(2016-04-11) OMG -- Date Night
OMG – Date Night
Summary: Mon and Gabriel go out for a drink. -Gasp- There's handholding and dancing.
Date: 2016.04.11
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It didn't seem like a big thing. Gabriel just asked if Mon wanted to go get a drink. She said yes. It's only as she and Gabriel (and inevitably Trouble) have been walking to the bar that it sinks in… isn't this a date? Yeah, that gets the old heart pumping. But hey. She's been on dates, right? One or two? Something like that. She smiles, even though Gabriel can't see it, but she's pretty nervous.

Gabriel might still be able to tell that something changed for her as they come closer. Perhaps her steps, or heartbeat. Maybe something else. For now having offered to walk with his arms along with her, cause it goes faster as well.His stick in the free hand and Trouble with them. "Been awhile since I've been here." Maybe only been here once, even.

You say, "You might like it better this time. I fixed the jukebox, and there's power." She makes a mental note. One drink, maybe two is her limit, because one does not go out in these times unarmed. Plus… date… yah all that. She opens the door and looks around. "Wonder if Sophia's around.""

Gabriel nods and smiles, "Should be fun." He says, offering that smile to her before they head inside. Letting Trouble run in and follow them to wherever they want to find a seat. "What's on your mind?" He asks. Though then hearing her ponderings, "No idea." He offers about Sophia.

Monica blushes a little. "Oh, you know." No, he probably doesn't know. She tries again. "It's not that important." Nope, still not right. Finally she looks over at Gabriel. "Okay, I'm nervous. I haven't been on a date since the world ended, and I'm all twitchy."

The two of them has just walked into the dive bar. Now trying to find a place to sit. Currently starting to get into the evening. As Gabriel hear her words, he chuckles and nods to her. "It will be all right. Figured you could use a day away from the apartments. As well as relaxing some."

<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Good Success.

Monica nods, pointlessly again. "Yeah… things are a little dull right now. Been making bearings at the machine shop. Well. Learning to make them. I've only done it once, and it was different then. But I have the lathe done, and it runs nice and true as far as I can tell. Still gotta get some little gas engines to power everything in there. I've been pulling the shaper apart. It's kind of a mess inside." She stops. "Um… kind of like… your basic power tools, so like… a mixer and a Cuisinart. Only for metal."

Gabriel does smile as Monica speaks. Nodding once in awhile. "Sounds like a lot of work. In time I am sure that you will get it all working soon enough." He says and taps his stick. Listening to the sound of the jukebox at the same time. "Ah, I see." He says as she compares the different kind of tools. If able to, making sure that they get drinks as well.

Monica wanders over to the bar. "Do you know how to mix drinks, too? I figure I can hand you the bottles and tools and stuff, if you can do the mixing. Every time I've tried it everyone was like "Mon… let someone else do it next time. This is a waste of good booze."

Gabriel shakes his head, "Not that well. I mainly worked with foods. But I could try making something." He suggests and tilts his head. Trying to move to be able to work with the bottles. If she let him. "It's a bit different from working with food. However, I often use some booze in cooking." Unless there is someone else that can do this, he will try making a drink.

Monica wanders to the bar with Gabriel (and the dog). She pets the dog and looks over the bottles. "Well… we've got Tequila, Rye, Bourbon… vodka… Um… mixers… I don't know. Oh, some rum… no coke though.

Gabriel nods slowly, "Vodka and some form of fruit soda?" He suggests. Giving her hand a squeeze as he moves to the bar with her. "how about mixing rum with fruits and stuff. Carbonated water." He suggests, not sure what they've got. A bright smile offered towards Monica.

Monica hmms, rummaging through bottles. "Mmm… not finding much in soda at all. Wait… Fanta grapefruit. Will that do?"

Gabriel nods, "Fanta grapefruit with white rum?" He suggests. Chuckling softly. "Sorry, don't know how to make a lot of different cocktails." Tapping some on the bar.

Monica chuckles. "Sounds interesting." She pulls a can of the soda out and gets a handful of ice(!) cubes out of the freezer of the little fridge and puts them in glasses, then slides the glasses to Gabriel, along with the soda can, and the bottle of vodka. Also a shot measure.

Gabriel nods and smiles. Not knowing which bottle it is. Not that it matters if it is vodka or rum. Pouring it into both glasses, then filling them with soda. Giving it to Monica. "How is it?"

Monica sips the drink. Vodka and grapefruit on ice. She mmms. "That's good." She puts the bottles and whatnot away so Sophia doesn't get mad later, then comes around to the other side of the bar to lean against it. "This all feels so normal, you know? So… old world."

Gabriel chuckles and nods. Moving to the right side of the bar. Next to Monica. Sipping the drink as well. "A little piece of heaven?" He suggests and let her have his focus. The stick leaning against a wall next to where Trouble lay. Sipping a bit more.

