(2016-04-11) Milky Way
Milky Way
Summary: A candy bar is shared while taking a break from hunting
Date: 4.11.2016
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Foraging, hunting both are the plan for the day. Not sure how long its going to last though. Not with storm clouds on the horizon, but they at least seem to be coming in slow. Having her wagon with the all-terrain wheels on it Piper pulls it behind her and in it a collection of the familiar small button like cactuses, dug up so they can be transplanted into a pot back at the complex. Bow in hand she keeps her eyes up and on the horizon, searching for game, "Hope we find something before…." she gestures to the storm clouds to the east.

Quinton glances to the skies and nods, "Yeah." Although to be fair, he's starting to think his natural state is damp. He has a bow and arrows as well, but his gun is also on the man. He never seems to leave home without it. He's chewing on some mint leaves he found and offers over a few to the big haired woman, "..want?" Pale eyes linger only a moment before they go back to searching the area.

Glancing at the offered leaves Piper gives a bit of a grin before she hooks the bow over her shoulder and takes the offering "Have some growing." she comments as the rubs a leaf between her finger then inhales its crisp fragrance and pops the leaf in her mouth "Few months before useful." as they move through the overgrown fields the gobble of turkeys can be heard from somewhere ahead of them.

Quinton's hair flops as he nods, "Good." Even if it's just to make tea of something, the added flavor is nice to have. The rest of the leaves are placed in a small baggie before he shoves them into his coat pocket. Again another glance to the woman, "….okay?" He's not having the best vocal day, but her seems to be trying at least.

A glance is given to his floppy hair and Piper's hand flexes a bit as she controls her urge to brush it from his face. Maybe she should give him some ponytail holders now that it is getting longer again. "I'm…" there is a brief pause as she considers her answer "not, not okay." she contemplates a moment and then nods, yes that is her final answer. "You the same?" same as what though? Same as her? Same as before. Either way the at least asks it in such a way that it is a simple yes or no answer.

Her answer gets an eyebrow raise, but then he nods, agreeing in some way with what she says. Which probably isn’t helpful in gauging how he really is. The sky is glanced at, "too much…rain…" He doesn't know if that's normal or not for TX.

Piper chuckles at his complaint "Not for the gardens." at least they aren't have to water the gardens by hand that often. That's a pain in the butt, hauling all that water. At the sound of the turkeys the bow slips back into her hand though she gives a questioning glance to Quinton "You go." two of them investigating may scare them off.

Quinton's nose wrinkles, but he knows she's right. He's just tired of getting soaked. His bow comes off as well and he does as instructed.

Piper stays back, watching him for a moment with an expression that is hard to interpret. Her eyes then scan the horizon all around, watching for not only other game but predators of both the four and two footed kind. As always she has the poets back.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Stealth: Success.

Quinton ; manages to be decently quiet, but since Piper was watching him, she can follow his movements easily. He slowly cocks an arrow, and then she can see the arrow fly, landing true with a thwack and the sound of other turkeys all panicking and starting to scatter.

As the arrow strikes true and the turkeys flee the terror that is Quinton, Piper hurries forward, wagon in tow. "Good shot." as she comes up beside him she puts a hand on his back, rubbing her hand across it in an affectionate manner "Wagon it." there is still plenty of room in the thing for the turkey.

Quinton, turkey murderer. The tension in his back lessons at the rub, and his eyes close momentarily at the touch. It's connections like that that make him feel grounded, still part of humanity. "..ok." She gets a soft smile and the fowl is placed in the wagon carefully.

Squishing her cacti would be bad, especially since she needs though for medicines, though Piper hasn't been specific as to that. "Break?" she asks him "Or…" she points further south where a few antlered deer like animals are grazing in the distance. Either way she is digging into her pack, also in the wagon and pulls out a Milky Way candy bar. "Want half?"

Quinton was going to say keep going, but there's junk food, his weakness. Another soft smile and he nods, "Yeah.." His hand wipes on his jeans, not that there's much use for washing hands outside of the infirmary anymore. Candy is getting harder to find, "..where?"

Piper figured as much as opens the wrapper. She isn't sure how fresh it is, but it seems to still be just inside he expiration date, she thinks, the printing is kinda smudged and blurry on the wrapper. It's not going to kill them either way. She breaks it in half, handing over the half still in the wrapper. "Anywhere." she gives a shrug she could be fine with walking and snacking as well.

Quinton grins, he meant where did she find it, but where should they eat it isa good topic too. He motions towards a cluster of trees. If it starts raining they'll have a little shelter anyway. The candy bar is shifted to his other hand so he can take the wagon handle from her and pull. He lets his fingers trail her knuckles slightly before taking it.

So she totally missed that one…but it was a vague question. Piper looks toward the trees he indicates and then gives a nod. She is hoping it doesn't start raining on them, though she came prepared for that instance just in case. She is tempted to leave her hand and have them pull it together, but over the uneven ground that could get awkward so lets him take over "So when we are back…." she starts "And after…" she gestures towards the stuff in the wagon "What to do?"

Quinton's eyes roam the area as they walk. he waits on the candy bar to eat till they are in the safety of the trees. "…house. ..Or help….firewood." He's not done that in some time. He knows what he'd like to do, but that won't happen, not today with his head the way it is. "…play later."

They aren't bad suggestions, certainly productive use to time. Piper could probably handle searching a house or two, but firewood is another story. She's chopped wood before, but it's usually better if someone stronger than her does that backbreaking work. As the approach the little copse of trees she looks around for the one with the most coverage. "Later." she agrees, even if she is unsure of his definition of play in this case, not it it matters at the moment. Dropping to the ground she leans against the tree, leaving enough room for Quinton it sit beside her and relax a moment as well.

Quinton doesn't expand on what he meant, instead he just sighs and lowers himself, letting his arm brush against her shoulder. His head leans back to rest against the tree ad his eyes close briefly before he lifts his hand and takes a bite of the candy bar. Heaven. He could stay here all day. and in fact, they do spend a much longer time than needed just sitting and enjoying the special treat.


1 Handful of Mint
1 Turkey
1 Goose
1 Pronghorn
<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Search: Good Success.

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