one bomb." He takes a sip from the glass, "Don't think you were with us when it happened to the Reyes camp, but we saw it. Killed the lot of em."

The frown that settles across his features seems to remain through his next sip of the whiskey, "Guess the question is…is power worth dyin' fer? We're at risk all the time, but this ain't a small thing yer wantin' to do. Increasin' the perimeter means more and longer patrols." He taps a finger on the table top and offers a faint nod.

"Here's what I'm gonna do. Fer now, you can keep plannin', and do prep work. I'll put it up fer a vote. Everyone needs to know the pros and cons of this, it's all our lives we're talkin 'bout." A beat pause, "Clear?"

Monica nods. When the man says 'Clear?' the country girl understands that an order has been given. “Clear. I'll wait for the vote. I have a machine shop to fix up anyway. There was one in the auto repair shop on the other side of the perimeter.” She takes a breath. “I've already done a lot of the prep work for this project. I have the wind turbine disassembled inside the perimeter, and a water turbine. Everything else I need I can get from just about any farm around here. Basically a bunch of big irrigation pipe. One other thing to consider is that right now, we have no way of fighting a fire other than a bucket brigade, and we're using a lot of candles and other fire based lighting. So the risks go both ways."

"Good…Good." Bob replies with a nod, "And noted on the fire front. It's somethin' that's crossed my mind before." He takes another sip of his whiskey and hmmms quietly, "Good, I like the idea of gettin' a machine shop runnin'. Good thinkin'." A beat pause, "And I ain't trying to stamp out yer industrious spirit. Mostly I let folk work on what they want to, long as we got food, the patrols are manned and such. But we're growin' and I gotta think about what's best fer the group." He finishes off his drink and gets back to his feet, "Speakin' of which, I gotta walk the dog and patrol the western perimeter. Anythin' else you wanted to go over?"

Monica shakes her head. "I understand. That's why why I wanted your sayso before doing it." She watches bob get up. "At some point, I'd like to have a long talk about the future of camp hope and what we're going to do to the Others, but it can wait. I think we're good for now.”

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