Monica looks over at Gabriel, then takes his hand because he can't see her smile at him. She sips her drink, listening to the music. Unfortunately, slow old country is usually all about cheating, breaking up, or someone dying. It doesn't lend itself to dancing. Ah well.

Gabriel probably thought about the music as well. Though for now he just smiles and hold her hand. "It is good music." He suggests. Perhaps it is just good to hear music at all. Squeezing her hand.

Monica squeezes back. She sips her drink, and enjoys the warmth of it spreading out from her stomach. "Do you ever miss facial expressions? I mean when you can't just touch someone's face and get it."

Gabriel nods and smiles, "Yes. At times. Though often you can tell from the tone of voice, as well as other small details." He admits and smiles still. Drinking a bit more. Letting it cool him. Chuckling then, "I could suggest dancing." He offers. "Even if the music might not be fitting."

Monica finishes her drink. "I was just thinking that." She takes a long breath. "Yeah, I'd like to dance. I suck at it, but… I'd like to."

Gabriel let out a snicker and nodding. "I am blind, and might not be much better." Rising to his feet. A hand offered to her, to move to a spot to dance.

Monica takes the hand and moves with him to dance. At first she stays an appropriate distance apart, but eventually she winds up dancing in the modern fashion, with her arms draped around his neck, and her body pressed against his. Also harder to step on his feet that way.

Gabriel does try to move slowly, keeping that distance. Though as she slowly draws closer he allows it. Letting his hand rest on her waist. That is until their bodies are pressed against one another. LEtting them slide to her back, one higher and the other lower. "See, you know how to move." He offers to her. Enjoying it.

You say, "I think I'm getting addicted to being touched by you." She rests her head against Gabriel's chest. "Which… you know. It's nice… but it could go really bad really fast."

Gabriel chuckles. "I think that is a good thing?" He suggests. Though as she goes on, he raises a brow. "How so?" Just wanting to know how she's thinking. He has a few ideas, but not certain what she mean. Moving with her, allowing her to rest against his chest. With his head resting on hers.

You say, "I had a lot of time to have regrets while I was out in the wilderness. Not just… everything I'd done, but also some of the things I hadn't done, you know? Like… how is it that I'd killed two, five, six people, but never… spent the time, took the chance… basically never… got around to falling in love? What kind of life is that? I figured I'd meet someone, probably in reenactment, but I was playing… a woman passing herself off as a man. It just never… came up.""

Gabriel listens and nods, smiling softly. "I am sure, given more time, you would had." He assures her and a soft chuckle escapes him. "Falling now?" He asks a bit playfully. Perhaps curious as well. Just trying to make her feel safe.

Monica takes a slow breath and blows out her cheek. "How do you tell?" She knows she likes this. The rest is staring into the abyss in ways she doesn't want to do right now. It tends to stare back. But she likes this.

Gabriel chuckles, "I'm not sure. I suppose, when you start doing things that goes against what you usually do. When you can't help but do things for them. I am sure there are a lot more. Such as knowing you don't want them to disappear." He suggests, letting her stay there. His brows do furow briefly, but it disappears as fast as it appeared.

Monica frowns a little. "Disappear? Have you told me this story yet?"

Gabriel nods, holding her close. "I think I told you before. I had someone at the old camp. She disappeared months ago. Heading to another camp. She never came back. I only know that it was painful for some time, not knowing what happened. Though then there is family and so on. All those that you didn't want to die. I suppose it is similar."

Monica hugs Gabriel and nods. "What was her name?"

"Jules." Gabriel answers, frowning. "Sorry. I should probably not be talking about her with you. I am sure it feels weird." He says, squeezing her softly.

Monica shakes her head. "It's ok. You're not going to meet anyone here who hasn't lost someone in this camp. If it helps you to talk about it… I'm okay with it."

Gabriel chuckles, "You must really like me. Listening to me talk about an ex." He teases. Then a shake of his head. "Worst is that I don't know what happened to her. That's why I felt odd in the beginning. Feels like I'm cheating, despite it having been a long time."

Monica nods. "What was she like? I mean… where'd she come from, who was she before the world ended, all that?

“Solitary. A cop from Fremont. Sweet and caring as well. Trouble really loved her as well.” He offers and a small smile on his lips. "I'm not sure on the details from before it all ended though. Met her after." He explains to her, dancing a bit more, taking a deep breath. "If she was still alive, she should have returned by now." Shaking his head. "I suppose I'm still lucky though. Meeting you."

Monica squeezes Gabriel tight. "I think it's better to assume people are still alive, you know? I mean… you could see them again. In this life. That's worth it, isn't it?"

Gabriel smiles and nods, "I hope so." He offers before offering a kiss to her cheek. "Thank you." Dancing around with her a bit longer.

Monica smiles as she's kissed. She closes her eyes and dances, and enjoys the comfort of this moment.

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